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Hey, Letia...good to see you!
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Thanks for the birthday well wishes girls!

And Mommadance, thanks for having me at your party :LOL Too funny! Our Dh's must think we are insane but I can understand why we dream about each other. And s about how you have been feeling lately...I've BTDT before too, best not to focus too much on that, it can really bring you down.

Canadian Mommas have you ever checked out www.azurewraps.com ? She has some nice slings, etc. (well obviously not just for Canadian mommas but we have such fewer choices to buy from without worrying about exchange and duty, etc.)
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Momadance, I'm :ROFL over here about the hurricanes keeping me from the party!!! And ugh I do understand the feelings of dread lately. I can't even watch anything about anything bad going on in the world, it's just more than I can handle right now.

Well today started out fun, I got to go to the mall and redeem Gymbucks . But then I looked at clothes for me and that's still kinda depressing LOL. But seriously, I just got home and went to the bathroom and I got my darn period already! Grrrr. With DS I made it 4 months, this time only 10 weeks!! She's not as avid a nurser as DS was. *sigh* I was hoping things might be different this time. On the bright side, that may be why this week I didn't lose weight even with major dietary cutbacks (nothing crazy....just eating "normal" and healthy again LOL)...fluid retention!! So maybe there'll be a big dip in the scales next week.

I put up a toy on the bar of Lillian's carseat to entertain her while we shopped when she was in the stroller (can't sling her the WHOLE time!!) and it was so cute, she started to play with them. I can't believe she is big enough to be interested already!! She's also filling out her 3-6 month clothes really well now. I'm thinking she'll be out of them in only another month.
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Momadance - Actually seeing that pic of your boys was what reminded me that I needed to have a little photo session w/ mine before the baby got too big. Love the dream, I wish we could have a party IRL. Well, I've only lived in Oregon for a couple years, so don't know much about the Eugene area. We're totally of the same mindset though...looking for a plot of land in the boonies, but not to far from somewhere "hip." Meanwhile, I'm so excited that you're moving here! Hopefully the other Portland mamas can give you better advice.

You know, I had the same freaking out, feeling like we're just a blip, right after Logan was born. Looking back I think it was the PPD, not that the feelings weren't valid, it's just that huge events like giving birth can really make you see things differently I think.

Piglet - I meant to comment about what you said re: nursing aversion. I think of that everytime Logan comes to nurse. I'm always wondering about what's biologically "normal" vs. culturally expected. Anyways, thanks for posting about that.
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Hi everybody. I promise, if I win the lottery, I'll fly us all to some tropical island for a party!

Had our first rough patch in a while today. We were supposed to go out with the IL's for brunch. I am a real pancake/sweets person so I was looking forward to it. But by the time we were heading out the door, it became apparent that it wasnt' going to happen. Emily has been under the weather for the past couple of days, don't quite know what it is but she was very moody and basically had a little meltdown. Meanwhile Sasha had just woken up from a longer-than-usual morning nap so he wanted nothing to do with the stroller. He cried and cried and finally I took him out to nurse (which meant heading back inside our building to the lobby waiting for FIL and SIL to show up. By then he was just melting down too and I ended up staying at home while DH went with them. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself at first, but hey my kids needed me and what would be the point anyways? It would not have been a nice time. As it is, the IL's are all fighting so I'm glad I wasn't there. It's sad really. They are such a dysfunctional family, so much history of hurt and misunderstanding piled up on itself that I doubt they'll ever sort things out. Meanwhile I've gained a whole new appreciation for how far DH has come, lol.

So, yesterday, Emily crawled into our bed, bringing her animals and toys with her, telling us she was going to have a nap. She does this every now and then but just plays around. Well, this time she did fall asleep, and slept for two hours! She'd been waking alot the night before, she's pooping lots of loose-looking stools, so we weren't surprised. But it was neat to see her "putting herself down for a nap". All those nights when it seemed she would "always" need to nurse to sleep. All those dire predictions from the older generation. And now this.

Another big milestone...three times in the past week she has tried to use her potty! She just hauled it out one day (usually she plays with it, putting toys inside, etc) and tried to take her diaper off. She sat on it (she has never sat on it with the lid up before) and said she was going to go pee. She read a book, lol! Quite a sight. Well, nothing happened, but she's done it twice since then and once right after she pooped. So, just like everybody said, she's just doing it all on her own. I suspect this is the start.

Oh yeah, one more major milestone! We bought a twin size air mattress for MIL to sleep on this past week. Emily can't stay out of it and has proclaimed it "her bed". She wouldn't sleep with MIL of course, but now that MIL is gone, Emily says she wants to sleep in it tonight. On the one hand, I'm amazed at all this, on the other hand I'm sad because I love sleeping with her. We are going to put it beside our bed tonight. I expect she will be up in our bed in no time after being put down there, but I suppose it's a start. My little girl is growing up!!!!! sniff!
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Work: I hate working. My heart just isn't in it anymore. It's crazy too, running back home to nurse. Emily is doing okay though. One day she took a couple of oz for dh from the medicine dropper. Still hates the cup and bottle. Pumping is going ok. I only do it once a day in the afternoon. Tomorrow (Sat) I will pump when I usually do in the afternoon, but I will try the morning as well. What isn't going well is the arrangement with mil. She doesn't want to do it anymore. Her reasons are many, non of them valid. She's just being selfish. I am not going into it all b/c it's super long. So are the other ideas dh and I have come up with. When we decide on one, I'll post it.
Em has a favorite toy, a soft doll with a rattle in the middle. She loves to put it in her mouth. I've given her teething toys, but she doesn't like them as much. She is doing the reverse cycle thing. She will eat when I come home during the day, but sleeps through most of the rest of it. She sleeps at night too, but nurses a lot.
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Hi! I"m New!

Hi Everyone! I"m new to the Thread and wanted to introduce myself!
I'm a new mommy as of October 27th! My fiance ( his names Eric but I call him Maloney.. which is our last name) and I had a beautiful baby girl... we named her Nora Magdalena Maloney... she is the best thing in my life besides Maloney!! I can't imagine my life without her.. I don't know what I was doing all these years!! LOL
After I had Nora I was posting on the American Baby website... but I didn't really feel like a fit in.. and no one messaged me ... soooo.. I found MDC about a month ago... and I just LOVE IT! I can't believe all of the great information.. and its so great to see there is this great group of women out there who are following thier hearts with thier children and not a book about how it "should" be done...reading some of the posts on American Baby started to make me upset... with people using CIO and other things I didn't agree with...
I am breastfeeding Nora... and at first I wondered how I was going to manage it for a year... but now after doing it for awhile... and reading so much information here I am going to CLW her, and I"m very excited about it!
Before going on maternity leave I worked at a Group home for people with disabilites... I have just recently started to go back to work here and there..
just 4 hours shifts... its hard to pump where I work becuz we don't get a break per se... we have down time when the clients are calm... and depending on the day that might not happen at all... so I figure 4 hours is enough... plus Maloney just got promoted to Manager at his home ( he works for the same company) so he is REALLY busy.. working lik 56-60 hours a week... kinda bums me out but he's making it possible for me to be at home more than I would otherwise and thats really important to me!
I'm really excited to get to know you guys! When I found out I was pregnant most of my friends stopped talking to me... "What.. you can't go to the bar every night??""" so I don't talk to a lot of people.. so sorry about the long post right off the bat! As much as I love hangin out with Nora all day, I still need adults to chat with... I've been talking to my mom almost everyday.. its
starting to scare me! LOL
Well I hope everyone has a great weekend... take care!!!

OH! How do you guys get those cool ticker guys at the bottom!?? There soo cute !
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Mikayla is asleep....again

Andrea Somebody could probably give you a better explanation on how to do the sig. I did it the long/hard way...as usual.
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Welcome spacedog!!!

Amy- YAY for Gymbucks, lol! Care to share what you got? I'm redeeming mine tomorrow, I'm excited. Yes, I'm a Gymbo-junkie.
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Just wanted to put in a quick post.

My grandfather died last night. So with family comming in and all that arangments to be made I have a pretty crazy and emotional week ahead of me. Then on Friday, we leave to go visit Dh's family in the great white of Alaska for 2 weeks. We'll be back Feb. 2.

All the best to you all in the upcomming weeks. I'll really miss checking in with you all for the next 3 weeks.
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I'm so sorry... May the Holy Spirit comfort your family and may the Lord give you traveling mercies.

AK should be a nice diversion?
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I'm sorry mirthfulmum

Katie, yeah Gymboree rocks...esp. when you can get sale prices LOL. Otherwise some of the stuff costs more than my own clothes! :LOL The best part about Gymbucks is getting the new line...bc I never pay full price there otherwise. I got Lillian the cutest outfits!! I got her the Lily Romper (didn't even know it was called that til I just looked it up...how fitting!) and the Striped Butterfly dress from the Wildflower Fields line with the hat and socks, an outfit from the Grown with Love line, and "Kiss Me" frog navy top with green shorts from the Dandelion Wishes line. She's gonna be a cutie this spring/summer!!! That store is so bad to go to, it just sucks me in. Luckily their pants don't fit Mickade so I'm not having to buy much for him there anymore!! (Lucky for me, Carters seems to fit him great and we have an outlet here!)

Welcome Andrea!! Isn't it nice to have a place you fit in???
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mirthfulmum, so sorry to hear your grandpa died

Sophia has been doing very well, however she had a "fussy day" yesterday and never really calmed down very much. My dh was taking care of her in the morning since I now work once a week now from 7am til about 1pm (and so I did yesterday. I really enjoyed getting out of the house. It reminds me that I need alone time more than I realized. I look forward to seeing dd again when I come home, but I sure enjoy being gone for a while. I know from reading other posts though that usually moms dread being gone and hate leaving their baby, but for me it seems different, it gives me a chance to breathe, clear my thoughts and restores my sanity a bit. Working with horses also grounds me and I've been missing them.
Does anyone else enjoy "away time"?
I sometimes get overload with dd, I can't even imagine how it would be with multiples...
How do you guys keep your center? How do you stay calm?
My dd has such a loud cry that the only way my dh can deal with it is by wearing headphones
My ped simply says she has strong lungs
Did anyone see the "Incredibles"? She just like the baby at the end who can explode into a screamfest...so what do you do??
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Oh Kazia I am sorry I know you were really close with your DG. We will miss you, and it feels wrong to tell you to have a nice trip but I really do hope that you enjoy yourself even though you will be sad. I am sure that a lot of your family will be seeing Harrison for the first time which is always fun.

Thia- I am sorry to hear that things aren't going well. I hope that things get better soon.

Andrea (Spacedog) Our little babies share a birthday! What a beautiful name you gave your Dd. I am glad you found us. Sorry I don't know how to do the little tickers either, maybe I'll do one too when someone explains how

Nani- I find my center mostly through talking with other moms, on here, over the phone, over coffee...basically however I can fit it in. It sounds like you already know what centers you, you just need to find the right balance to fit it in.
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I am so sorry Kazia!!!! May you find peace this week being surrounded with your loved ones.

t Amy- I love the new line, lol! Lucy is getting a lot of it, my mom and I have 4 Gymbucks. She has those cuffed veggie jeans from Grown w/ Love too, they are soooo cute on! She's wearing the swimsuit in my siggie! I agree, it is a bit $$ when you look at it full price, but things go 20% off really fast, and they do "Additional 20% off" sales so often. Plus you can sell on ebay for about 50-75% of what you paid (and I've acually had used things sell for over retail price). So you only actually pay like $5-10 per item, which is like Kmart prices, and waaaaaay cuter!

Letia, nice to see you again!!!
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Originally Posted by Piglet68
They are such a dysfunctional family, so much history of hurt and misunderstanding piled up on itself that I doubt they'll ever sort things out. Meanwhile I've gained a whole new appreciation for how far DH has come, lol.
I know that feeling! Same with my dh's family!


Mirthful, sorry to hear of your loss. HUGS and prayers.

Dd was up every two hours last night to nurse. We "slept" about 12 hours, but really, how much of that time was I awake? When I woke up, she was awake beside me, but didn't realize I was awake. I watched her for a while, then she turned her head to look up at me and when our eyes met she gave the biggest smile like she was SO glad to see me. Melts the heart!
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Kazia, so sorry about your grandad. Hopefully the beauty of Alaska will help heal your loss.

Nani, my outlet is my treadmill. I go into the sunroom, shut the sliding glass door, hop on, plug my Ipod up, blare the tunes and run/walk for a good 35 minutes (sometimes longer). That's hugely thereaputic! I also use our hottub pretty frequently!

uhhhhhhhhh I'm sleepy! Looking forward to having a fire out in our backyard tonight! Miles has been wanting to roast marshmallows for ages.
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THank you everyone for such a warm welcome!!!
I just made some brownies.. mmmm... have you guys ever had the -NO PUDGE- brownies? Thier no fat and you make'em with yogurt?? I am soooo addicted to them, since they're no fat I usually end up eating the whole pan in a day!! Its a small pan, and since they have yogurt in them.. you might even consider them a health food! LOL
Nora and I went to the grocery store today, I was so excited to get some food. Maloney has been working so much.. in the next four days he is working 72 hours!! so I wanted to get to the store before I was stranded with no food...
I just got off the phone with my best friend she got pregnant a few months after me and just had her baby last tuesday!! I am sooo excited for her, I can't wait to go see her (she lives 5 hours away) she hasn't seen Nora yet becuz it was too late in her pregnancy to drive so far so I'm hoping in a few weeks to go visit and stay for a few days.. I haven't seen her since JULY!!

Mirthfulmum- I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather.. I hope you have a safe trip!

Nani- I know what you mean about working, as much as I don't want to leave Nora.. I started to work a few hours a week and its really great just to get out of the house and do something for me. Another thing I like doing is going grocery shopping.. sounds silly but I love to cook so its fun to go and pick out the things I'm going to make!

Oakember- So we have birthday buddies?? Thats cool! When was your due date? Nora was due on Nov 8th.. I'm really glad she didn't wait that long! I felt like I was going to be pregnant FOREVER! I also had seen your posts before and I love your kids names! Very cute!

Well I should get going...Noras yellin at me!
Take care!!
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Welcome Andrea!

Nora, I used to ride before I got PG with my first. I trained and competed (at the amateur level) in dressage. I was very passionate about my riding and about horsemanship. I guess it was "natural horsemanship" ideals that made AP "click" with me, since there are many parallels. I miss the barn life, but I know I can go back to it in a few short years.

We went for a long family walk today. It was wonderful. Not too cold, the sea was so calm and still and flat. The birds have beautiful winter colours, they seem so bright in this weather. I was up with the kids at 5:30 this morning. Sasha's been fussy and I'm wondering if he's got whatever Emily and I seem to have. Not really "sick", but she's been tired and extra fussy with lots of stools that are more loose than usual. I woke with a loose tummy today and feeling a bit weak-kneed. Well, Sasha slept through the whole walk (must have been at least an hour or more) and Emily fell asleep on the way home. They are both still sitting in the stroller fast asleep and have been for about half an hour now. Wow. So this is my "me time" that someone was asking about. I find all I need usually is just 15 minutes or so. Often I just put DH in charge of the kids and go sit at the computer. Sometimes I go around the corner to the convenience store for something (like ice cream, lol) and just being outside without any kids attached to me feels like heaven! I'm quite amazed at how little time I need alone to feel "refreshed".

Oh, better go....me time is UP!
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I FINALLY posted my birth story here! It's REALLY long...those of you who remember how long my labor was will understand why! :LOL

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