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Bad Breath

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Please help. I am pregnant, so smells effect me more than usual, but dh developed this problem before I became pg, so I know it's not just me. Anyway, I can't stand kissing! Please help. He maintains good oral hygiene and the dentist he last saw (a year ago) said he has the strongest teeth he had ever seen. BUT, despite brushing, flossing (though not regularly enough) and mouth-washing, his breath is terrible. What can I/we do?

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Your DH's problem might not be dental at all. It is possible that it could be related to medication he is taking or something he is eating. If he suffers from a lot of sinus drainage, that also might be a possible cause. My dh has a lot of sinus drainage and there are days when he could brush several times and it is still there. Maybe not as bad, but still there.

If he is a smoker, that might be a major source of the problem. I never realized until I quit that my breath could be dreadful at times.

He might also try to keep hyrdated. Drinking water and other beverages, not coffee though, will wash away some of the bacteria.

He could always become a mint junky if none of those things work.

I would also suggest he contact his doctor or health professional. They should be able to offer some suggestions.

Good luck.

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Thanks Miriam. I do suspect its something to with what he eats and/or some gastrointestinal problem. He doesn't smoke or have sinus problems, but he doesn't eat enough fiber (fruits and vegetables) and eats a lot of smelly food (meat and garlic). Thanks for the tip on hydration because I doubt he gets enough water at work.
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Thanks Smilemomma. I've mentioned this to dh before and he got all defensive and said he *does* brush his tongue, but I think his idea of thorough is NOT my idea of thorough--lol. I know he feels bad about this problem and takes my aversion personally. But I mentioned what you said last night (about the cooties and the mucus ) and hopefully, he will take the hint. If not, I'm buying a tongue scraper! Thanks again.
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How's it working?

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Well, it's better but not solved. I'm going to make appts. for a dental cleaning for all of us this week. Thanks for asking
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Originally posted by WriterMama
If not, I'm buying a tongue scraper!
That's what I was going to suggest. They work very well, and they aren't expensive. I'd go ahead and buy one and leave it out for him if he gets defensive when you try to talk to him. Hopefully he'll take the hint and use it.
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