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car seat safety forum?

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Is there one here? I have seen some pretty startling instances of child passenger ignorance here, and I think that having a forum in which info is posted, recalls are made known, and people are able to ask questions about child passenger safety would be an excellent addition for this community.
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I must agree, considering how most MDC mama's consider themselves very knowledgeable regarding breastfeeding/homeschooling, yet so ignorant when it comes to child seat safety.
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I'm not sure there is need for an entire car-seat safety forum, but perhaps a "safety" one in general?
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I don't agree. When people are posting that their carseats expire after only 1 year(when it's 5-8 years) and not knowing about recalls, etc. there needs to be a forum about it.
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when they don't know babies are not supposed to ride in the front seat with airbags and don't know what kind of carseat they have, I believe there needs to be some sort of resource information available.
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Perhaps it's something we could set up as a resource for information for people to be pointed to but I don't think a separate forum just for car seat safety would be the way to go. There are lots of safety issues of concern for children that are just as important so I can't see singling out one specific aspect for a separate forum.
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I would be happy to set up a group of links and ideas and what have you to be stickied somewhere appropriate. Did you have a forum in mind? If I might, could I request it be in one that is very frequently posted in? Let me know.
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That would be wonderful! I think Parenting Issues gets a good share of car seat dicussion. But I'll check with the mods and see if it is concentrated somewhere else. Maybe we can pinpoint a forum, subforum the resource list, and steer all car seat and other safety discussion to that forum.

So yes, we'd appreciate a list of links and ideas. Thanks!
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I think that if ther is a car seat sticky, maybe part of it should be an FAQ for GD methods of dealing with car seat resistance.
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Cynthia I will work on the safety aspect. I'll have links together quickly.
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i visit another AP site that has such a forum. am i allowed to give the link?
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*bumping* for dallaschildren.

I sure hope this is done soon.
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Originally Posted by mamapixie
*bumping* for dallaschildren.

I sure hope this is done soon.

Thanks mamapixie...found it girlie! I agree; the sooner the better....
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Is this being worked on at all? There are plenty of certified CPS technicians on this board(dallaschildren being one, and I've taken the class but my certification lapsed during a cross country move)

It does upset me that a board that has forums for vaccination safety, and touts breastfeeding doesn't have a carseat safety forum, when 4 out of 5 carseats are used incorrectly.
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We won't be placing a forum specifically for car seat safety. We will be placing a resources page for the purpose. pie said she is working on it so I trust she will present whatever she can when she can.

If you are interested in assisting her you can contact her. I might also suggest that if you or dallaschildren would like to serve in some sort of advisor capacity in this regard you contact our webmaster about doing so in the Ask the Experts panel as an expert panel member.
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Hi Cynthia. Thanks for the suggestion. Warning....dumb question ahead.......

How would I contact the webmaster? :

I'll shoot pie a PM as well and offer my assistance.
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