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New Years Resolutions

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I need to finish up mine, and will post them later. What are yours?
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If there is one thing I want to change in the New Year, it is to begin planning and cooking meals on a more regular basis for our family.

I would like to say keep the house cleaner, but I know that will never happen, so why disappoint myself?
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To stay off message boards.

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Lose 40 lbs.
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Stand up straighter. (Sounds silly, but posture is important!)
Eat less sugar
Spend less money (which is why I've been buying lots of things THIS week, before it becomes the New Year!)
Continue getting organized
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posture is important!

ITA! When I see my ds slouching, I tell him, "People think you're smarter when you sit up straight." I'm not sure it's working.
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have more fun
eat more chocolate
drink more wine
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Yup, I'm one of those people who does New Years' Resolutions. I feel that it's important to sit back and evaluate where you are and how you're doing. To check and see if you're where you want to be personally and figure out what you need to do, where to go from here. New Years provides an opportunity to do that.

My goals for 2005:

* To spend time daily reading from the Bible and praying (and do a better job following Deut. 5:7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up)

* To stay on top of the household cleaning and maintenance Flylady style

* To improve my fitness level, going to the gym twice a week and working out at home other days

* To be the best wife and partner I can to Tym, being encouraging and loving. To stop criticizing him.

* To be more patient with Patrick, learning more about positive discipline and using it with him in the new "big boy" stage.

* To take care of myself, taking time to do things like do my nails, take a long bath, read a good book...
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My resolution is to srop making resolutions. It just upsets me when I fail!
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I don't do new years resolutions
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I'm giving up lots of vices. All of them at once. None of the fun ones though.
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there are unfun vices?
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Shoot. I missed the train again. :

I was actually out...
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To lose the 15lbs i've gained in the last 3 months~
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I want to write more letters -- real, actual snail mail letters. I miss getting them, and there are some friends I have who I don't keep up with any other way.

That's the only concrete one. And the other usuals -- be more organized, be more patient with ds, be kinder and more loving to dh, try to think positive, etc.

Sigh ... and get more exercise
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To drink a glass of water before my cappaccino every morning.. Well actually before I drink anything else.. I don't drink enough water..
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i want to lose weight, i'm not heavy (140lbs 5'4) but i'm tired of seeing the extra padding everytime i look in the mirror. also i want to start saving so i can go to trinidad to see my family by next christmas, it's been almost 6 years since i saw them last. i want to become more independent, i feel like i depend on my dh too much and now that we're starting to have probs, i realize i should be more self sufficient in case something happens. lastly, i need to work on finding out who i am...ME, not darcelle the wife and mommy of a 2 year old but Darcelle the 22 yr old woman. kwim?
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My resolutions are, in no particular order: To get pregnant!, lose ten pounds, keep the house cleaner. Of course if I get pregnant before I lose the weight, I wont be trying to lose anymore, and always eat healthy.
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My New Year's resolution is to stay just the way I am. Why tamper with perfection?
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LOL Hilary..........................that is great!
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