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Hey, Rynna, sorry to hear you are dealing with worry over your milk supply. I second the recommendation to contact a reputable lactation consultant. I also wouldn't jump to the conclusion your milk is diminishing, as I was worried my child was developing chronic sleep resistance until I noticed everyone else's baby on this thread is up nursing all night the last few weeks, too. I'm sure you've made every effort to find alternative meds so if it comes down to it you simply have to do what's right for you, and that *is* doing the best for your children.

I cleaned my car today. This was a major achievement and waaaay overdue. But it is spotless and sparkling inside and out now, a big relief. Dd set up her sprinkler with the hose and tried to take Rowan in but he didn't like it at all. He is sleeping better! Last night he was up every three or four hours, which is quite manageable, and he took a two hour nap today and then an hour nap, which seems to be his newly-emerging pattern. Now he is in bed and I sure hope he stays there a while! We went to home desperate this evening and got a few things I need for various home improvements I need to finish, like the things I started while pregnant. : We have a hard time finishing projects around here.

Today Rowan is 24.2 lbs and 28 1/2 inches long! He has his index fingers perpetually extended now. He likes to turn the lights on and off still, and now flings himself at the switches when passing, and he tries to get at the shower tap, which is scary because I'm afraid he's going to scald us, and he gets things that should really be out of his reach by pressing down with his pointer and flipping things toward himself. Another engineer in the growing, perhaps.
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Rynna- ITA with everyone else. It's very much like an airplane, you put the mask on yourself, then the child. I think it would be easier for Eli in the long run to wean than to have a mam that is slightly crazy. And you had stated before that Boohbah was doing better with solids than just bm. Definitely get some more information, but your mental health is vital to your children's health.

Seedling-I've missed you! Your girls are gorgeous, btw. That sucks about your computer.

QoC-Glad you got power back! I admire that you have the wherewithall to get to a swim lesson. I can't even imagine making that possible right now.

Ro has been nuts lately. Where did my easy-going, placid, sleepy baby go? He fights sleep like crazy and is really fussy. Dh thought it might be a tooth, but I don't feel anything and nothing is really happening so I don't think so. I finally figured out that he's getting separation anxiety. It's the right time and he seems to be okay if you sit on the floor with him or carry him with you everywhere. Tain never really had an onset since he was born with separation anxiety :LOL so this is a new thing for me. He nursed for 3 days straight, to the point my breasts were always flat and empty, then yesterday decided he didn't want to anymore. Growth spurt to borderline nursing strike is not good for mama boobies. My whole right breast is one huge plugged duct. I am not happy.

He also decided yesterday that he loves pacis. He used to hate them. But now he gets mad if I try to latch him on and wants to suck on a paci, like he doesn't want to eat, just suck. Very weird. Paci really helps in the car, though. And he's sleeping better at night again. So we are just going with it, though I am making sure to offer food first! (OUCH)

How do you deal with a plugged duct if baby won't nurse?

I thought a senior name was just a name change? Fill me in on the senior thing b/c I'll be there soon and obviously don't understand it.
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Congrats on getting the baby to use a paci (or dummy, as we call them). I realize now how dd's flexibility really helped and I took it for granted.

My baby has also started really noticing when people walk out of the room, or walk away from him. Of course he noticed before but now he's noticed he doesn't care for it!

I wish, I wish we had a working video camera. I am going to try and borrow one from someone for a few days. It sucks we have no video of dd's infancy and since we have a bit of Rowan's I have become addicted to archiving him and am getting upset at all I could be taping! All those subtle expressions that aren't caught in photos....
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Good morning everyone! I thought I'd come back and post while I'm chipper since I subjected y'all to my whine fest yesterday.

Rynna, I feel "dry" lately too, so I hope it's just a blip with your supply. I'm glad to hear the wellbutrin is helping you though.

Love, love, love all the pictures and cards. I finally sent mine off friday. Sorry about that. I thought I had all this stuff to say, but I can't think of any of it. Yikes!
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Roland is 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's hard to beleive. His birthday cake is baking... he's making it himself The recipe called for 4 eggs & he broke them all & got them into the bowl, without getting *any* shell in! He smashe dthe oreos with a hammer & he mixed everything up by himself. All I did was do the measurements, grease the pan & put the cake in the oven. There'll be a long wait to decorate, though. I've got one more present for him to open when he gets impatient... PlayDoh. I hope that'll do the trick! He had oatmeal & icecream for his birthday breakfast (not in one bowl!!) I've been taking lots of pictures & I'm thinking I should make him another book out of it. He already has one I wrote for him called "Roland goes to the Farm" I made it out of construction paper & photographs, and had them laminated. It was his favourite book for a long time, but I haven't read it lately. Okay, he's asking for a pop-up corn snack, and the birthday boy gets what he wants... Bye!!
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Wow-chatty bunch this month.

Rynna-I am glad the welbutrin seems to be helping. I know how much better of a mom I feel when the chemicals in my brain are regulated. I hope your milk supply q's get answered. I feel I cannot offer any additional insight. Not that I am that insightful.

Sorry I read quickly, but some, I think mattjule mentioned ro sometimes wanting the paci instead of the breast recently. Gavin has been doing the same thing. So weird 'cause at one time I thought he was going to quit the paci. All of a sudden, he decides too that he wants to suck not eat and will gum my nipple and pull it...OUCH! If I say ouch he just smiles. Lil stinker.

Lately Gavin has been throwing lil fits whenever he finds something and we take it away b/c it is not appropriate for him to have it (for example, paper) even if we trade. He is such a determined guy.
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Happy Birthday to Roland! So far 3 for Logan has been fun, challenging, maddening and exciting all in one! I hope he has a good birthday!
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It could be a blip in my supply... now that I stop to think about it, my supply became regular when BeanBean was about this age, and I thought I was losing my mind because before that my breasts always felt full in the morning. Thanks for the reassurances, it really helps! I guess I"m less depressed, but my memory still hasn't fully returned at this point.

I experimented today with distracting BeanBean and asking him to wait for nursies. It made the entire family miserable . He's just plain not ready, and I don't really want to spend the energy fighting him. I do wish I had a bit more time to get things done, but I keep reminding myself that the important things in life have nothing to do with how clean the apartment is, unless your daughter is BooBah; she will find anything on the floor and immediately put it into her mouth. :LOL

I've decided that what we really need is to do some serious cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering of this apartment, and that will be just the thing for the family's well-being. My niece is at home (she spent the weekend at her father's) and things are much quieter without her, so I'm going to make an extra effort to get something done. Tomorrow.
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Non stop nursing, squealing, and wiggling since 4:00 am. Finally at 5:30 I just got up. So irritated. Doesn't help that I stayed up till 11:30 working last night. I hope I at least manage to get Flora to take her naps today.

HBH, that's cool that R made his own birthday cake. Isabel gets really into cooking too.

Julie, thanks. Your boys are cuties. I have their photo up on display. Ro is a big one!

For dealing with a plugged duct when baby won't nurse, you're gonna have to drag out the pump. Warm compresses, baths, massage and the pump. Good luck.

Well, I'd better try to get something done while the little squirt is in a decent mood.
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Ugh! Seedling, we've been up in the night alot lately, too! Caitlin started around 3am. She nursed for the first little while, then she just wanted to play. She'd say "Ba! Ba!" but when I tried to nurse her, she'd bite. I started saying "Nighttime is for sleeping" but, apparently it's the most hillarious phrase in the english language to her.

I got Kevin up at 4:15 (he usually gets up at 5:15 for school) and he sat with her on the couch. He managed to get her to sleep AND put her down without waking her up by 4:45!! Roland woke up during that 1/2 hour, but all he wanted was an extra blanket, then he slept in until 6:30!!! (he's usually up by 5:30) Having Kevin get up has made a big difference... but it took a major meltdown for him to realize how badly I needed some sleep. I'm not sane on four hours of sleep for more than a few days in a row! I don't know why, but she settles so well for him.

Does anyone else have a whole bunch of baby hairs right now? All along my hairline, I've got hairs that are about an inch long... I look like I've got really short bangs! Maybe this is what happens on the rebound from the hairloss? Anyway, it looks funny.

We got Roland PlayDoh for his birthday & a fun factory (noodlemaker thing) The last time he had it, the colours got mixed until they were a greyish-brown blob!! He put together his 48 peice map of Canada puzzle with Kevin & I can tell he's going to be able to do it on his own in no time!! He's already got a 24 peice one from Christmas mastered.
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About babies who don't want to sleep. Yesterday Gavin took a 1/2 hour nap. And didn't fall asleep until 11:30 pm. He wailed for a long time b/c he was so tired but refused to go to sleep. what is going on? I am so tired today. Not to mention I had a bad evening in addition to all of that.

Gavin has this horrid rash on his torso. I think it may be excema b/c it flares up everytime he takes a bath. What does excema look like? I called the doc and they prescribed some cream that is a mixture of eucerin and something else. If his rash doesn't clear in a week, I am going into the doc. It is so bad and spotty. It almost looks like he got burned by fire in several large places over his abdomen. Any insight? Oh and I don't think the rash and lack of sleep are connected. Since he has had the rash for a lil while and only last night pulled the scream and cry till I finally fall asleep in mommy's arms bit.
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sleep? What's that??? Lily hasn't slept in 4 or 5 nights. She has been waking up SCREAMING! I think it's teeth. Last night I gave her some tylenol which I hate doing and it helped a little(I think I actually got about 3 hours of sleep before she woke up). I need to get some sleep though. I do NOT function well on no sleep. Dh got up w/ her on Saturday at 5:30 and then I got to hear about it all day. Um yeah the 4 freaking hours of sleep I got when you got up w/ her was pretty much the ONLY sleep I got! It kinda started a little disagreement! He just doesn't get it!

Rynna- I have noticed that I don't feel as full lately either. In fact I started drinking my mother's milk tea again. It's probably just that my supply is evening out and you'd think I'd know that but I still get worried.

Lily is sleeping in the car in the garage. Thankfully it is kind of warm today and I can park in the garage. She does not transfer very well. She's up!
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I think we're on the downhill side of the sleep issues and I hope everyone else joins us soon. She's still waking up a lot, but not the hourly thing we were dealing with for a while.

I baked some pears to puree for her this morning. I have been giving her some solids every few days. She is so interested in mouthing things I have to believe she is interested in eating, but I'm so lazy she hasn't gotten the opportunity to try a lot. She always takes the first few bites with enthusiasm. She never wants to eat much at a sitting which is of course waay fine with me. But, should I be offering food to her more than once a day? I think she'd like that, so I may try it.

I am also doing some decluttering/organizing. I am going to set up a play area in our dining room and I need to set up a desk area for myself in there too. I guess that's the one downside to not having a nursery, no baby-space for play. What do the rest of you do?
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I think the lack of sleep over here is age related. He is just so curious about everything and distracted he doesn't want to take the time to sleep-think of all the things he's missing!

Yesterday was really nice here, around 50 degrees and sunny with a bit of a wind. So we all went for a hike, dh, the boys and I as well as 2 of my brothers. It felt so good to get out of the house and feel the wind on my face. Tain did about a mile before shoulder-riding the rest of the way (another mile-and hilly!). The trail ends at a playground so my bros watched Tain while dh and I hiked back for the car. I'm definitely feeling it today-I carried Ro in the backpack a little over half of the total. When Ro got in the car, instead of crying like he has been lately in his seat, he just laughed and laughed-I wasn't even doing anything funny! So the big ppl aren't the only ones that were suffering from cabin fever. I told dh that our boys having such a deep need to be outside can be tough sometimes-like when it is cold or raining for days straight-but overall I am glad they are like that, b/c I would never get out of the house if they liked to be inside. Just another way my kids make me a better person.

Seedling-Thanks! Doesn't Ro's head look huge?! It's not really that big, at least it doesn't seem that way IRL, but in every pic with Tain it is ginormous.

It is supposed to be nice today too so I think we are taking Tain to the park.

Hope you all get some naps!
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Originally Posted by prmom
Gavin has this horrid rash on his torso. I think it may be excema b/c it flares up everytime he takes a bath. What does excema look like? I called the doc and they prescribed some cream that is a mixture of eucerin and something else. If his rash doesn't clear in a week, I am going into the doc. It is so bad and spotty. It almost looks like he got burned by fire in several large places over his abdomen. Any insight? Oh and I don't think the rash and lack of sleep are connected. Since he has had the rash for a lil while and only last night pulled the scream and cry till I finally fall asleep in mommy's arms bit.
Eczema is a red, raised, ithcy rash. Sometimes it seeps, and crusts over & flakes off. Lint from dark clothing gets stuck in it, and I found it doesn't look quite as bad when I kept her in light coloured clothes (because then it's lighter coloured lint stuck in it) I only bathe her when she starts to get a bit funky in her creases. I think her last bath was on the 2nd. Use olive oil or grapeseed oil to moisturize (I like grapeseed, because it's a bit thinner) Caitlin likes it, so I lube her up at least a couple of times a day. Winter is the worst for it, since we've got our furnaces on & that dries out the air. Have you changed laundry detergents or soaps lately? Double rinsing might help, or putting a bit of vinegar in the rinse (aparently it neutralizes the detergent?)

Eczema in varying degrees of severity:
http://www3.telus.net/u2slow/kids/jan8_2005/00260021.JPG(just looks like rosy cheeks)
http://www3.telus.net/u2slow/kids/ja...5/00260011.JPG (mild)
http://www3.telus.net/u2slow/kids/de...4/00890005.JPG (somewhere in the middle)
http://www3.telus.net/u2slow/kids/de...4/00890026.JPG (at its worst)

We finally go to the dermatologist on Friday.
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We are starting to get more sleep again here too. I hope it's the same for everyone. Last night, however, he wouldn't go to sleep at all though I tried for about four hours. So that may seem to give the lie to my first statement; but once I did get him to sleep, he was out for four, maybe five hours. I was uncomfortable and it was six am and I had woken once thinking he must be dead (god forbid) in the bed next to me. Then he slept until eight, and then until ten or so. I managed to get up before him and this makes an enormous difference in my mood. I have always felt better getting up before the children. Even if it's only a short time, it makes me feel much more independent and human.
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A friend of mine had eczema so bad he was allergic to his own sweat and broke out in horrible weals between his fingers. He did finally find something that helped it enormously- I'll have to ask him what it was. I know it was partially diet but also some special meds. Once he found the right thing, it cleared up no problem. Good luck at the dermatologist. HBH, have you tried the weleda calendula baby oil? I have very sensitive skin but this seems not to bother me at all. I also have had success moisturizing with Mothers' Special Blend.
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Julie, yes, Ro's head DOES look big. When I saw that picture I thought, "gee, I'm glad I didn't have to give birth to him!" He just generally looks like a really big baby all over...how much does he weigh?

We had eczema issues here too but I switched to fragrance free detergent and it seems to have all cleared up except for the cradle cap. Also, we found that Burt's Bee's baby stuff really aggravated it. So try discontinuing anything with fragrance and see what happens.

Balancin, we had two living rooms (which sounds extravagant but I assure you that I live in a ramshackle old farm house) so we converted one to my office/playroom. It has no furniture except my desk stuck in a corner and the rest of the room is nothing but toys.

Well, I got a new crockpot cookbook with my B&N gift card yesterday. I'm going to go start dinner before I have to pick up my oldest from school.
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Everyone, thanks for the excema input. I am using frag free/ dye free detergent. I had a hunch that the burt's bees baby lotion was irritating his skin b/c I was using that on him. I stopped of course once he broke out. It still is going strong though.

HBH so sad to see those pics it looks painful. Gavin is right below the worst case above sitm that you had on your links. It is all in his torso, he has the red cheeks sort of bumps. Everything sounds like excema though. I bathe him about once a week and was using Aveeno baby wash. Perhaps that is too frangrancy for him too.

anyways, thanks for the input. Oh and it makes me hopeful that Gavin's sleep resistance is "just a stage" when I hear all of you talk about some form of sleep resistance from your little ones.
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i gave boobah a sippy cup with water in it last night. she was thrilled. she also had some baby apples (no food processor ) and took the spoon likie she'd been doing it for ages. it was very messy, but she was getting most of it into her mouth and having a really good time in the bargain. :LOL

i am allergic to aveeno's baby wash. I tried it on BeanBean when he was little and got big weals all up and down my arms and hands. Yich.

Julie-- I got your card today. Such cuties!

Well, I made a good start-- washed out the crock pot and put some food in it, and I started a load of diapers and took out a bag of trash, but I really want to get more done and the kids have decided otherwise. I think I'll try to watch the rest of Return of the King, since I can do that while tandeming.

Something I noticed-- if you don't have cable, and you spend half of what you would have paid on DVD's every month, you can develop a fair collection.

ACK! BooBah just ate Mike's W-2's! They're from '03, but even so! Gtg.
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