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Originally Posted by mama_kass
Electricity, the internet, video games and on and on. What makes TV any different.
I was only referring to the technology you listed. TV is certainly newer by far than the internet and video games. We're not talking about the history of mankind. We're talking about TV and our children. The OP asked for our opinions and information. There are risks to consider that are well documented.

I hope you find something useful in this. TV is always a hot topic. Those who let their kids watch it get very defensive when you mention any risks. It's funny to me that everyone is always trying to get me to let my boys watch TV. I don't go around preaching to people about it but for some reason, when people find out that we don't let them watch, they want to change our minds. You would think we were depriving them of food, not TV. It's not like it's crucial to their well being.

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Suzy, have you posted on the Mamas of TV Free Children thread in TAO yet?
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No. What's TAO?
I usually just check out the homeschool, MD and breastfeeding forums.
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Oops, I meant FYT. It stands for the Finding Your Tribe forum. We have a tribe there for mamas of TV free children. You should come and join in on the discussion.

TAO = Talk Amongst Ourselves.

Sorry to derail your thread Cynthia.
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Suzy, I find it all useful and a big part of me agrees with the concerns about television (though I'm not so sure about the brain changes hypothesis/theory). It's just that other part of me that has and still does enjoy television so much (though I rarely watch anything) questions if it can be used beneficially for my children.
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I also find the info useful. Most of my kid's friends (my older kids) have TV's and computers in their rooms, they watch TV to help them get to sleep! I'm really bothered by that but I guess the TV free parents are probably bothered by me letting my kids watch a few hours of TV/week. To each his own, eh? I think if you don't let your kids watch TV you are awesome! I don't have that much strength, though. Sometimes I do use it so I can get something done. Not alot, but occasionally. I wouldn't try to talk TV free people into watching TV, ever!

Anyway, good food for thought here!
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We love Discovery Kids, and the History Channel here!

I would definately "SCRAMBLE" nickelodeon, I hate that channel, other than the preschool programs on nick jr (which I think your kids wouldn't enjoy) it is trash t.v. in my opinion.
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