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Ladies - they're calling for another ice storm here! I don't know what I'll do if we loose power again...

All this talk about excema has made me research it a bit - and DH has it! He's had these patches of rough, dry, itchy skin on his thighs and lower back since college. He's darker-skinned and they're brown instead of red so I just never connected it. Now I'll have to try to figure out what type of elimination diet to put him on! One article I read said that corn and soy are the most common irritants, but soy doesn't bother him and there's very little corn in our diet, so I don't know...

We have another swim leasson tonight and I'm so excited! Here's the link to pictures of me and Killy in the pool at the hotel last week: Killy swimming (Oh, and please don't notice how much weight I've gained over the holidays! guess what my new years resolution is...)

Killy has my cold, which comes with really goopy eyes (mine were so gross last week - the only good thing about not having power was that DH didn't have to see them!). Not a usual cold symptom, but really severe with this cold. I'm finding that squirting bm in his eyes at each feeding is helping some, but I'm so ready for this part to be over. He hates to have his eyes wiped, but they're COVERED in bright yellow-green mucous every couple of hours. Its such a vanity thing, but he is a really beautiful child and I hate to see him all goopy and gross. He can't even open his eyes in the morning, they're so crusted over. Since they're not red or irritated, though, I'm not worried about eye infection. He also had diarhea twice this morning - which is really, really unusual for him. He's taking it all in stride fairly well, though, and is just a little fussy, so I shouldn't complain.
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BeanBean has an infected hangnail. He's two years old, so getting him to hold still to soak it is probably out of the question. If we had a bathtub, I'd stick him in it but I don't so I can't. I tried to get it out, but it's on his big toe and I couldn't get close; besides, he screamed the whole time. When I stopped he said "I need to go to daddy now!" and ran away from me. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't develop a fever or streaking around the site, because either of those will necessitate an emergency room visit (his first ever!) and I'm totally not up for the ER with two kids.

Miss BooBah has been super cute today. I can't believe she's six and a half months old. We're closer to her first birthday than her birth! : Amazing, it totally blows my mind.

For Christmas, my SIL gave me a soy candle. It smells lovely, and it's really cool looking, and such a nifty idea! I guess soy is like hemp, one of those unbelievably versatile plants. My only problem with it is that the wax melts so quickly! I feel like the candle will be gone in no time flat. But it burns so cleanly and neatly, it's just really freaking cool. I wonder if you can buy soy wax to make your own? The wax is so cool, it's not flat like normal wax but it dries into a kind of crystalline pattern. I'd love to be able to refill it, though, I just can't get enough!

So I bought the gigantic fat lady jeans, and was very happy to have something that fits me. Well, this morning I put them on and by the time I'd walked out to the living room they'd fallen right down! : :LOL I should have known that if I bought giant jeans, I'd lose weight. I thought the scale at WIC was off, but apparently it isn't: I've lost nearly ten pounds in the past two weeks. Amazing. I don't even know what to make of it!

Oh, and I've got a zit on my chin. I think it means that my period is about to return, despite Mr. Bean's constant nursing. Back to the thermometer we go! :LOL
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Poor Bean-Bean.

If we had a bathtub, I'd stick him in it but I don't so I can't.
What about your kitchen sink? Would that work?

QoC ~ What GREAT pics!!! He looks like such a little man.

I am also doing some decluttering/organizing. I am going to set up a play area in our dining room and I need to set up a desk area for myself in there too. I guess that's the one downside to not having a nursery, no baby-space for play. What do the rest of you do?
Major decluttering/organizing going on here too! We have a thread going in personal growth if you need some support!

I'm in the process of creating a play area in our "dinette" (tiny dining room between the kitchen and the living/family room). I'm having SO much fun creating it. I'll post some pics.

DH's turn on the computer...bye.
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QoC... you wouldn't beleive what corn is hidden in!! Basically anything that comes prepared, you can count on either having corn or soy in it... especially sauces & salad dressings (corn starch is a thickener) Apparently, some vinegar is made of corn.... it's in boulloin cubes, medicines, ummmm.... icing sugar... jams... lots of things. My doctor said citrus, eggs, and red food dye all irritate it. Killy looks like he's having alot of fun!

Rynna, maybe you could make a game of having a bath in the kitchen sink or laundry tub? Roland had a few baths in the laundry tub when Kevin redid the bathroom & he thought it was great!!

Once I got Caitlin down for her nap this afternoon, I turned on the TV for Roland & curled up under 2 comforters & shivered & dozed. I don't feel good. Roland came & snuggled for a bit & he was so nice & warm!! I can't decide if it's just a hormonal thing or if I'm getting a cold. It seems like everyones had the cold & has been over it for a while, though. I get can't-stay-warm, whole-body-shaking cold when I'm getting my period (except when I'm on the pill, which I'm not) I think I'd rather have a cold! I didn't get it back until Roland was 15 or 16 months old!

Kevins school might be on strike tomorrow. He's not worried about it, it's not predictetd to be a long strike. So far some of the classes are pretty easy this term, so even if they lose out on some class time, he'll be able to keep up.

Oh suppertime is going to be a joy tonight! So far Roland has said he's scared of supper & frisbeed his plate across the room. Fortunetly there wasn't any food on it yet.... wish me luck!
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I have a question for those of you who knit or sew. I'm looking for a poncho like thing that has a hood but opens in the front that I could wrap around Lily when I taker her out of her seat and bring her into whereever we are going. I would want it to velcro closed so that it would wrap around her and I would want it to be knee length or longer. I posted this in TAO and the links someone found for me all have feet. I don't want to have to stuff anything into leg or armholes. I'm using a blanket right now but it doesn't cover her head well and there is no way to secure it. If anyone either knoew where I can get something like what I am describing or would be willing to make one let me know. Thanks!
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I think I have a pattern for something very much like what you're describing- like a hooded shawl, almost- but I'll have to double-check.
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Originally Posted by 3girlsmommy
I have a question for those of you who knit or sew. I'm looking for a poncho like thing that has a hood but opens in the front that I could wrap around Lily when I taker her out of her seat and bring her into whereever we are going. I would want it to velcro closed so that it would wrap around her and I would want it to be knee length or longer. I posted this in TAO and the links someone found for me all have feet. I don't want to have to stuff anything into leg or armholes. I'm using a blanket right now but it doesn't cover her head well and there is no way to secure it. If anyone either knoew where I can get something like what I am describing or would be willing to make one let me know. Thanks!

That's amazing, I was wondering about that as well! It's been raining a lot here over the past few weeks, and I hate taking the carseat out with her in it because it's so much easier just to take the baby. I never thought to try to knit one, though. Hm. I think that yarn and velcro is a bad combination, but maybe a few big, strategically placed buttons...:thinking

I took BeanBean into the shower with me last night, washed his foot especially well, and then we stood there until the hot water started to run out. When we got out of the shower, I bit his hangnail and pulled it out that way, and then put some bactroban ointment on it. This morning, his toe isn't even red! He told me it felt better last night, but it was still red and swollen then. Wow, that scared me! I had an infected hangnail (they're called "paronychia's" only I don't think I'm spelling that right) once and it was a truly horrible experience. I didn't think it was anything serious, but when it started to streak and I developed a slight fever, I showed it to my mom and she flipped out and sent me to the hospital. I thought that she was totally overreacting, but when I got there they took me back to a room and a doctor and nurse each looked at it and then paged the orthopedic surgeon! : He was in surgery, and they asked me to wait. I wanted to go to the cafeteria and get some food, but they said that the surgeon might not be able to deal with it with a local anesthetic and I'd have to go into surgery. I was like "are you serious?" I just couldn't believe it.

A few hours later, the orthopedic surgeon came in, and he had three nurses hold my arm down to do a digital block (hurt like HELL!) and then he removed it and made a follow up appointment for me. Crazy stuff, but now I'm totally paranoid about infected hangnails.
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Sandi ~ My mom made something VERY similar for Lil. She made it out of wool and lined it with flanel. It's hooded and unzips in the front...but I just flip up the back when I put her in her carseat and then the poncho lays over her like a blanket. It's REALLY cute! So many compliments when we wear it. She was thinking of trying to make one in fleece because the wool was pretty expensive.

I'll look for pics....
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I have been thinking about my little poncho idea all night. I remember seeing a sight that showed how to make an adult fleece poncho w/out sewing. I think, and please those of you who sew set me straight if this is crazy, I can take a square shaped piece of fleece fold it into a triangle shape, cut a half circle, then slit it up the middle, put velcro in and I have the poncho part. For the hood I was looking at my oldest dd's detachable hood and it's basiclly just two rectangles sewed together on the top and back and then it's attached at the bottom. I "think" that would be easy to do. My mom has a sewing machine and I have a 50% off coupon for Joanne's. Do you think it would work?

sorry this is so jumbled I had 2 kids up all night again.
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Seems like ds has decided to join some of the other June babes on the current sleep issues! He's been waking in the night to squeal and play for an hour or two! It's wearing me out. It's wearing him out too. He's been such a grump in the morning. Hopefully it will pass soon.

Sandi, the pncho idea sounds really cute.

Rynna, YIKES on your hangnail story!
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Rynna, it's amazing, isn't it, what simple water (ie cleaning wounds) can do!! Dh's preferred method for almost any injury is to put a cut aloe leaf on it and bind it up and not look at it for several days at the least. I have to say this method has worked really well for many things that would have been stitched had we gone to the hospital (and if they're not that bad, who wants to sit four hours to avoid a scar on their leg?!). We also have uncannily fertile aloe plants. We can't contain them. A tiny aloe in a pot goes crazy and soon has several huge plants with babies underneath, and when they flower we get seven foot high stalks coming out of the center. It's kind of odd. But we have plenty for what ails us.

I was too tired to try to put him in his crib last night, but I really think he sometimes sleeps better in there, so I am in a quandary. I also seem to have figured out how tightly to put on disposables and that does seem to help him stay comfy later, or at least spares me changing him at six am. But I am really, really tired.

I found Touchpoints brand new and remaindered at Barnes and Noble for $4.98 yesterday!
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I have no idea how much Ro weighs, we haven't had insurance for wbc until this month, but dh is laid off so it will have to wait until Feb. I am so curious though!

Glad Eli's foot is better.

I broke the nosepiece on my glasses yesterday. It is fixable but we are broke and I need to replace them soon anyway so the desire to fix them isn't really there. I have contacts but I haven't worn them in about 5 years (I always preferred my glasses) so I can only wear them a few hours right now. It sucks to be so blind. I also have mild double vision-you have no idea how close I am to the computer screen right now!

Tain put coins in our cd drive a few days ago. Dh and I got them all out and it was working but now it isn't ejecting. Sigh.

As for the poncho, sounds like you have a good plan-I would try to attach the hood some way, though, or you could get rain down her neck. Brr!

I was thinking that if I made it, I would use the pattern for a sleeved and footed one and basically not sew the sleeves together/make them longer and wider-the same for the front and back. That way it would have shoulders and a well fitting hood as well as a front opening. But that is a lot of pattern manipulation.

QoC- I hope you don't lose power! I'll be thinking of you.

Tain is not sleeping well-still. And Ro is champion nursing at night. I am so tired. I realized multiple times last night that I was awake with no idea how long I had been awake. So a blind and tired mama is a VERY grumpy mama. Argh.

Well, I can't see Ro anymore-guess I should go find where he has gotten to. I get them feeling it is the cat bowls. Yep, I was right. He really didn't like going back to the toys so I need to go.
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Rynna, I'm glad BeanBeans foot is feeling better.

We moved Caitlins crib to Roland room this morning. She's napping in there now. This is because of last night, after her 2 hour party, I was just drifting off to sleep when Kevin started snoring. I spent the next few minutes litening to: snore, stir, snore, rustle, snore, stir, rustle, snore, squeak, snore, rustle, squeak, snore, squeak, squauk, snore, squawk, rustle, WAHHHHHHHHHH!! Then I spent 1/2 getting Caitlin back to sleep, after giving Kevin a good flogging. Why does he have to breathe, anyway?

Roland is very excited about Caitlins crib being in his room. He helped move his dresser so we could set it up in there. He wants to share his stuffies with her, and he's claiming to be tired, so he can get in there & "nap with her" (or more accurately, wake her up!) I wonder how much sleep I'll be getting tonight... I can't say I'm particularly optimistic...

Kevins school is on strike today, so he's off running errands. He's got to pay his union dues & drop off some receipts for refund. Then he's going to drop off a letter with the property assessment office. Our assessment increases $90,000 over last year!! Theres no way we could get the amount we're assessed at if we sold our house... it's ridiculous. So, we're disputing it. Kevin is in a sour mood over the whole thing!!!
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"Why does he have to breathe, anyway? "

I don't know how to quote correctly, but THAT made me laugh out loud.

Just got Flora down for her FIRST nap today. It's 2 pm. What in the world!?!

I'm letting my oldest watch a video and I'm getting ready to work so can't comment on all I wanted to. Will come back later today.
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Sandi--that sounds like it should work just fine for the poncho. Fleece is great because you don't have to hem it, so basically the only seam would be in putting hte head on.

I'm going to make a pouch/scarf to go over me and R when she's in the carrier. I have this kiddopatomus one a friend loaned me but there's a hard scratchy strap that goes around my neck and I'd rather have it soft all over.

Off to check out that personal growth decluttering thread for some inspiration. Our apartment seems so small right now, but it's just because we have soooo much stuff.
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This pouch sounds so cool. I want one. Unfortunately, I can't sew to save my life. I still have my mom or mil hem my pants : .

Gavin's rash is clearing up...Yeah!

I had a scary situation happen today. I provide childcare for 3 children and they are always playing with bouncy balls. I have tried to hide them b/c Gavin is now into everything. I thought I recovered all of the balls and later today I noticed Gavin was playing too quitely by himself and I thought I better check what he was into (even though i could see him, ya never know). I went over to move him and check his mouth and out pops a gumball size bouncy ball. I was horrified...and felt like such a bad mom for not noticing it was around still. Gavin is just everywhere and I just can't seem to childproof enough for him. I love that he entertains himself, but I feel like my eyes have to be so peeled. Which is fine except when Logan needs to go the bathroom like NOW and is afraid to go by himself and I run to the bathroom not thinking and then once we get there have to say...Oh wait let me get Gavin. I suck at multitasking in situations like that. I am just so scared that someday that will lead to a dangerous situation.
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Sandra, I used to set up a perimeter around Roland with all of his toys that make noise when they're touched anytime I had to leave him in the livingroom alone. I knew it was time to hurry back whenever it got quiet, because he was moving out of the safe area I'd set up. I started doing that because he scared the crap out of me once when I came back to the livingroom & he was GONE!!! Well, he'd wriggled his way under the coffee table... but it was a few seconds of sheer terror before I found him
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Sandra, what you describe is one of my big fears for Flora. Isabel has so many toys with small parts. I don't know how I'm going to really childproof for Flora. I'm glad you listened to your intuition and checked on what he was playing with.

I keep thinking, these babies are moving and getting into stuff? It blows my mind. Flora is still so immobile. Maybe that's why she's been so irritable. She's really been crabby the past couple days and it's wearing on me.

On another note, I paid bills last night. It sucked. My last paycheck was way short because of the holidays (I don't get holiday pay). My next paycheck is going to be short b/c of last week's computer issues. I had to pay $200 to get my computer fixed ... that $200 was for bills. So I'm about $300 in the red right now and don't get paid again for two weeks. I mean, we still haven't built our savings back up from this summer (when I had no pay at all for two months). Then we had Christmas to fund (not for our kids but for the whole extended family). And now this. An unexpected payment and no work just knocks a hole in the best laid plans. I think I'm going to have to borrow money from one of the kids savings accounts. I don't want to do it but I have to pay the electric bill. I'm ready for our W2's to come in so I can file our taxes. That'll give a little cushion I hope.

I'd better get off here and get moving. Need to get the big girl up and start getting her ready for school.
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We're not really mobile here either. R will roll like crazy, pushing around and pushing up and whatnot, but she'll get stuck on her belly and just call for help. Like right now...

Back. I feel badly for her, her immobility is clearly frustrating, but I guess I'm a little surprised she isn't working through it. All in time, I guess.
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I got rid of all the small parts toys when I was pregnant with Caitlin. There were a few HotWheels type cars, and thats it. He got some small parts stuff for Christmas, though. Caitlin isn't mobile yet though, and at the rate this stuff is breaking, it'll all be in the recycling bin by the time she is!

MIL sent over a coffee can full of pennies for the kids bank account. Of course FIL didn't think to keep it out of Rolands sight, so he's been begging to play with it since. Imagine a coffe can worth of pennies strewn about the house!! MIL expects me to roll it all up . I do it, but it annoys me to no end. If she doesn't have time to roll coins without 2 kids, why does she think I have time *with* 2 kids?! She's done this 3 times now. So I always make a point of thanking her for the casino money, and tell her I had alot of fun, maybe I'll have better luck next time, it's all gone... because I'm sure that annoys her to no end! It would be unacceptable to her if I even spent the money on toys or fun stuff for the kids... she's very clear that it's for their bank account.

Caitlins first night in Rolands room was exhausting. I got her into her nighttime diaper & to bed by 10. I was about to start getting ready for bed around 10:30, and Roland woke up. He'd peed the bed (the first time in a few months, so I can't really complain) He stripped down while I changed the sheets, and I tried to get him to climb into my bed & sleep in there, but he didn't want to. He sat on my lap & snuggled, refusing payjamas, but obviously a bit cold until Caitlin woke up at 11. Kevin took Roland & coerced him into his pyjamas & read him a story while I nursed Caitlin back to sleep. She was up at 1, for a big, long drawn out nurse & again at 4. At quarter to 5 I got Kevin up to try & get her to sleep, and went back to bed, only to have Roland climb in with me at 5. Kevin got Caitlin to sleep, but the rest of us are UP. Kevin put coffee on. Oh well! I doubt I'd have gotten even an hour more of sleep had she been next to me.
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