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Am i the only one left?

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Hi girls...

Am i the only one here?

My due date was 20th dec. but thats ultrasound duedate wich i strongly dissagree to, so they set another for me in week 32, they said 13th of december, because she was aparently one week older than week 32 at that time, due to measures etc...

Anyway, tomorrow i will be checked again, nothing seems to happen, i just have loads of pain but no action. Been like that for two weeks now, i am so tired and i dont sleep much either. So i took the tough choice and i am now emotionally preparing for induction tomorrow. Its not the way i wanted it, but since i cant give birth at the Birthing Centre when i am more than 10 days overdue, i must stay at the hospital anyway, why not just induce? I am just tired and wanna get this over with. NOW, please. I tried every trick in the book, drank heeps of different teas, warm milk with saffron, sex, you name it...

So i am a bit sad of not having the natural birth i hoped for. But same time, maybe just some vaginal pills is enough and i can still give birth as natural as possible. God knows, i just have to trust in Him that He will solve this.

Just wenting girls...

Please tell me i am not the only one who did not give birth yet
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We haven't heard back from Jenelle yet. She was supposed to be induced on Wed. morning. I know there are others but with the holidays there is not much posting. I was 10 days overdue and I know the frustration this brings. Try not to give up on your birth as a positive experience. i like to believe that things happen for a reason. Hugs to you.
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Well, I was not induced today anyway, they will give me a chance until after the weekend. She tried to wiggle things a bit up there, but it was not mature at all, but she said it can happen fast when it happens anyway. My son was born 12 days late without any induction, so its possible My body just dont get it when enough is enough it seems.

Well atleast i still have a chance for the Birthing Centre, if things goes naturally now in the weekend, i am welcome there! So there is something positive in all this. I am just fed up right now. But then again, me and DH have a chance for a quiet weekend alone for the last time, since my kids go to their father tomorrow morning hehehe...
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hang in there

Nabbe, I am so sorry. It sucks so much to be over due. I guess try and remember the baby won't stay in forever.
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Like my midwife said, "no one stayed left in there"... Its okay, i guess. I was very disapointed about the induction today, but now i am not. I am happy i might maybe not have to go through that anyway. Maybe birth starts tonight, tomorrow or something, and i can still go to the clinic and not the hospital etc... Hope...
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Still here, Nabbe.

I gave an account of my non stress test (external fetal monitoring, ultrasound) on Thursday over in the weekly thread.

I was experiencing contractions yesterday -- anywhere from 9 to 20 minutes apart, and called the midwife to keep her informed -- but we've still no baby.
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to those of you still waiting! I hope your babies come soon and you're able to birth where you choose!
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I've lurked but not posted much. My EDD was 12.27.04, very reliable because we use nfp and I know exactly when I ovulate. So am now at 42 weeks or 280 days from conception. Homebirth planned, so no medical induction planned. I don't want to use castor oil or herbs either. Would rather wait it out, but don't seem to be getting quite the support I need. My body is tired of carrying this child and my pubic/pelvic bones ache like I could never imagine. Anyone else out there still waiting for their lovey babe to arrive?
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Just wanted to wish you good labor vibes to get things going. I'm not one of the ones still waiting, but I wanted you to get a response!

What kind of support are you wishing for in being able to go into labor naturally? from partner? midwife? I hope you can get this support soon, as I find every thing (including support) matters when the body is getting ready to birth.
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I am not still waiting but I wanted to sned you a
I am sorry your not getting good support but take a lot of pride in how strong you are being for your baby. A lot of women might have given up on letting things happen naturally.

Good luck!
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