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Happy New Year

Hi All
Happy New Year. I hope that this year is less.... exciting.. than the last!! for us at least

We had a flooded basement for Christmas, due to contractor error.. and are still dealing with trying to get it fixed.. But otherwise our holidays were pretty good.

We are dealing with a terrible diaper rash here.. I can't seem to get it to go away. It kept poor DD up last night..

Hope you are all well..

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hi mamas!

happy new year!

let's see...

our little guy will be 8 weeks old tomorrow!

he had his first cold too nothing major thank goodness. one evening he seemed to feel a bit icky then has had a couple days of boogers. he's almost all better now.

i go in on thursday to have my iud inserted. i'll be getting the mirena one this time too. i had the copperT for about 5 years before we were ready to conceive. i loved it (and had a miserable time with the many other methods we tried). the only thing that sucked was the insertion. so, one day soon after my appointment we'll DTD.

speaking of DTD, what kind of lube do you guys like? from our non-penetrative (hahaaha, nice word) play i know i am really dry these days, even after an orgasm, so i need to get some good slippery stuff, which also is the name of my favorite lube but stores don't sell it near me.

as for getting back in shape, i just started exercising again (not counting long walks) on the first. it feels good. i'm still eating like a sumo wrestler though. luckily the breastfeeding seems to be melting away the extra weight anyway. i think i'm only about 3 pounds above my prepreg weight, but everything is softer, much less muscle, more fat. kind of nice extra cushioning for the babe on my chest, belly, etc.

ok, i have to pee.
bye bye for now!

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I finally posted some pictures of Oakley for you guys to see on the website! Now I just gotta catch up with the thread

ETA- reading the thread backwards and wanted to say I like Astroglide I need to by some new stuff but can't find it in town, anyone ever try the Trojan stuff, can't remember it's name exactly but I almost bought it today.
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Happy New Year!!!!
Our New Years Party consisted of us sitting at home, drinking some relaxing ayurvedic tea as we tried calming our ever so fussy DD. OMG, this girl can cry up a thunderstorm! Does it have anything to do with her being a Scorpio?? My MIL was scared of her crying when we visited them over xmas.
We were both exhausted when midight came around and didn't even open a champagne bottle. However, we talked about plans for '05, what we wanted to do with our lives, etc. It's always real nice to talk with my DH, he makes great conversation, is always open and flexible.

I BF her several times a day, pump once to keep her used to the bottle. Sometimes my boobs don't seem enough for her, like tonight, and then I h=give her formula which she dislikes quite a bit.

One thing that concerned me a bit is that she smiles rarely, only a little bit after a lot of very silly coaxing. She is upset a lot and it takes effort to play with her. Hey, but she could roll from her belly to her back at 5 weeks, she seems very strong...
Any advice?
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aarrgghh! my husband was playing his computer game again and forgot to turn the heat back down (we have to trick the radiators into coming on sometimes) he was so into the game, he was 2 feet from a radiator and felt hot but didn't connect it with the fact that i'd asked him to please remember to turn it back down. baby and i are both sick with a cold, now we're double sick in an 80+ degree house. he said it's my fault too because i forgot. i "forgot" because i went to bed! and trusted him to do it. he also put off getting cat food because he was gaming and now there are 3 hungry cats crying, they wake the baby up when they cry. Willow is ok, just really stuffed up and dry. he knew we both needed sleep because she had such a hard day with the cold. but the game was yet again more important this is getting to be a pattern. he was gaming one day and forgot to change her diaper, i woke from a nap and she was completely soaked and miserable.
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Nani -- I wouldn't worry. Some babies smile a lot and others less. We used to have to work to get a smile from DS but DD smiles a lot and early. As for not having enough milk....stop supplementing with formula! Our breasts work on a supply/demand system, and by letting your DD nurse more frequently/longer for a day or two, your supply will increase and she won't seem so hungry.
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I started Evening Primrose Oil again to help with the PPD. It seems to be helping. I have been feeling a lot better this past week. Now that I'm in a better head space I can look back on the last month and I am really surprised at how bad the PPD had gotten. It was just so much easier to be miserable and sooo much work to be happy. But now that I'm more aware of what is happening and have finnaly acknowledged that I have PPD I am beginning to feel a lot better.

Also what is really helping the PPD is that Harrison hasn't had a reflux attack in 4 days!!! I really truly hope that it is all healed up. He's such a happy little baby when he's not refluxing. (Naps better too )

As for B/C... we're still planning to have Dh get a vasectomy. There's this constant nagging little voice that keeps saying that a vasectomy is a mistake. That we should have more children. But I think that that nagging little voice is some reproducing crazy part of my brain that probably should be ignored. I know in my heart of hearts that I would be a terrible mother to 3. I just don't have it in me to parent 3 children the way they deserve. I feel stretched thin sometimes with 2. I'd snap with 3.

Have to second Amie's lube recomendation for Astroglide .

melli -

Nani - I agree with truebluexf's post. Some babies are more easy going than others. Some babies are more people persons than others. Some babies are more ready to smile and play than others. Just know that your DD loves you very much and be there for her when she needs you. That's what is most important. And like trueblue wrote, nursing more often and for as long as DD wants to will up your milk supply so you won't have to use formula.
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Chantald: Have you done some bare bottom time? Just let the tush air out?

Excersize: I would love to, I just never seem to find the time. I have pilates dvds and some weights collecting dust. I haven't even been taking walks b/c it is so cold. My hips really, really hurt and I need to do some excersize...but there are days I don't even get a shower!

Flitters: Can you find your fav lub online? Some people say olive oil works, I've never tried it.

Meli: do you have some vaporizors? We are running two, one in the main room and one in the bedroom. We find we don't have to turn the heat up as high.

My foot is asleep. Bah. I think dd might be getting better. Her poop is becoming more yellow and she isn't throwing up as much. I am very thankful! She still won't take a bottle. Last night she was screaming bloody murder when dh was trying to feed her. Eventually I had some success with the sippy cup. So, maybe we'll just skip bottles. I know "they" say three months is young for a cup, but if it works "they" can take a long jump off a short dock. "They" being the "professionals" who probably never had a child of their own. LOL.
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Meli, I feel your pain a/b dh's and their games. Nice to feel second to a game, huh? : The way they act about it you'd think the world's food supply depended on them playing their games.
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thanks truebluexf! yes, supplementing is not a good idea...plus she really hated what my dh calls "junkfood"
so what do you do? for example last night, she was hungry after I gave her a chance to snack anytime she needed, so she only finished one boob at a time and never filled her tummy I think. so at midnight she was screaming bloody murder and dh unthawed frozed bm and fed her, then she slept for 8 hrs! :
this kind of thing dwindels my frozen supply though...
also, she gave me BIG smiles this am when she woke up

my lactation consultant said that it's better to keep the last 10 lbs on to have a better milk supply...

mellybean, it sounds like you guys have to discuss responsibility issues. he will have to understand that if you're burned out and he doesn't help when you need it, you can't be a good mom or wife for that matter.
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We were thinking about dh getting a V, too....but we talked to my mw and her husband had impotence problems after his. We asked my brother about it, cause e had one too, and he had the same issue, plus pain during any physical activity. 10 years later he says it is better, but he still struggles with both problems. Brother said most of the men he knows (includind my dad) have had similar issues with their V, but men hardly ever talk about it out of embarassment. He really regrets his for that reason.

My mw recommended that we "think twice about it....then think 3 times...then think 10 times." Now we aren't sure what we are going to do.

Just thought I'd share!!!
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Just a quick checking-in here. Been so busy lately, looking forward to going on small vacation next week. Had an ok new years eve...dh had to work so it was just me. I rented a movie and then some friends stopped by for awhile which was nice.

BC....I am starting to read " The Art of Family Planning"......I hope I can get the hang of it. I hate all other forms of bc and we want to have more children, just not anytime soon. Dh has made me promise him that I would never push a V onto him, and knowing that my dad has had many problems from his, I willingly made the promise.

I am finally in most of my pre-pregnancy jeans!!! YAY!!! That are just a tad snug, but not uncomfortable.

Ok.....the little guy is calling for me, gotta go!
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Just have a second, but wanted to say that Babes in Toyland online has 22 different lubes you can order :LOL including "slippery stuff." I like astroglide but that's all we've ever tried.

Amie- Oakley is adorable! Thanks so much for sharing!

I had no idea that vasectomies could cause impotence, I'd always heard that it was safe. Dh would never get one anyways.

Meli- My dh used to be into Starcraft a couple years ago and I hated it. He would be on the computer for hours. Sorry you're going through that. (hugs) There's no way that would fly now with two kids, I'd throw the friggin computer out the window.

Our 4 year anniversary is tomorrow. Wow, it feels like we've done a lot in 4 years.

Oh and I wanted to say what I was taking for PPD, since I had it so bad with Logan. I know I've mentioned it before, but it's an herbal tincture my midwife prescribed and it helps sooo much. I just have a general sense of well being, which is nice. It's got Hypericum (St. John's wort), California Poppy, Sculleys, and Lemon Balm in it. I never believed in herbal stuff untill now. I would highly recommend a visit to a naturopathic doctor for anyone w/ wanting to avoid strong meds.
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New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year! I spent my New Year at the base of a ski resort watching a torch light parade (skiers and snowboarders - each with a glowing torch - gliding down a dark mountain) and spectacular fireworks! After that a feast of salmon, halibut, salads, and spreads at my home with friends from around the state. It was great to welcome in the new year with family (DH & babe) and friends.

Hmmm - New Years Resolution...Didn't state one explicitly, but I do think losing these last few pregnancy pounds would be a good idea. Also - firming up these slack muscles should be in order also. DH and I are planning a beach trip in February and I don't want to be miserable in a swimming suit. Sounds like I need a resolution to hit the gym...Now I really need to follow through with this one! Its rediculous how body image equals happiness for me. I should work on that too.

Melli - I hear ya with the gaming...DH plays XBox. I swear I've considered taking the controllers to work with me - just so he can't play and he can get some work done around the house. I haven't followed through with that thought though. I was mulling over DH playing video games and pondered the though that our generation will be the first of parents who are gamers. I think I like the idea of a father working on the house and in the yard better than one who sits infront of a video screen all day. I don't see the "video head" role model as a positive one.

Although I wasn't part of this thread through pregnancy, I am glad that the group is here for age-similar babes. Its nice to read the other posts and see that others are going through similarities.

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i guess in the "old days" the dads went fishing or golfing, instead of gaming, eh? *wry grin* i spent most of my bedrest playing Final Fantasy X2 so i understand the appeal. since Willow was born i haven't played any games at all, i re-prioritized. now Trading Spaces and shows like that are my addiction but at least i can get a lot done while they're on in the background.

Willow's cold is nasssty, we put her in the bathroom with the shower on so she gets steamed up really good, then suck about a pound of snot out of her head! poor little thing! we all have the same cold so i can totally empathize with her, it's cruddy. it must be awful to only be able to breathe through your nose.
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Hi everybody! I have missed you all so much. It's been all I can do to get online these days, with the holidays being so busy, and now my MIL is here staying in our tiny apartment with us...life is hectic! Finally some time to post!

Chantal: as you may remember, we had an awful time with Sasha's diaper rash. turns out it was a mild skin infection. now, i'm not actually sure whether it was bacterial or fungal, but the doctor did prescribe an antiobiotic cream that had hydrocortisone in it. after a couple days of this it went away, and it has not come back since. I noticed that with regular cloth diapers his skin gets really red looking because of the wetness, but the microfleece topping on the baby soft wraps has been our lifesaver. his skin has been perfect since we started using them full time (and after the meds of course). i suppose any fleece-topped system would do to aid in keeping moisture away from baby's skin. anyways, i do suggest you see a doc or naturopath about the rash. it had me very concerned but now it's gone!

momadance, wow you are in large BSW already? and you use both as super soaker AND a quick dry for nights? well, we've gone from the third snap to the second on the mediums. i'm just waiting for her to restock and hope to pick up a couple more covers. now i'm wondering if i'm wasting my money on mediums, but they are supposed to go up to 20 lbs. mind you he is probably around 15 by now...

sorry to all you mamas dealing with colds, i remember emily had a couple of mild ones her first winter, but knock on wood sasha hasn't had any yet.

Court, I had great success with St John's Wort when I had some depression a few years ago, but I thought it was unsafe for nursing mothers?

melly: the gaming is hard. i understand how easy it is to lose track of time, but really your dh needs to accept that life with parenting means giving up some of that stuff, and hey it's only for a short time really...hopefully you can tell him how you feel gently and he will come to the conclusions that he needs to drop that habit.

dh is going to get a V, but now i'm reading about all this impotency. hmmm, but really i can't think of anything else. i KNOW i do not want any more children. i'll have to look into this further I guess. meanwhile we've DTD only once and dont' see too many opportunities looming on the horizon (besides, it hurt, and I don't think it was just a lube issue).

melly, you are super momma trying to get your milk going again but i hope you will be okay. you had such a hard time without your meds, are you sure you are going to be able to handle cutting back on them?

New year's resolution: be more patient with my DD. stop yelling at DH in front of the kids.

weight loss: doing well and at my last 10 lbs. my pre-pregnancy clothes fit again, yay. treated myself to a new skirt today.

PPD, I have also been having a good week. i think just recognizign it for what it was has helped alot, and DH has been really sweet too and helping out even MORE than usual. also having MIL here gives me an extra pair of hands, although she pushed a bit too much with Emily at first (with the "give me hugs" and all) so Emily isn't too comfortable with her, but she can hold the baby at least).

Okay, baby is crying so i'd better go. love to all of you!!
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Vasectomy may cause impotency? Perhaps we'll have to reconsider. Thanks for filling me in Katie.
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Awww maaannn!!! I woke up to my dear AF this morning. No wonder I have been such a biatch lately :
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Amie...Oakley is adorable!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. One of these days I will post an updated pic of Quinn.
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Yikes....we have been planning on the big V too! Looks like we'll have to do some reading. Argh.

Can someone tell me the amount of EPO to take, I know it's suppost to ward of PPD but I am not sure the dose. Last night I realized that I have been having an all day long feeling of anxiety, feels like I'd have too much caffine kinda thing, so I better get on the EPO again. I had this weird little freak out a few nights ago and I am not even sure if it really happened or was in a dream but I put my hand on Oakley's chest and didn't feel anything and freaked momentarily...of course I put my hand on his chest again and he was fine. I am actually embarassed to ask Dh if I actually yelled out OMG in the night or if it was all just a dream, but my heart was beating a million times a min. I was so scared for that second. So that with the anxiety I have been feeling is probably not a good sign.

Mirthfulmum- I didn't realize that you had been feeling so down, I knew you weren't feeling in the Christmas spirit but didn't know the extent of it....I hope you are feeling much better now.

Melly- I hope that Willow's cold gets better soon. Sounds like you are treating it well.

Court Awww thanks, I actually kinda think that our little guys look similar but Zander is an even bigger chub I had Oakley weighed yesterday and he's about 14lbs 5oz...at 2 months Ember was 9lbs 2 oz!! I can't believe the difference, but I just want to gobble him up; it's funny how proud I feel that he is so big, silly isn't it?!!

Ashlee- argh, honeymoon over hey! You must be a fertile Myrtle. That's a bummer.

Aww thanks Kimberly, it's true, little boys melt thier momma's heart...I can't get enough of him I'd love to see an updated pic of Quinn.
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