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May 04 Babes - Happy new year!!

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Happy New year everyone..

I am at my parents and everyone is watching parades on TV except me. Julia is teethingn like mad and not sleeping well at all. All in all we are having a good time though.

I haven't caught up with the old thread and probably won't but I wanted to start us off on the new year!
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Jacqueline, I got a teether here too! I can so relate.

I went out again last night (twice in one week! OMG) with my brother to a party and came home fairly shortly after midnight...missed my girl...she did well with my parents.
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I have a teether here , too. No teeth quite yet, though! Happy New Year everyone!
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Happy 2005!

Well, we stayed home last night. BUT, DH got Lily down by herself and we stayed up reading for an hour, which was wonderful!!! First time I've ever stayed up after Lily's gone down. New year, new sleep habits, I hope.

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happy new year everyone! went to a friend's house last night for a kids-and-their-parents party and we celebrated east coast new year's and central time new year's before the kids started fading. made it back home just before rocky mountain new year's. :LOL

anyway, for any new mamas to our thread (welcome kelly!) just a reminder that you can also join our yahoo group to see pictures and such at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/May2004MDCMamas click on join in the center of the page and i'll approve you as quickly as i can.

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Happy New Year wonderful mamas! Here's to even more magic and joy! OMG our babies are in their EIGHTH months!!

Well, I worked last night. But, it was a fun party I worked, and DH actually got Rowan to take a sippy with EBM! Yay! Here's to a new year with even more new skills and goodness to come!

Of course, I am glossing over the fact that a few minutes ago, our digital camera's disk crapped out and we lost over 100 pictures, including holiday ones.

This is all we got from Rowan's 7th month!

Oh well. Simplify. This month I will take many more beautiful pictures.

Take care, mamas.

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Woo Hoo 2005! Hoping for a productive, peacefull and happy year for my family and all of yours.

Got a teether here, too, I think finally this will really be it and we may actually see some teeth this time. I was wondering out loud when Amelia would get her first teeth in front of my Grandmother and she said that one of my uncles didn't get his first tooth until 14 months!!!! Holy cow!

Well we nixed the going out idea and hung out at home.... I fell asleep putting hte babe down, came downstairs at 10:30 and dh had fallen asleep in front of his movie, so we just went to bed. (We were dead-tired from our restless teether.) We're lamd-o's. BUt heard the firecrackers outside at midnight and celebrated with a then promptly fell back asleep.

Gotta run, Happy New Year to all!
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Hi all-
Happy January! We celebrated Gabriel's 7-month birthday and New Year's Eve by going to bed at 10:30. I tried to stay up later, but couldn't. And, for the past two weeks, Gabriel only sleeps with me. I'd been with him on the couch for three hours and when we moved in to the bedroom, he woke up. The only way to get him back down was nursing in bed. So, I was done for the night!

Sarah-Hearing Lily's sleeping changes gives me hope. I'm hoping Gabriel will change in that regard over the next month. He had been sleeping without me at the first part of the night for a good chunk. I hope he can get that back! I need some more me time. That's why I haven't had any chances to write here...and I've missed you all!

About TV, it's on more than I like, but I try to be conscious about it. I don't turn it on until mid afternoon for one hour; then I might turn it on later for Oprah and/or the Food Network (I'm an addict for the Food channel). I do nurse him down at night on the sofa, where we are often watching a program we like. He seems to go to sleep just fine. It's just in the moving to bed we have problems.

DH and I both grew up watching too much TV, so we feel strongly about limiting it. And, if I notice Gabriel watching it too intently during the time I do have it on, it goes off. We're trying for a happy medium. I have to admit, I find TV very comforting when I've been alone in the house all day with a wee one and dh is gone. I don't like that, but it's me!

Solids are going well. Gabriel likes pretty much all the fruits and veggies I've given him, even a little turkey! Still no teeth, and no explosive poops, so I guess those are a ways off. In fact, since we started solids, his poops are way less. I guess that's normal, but it's quite a change.

Better go. He needs a little booby-nap time (one and the same at our house).
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happy new year!
we had just gone to bed last night when the boy cried for the boob. So I got up to nurse him, and when he was almost done my husband announced that it was 11:59. So we waited a few seconds, then he got out of bed and came to the rocker to give the boy a new year's kiss. very quiet. I think it was the first time since I was a little girl that I wasn't actually celebrating the new year at the strike of midnight. Ah, well, it was nice anyway.

May 2005 be as fabulous and wonderful and maybe even a little bit better than 2004.
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Couple questions I'm curious about, Mama's. How close to his/her due date was your baby born? And do you think that your babe's being early or late has much affect on his/her development outside of the womb this first year? And now that I've sat down to post this, I've forgotten the other thing I wanted to ask. *sigh* Oh well, I'm sure it wasn't all that important. But I look forward to hearing what y'all have to say. Thanks!
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Happy New Year everyone! There is a wriggly baby on my lap, so I might have to keep it short.

Everything is better here now that I am not working my holiday temp job anymore. I attended an awesome, awesome birth about a week ago and then drove home in a blizzard -- I am hoping the weather holds because we have a bunch of country homebirths on our plate over the next few weeks and I have a sad little Jetta. We have been enjoying the winter weather, though, with lots of sledding. 4 yr old ds keeps on wanting to put Theo on the sled and send him down the hill. I don't think his intentions are entirely honorable.

Good holidays, if subdued. We have had colds and rotavirus come through our house, but everyone seems to have bounced back. We are watching the Rose Bowl tonite and eating pizza on the floor a la picnic.

Take care mamas!
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Happy New Year!!

I never get to check in but thought I would say hello!
I can't believe our babies are big babies now! Ella is almost 7.5 months...I never thought she would be this old. The time is flying.

We are also working on teeth but no pearls yet. She is pulling herself up and crashing to the ground several times a day makes my heart jump every single time.

Anyway, a kiss to your babies!
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Well, to answer your question, AGrace, Rowan was due 5/19 but was born one week later exactly, 5/26. I don't think too much about whether his developmental milestones have anything to do with his "lateness", but he has done some things before the books "say" he should do them, and other things I hear some of these babes doing, he hasn't even thought about doing yet.
So I don't know if his due date affected much. Not sure if I answered that right, I've been on the computer too long and now I'm all tired.

I was gonna say more but now I forgot. Darn, it's catching. :LOL Hope you all have a great night!

I'm trying not to think about how tomorrow is DH's last day of vacation. We're gonna miss him. But at least he doesn't start school till Tuesday!
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Agrace--I have thought about this. Sol was 2 weeks late, she was due april 18, and was born may 1...OMG were those hard weeks...and she was born at 9.5 lbs and was always super advanced in many skills. Like now! She's crawling and cruising on furniture, and can stand alone for a while--her record is a whopping 16 seconds!! So I think it did really have an effect that she was late.
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Just subscribing...back from our weekend in CT. Some good parts and lots of annoyances. I can't how many times I got told what a "mama's girl" she was.
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hmmm....due dates, well let's see, Kayla Rain was due on feb 8, born on jan 26 but she was a pretty early dveloper, crawling at 6mos very well and by 7mos was walking around furniture (not letting go too often though) and was walking well and actually running by 11mos. Asha on the other hand was due on may 15 and born on the 29th, she is now sitting well and doing the backwards crawl, but nowhere near what Kayla was doing. Then again, Asha weighs ALOT more than Kayla ever did; she's about 19-20lbs (Asha weighs the same now that Kayla weighed at 18mos!!) so I would think that it has more to do w/ how big your babe is, if they're kinda chunko then it might take a lil longer for some stuff, as they have more to haul around.hth! and happy new year to everyone!!!
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Happy B-day Renae! :
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Happy New Year, Mamas!

For the first time ever, I was in bed and sound asleep by 10:30 on NYE. :LOL I was tired and just had to take advantage of the 3 hour stretches of sleep Mia's been having. I don't know what brought it on (especially since she's teething really bad), but for the past 4 nights, she's been donig 3 hours chunks all night long, even in the early morning hours.

She hasn't been too hip on solids lately, but today she did have a bit of banana, and then I also gave her an arrowroot cookie to gnaw on and she it! Kept her occupied in the highchair during our whole lunch and then some. And she looked so pleased with herself! Very cute.

Oh, and Mia was almost 2 weeks late, induced c-birth. I think she's pretty ahead of the curve on a lot of develoipmental stuff. She 5/29 birthdate (just barely 7 months) and is crawling, sitting really well, and pulling up to standing. Not sure if its relate to her "lateness", but I've considered it.

Bye for now... I'm off to eat Zinfandel Pot Roast. YUM!
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Hi, ladies! I was visiting family on the east coast for the last two weeks of December and it is so good to be home now!

To answer the current question: Killy was one week early by the midwife's calculations and 2 weeks early by mine. During the entire pregnancy I measured big and he was a healthy 7.11 at birth and has hit every milestone on time or early.

Okay - I must know! - what is Zinfadel Pot Roast? It sounds wonderful!
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Hi Mamas! So glad to be back home....

About due dates and milestones: Ben was 2 days late so nothing seems off there, but DD was a month early, and pretty small, and she was pretty consistently a month behind up until about 2yrs, and from then on I haven't noticed a thing... There's such a wide range of normal!

Our big trip east was a success! Ben *LOVED* his great-granfather - both of their faces just lit up everytime they saw each other. Flying was good, although there was an awfully nasty woman sitting in front of us on the way home. She couldn't have been more than 20 and the first time Ben bumped her seat she whipped around, glared at me and said in a nasty tone, "He's bumping my seat - make him stop." I didn't respond, but didn't try too hard to reign the babe in either! She soon fell asleep so no further grumpiness ensued. Whatever... Other than that, all was well. I'll post travel tips on the Yahoo group I think

And jstar - thankyouthankyouthankyou for the encouragement/suggestion to nurse the babe while in the carseat! We wouldn't have made it home from Chicago without that! I felt like quite a contortionist, but the minivan had good headroom, so it worked!

We started solids 2 days ago - carrots. Ben didn't hate it, but I wouldn't say he's super excited about the project either. He took about 5 finger-fuls, including one from his sister, so it was fun, if not nutritionally beneficial. We haven't done it again, but maybe tonight. Our co-op didn't have any organic bananas yesterday, so I think avocados will be next on the menu... (How can a grocery store not have bananas???)

A sink full of dirty dishes beckons before the babe wakes up, so I'm off. Hope you all are having a good begining of 2005!
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