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~Oct.04 Momma's~ Happy New Year!!!!!! January Thread

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I thought a New Year warrants a new thread, hope nobody minds!

How did you all spend your New Year? It was our 5th anniversary. We hosted a little gathering of friends and family for a fondue party for the second year in a row, so I guess we are starting a little tradition. Mmm, it was good, of course we finished it off with a chocolate fondue for dessert. Then we played two games of Cranium which was fun. My kids were both up until 11, Oakley is still sleeping but Ember was up at her usual time lately, 7:30....so it might be a long day

Anyone want to talk resolutions? I have noticed over the holidays that my stomach has finally (at almost 27) turned into an adult...I used to be able to eat whatever sweets I want without a problem but this year I paid for it when I went overboard. Of course I didn't listen to it though....so my vow is to listen to the wisdom of my body, it is probably trying to prevent me from consuming more calories than I will be able to burn off :LOL And of course my main goal is to focus more on Ember's needs...I feel pretty confident that I am meeting Oakley's but unfortunately like so many others I feel as though I am not meeting both my children's needs. At the same time my mantra for the year is to enjoy all of Oakley's babyhood because it will be the last time I get to experience it, and obviously the only time I expereince his.

So Happy New Year to all the ladies who played such a big role in my life in 2004.
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Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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: Happy New Year! :

my husband got home from work just in time for a midnight kiss we had a candlelight dinner and some champagne, then celebrated by, ahem, ahh let's just say champagne makes me horny i let Willow sleep in her swing in the next room so we could hear her but wouldn't wake her up.

resolutions ... i've resolved to breastfeed Willow any way i can. i'm starting pumping tomorrow, i never did stop leaking a little bit each day so i'm hoping i can get things started again. even if she refuses the breast, EBM in a bottle is a helluva lot better than formula, especially the stinky stuff she has to eat for her GERD. i'm going down to absolute minimum on my meds, gradually. hopefully by next week i'll be pumping something! then she can have whatever i pump between 8pm and midnight, that's when she'll get the lowest dose of my meds. wish me luck!

my kidney infection isn't going anywhere, i have a doc appt. Tuesday so hopefully i can get things figured out. i also threw out my back, i have this weird "nesting instinct" just like when i was pregnant! moving heavy stuff and cleaning a lot. if i don't do it, it doesn't get done, and i got sick of the obstacle course of crap my husband leaves around. it's so nice to have a "new" house for the new year!
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Oh Meli that's awesome!! I wish you the very best of luck...I know that the formula thing has been sitting bad with you from the start! That's so exciting, I can't wait to hear your progress Sounds like you had a very nice New Years eve, hehe.
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Meli, you rock!!! We're here to support you! I pumped for my dd, I know how challenging it can be....you're a great mama!

New Year's...we had some champagne, and watched The Two Towers...we were hoping to DTD - we haven't yet - but ds stayed up till 2am. Oh well!

My resolutions are:
To get in shape and get rid of my big belly. It's disproportianately large. My legs and bum are smallish, and then I have all this chub on my tummy, ugh!!!
To learn to sew better
To be a more patient Mommy to dd

More late, ILs are coming over and we need to "hide the mess."
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Hey ladies, Happy New Year!
Well my mom was in town for a week and just left on Saturday, so we didn't really do anything special New Year's Eve. New Years day dh and I had some unexpected "together" time while both boys were napping.

I got my IUD put in last week and that was weird. I think I'm used to it now though. The appt. was fun - all the ladies in the office played with Zander while I was w/ the midwife. A really cool nurse held my hand really tight during the procedure. I was feelin' the female love, it was nice.

Zander had his little 2 month check up at 10 wks and weighed 16 lbs, 10 oz :LOL He's been sort of laughing but not fully, so we spend a lot of time trying to make him laugh.

The boys had a great Christmas, well Logan was really excited about it. His behavior has been improving a lot. He's still kind of mischevious, but at least he's not screaming in anger all the time. He's still very protective of the baby.

I didn't really make any resolutions, but as always I try to be a good mom each day and take care of myself. I've still got some tummy left too. It seems like the 2nd time around it's taking longer to get rid of. Oh well.

I have so much I want to talk about, I wish I could hang out with you ladies in person.
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i think my boobies heard me make my resolution! i never did stop leaking, so the last 2 days i'd been expressing milk a bit here and there ... i decided to try Willow nursing after i took a hot shower, and the let-down started really fast! not much quantity, but i know every drop helps. this kid has never had nipple confusion, i think she just likes to drink wherever she can drink from. she got frustrated at my lack of flow so i kept switching between the formula bottle and back to my breast, that kept her happy. it's so great that i can nurse in the cradle hold now that she's big enough! i think my best bet for now is to pump as much as i can and give her that by bottle before any formula, but also nursing for comfort before pumping because she got it started better than any pump could the first time she got mamamilk tonight she got the most surprised look on her face, it was adorable! later on when i pumped i got more milk, i just finger fed it to her and she slurped it up.

we all have some kind of cold/flu thingy. poor baby is so stuffed up, i keep taking her in the bathroom with the hot shower running and then sucking out tons of boogers. saline drops help too. it's scary at night, i sleep with my hand on her chest so i can wake up and aspirate her nose when she has problems breathing. when do they start breathing through their mouth?
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Happy New Year everyone!! Things are going pretty well here. The problem I mentioned before seems to have cleared up now. DH was glad I caught him and more than happy to return to his sober self, thank goodness. He says it was pretty easy this time. I'm still keeping an eye on him, but I think he is going to be ok. Lily is the light of my life! She smiles ALL the time, and is just such a good content baby. Sometimes I forget she is here, I put her down and she just entertains herself for a little while. Her 2 month checkup is tomorrow, I think she is about 13 lbs (Court I can't believe how big Zander is!!!).

Meli, good luck with the pumping!!! As for mouth breathing...I think babies are pretty much obligant mouth breathers through most of the first year.

Still got a good amount of baby weight left here too, but I blame it fully on the holidays...if you only saw how much junk I ate!! Between all the baking DS and I did and what everyone else did...oy! I'm getting serious now! Hopefully I can drop these last 20lbs in the next month or two.

Resolutions...I have got to get organized and keep the house clean. DH and I already cleaned out the garage on Sat so we can have a yard sale soon. ALso, want to find more to do with DS and be a bit better of a mommy, I think Lily has stolen so much of my attention from him.

Gotta run, DS is being especially cuddly and I"m afraid he might have a temp!!
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Anyone else find their to do list is huge right now? Ug. That means I should get off the computer and get stuff done, but hey...who wants to?
Dd has been talkative this morning, I love it!
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Had a very nice New Year's Eve. Had friends over for nachos (our traditional New Year's Eve meal) and we also played a couple of rounds of Cranium. Drank some champagne and had delicious chocolate cake for dessert. We decided to let Alias stay up as late as he could manage, we even coaxed him into a nap earlier as perparation, but he conked out at 11pm. Harrison however managed to stay up 'till just past midnight and stay in a pretty good mood .

New Year's resolutions... I am resolving to get back to being organized. Before Harrison I had a good solid routine that had a nutritious dinner on the table almost every night, a tidy home and some semblance of sanity. I want to get that back by the beginning of the summer. Also I am resolving to be more confident and powerful. I want to be a better role model for my boys. I tend to be all tongue tied and flustered when it comes to confrontation. I want to show my kids that it's okay to stand up for yourself and how to do it in a healthy, respectful way.

Amy - I am so happy to read that your Dh is back on track. It sounded like things were getting pretty stressful there for a bit. Obviously, you handled the whole thing beautifully.

melli - I wish you all the best in making your New Year's resolution a reality. You are one very dedicated mom. Willow is a very lucky little girl.

Thia - My to do list... :

And I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of my spectacular 2004. Sharing the ups and downs of pregnancy and the early months of double mommyhood with all of you has been so wonderful. You women have been such a great source of support and stregnth. Thank you.
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Oh yeah... And I am also resolving to reach 1000 posts by the end of the year. I really want senior member status :LOL
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OK, this may seem cruel given the difficulties some of you are having getting baby to take a bottle (I was there with DS...he hardly ever took one so I feel your pain) but I have to share this funny story!!!

I've only given DD a bottle once, a few weeks ago. No problems. So today I finally remembered to pump again so DH could try it. Well, she wouldn't take it from him....only from ME!!! He was holding her and she was upset, so I took her and started her with the bottle, then handed her back over to him. If I walked away, she'd cry and wouldn't take it!! As soon as I walked back she'd start again. So I wound up holding her and giving it to her. It's like, the only place milk is supposed to come from is mommy, and I don't care how it is given to me as long as it is from her :LOL. Isn't that strange????
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We were in Disney for the new year ... with friends of ours at the beach at one of the Disney resorts watching fireworks. Noah was all snuggled in the pouch, Ethan had napped in the afternoon for preparation for staying up late, but he was still pooped. We got our first official chuckle out of Noah on New Years Eve too.

Bummer about the trip was that I lost my fleece pouch *sob*. I've already ordered a new one, but I'm still heckling the Disney people to keep an eye out for it. The thing is that I seriously doubt it was *taken* ... so I have a gut feeling that it's sitting in their lost and found room and will rot there b/c no one can figure out what I'm trying to describe to them. I also ordered an awesome ring sling from Taylor Made Treasures ... I borrowed her organic mesh sling for the trip b/c I thought it might be too warm for the pouch, and b/c I wanted to be able to nurse on the go (I hate adjusting the snaps to nurse in the pouch, that's the only thing I don't like about the KKAFP) ... well, I loved it, but I missed the stretchiness of the pouch, so when I got home she suggested I try the same brand, but a thermal mesh fabric. OMG it is amazingly comfortable. So now I'm doing the happy dance waiting for my new slings to come in the mail! Yay!

All of your resolutions are so inspiring ... Mirthful, I really like your thoughts about being a good role model like you mentioned. I too suck at confrontation, and would like to be more clear about expressing my needs and standing my ground at times. I didn't make any official resoluations, but right now I'm putting a lot of effort into being more thoughtful about my parenting w/ Ethan. I'm trying very hard to be loving and consistent, but firm when necessary, while still being very respectful.

You guys talked me into trying the baby soft wraps. I really like the construction (esp. w/ mr. chunker thighs here!), but he peed through it the first time I put it on. I'm going to give it another try. I think I must have a super duper heavy wetter. At night, he goes through at least 2 triple stuffed fuzzibunz (a total of 9 layers of hemp french terry!), and I usually put an Aristocrat over them. I'm so sick of waking up w/ wet sheets. I finally pulled some wool that I had felted and was planning on making covers out of ... I'm going to lanolize that, and put a blanket of it and have Noah sleep on that for now on. I hate washing my sheets of often. I tried of of the fleece/PUL sheets from Mother of Eden, but it made the two of us sweat so much. Ick.
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Happy New Year everyone!

We've been out of town the last two weeks and have only had sporadic access to the internet (not to mention modern conveniences like cell phones!). It's amazing how remote some areas of Kansas can feel like. I actually downloaded about 6 pages of the December thread to read offline.

Amy - glad to hear that your DH is back in the program - my thoughts are with you as you work through this issue. Our family is going through something similar with my aunt who is again abusing prescription drugs - we're a bit at a loss of what to do since she won't admit she has a problem.

Resolutions - haven't made anything formal although losing weight would certainly appear on any list I would make. While I am back in my pre-pregnancy clothes and at my pre-pregnancy weight, it's still too much.

Kennedy is just amazing. Add her to the rolling over club. She surprised us over the holiday by rolling over from her tummy to back. She does it all the time now when we put her on her tummy - it's fantastic. She's also a bundle of smiles and coos. She 'talks' to us all the time - it's such a joy. Kennedy is smaller than some of yours - I imagine she's around 10 pounds; we'll know for sure when we weigh her at my mom's group on Wed.

Hope you all survived the holidays. For those of you who are feeling blue - please know that you are fabulous strong women and this too will pass (especially you, Piglet - I have so much admiration for your strength and abilities).
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Hooray we actually got our Christmas decorations down and back into storage tonight. A satisfying tick on my to do list.
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the belly ... oof, it's not going anywhere. i'm still having a lot of pain behind and above my incision, i heard from the women on the cesarean support thread that the pain can last up to a year! *eek* so i try to do ab crunches and it just ends up hurting. the cats like it though, i can't get them off my belly, it makes a nice pillow i guess :LOL

Willow still has a cold, no fever, but she's been sleeping a LOT and only eating half what she normally eats. she has a dr. appt. today. well, at least we have another excuse to delay vax, they won't give them to a sick baby! i'm only getting perhaps less than an ounce of EBM right now but every little drop helps, i hope. i remember reading about moms who give everybody in the house breastmilk when they have a cold!
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baby soft wraps Reed is in the Large super soakers for regular wear, and then I add a quick dry for long car rides, and overnight.

Run more
Post less
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Hey don't stop posting momadance !!

I have to second or third the baby soft wraps....thanks so much for introducing them Piglet!!! I love them and need to get more. I just wish she was going to have some light-colored solids sometime soon (she has darks coming) bc DD has a fair amount of light clothes I don't want prints to show through (remember it's hot here so everything is still thin!).

BTW luckily DS wasn't sick yesterday. We have DD's Dr appt today, I'm telling her no vax for now. I don't think she has a big problem with it. I haven't decided when I should start them, I'll have to visit the vax board I guess to find out more details.

I hope everyone who was previously feeling down is starting to feel better now!
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happy new year!!!!!!!!! hope everyone had a great christmas and that all is well. we went to PA for christmas and ella met her grandparents for the first time (dh's parents). while we were there she started batting at things with her hands, like the toys on her car seat. she also started liking stuffed animals, her grandma gave her a stuffed lamb and she 'talks' to it. it's so cute. no rolling yet though. she does look like she is trying to sit up a little. shedoes little crunches when she's not sitting totally upright, and then stops when I put her more upright.

Well, we finally did the deed. It was great but kinda weird 'cause we were at his mom's house but now I really want to get on birth control but I have no idea what kind. definately not hormonal stuff. court was it you that got the iud? do you like it?

meli you are so awesome!

resolutions: I really gotta get my house in order! Dh and i have never been very good at housekeeping, and now that it's all on me it's really bad. not to mention that dh seems to think that since I'm a sahm that EVERY little chore is my job. including..well, everything!! and then from the comfort of the couch he has the nerve to tell me I'm doing xyz wrong, that I should do it abc way. so my other resolution is to figure out how to get him off his lazy a$$.
weight loss: I'm the right size now, but totally outta shape. I went on a walk around the (really hilly) neighborhood and the next day I was sore. That got me motivated to get back in shape. I think Ella's big enough for a mei tai now so I'm going to try and start hiking again. It's been waaay too long since I've been inthe woods.

Also I am resolving to be more confident and powerful. I want to be a better role model for my boys. I tend to be all tongue tied and flustered when it comes to confrontation. I want to show my kids that it's okay to stand up for yourself and how to do it in a healthy, respectful way.
ditto mirthful! well said

ok, off to start the never ending laundry. have a great day ya'll!!!!
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Hi Ashlee- yeah I got the IUD (Mirena). It does release small amounts of the hormone, progestin (can never spell that word) into your uterus. It pretty much stays out of your blood stream so you don't feel any hormonal effects. I was really sensitive to BC pills, and I don't feel anything now. The first week it was in, I felt mildly crampy, but I don't feel anything now. It's a great feeling for me to know that I'm safe for 5 yrs and I don't have to do anything. We did the NFP thing before Zander was born, but that's a lot of thinkin' involved and will power for the days that you're fertile. A little short string hangs out of the cervix that your supposed to check periodically - dh says he can't feel in during the deed, so that's good.

Anyways, gotta go cook for Logan.
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