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Has anyone tried the saliva ovulation test?

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Has anyone tried one of those saliva ovulation tests? I researched & bought a microscope and am going to give it a try this month. I haven't gotten a good reading yet but it's still early in the month for me.
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I'd love to hear how it works for you. I've thought about adding it to my fertility tool box, so to speak. How long did it take you to get it?
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I decided to buy a microscope that would be useful not only for fertility testing but my dd in a few years

On epinions, there were a few comments on how small the peep/view hole was, and for about the same price, I got this one that hooks into my computer (!!): (no affiliation)


Edit to add: I think it came within a week of ordering, I've been so busy that I don't exactly remember the amount of days.

I'm impressed with it, but haven't tried it for fertility (saliva) testing just yet. I should have some images to post within a week.

I read that it was 90% accurate, gave you a larger window of time (approx 48 hours) on when you were ovulating so that you wouldn't miss the window. It sounds good.

I'm curious to see if I'm actually ovulating, and when my days are (I am charting impaired).
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Oh, I have to mention this 'cause it cracked me up :LOL

I finally figured out what AF meant (I thought I was a total idiot for not being able to even guess what it meant). When I was in HS we called it a visit from Martha (pronounced Maaa-tha). Haven't thought of that one in ages!!

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I finally had some time to play with the microscope last night and am not sure if I'm doing something wrong - it's not easy to see any sort of pattern. I need to figure out the proper way to prepare a slide.. more later.
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I have one that i got from a local midwife. It's called a pg/53 You twist open the piece, lick the lens, let it dry, swivel the lens in front of the magnifier, and place it up to your eye as you look towards a bright light source. It works great! If not fertile, there is just some random dotting, if fertile it has some neat ferning patterns.
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Do you know how much that cost?

It sounds great and you could use it over and over instead of using the disposable sticks.

I guess I might be able to get one from a midwife here. Does anyone know another source?

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It was so long ago, maybe $15.-$20.? Try calling the local health dept. or free clinic. or try a midwife. the one i got is manufactured in Barcelona Spain.
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I almost took one. It was to check for ovulation. It was thought I had a hormonal imbalance. I was growing tons o facial hair and gaining weight I couldn't stop.

I got mine from a bio-health guy and was supposed to spit in a vial andsend away the vials after 1 month. They were going to track my ovulation to make sure my progesterone took over when it was possible.

I don't know how it would have worked though because I was already pg and couldn't take it.

But I know you can do it and send it to a lab to be analyzed.

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The tests range from $40 - $70 and I found this comparision page to get you started, research them first:


I am seeing specks and dots from my microscope, so I'm a little frustrated 'cause I'm really hoping to see that fern pattern.

I'll keep trying as often as I can, everyday or so, and report back if anything changes. I may post images if I think it's working.
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my sister-in-law used the kind of lens for saliva and seemed to like it. she got pregnant within about three or four months and was getting anxious about her fertility. she was quite squeamish at the idea of using cervical mucus/vaginal discharge, but i have read that these secretions show more accurate changes than saliva. i've only seen that in one article, and that was years ago, so it might well be different now.

the shettles book on choosing the sex of your baby has a lot of info on combining methods for ovulation prediction down to the hour, since its method for gender selection is based on very precise times of conception.
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After a few unsuccessful attempts with my microscope, I decided to buy Ovulens to see if it were easier (it is).

I got used to how to get a good sample after a few tries and became more patient (the saliva sample really needs 20 min or so to dry first!). I saw the dots/spots. But then a week ago I saw ferning!! It was very clear and easy to see so we took advantage of knowing and am now waiting.

The weird thing is.. the ferning occured tues and then I started AF the next day. 7 days later (AF gone) I see ferning again for 2 days so I'm not sure if it's me/BF/test.

I'm thinking I need to see my cycles/patterns over time. I'm not quite sure what to think right now, am I in the 2WW or am I not regular yet or am I somehow taking the test wrong.

I'll update this again if anything changes.

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Thanks for the info boobear. I really hope you get don't need to use it again next month, hopefully you will find out you are pregnant!

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You're so sweet Stephanie! thank you
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I bought the Ovulens brand - it seems pretty good but I havent' gotten close to Oing yet. My OPK backups haveverified it. There is a pattern when you are transitioning to fertile so it really gives you a week befroe your LH surge to cover it.. unfortunately for me so far this cycle is AO. It was 39.95, and made in the US - it got here in less than 4 days for shipping of 5.95.
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I'm in my second month of using the Ovulens and just starting to see a pattern (which is good). It took a few days to get the hang of doing an accurate test/saliva sample but now it's part of my morning routine.

Mommy StormRaven - How long have you been using this method?

I'm transitioning into O right now, my hubby is a bit extra happy at the moment (and will be for the next few days)

Here we go again.. wheeeeeeee....
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I just got my ovulens about 2 weeks ago. I havent' seen a trans pattern yet but my test for today is now dryig so I can view it. My OPK was just + for my surge about an hour ago so I hope to see somethign other than the nonfertile pattern that has been there!
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Just an FYI - I did get a Fernign pattern the same time I got a Positive OPK! Ovulation was verified via ultrasound two days later so it's official the ovulens works!
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Thanks for the info! I'm thinking of getting an Ovulens if I don't conceive this cycle, because temp charting doesn't work out for me due to irregular sleep schedule and my tendency to sit bolt upright with heart racing when the alarm goes off. : I do get very noticeable EWCM most times, but I'd like to have something to corroborate it.
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Great news Mommy StormRaven!! Good luck I hope to join you one of these months

EnviroBecca, I'd recommend it.. I was about to start charting but I know I wouldn't be able to keep it up. I like that this gives one a few days notice to actually ovulating.

Once I saw ferning I was really excited! At least I know I'm getting an accurate test done.

I thought I was seeing a good pattern.. I think I was a little pre-mature on that one. I'm almost thru 2 months with Ovulens. Spots right now..
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