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I've lost a pound. My face looks less puffy and my stomach is a little smaller. And it's just Day 5 for me. I think I retain a lot of water when I eat grains.
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Joining up

I weight 173 at home, 178 at the gym. I'd like to be down to a size 10 which is about 140-145 for me.

I am 15 pounds heavier than I was at 6 weeks PP with dd and only 4 pounds lighter than I was before delivering ds

Today has been rough and it's only 10 am, but I've been good the few days before this.

My short term goal is 5 pounds a month and I'd like to have my tight, fat pants be comfortable by the end of the month.

Off to have a glass of water.
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I still haven't weighed myself. I probably won't throughout the program. I tend to get really weird when I weigh myself, focusing on the numbers and not how I feel or progression that I am making with my fitness level.

I think I will chart my progress with my clothing size and my ability to forward crawl swim and how many lengths I can do.

I can forward crawl 2 back to back lengths without stopping, then I have to take a break and do backcrawl or breaststroke.

I watch the triatholon training class in the morning when I am swimming and they are soooo fast, doing consistent crawl the whole time. Wow. I hope I can aspire to that level.

I didn't make it swimming today. But I did my yoga and later I am going to workout at the gym for my cardio.

I just want to feel like if I was to fall out of a kayak in beginning rapids I could handle myself.
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I'm in, I'm in, I'm in!!! You know the phrase 9 months on, 9 months off? Well, in my 9 months I gained a whopping 60 pounds!!! plus I was already 20 pounds up just cuz I was so depressed about how hard getting pg was. Anyway, within a week of giving birth I was down 25-30, but that still had me at 190-195ish. Where I still am now. *sigh* I will say I did real good with the holidays, only gained a couple pounds, but seriously this is disgusting. I refuse to buy any nice clothes in this size (whatever it is, I don't even know) so everyday is sweatpants and t-shirt or sweatshirt. I look so frumpy and blobby. I look at pictures of me when I first got pregnant--and mind you I was 20 pounds overweight even then--and think how GOOD I looked then, though I still thought of myself as fat. ugh!

Anyway, here's my affirmations:


So my game plan is this:
* I've started taping Denise Austin's 7 a.m. workouts and doing at least one a day (boy is she chipper)
* I bought carrot sticks and celery to snack on.
* I try to include 2 servings of a broth based soup per day.
* I won't beat myself up over "mistakes"

Good luck everyone! I really need the support to stick with it. I love to eat, food is my friend, but I just can't live like this any longer. I look forward to helping each other meet our goals.

Have a healthy day!
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okay, I'm officially joining now!

I'm currently at about 195, which is 5 lbs up from where I was in august, when my computer died, I dropped out of my last weight loss thread, and decided to bag the whole thing and began eating sugar again. I also stopped walking as life got more complicated and the weather got colder. Ultimately I'd like to be at about 140-150 (I'm 5'5"), but mostly I need to reestablish better eating habit and regular exercise.

So, my goals and plan for now:

cut out white sugar entirely, work on cutting out white flour and white rice

drink water only

and, my pathetic exercise goal: get outside everyday. yep thats it for now, just get outside :LOL (this is really related to my 2 yo -- the battle to get him all dressed to go out, compounded w/ the battle to get him into the stroller is more than I can take right now. But, I need to get out for my mood and hopefully, once he is more used to suiting up to go out, we can begin walking again)

Does anyone know of good exercise videos/dvds that don't involve bouncing? we have a very old house and I just can't jump around in it -- what are pilates tapes like?

Also, anyone know any good yoga tapes for mom and toddler? I think we'd enjoy that. Or maybe even just a kids yoga tape would help me...

Also, (maybe this has been said already, I didn't read all the posts) anyone else want to initiate that we do a weekly check in ?(ie new thread each week, so we this one isn't too terribly long?)

good luck to all of us
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Originally Posted by gus'smama
anyone else want to initiate that we do a weekly check in ?(ie new thread each week, so we this one isn't too terribly long?)

good luck to all of us

Good idea! I'll start one on Friday, since we are still getting some newbies on.


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ok I'm in! My goals are to get fit and lose weight- a lot of weight.

gulp... i want to lose 112 pounds. Yikes that is not easy to admit. I also have a bad history with eating disorders though, so a diet per say doesn't work for me- triggers old bad, bad behaviors. So for me, the only way I can do this is by exersising MODERATELY (no 3 hours a day which is where i end up with during an e.d.), eating less junk and healthier food without restricting calories or counting. Also gotta watch the scale, I'll get on it 25 times a day when e.d....

So my big plan is to give myself 2-3 years to lose this amount of weight. It sounds like a long time, but the thing is, if I just would've started three years ago, I'd have been there by now! So that's it. My big weight loss goal.
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Originally Posted by gus'smama

Does anyone know of good exercise videos/dvds that don't involve bouncing? we have a very old house and I just can't jump around in it -- what are pilates tapes like?

Also, anyone know any good yoga tapes for mom and toddler? I think we'd enjoy that. Or maybe even just a kids yoga tape would help me...
Someone here once suggested that I tape denise austin's 7 am workouts: she does 2 back-to-back on lifetime. the first (lite and fit, i think) is my favorite: it combines aerobics (low-impact), pilates, and yoga. the second--daily workout-- is more traditional aerobics but still no need to do a lot of bouncing, and she still does pilates and yoga moves. actually they are quite similar, but it's 2 different workouts everyday, so lots of variety, and real easy to follow but still a workout.

As for pilates, i have the beginning mat workout by gaiam with someone caban?, can't remember her name. i do enjoy that and she is really good at explaining the moves [downside is that now that i know the moves, the explanations slow things down]. it's not really an aerobic workout though, so you would still need something to get your heart-rate up.

good luck!!!!
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Is it to late to join?

Still trying to lose the 15 pounds I have been carrying around since my daughter was born. I am hoping that chatting with people in the same boat will help me stay motivated.

Plan: 1) eat less (especially junk when I get home from work)
2) yoga 2x per week
3) running - 30 minutes to start 3x per week.

Current weight:145
Goal: 130

Can't wait to get to know everyone!
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We should definitely start new threads each week just to reduce the reading time for new folks jumping in.

And maybe we should list our goals for the month, rather than an overall 2005 goal. Most of us have discussed the overall goal, but I do better with shorter-term goals as well. So my january goal in terms of pounds is to get from 170 to 173. That's a lot in a month, but I am on a strict diet now and will probably lose it without any problem.

But IKWYM about weighing yourself as some of you mentioned. I didn't weigh myself for year because it always had disfunctional outcomes. I think back on all of the crash diets I did in high school trying to get to 130 and, in the process, losing all of my good muscle (which thankfully is more valued today). I've done weight loss programs since where I lost fat, gained muscle, but only lost 2 pounds. I put on muscle very quickly. I think my realization of my muscle gain, and my appreciation of being muscular, has helped me not obsess too much over the scale. So now I am able to weigh and not get too upset or obsessed over the number. It just helps me stay accountable. When I am on a good program and I gain a pound or two, I smile and think about the muscle. Before I would have gone bananas.

So anyhoo, I think lifestyle goals are just as good if not better than weight goals.

And for my aspirations:

My son deserves to have a mom who lives healthy and dies with her boots on.
My garden deserves a strong caretaker.
I deserve to feel well.
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Gale, thanks for your response on the diet. Did you actually do a strict rotational diet? Or just cut out the things you mentioned? Did you/do you still eat things like brown rice, potatoes, etc? Just curious, thanks!

I haven't gone full force on implementing my goals until today. I kind of just cut down on the sugar and bread and junk , but today I cut it out completely. However, just by doing that I have gone from 218lbs on Saturday to 214lbs today! Without chocolote, bread, and soda, I am very moody today!!! But my progress is good incentive. I started using fitday to track my weight and to keep a journal. I've set my new goal to 170lbs by June 10 2005 (my birthday). That gives me 6 months to lose 44lbs....2lbs a week. That is very doable for me!

Now I need to get the exercise going. Ds and I both need to get out of this dinky apartment for a bit today, so we are going to take a walk. I'm thinking we'll take a walk down to the thrift store so I can get some new (for me) clothes since it looks like I'll be working part time soon (for the first time in almost 3 years : ).

Tomorrow morning I have my first appointment with my primary care physician: he is a D.O. I'm really excited, because the lady on the phone said he has a very natural approach, plus there is an accupuncturist, chiropractor, masseuse, and nutrionist/pharmacist all there! I'm going to talk to him about how I've been feeling for a while now: lots of tingling in my extremities, aches and pains all over, tired all the time, etc, etc. I think the changes in my diet and lifestyle, and some TLC (like maybe a massage once or twice a month!) will do me wonders. It will be nice to have a holistically-minded physician to guide me along.

It's good to see all your goals as well and to see all your progress. It will be great to see us all through this year reaching our goals .
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Count me in!

I got on the scale Monday and weighed 140, the most I've ever weighed when not pg or bf. More than the weight, though, is that I just look so . . . soft and squishy everywhere. I'm thinking that comes from using chocolate as a major food group for so long! I'm totally an emotional eater, so I'm going to work on that. My goals:

Work towards a "whole foods" approach -- today I ate 6 servings of veggies!

Exercise -- I've been telling myself that lugging my 35lb. dd everywhere counts as exercise, but the shape of my body says that ain't so. I'm starting small here -- 10 min. of strenght training per day, working towards yoga 4xwk. My dream: a treadmill!

Stop consoling myself with sugar -- in the end, I just feel crummy. This will be tough since dh also likes to console me with sweets!

OK, so that's my game plan to lose about 20 pounds. I think you all will inspire me to work hard at this!
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Let's do it!!!

My goal is to lose 10 lbs and just keep off the weight that I lost when DD arrived. I dropped 25 lbs without blinking an eye (thank you breastfeeding!!!) but now that she is oh so gradually weaning, its creeping back on. : Did you ever hear a woman say that she wanted to have another baby to keep her figure? :LOL

I'm just trying to set some small weekly goals, and figure out how to make my own health more of a priority now that my DD is getting a little older. I just made my first e-bay purchase by buying a pedometer!

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I'm in! I have been on an intense exercise program since September, but a knee injury plus the holidays brought back 5 of the 15lbs. I had lost. So, I need to lose 19lbs. to get to 140, my current goal.

I plan to eat less, strength train 3 times a week and do cardio 4 times a week. Diets don't work for me. The only food that I have been able to successfully eliminate from my diet is meat. I'm much better at limiting calories. As a nursing mama, I try to stick to 1500-1800 calories every day.
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well, i've been doing really well on exercise, but really bad on eating! can't seem to stop eating chocolate and chips need help :
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Rhonda you mentioned breastfeeding helping you lose weight...I am one of those mamas who keep it on throughout the first year...sadly. :

My babes refuse solids for that time, my current soon to be 10 month old living proof right now...and I am hungry always. I realize I must make better choices, but honestly I can't shed much..hopeful now to start but have to watch supply as well...not fun.

Lucky you though.
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Looks like Fiercemama started a weekly goal thread...Thanks!

Here is the link:


Should we do a weekly chat like thread too?

So we would have this thread...sort of a sign up thread.

The weekly goal thread, that would be a new thread every wednesday night.

The weekly chat thread...when should we start that?

Three threads....two really active and started fresh each week.

That should keep up motivated!
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Okay, I went ahead and started a weekly chat thread. Here is the link:


So, sign up on this thread....then go over to Fiercemama's weekly goal thread and post your goals for this week and then chat away on chat thread.

Remember that the weekly theads will need to be redone on Wednesday nights. Lets all be responsible for making sure thats done, okay? And be sure to post a link on the previous, IYKWIM.

Hope I am not being too drill sargent like. :LOL
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Originally Posted by gus'smama
Does anyone know of good exercise videos/dvds that don't involve bouncing? we have a very old house and I just can't jump around in it -- what are pilates tapes like?

have you ever heard of Walk Away the Pounds? these are great cardio and no jumping ....you can do up to 4 miles in a very small space...HTH!
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HI there!! Can I play too!!! I'm FINALLY ready to get my butt in shape!! LOL
I am currently 5'4" & I just weighed myself & am 141
I am planning on eating better - (ie not so much sh*t) & exercise. I bought the walk away the pounds videos & once DH is ready I am going to start yoga again once a week.
Look forward to getting to know you all!!

My goal is 120 by this time next year.
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