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Baby Violet is here! (pics)

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Here ya go mamas! Gratuitous baby pics

Baby Violet

There is so much I want to share about the birth. I'll have to add it later...still trying to process it all, yk?

Its funny how close we have gotten in the past few weeks...As soon as I had her, I thought, I can't wait to share this on the Jan. Mama board!!!

And - I forgot to say MAHALO to Karen, for essentially giving Violet her middle name .
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Oh Ann, she's beautiful- and those cheeks!!!!

I looked through all your photos with tears in my eyes. Your family is so beautiful and it's so nice to see your boys looking so happy with their new sister.

Happy Happy New Year.... and I hope you're getting some good mama time.

I'm soooo glad you gave her Lilinoe for her middle name- it sounds beautiful! And since I won't be able to name my baby Violet if she's a girl, I'm glad you got to!!!!

Much Aloha to you and your family!

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She is amazing!!!!


All Gods Blessings to you all!!
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She's gorgeous! Congrats!
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Congratulations on such a beautiful baby!! You have a lovely family. It looks like the boys are doting on their little sister already.

Happy New Year!

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Oh my gosh, what a beautiful little girl! Your family is beautiful and amazing! Congrats Mama! And I love the name Violet
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Wow Ann! You look fabulous! You're just RADIATING right off the screen over here! I couldn't be more happy...except maybe if she were my own! She is a doll! Love cheeks, the beautiful smile...she is wonderful! You all look so very happy. All our love from NY! Andy

PS - kwym about the posting board being a second home... might be nice if one day as many of us as we could got together for a big reunion! (must admit my dh is already looking with sparks in his eyes at Hawaii! Maybe in a few years for our 10th anniversary or something like that...)! At least the kids would all have someone to play with (HA!) :-)
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Thanks for sharing- you do look radiant, whta cute boys, too. Well done mama! Violet is gorgeous!
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Oh wow, she is *so* gorgeous!! I teared up just looking at your photos, I have to admit!
Thank you for sharing Violet with us. Congratulations once again to you all!!
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What a beautiful baby. Congrats on your perfect girl!!!
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oh my what a beautiful beautiful girl. She looks so nice and fat already, and you look great! I only wish I could look half as good after birth
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I'm so jealous that after two boys you birthed a girl...odds were rather stacked against you.

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Mamamaya- You and your family look absolutely wonderful. Congratulations on your beautiful baby!!!!
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