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Originally Posted by eminer

How is it going? Are you getting more done?

I'll let you know at the end of the week. Yesterday was my first day getting up before the kids. I didn't really get much 'extra' done, but we also had Dr. appts. and errands to run which is unusal for us. Today I got off to a slow/late start... So, I'm going to give it a week or two before I decide if its worth it or not. I do love my sleep. We're all nightowls here too, and the baby still nurses during the night so I may decide I like my sleep better than a clean house. However, next year ds will be in morning preschool so we'll have to get up early so we'll see.
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quick intro from me....

i'm chrissy, sahm to noah who's 3 and lilah who's 3 mos (and currently asleep on me ). um, i forget what else i was supposed to say. i think i posted my goals before. mainly:
1- keep this house clean
2- feed myself and my family healthy meals at home
3- exercise

boy is losing it, must go...
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Well, ladies...last night I decided to sit down and figure things out. I wrote up specific goals and a plan to achieve them. Here's what I came up with:

Goal #1: A straightened and somewhat clean house, just enough that the neighbor doesn't have to stand out in the cold while I get the sugar they came over to borrow

Goal #2: Laundry...I think my problem with that is I keep trying to get it done and I feel defeated when there's always more. It took me a long time but I finally had that "AH HA!" moment when I realized that it will never actually be done! So the goal is to stay on top of it, but all I really need is to be able to find something for everyone to wear everyday. (That sounds so pathetic of me!)

Goal #3: Meals...I'd like to be able to eat something everyday. A few meals a day. (Man, I feel like I'm being greedy here...clean clothes and food?!)

Goal #4: Getting the kids out to school on time in the morning AND not freaking out rushing around to do so!

Okay, and I am going to do those things by implementing this fairy-tale system:

6am - up, showered (showers at night don't work for me either!) and dressed :LOL yeah, right!
7am - get dh and kids up, dressed (including shoes), hair done, breakfast, teeth and backpacks, etc. ready
8:30 - kids out the door
Through out the day - put laundry away, sweep, do whatever I need for dinner, whatever one chore that needs to be done most (vacuuming carpets and couch, dust and/or wash furniture, clean bathrooms, wash hardwood floors)
3:30 - Kids home and settled (coats, shoes, backpacks, lunchboxes away)
Dinner - make, eat, save dh's plate, lunches packed for next day, clean up, run d/w
7pm - everyone pick up through out house (10-15 minutes), kids bedtime snack, baths/wash up, get in pj's/set out clothes for next day, kids chores (Nick collects trash and Victoria brings down laundry), read stories
8pm - up to bed; while dh puts our 2yo to bed, I'll load the washer, empty d/w, sweep and/or mop the kitchen, switch the wash and set dishes out for breakfast
8:30 - kids lights out, prayers and tucked in

Bookkeeping and filing systems are just way too over my head right now. I'll get back to you on those! (And if you notice, there's no real plan for getting meals together...I'm hoping you all can help me there )
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Keeping stubs of paid bills -- why? Some organizers say to do it, some don't. I don't. Does anyone?

Today I did all my week's shopping in one afternoon at two stores (one cheap, one expensive) and saved at least $20 of our weekly bill, which is not bad. I'm also working on being more thrifty while I'm at it.
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Originally Posted by Meli65
Keeping stubs of paid bills -- why? Some organizers say to do it, some don't. I don't. Does anyone?
We don't keep it unless it is related to taxes. Everything related to taxes goes in one file labeled Taxes 2004 and then at the end of the year it is all together It has stubs for expenses related to our move which are deductable and charitable contributions. As our other paper work comes in this month it will straight in there. Once our taxes are done, our copy of the return goes in folder and it goes to the back of the box. Since we only keep 5 years worth of returns, one old return will be shreded.

That reminds me that I need to make a file for Taxes 2005.

We keep the latest stuff from car insurance, which is both a stub and and important doc. It goes in the "insurance -- car" file. We also have "insurance -- house" and "insurance -- health" folders.

I can't think of any others we keep. We pitch things like the electric bill, the phone bill etc.

Today I did all my week's shopping in one afternoon at two stores (one cheap, one expensive) and saved at least $20 of our weekly bill, which is not bad. I'm also working on being more thrifty while I'm at it.
Good for you!
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Originally Posted by Meli65
Keeping stubs of paid bills -- why? Some organizers say to do it, some don't. I don't. Does anyone?
I used to keep them for a year, because I had heard you should do that for tax purposes. The best I can figure is that whoever told me that must have been talking about medical bills, etc. if you are itemizing deductions? Now I keep them for a month, with the date I paid, confirmation #, and any phone conversations with the company written on the bill. Usually anything I'm going to have to call and argue about will happen within one billing cycle, then I can throw it out. :-)

Today I did all my week's shopping in one afternoon at two stores (one cheap, one expensive) and saved at least $20 of our weekly bill, which is not bad. I'm also working on being more thrifty while I'm at it.
Yay! You rock.
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Ok, where's my list? Need to check something off!
Here it is:

1) **Fire cleaning lady** *DONE!!*
2) Dig out & re-do evening & morning routines & Weekly Home Blessing.
3) Clean & organize office (did I mention I WAH?)
4) Plan some meals kids will eat since dh is away a lot (including lunches).
5) Restart weekly organic food delivery. *DONE!!*
6) Make list for front door of things I always forget (drinks, snacks, cell phone, etc.) *DONE!!*
7) Do a Clean Sweep (love that show!) in the scary room upstairs. *Started*
8) Find & sort papers I stashed the other day before guests came over!

Finally called the cleaning lady last night, so I told her to come today & leave her key when she left. It's actually a relief (not to mention $35 every two weeks) to not have to remember when she's coming & try to tidy the house so she can clean .

Got started on the scary room - packing a box to go to Sri Lanka with a co-worker of DH's so I have to see what's there. Found a pillow I won't be using to post on Freecycle.

Anyway, this has taken me all day to write...maybe more later. It's great to have someone to report the small successes to . Thanks for starting this thread, Breathe .
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Originally Posted by Meli65
Keeping stubs of paid bills -- why? Some organizers say to do it, some don't. I don't. Does anyone?
Well, I do keep them for a year, actually. I think it was a Flylady idea (instead of having a file for each bill & keeping them forever). Have a file for each month that everything (utility bills, bank statements, visa bills, etc.) goes in, then each month just toss the previous year's stuff. I like to be able to refer back to bills sometimes to see how much I'm getting ripped off : . Also, now that I have a home business, I can write off a portion of the utilities, mortgage, etc. Not that I make enough to need write offs, but maybe in the future !
I don't think I could be organized enough to remember to get rid of things every month :LOL .

As for tax files, aren't you supposed to keep them for 7 years? I'm pretty sure that's how far back they can go if they want to check up on you.

For anyone that hasn't been "Flywashed" yet (& those of us that have, but may have forgotten some details) should really check out the web-site http://www.flylady.net under 'FLYing lessons' for tips on decluttering, routines, building a control journal, where to start, etc. No need to sign up for the e-mails if you don't want to.
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I keep paystubs until I get the Year-End tax form - W-2 or W-4, I always forget. (And this is all theoretical, since I recently found paystubs from 1993 ) It's just incase you need to figure out what you paid for tax purposes.

I also keep paid bills because I am always finding myself going back for some reason. Not too long though. Probably until after paying taxes so I am sure I filed anything I needed for tax purposes in my tax folder.

Now for those you have this great org binder, please elaborate on how it's organized, what you put in it, etc. Thanks!
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Hi Keri!! Congrats!!

Well...I have to say...I am doing really well this week and the main thing that I'm doing differently is getting up BEFORE dd. Of course it helps that she likes to snooze until 8 a.m.

I've been getting up between 7-7:30 and coming downstairs to do attack one area of the house. DH has been really supportive and makes sure to notice the work I've been doing.

My current challenge:

I entertaining but NEVER do it because my house is always a disaster. I agreed to host playgroup for the first time in three weeks so I have from now until then to get my house in order (or at least make sure there are places where people can sit and the downstairs bathroom isn't totally grimy).

To sort of practice entertaining (because I am SO out of practice), I'm having my family down for dinner tomorrow night - my parents and sis. I've been cooking and cleaning all day. DD has been amazingly cooperative. She's either been playing on the floor near me or on my back all day.

I cleaned my stovetop and have been cooking all kinds of yummy stuff. (Probably should have waited to clean the stove top but it was SOOOO I had to do it before cooking).

Anyway...I better get back to work while dd is napping!

Keep up the great work mamas!
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Originally Posted by coleslaw
Now for those you have this great org binder, please elaborate on how it's organized, what you put in it, etc. Thanks!
Do you mean a Control Notebook? Mine has my routines on seperate pages in sheet protectors so I can mark things off as I do them
each day of the week

Then have decluttering checklist and zone cleaning ideas. (when I was doing really well, I decluttered as I zone cleaned)

I'm going to add a master meal planning page in here!!!!

Then I have some tabs:
Calendar (a master list of birthdays, anniver, etc.)
Personal -- goals for year and misc stuff like camping packing list
Kids Activities -- stuff from girl scouts, gymnastics, etc
City -- things related to the city we are currently living in, which changes often. (where is the nearest urgent care, phone number for trash company, etc.)
Homeschooling -- goals for year, misc stuff

After that is my phone section. I have some pages that hold business cards and keep the cards for our dr., vet, insurance agent, etc. all together. Then I have a-z tabs and print out my phone book from the computer to keep in there.

As far as taxes, it is my understanding that they can only audit going back 5 years, but I am not a professional tax person.

I have been doing REALLY bad the last few days because I'm sick
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thanks so much on the papers hints. i mentioned the monthly folders thing to dh and he made some interested noise. he's dealing with a lot of the papers now so i won't delve into that too much. don't want to step on too many toes.

i am really getting kinda into the idea of getting somewhat of a handle on things. i've been pretty good about picking up throughout the day though at any given moment there are ponies and art papers and toy food strewn across the floor. i just keep picking 'em up, though. i think some of it is rubbing off on dd1 'cause i see her putting things away some now, too.

i'm wanting to get some more organizational accessories. i'd like a really big message center in the kitchen. we've got a lot of wall space in there and i could put a big cork board and shopping list keeper thingy there with maybe a shelf and/or other goodies. i also want some pegs and a shelf near the front door so i can free up some bookshelf space and put my keys and cellphone basket there. and i think we've finally figured out a spot when the christmas tree comes down finally for some new bookshelves in the living room which we desperately need since the current ones are overstuffed with stuff. is this organization bug just all an excuse to get new furnishings? :LOL
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Thread Starter 
You go, Beanma! I think you're looking at a trip to Organized Living any day now . . . if only I could go with you! I love that store! (altho Target has everything they have for less, duh)

oceanbaby, I know I'm way begind here, but I had to say that I am DYING to figure out how to get yoga back into my life, too. I think it is the only thing that is going to prevent me from resorting to substance use . . . prescribed or otherwise! I keep telling myself, "once a yogi, always a yogi" but boy would it feel good to start each day with some Sun Salutations. For now I must start each day with brushing my teeth, and that's probably a big enough goal, KWIM?

So my biggest accomplishment for this week is that we have eaten EVERY meal on our meal plan, with no eating out, not even for dh's lunches, and believe me this is HUGE for us. In fact, I don't think I could say this about any week since we've been married! I even messed up by forgetting to plan a meal for Sunday nite, even tho I did my shopping on Sun afternoon, but I stretched what we had. I'm just so pleased. (Of course, I must give due credit to my tiniest boy . . . if he didn't start fussing every day around 4 PM, we almost certainly would have eaten out one nite. Oh well. We'll take it!)

My second major accomplishment is that ds1 got outside play time every day this week (and has slept thru every nite, hmm, think there's a pattern there?). I've been afraid of the outside play with Baby in the sling, bc ds1 can get himself in trouble fast, but it went quite well AND I got exercise in the process -- I think I'll be moving down a jean size very soon! Hooray! (Yet again I must throw out a thank you . . . this time to Mother Nature/Global Warming? for letting it be 76 degrees in January -- that was a big help!)

Last accomplishment is that I did not run away to Bermuda. Always something to be grateful for at the end of one of my weeks these days!

Let's hear some more good news (good heavens, do I sound like a motivational speaker, or what?!?)

Keep up the great work, Mamas!
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Way to go, Breathe!

This group is SO inspiring to me. And on a side note, my midwife recommended I get up (and go to bed) earlier to take more advantage of the daylight hours (I suffer from SAD), so that is a great motivator for me. So far today I got up at 7:50 (extremely early for me), got dressed and washed right away (thank you Flylady!), went to soccer practice with ds, had breakfast with mom, and came home to shovel the driveway. I am kind of exhausted right now but still need to squeeze in sweeping and mopping the entry ways (very dirty due to snow).

Who else is "getting off their franny" today? (I love that phrase, and repeat it to myself when I am unmotivated.)
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WTG, Breathe & Melissa

Well, we are having our first & possibly only snowfall of the year today, so I am taking the kids to the park if we ever get dressed & out the door! Hmmm, wonder where that sled is .

There's a load of diapers in & breakfast almost cleared up. I'll try to think about dinner while I'm in the shower. Maybe make cookies this afternoon - we won't be going anywhere!
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Oooh! I want to join! I LOOVE being organized--I just can't quite get there! I am currently working full-time which is the main reason that I am a mess. Thankfully I have only one more week of work and then I get to become a SAHM. I can barely get anything done on the days I work--just the essentials of food for the family and maybe a load of laundry put in the washer so I can forget about it and let it sour. :

When I get over the shock of being able to stay home instead of work, I want to do these things:

1. Figure out some system of housekeeping that I can live with. I half-heartedly tried flylady and, while some of the ideas worked, I felt pressured by the schedule. I need a different system.

2. Organize the desk/filing cabinets/ stacks of papers. This is dangerous because it is DH's domain and he gets testy if I recycle papers that he wants to keep. Like that is going to stop me!

3. Plan activities for dds, some scheduled and some that we can do on the fly. I want to find stuff that I can do alone with each girl so we can have some special mom/daughter time.

4. Date nights with DH.

5. Time for mom, either out with some girlfriends occasionally or just an hour alone to take a walk or bike ride. Or how about dh watching the girls for 2 minutes so I can pee in peace?!!! That would be heaven.

I think these are all reasonable and worthy goals! I'll let you know how they go. Looking forward to more news from all of you.
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An organized idea (maybe):

Should we do this thread by month? Or even by week?
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How are u all doing?!? People have meals planned for this week?

Dh shopped yesterday and our meals are planned . . . am interviewing babysitters for some weekday support . . . have playdates scheduled for almost every day this week . . . took down Xmas tree today AND put boxes back in storage (this is BIG) . . . but no major cleaning happened this weekend.

Melissa, I would love a weekly or monthly thread, but I am not the woman to do it! I'm afraid I'd lose you all FAST if it were up to me to keep us together. Does someone else want to be in charge of starting a monthly thread (I think that's more doable, now that I think about it). What is helpful to people?

Hope you're all well and ready for the week!
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I have meals planned for next week! AND, even better, I have the ingredients on hand for them! Well, except for one, but dh is stopping at Whole Foods on the way home from work tomorrow for some bulk stuff and will pick up what I need. Plus, today I cooked two huge batches of tortilla soup--one for the freezer and one for tomorrow's dinner. And then I cooked tonight's dinner. I can barely move now from standing in the kitchen all day; I feel like the baby is going to just fall out of me.

I vote for the monthly or weekly thread, but I'm not the one to be in charge of it! Should it go in this forum or in the Personal Growth forum?
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I'm happy to do it -- it's no big deal. In I'm Pregnant, we have a weekly thread (with dates), and someone in the group just takes it upon herself to start a new thread each week.

This thread might more properly go in Personal Growth I guess -- anyone have an opinion?
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