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forgot to add...

Thia, what worked for us was "white noise". Specifically our bathroom fan is pretty loud, if I put Sasha down in his bassinett for his nap, place the bassinet in the doorway of the bathroom, and turn on the fan....he'll nap for at least an hour.

Amelia, you are not the only one with SIDS fears. I can't count the number of times I've gone to check on Sasha when he's sleeping and thought to myself "this will be it, the nightmare will begin". I don't know why I feel that way, maybe it's because I'm one of those people who are suspicious of good times (like this has been too good and something bad is due to happen) or because I experienced a sudden loss in my family (brother was killed in an accident), or maybe it's just that the love I feel for my children is so overwhelming that my mind cannot even comprehend such a loss, and therefore "plays it out" in my head sometimes. Don't get me wrong, it's not like these thoughts reach a truly concious level, it's more like a quiet fear in the back of my mind. When Sasha naps longer than usual I always go check on him, and I too could never sleep apart from my babies for the same reason. I hear him breathe at night and all is right with my world.
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Originally Posted by Piglet68
Amelia, you are not the only one with SIDS fears.
and m/c, ptl.....accident.....
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Piglet, reading about Emily almost made me cry! I totally can lose it when a certain style of melody is played. Or if I detect sorrow in a song, with or without lyrics.

Bluehalo, I've ordered from a MDC mama. I'll let you know how I like the product.
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Just a quick de-lurk....

Meli, sorry to hear about your troubles with Pan. I hope you're all feeling better soon. Sounds like the work/baby/responsibility stuff is getting to him.

Happy Birthday to Lucy! Gotta love the Barbie cake! What a cutie. (Lucy, not Barbie. :LOL )

I've been known to wake Henry up when I can't hear him breathing or he hasn't moved in a while. : I think a little paranoia is probably natural for moms.

My little guy rolled over from tummy to back! He was naked at the time (we do what DH calls Butt Time a few days a week to air out the diaper zone). I think if he'd been wearing a diaper and had a bubble butt it never would have happened, but when he's naked he's surprisingly agile!

He's also started reaching for toys and shaking them! Woohoo!

OK he hates it when I sit and type. Gotta run!
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my pregnancy hair is almost all gone now it was really thin beforehand because of the PCOS, i dunno if it'll be even thinner when i stop losing it. it's over 2 feet long though, so there is hair hair everywhere! even if i keep it in a ponytail all day, it somehow gets into everything.

there was an article in Scientific American recently about SIDS, i can't find the 'zine at the moment but basically it said that SIDS is genetic, there are some babies who can't "gasp" and they're the ones at risk for SIDS. i've heard Willow gasp quite a few times. i'll try to find the article.

Willow is the most amazingly strange baby. her reflux is getting worse and worse, we're doing everything we can to help her, she goes through really painful episodes a few times a day and it's just heartbreaking. but then she is the smiliest, giggliest, raspberry-est baby! sometimes she goes from crying to smiling in just a few seconds. i'm just so happy to see the smiles she blew raspberries at everybody in my dr's waiting room today :LOL
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Thanks Christine, the Gala was great. There are a lot of rich people down there in Palo Alto, they had created a theatre fund and it started out with $1 million and by intermission of the gala show an anonymous donor pledged another $1 million. Unreal. Famous people were there, composers and writers, etc. We'll see what can happen for my career, ya never know.

Thanks for the links...yeah, sounds good to make covers. I'm looking for patterns for all kinds of baby clothes.

gottaknit, do you have patterns for wee ones?
Do you even have time to knit these days?

meli, how are things with Pan?
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I visited a friend there a year ago now. First time on the West Coast. Even spent a couple days in San Fran. Besides driving around the city, I had a great time! It was sooooooo nice in January! My friend works for Apple and Steve Jobs and all his $$ out there. So, you're in the performing arts? I was a singer. I taught public school music. Then the Lord called me to ministry and I'm leading worship at my church now. I guess as my Pastor is called upon and he invites me along, that's how my ministry will expand. I'm pretty busy right now and my focus is on Mikayla. At one point I was chomping at the bit to be out there. Hope your career takes off.
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here are some recent pictures of Sophia:
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Loose stools with what looks like white strings?

My 7 and half month old daughter has had loose yellow stools with what looks like white strings or clumps in it for about 4 days. She has vomited 2 x since Friday night. Should I be worried? Do I take her to the doctor? I'm thinking yes at this point. She's acting much more fussy than usual and she's not sleeping like she normally does. Is white stringy pooh an indication of something serious? She is formula fed and eats baby cereal, baby food, and some finger foods. I gave her Enfamil Lipil the other day instead of her usual Enfamil with iron. We were out shopping and I only had the packets that make 4 oz each. I couldn't get all the formula in the bottle from 2 packs with 8 oz of water so she drank a little down then I added the rest of the last packet and we had used the water from the filter at McDonald's. Could these things make her sick? I used to use bottled water only, but about a month ago the neighbor told me her pediatrian told her it was good to use the water from the faucet in our housing area because it has flouride so I've been using that for over a month now. I'm figuring (praying also) she just picked up a bug from the kids at playgroup and she's not sick because of something I did. We've only been going to playgroup for about 2 weeks.

Parenting is a scary job. I'm worrying constantly. My husband is gone right now so I'm doing it alone at the moment. It's hard because he's a very involved dad.

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Hi Leslie,

You need to come join us in the Oct. 05 thread! You must have bumped the wrong one by mistake.

Sounds like your dd has probably picked up a bug or is reacting to the change in formula. Me personally, I'd take her to the dr. and get some peace of mind. For the record, I don't think using the filtered water has made her sick. My dd was formula fed, and we always used water straight from the tap. My 7 month old ds gets supplemental formula in addition to breastmilk, and the only reason I use bottled water for him is because we have well water now.

But come join us in the 05 thread! We're a very chatty group and very welcoming.
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