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Book Challenge 2005: January

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Here it is the Book Challenge 2005 Thread. I first want to thank all of you who participated in the 2004 thread. I was so overjoyed by the number of responses and all the great book ideas. Lets make 2005 even better. Some of you have PMd me with your name and the amount you would like to read for 2005. I don’t think that everyone needs to have a goal, it just works better for me to motivate myself to read more. So please if you want post your goal and/or where you are at in your goal on your first post here, and if you have no goal well as always post your awesome book ideas. And again thanks for all the support and great reads!

SoccerMom: I would like to read 220 books by Dec 2005, I am up to #84 ( I am extending my effort from this past year which was 100 books and as you can see I didn't meet that goal)

Kofduke would like to read 30 this year!

Grumo would like to read 50 ( I think??? ) please PM me if I am wrong I deleted your PM by accident.

So that is it. I will post my first book probably in a day or two, it is called Man and Wife and it is really good. Will be back to post that.
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hmmm.... i would like to participate but most of the books i read are, um, brain fluff (to put it mildly). would that matter?

LB (who loves trashy novels)
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Well, I think I will make mine a modest goal. Say, 20 books in the year 2005. I might've read five books in 2004 if I was lucky. : I got Bob Dylan's Chronicles for Christmas and read a few pages last night and realized I really miss reading so thanks for starting this soccer mom!
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Come on mamas, join us!
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I'll set my beginning goal at 100 books by this time next year. A shame, I finished a book today, but I won't count it.
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Might be fun and maybe I can send a prize to the person with the most books read?
In that case, my new goal is 250.
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I think my goal will be 250 as well. I am not sure but I think I was pretty close to that this year. (DH thinks I should add 50 to 100 to that number - LOL)

I have to figure out how I want to keep track of the books and including my non-fiction (ie crafting and cookbooks).

LB, I read a WIDE variety of books a mixture of literature to the trashy. For example, this past week I read Incubus Dreams, Aunt Dimity Snowbound, A Dilly of a Death, Visions in Death and am in the middle of Pride & Prejudice. I tend to get into "kicks" as well, trends of mysteries, sci-fi, paranormal fiction, historic periods or concentrate on absorbing everything a newly discovered writer ever wrote...
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Oh, I am SO in on this.

I don't get to read as much as I would like because DD is very active, but let me set my initial goal at 100. Shouldn't be hard as I picked up 4 or 5 from the library already. Now I just need to start a list somewhere....
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I'm in !

I'll set my goal for 75. I just need to figure out a way to read and knit at the same time.

I plan on starting Middlesex today.
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My goal is 100.
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OK, I'm in! I read quickly, when I have the time to read!

My goal is 200 for 2005.

Since I'm a little worse for the wear from last night (thanks to the party thread) I'm going to start off with something light. "Sin and Sensibility" by Suzanne Enoch. Nothing like a good blouse-ripper (as my dad calls them) to start the year off right.
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I'm in - I just love the recommendations I get here. I'm not setting a goal because I already read before doing just about anything else but I am very interested to find out how many books I do read so I'm going to keep count this year.

Soccermom - perhaps you should restate the "rules" (for lack of better word) that when we post the books we read, we give a short synopsis of the book.
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Why is the library not open today? Wouldn't it be the perfect day for that? Everyone has New Years' Resolutions that they want to get books about.
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I am so happy to see how many ppl we will have, and I am sure that more will join after the weekend. LB I love a good bodice ripper myself, my fav at this moment is Chick Lit as they call it but I add a Jane Austen for the brain once in a while! :LOL

cathe great idea about the "rules" Not really rules, but just a help to the rest of us. When you post the title and author please post either a synopsis of your own or, like I do, use the one from amazon. Also what I do to keep track is right on the thread I put the # of the book that I have read, then the title and the author and so on. This way I go to my last post and know what the last number was and what I am up to for my goal, sometimes I just remember. For me it is a little easier because on my other board I have my own private thread that is just MY list of books, so it's a bit easier to get to my last post. But then you can always keep a tally on a Word file as well. I do that too, yes a bit anal :LOL but I like to look back and see what I have accomplished.

I would love if the library were open today thankfully I went on Thursday and got a bunch so that I would not be stuck.

Ok well happy reading and good luck!!!!
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I'm back as well, not setting a goal, just reading as much as I can when i can - will be interesting to see what that amounts too...currently reading "Plot Against America", somewhat "trendy" right now, good so far and I'm interested to see where it goes...will let you know.
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I'm joining! I'm setting a realistic (for me) goal of 52 books. Today I'm starting The Dirty Girls Social Club, which is self-described as "A vibrant, can't-put-it-down novel of six friends -- each one an unforgettable woman in her late twenties -- and the complications and triumphs in their lives."

So I'll get back to you, hopefully within a week!


p.s. I'm already getting ideas; I just added Middlesex to my library hold list! Thanks.
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I'm in, but no goal set yet. Lately I haven't made it past the first chapter of most of the books I pick up...ennui sets in, and I toss the book aside. I guess my short term goal is to make it through an entire book (lame, lame, oh so lame). My sister just gave me a list of some of the books she enjoyed lately, so maybe one of those will click.
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This sounds like fun Plus, I need to get reading more - ever since I have learned how to knit that has been taking up most of my free time!! When I was younger (and unemployed) I used to read a book a day! Im always on the look out for new and interesting books to read!

I will set my goal at 100 books for 2005.

My first book will be The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (since I got it out of the library weeks ago and should really put down the knitting and get reading :LOL)
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Am I supposed to write what it's about now or when Im done :
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#1 for LB

ahhhh, finished my first one yesterday.

"Sin and Sensibility" by Suzanne Enoch

Boy, I'm almost embarrassed to post the synopsis! : Trashy novels are my secret vice.

from Amazon:
Young Ladies Just Want To Have Fun . . .

Unfortunately Eleanor Griffin has three strapping brothers to frighten away any beau they deem unsuitable.She knows she’s expected to marry eventually -- probably to some staid, crusty old lord -- but until that dark day dawns, Nell intends to enjoy herself. However, brother Sebastian, Duke of Melbourne, isn’t about to let his sister run completely wild, and asks his best friend, the Marquis of Deverill, to keep a close eye on the spirited lovely.

Could any chaperone be less qualified -- yet moreappreciated -- than Valentine Corbett? Here is a man as sinful as he is attractive, a notorious rake, gambler,and pursuer of women whom Nell has fancied sincegirlhood. Alas, the irresistible rogue seems uncharacteristically determined to be honorable, despite the passionate longing in his gaze. And Nellmust tread carefully, for she has promised to immediately wed whomever her siblings choose should so much as a hint of scandal arise . . .


yes, it's brain fluff, and yes I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I'm currently reading 3 others, depending on my mood: "Vaccines: Are They Really Safe & Effective?" by Neil Z. Miller, "My Own Private Hero" by Julianne MacLean, and "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right" by Al Franken.

as you can see, my reading tastes are rather eclectic.
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