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All this decluttering talk is making me want to check out the personal growth thread on it. My house is in shambles. Our basement looks like a pig sty, kitchen is nasty, living room looks like a play park, the play room looks like a storage room, our guest bedroom...ugh! I need to just get rid of some toys and other stuff. I don't even keep a lot of things.

Gavin was up past 11 last night playing in bed. Then he got up and nursed 4 times. I was stunned. Well, I best be going. Gavin is getting grouchy.
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Seedling- I am glad I am not the only mama that loses it sometimes. And I hate it that they follow you! Sometimes all you need is about 2 minutes of fetaling in the bathtub but it doesn't work so well if they are banging down the door and screaming. I've taken to screaming into a pillow. It startles him enough to get him to quit screaming (why do they have to cry at the top of their lungs?!) and usually helps more than trying to find a place to take a deep breath where I can't hear him. I so feel for you.

Rynna-OOOOOh, older children that wake up babies when they know better-man, is it hard to control my temper. Empathetic vibes being sent your way too.

Ro is fussy, probably poopy-gotta go.
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I am so exhausted I didn't know how I would pick Rowan up out of my bed this morning. Everything aches with exhaustion. I feel as tired and achy as I feel when I really need to go to bed, and I just got out of bed!!! At least he's happy.

My house is also a mess and such (maybe a common seven-month problem?) and we can now only access the laundry machines in the garage by going sideways through a narrow passage of boxes that should go to the attic. These are empty boxes from the new computer, etc, old schoolwork of dd's, etc. And of course the Christmas decs. At least they're in their box. I just have to get down the outside lights to be able to seal that box up, and move the tree to the compost area until next pick-up day, after I cut off the end to burn next year.

I loathe flylady. To me she is so far off the deep end (no offense) because the focus is on the house. I tried subscribing for, like, five minutes and got about ten times that many emails. As though anyone is sitting by the computer all day waiting for reminders to dust! My thinking is I want the house to be kept up with so I have time for other things I can think about. I have actually found the palm pilot indispensible for housework. I set it to tell me to do certain household things on alternate days, and I actually do them and check them off. And then the litterbox can't get out of control without my at least realizing I haven't done it on time. It seems to be helping me zip through those few things (mostly cleaning up after the animals and cleaning the floor, which needs to be done so often because of the animals) that are most important to me. With a baby or job or whatever it seems prioritizing is in order if you can't hire help. Pick the few things that really annoy you and just make sure they get done. For me that's vacuuming- also I can breathe when it's done regularly- the litterbox, and the bathroom that visitors use (also dd's bathroom, which doesn't help. I might ask her to move to my bathroom for showering etc so at least it doesn't matter if it's trashed).

Since I have exposed furring strips around my sliding glass door and big patches of spackle on the walls in the family room keeping clean seems redundant. Also I am selfishly hoping our rabbit soon goes to his reward because he is making the patio an unpleasant place to be; in his extreme old age he has begun pooping and peeing everywhere. The poop doesn't bother me but the pee is a real drag.

Last night dh came home from AZ at one am, hurriedly packed a new suitcase, and had to leave again at 6 for miami to work for four days. At least he's staying down there. I don't know how he'd manage that commute this tired. I feel very guilty at times like this. I really, really should go back to work. But I don't make nearly as much money as dh and he tends to think in those terms; that my work is more trouble than it's worth, because of child care and so on, and if I do doula work I can only take two or three clients a month, etc. Still I don't see how money would be unwelcome or go unused. It is a drag with the childcare, though. If I'm at a birth 12 hours I just don't see how I can manage that. Usually I'm not, usually it's no more than 8 at the most (thanks to the inductions and csections ) but there is no routine to it. Working away from the baby can be difficult enough but when it's for so long and is so up in the air, and the baby is so young, and won't take a bottle, I don't know how I'd manage it. -sigh- I need to come up with something different.

Top all this with needing to arrange this birthday party, and a call from SIL last night about presents for her mother and my daughter, and then she started talking about my niece, demon child, and all her "problems," and since she rarely has spoken frankly to me I can't get off the phone at that moment; she's never been so friendly. But I can't help but say at a Waldorf school her dd wouldn't be in grade 2 yet, and it would be no big deal she wasn't reading, and so on. She worries about her dd as I'm sure I've complained here before. I know I told you all that nightmare story about their behaviour during The Fire. They seem unaware of how much they hover and dote and worry and how that might have contributed, or been solely responsible, for her having such low frustration tolerance and being unable to tie her shoes or zip her coat. Then SIL is all worried about her self esteem and in my mind I'm thinking, that's your whole family's problem, in case you haven't noticed none of you have good self-esteem! And this whole time I am supposed to be reading to my dd, a habit we are trying to reinstate, and don't feel I can get off the phone, and in the middle of me saying something reassuring she interrupts me and after listening to her daughter says she has to go read to her!!!!! : She also was telling me her dd tried an after-school crafts class for an hour and she sat and observed the whole first class to be sure "she'd be ok." The child is seven!!! And *I* am the overprotective one?! I can't figure these people out. Somehow my not wanting K called names or being in daycare at one year was overprotective but her not letting her 7 yo take a class unless Mom checks it out with her is not? This child also never goes home with anyone else after school unless Mom or Grandma goes too, I gather- they aren't willing to inflict her on anyone, they say, though the real reason is they aren't sure how other people will handle her temper tantrums. Again, she is seven. This all really irritates me because the attention she gets necessarily comes from the attention that could go to MY children every once in a while.

Sorry for the inlaw vent. It must be really boring, though I am happy to read others' vents!

It seems to me I can't put the baby down and get anything done, but when friends are over they are amazed he can sit still so long and play alone, so I guess I am asking for too much. When I think of just how long he can sit and play alone I feel really guilty for not always picking him up when he wants, or spending more time playing with him instead of trying to keep the house from swallowing us all (back to flylady vent, above. ). One advantage to working full-time and having the children in school/daycare is there's no one there to mess the house up!!
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Vacuuming is on my must-do list too. With two hairy dogs (and my shedding!) iit feels like a losing effort, but it is the one thing that has to be done often.

I do have two ladies come in and do the heavy cleaning every two weeks, it takes them about an hour to wash my floors, do the kitchen and bathroom, and knock the dust off everything. It feels very extravagent to me but 1) we live in a building with lead so it is very important to me that this sort of cleaning get done and 2) its making it almost possible for me to work with R with me all the time without totally losing my mind. I think its saving my marriage too.

We are packing up the breakables from the dining room, and I am going to try to sell off some diapes. I also have a basket going of stuff for goodwill. I am still trying to decide what to do with some clothes, some of them quite nice, that I no longer fit or want. Consignment seems like a lot of work but we could really use the money. I liked one thing especially about Flylady, which is her anti-garage sale stance. My mother has a houseful of things waiting for a garage sale some day.

I think to really make a dent here we will have to get rid of some more furniture. I'd really like to get rid of the TV and its stand and etc but DH is not going for that, though neither of us watch very much TV at all.
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Chelsea-that is the cutest card I have ever seen! your dd is such a doll!

Liz- I don't mind your vent. Family can be so frustrating. My current beef is that none of my siblings like Tain. I know they all think he is a brat. But HE'S TWO! My niece was the same, if not worse, at this age but since she is 7 now they choose not to remember. The thing is, I know I am ten times the parent that my sister is. And that is what gets me. How can they not like my lovingly parented children and love the barked at and ignored children of my sister? And it comes down to a lot of things, Tain is used to having two bosses-me and dh-and it irks my sibs that he doesn't obey them. He expects to be talked to nicely and will respond poorly to being ignored, then barked at-something my sis's kids are used to. And he is a stereotypical boy, rough and opinionated. I think my hurt is wrapped up with how they all think I sit back and judge them all the time. It's more about them thinking I am better than they are than me thinking I am (which I kind of do, but try not to broadcast). It's like a way of beating me down so they don't have to feel so insecure. And I try to keep that perspective. Sounds the same with you, Liz. It seems like the more competent and loving you are as a parent, the more extended family believes your kids don't need them. So instead of adding to that love, they decide that what you give is sufficient. I think that is really sad. Ppl should be able to love without requiring someone to be needy in order to get it.

What do you think of these slings? www.sidecardesigns.com

Do you have any idea what I should use as my senior title? I am going to change my name when we have a little more cash in Feb. I think to UBK, the name I am using for the company I am trying to launch, but I don't know if I should make it something more, um, "my family" oriented, you know? Plus it stands for "unencumbered by knowledge" something that doesn't really fit with MDC's "you can never have tmi" philosophy.

I tried to feed Ro peas today. His body seems ready-he's nursing a lot and it just isn't enough for him, he really wants our food, etc. But he still has a strong thrust reflex. Toward the end of the tiny bit I had out he started thrusting it out less but the reflex was still there. I am confused by the signals I am getting from him. Anyone have any ideas?

I wish I had you all with Tain- I didn't even try to give him water until he was about a year old and he has had a lot of trouble drinking, as in, he never wants to-especially water or things that aren't sweet. Hopefully if I get Ro started on water now he won't have that problem. I had no idea when to start it-I figured that he wouldn't need water until he was really eating.

Oh! I can feel one of his upper molars so hopefully he is on the tail end of the teething irritability! YAY!!!!! I am so ready to be done with that.
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seedling- I so know where you are coming from. There are days I just want to scream!! I have on a couple of occasions locked my bedroom door and then gone into my bathroom and closed that door too so if a big kid was screaming at the bedroom door it was muffled a little. Sometimes I just need a couple of minutes to regroup so I don't "really" loose it. Tuesday morning as I was heading out the door to get LAuren on the bus Maddie decided that instead of eating her cereal and watching Dragon Tales like she does just about every other morning while I take Lauren outside she had to come w/ me. The only problem was she was in her nightgown and it was 20 degrees outside. I ran up stairs to grab a pair of leggings and socks got them on her and put some shoes on her too and we all got outside just as the bus rounded the corner. So I had to get them all dressed and in the van to take Lauren to school. I thought I was going to scream! So frustrating!

My oldest has decided that she wants to do a solo at dance. So today she decided to speak to her teacher and ask her if she could. Her teacher has agreed to work w/ her one on one for a half hour and they will decide what to do. Now I need to find some songs that she likes that would work to dance to. Lauren keeps asking me how soon she can go on stage. She is so not my kid! :LOL

Lily is still sick. SHe hasn't had a good nap today because she keeps coughing. I think she might be running a lowgrade fever. She is also working on two teeth. I wish there was something I could do to make her all better.

Alright I got to go help dh w/ bath duty before he looses it.
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Wow, looks like I'm not the only one in a bit of a mess.

Today, I was a horrible person and a horrible mom. I was so depressed, and at one point my son ran away from me and hid, with a terrified look in his eyes. I actually did something I haven't done in years-- I smoked a clove and I actually inhaled. I think it was more for something to do with my hands while I took a moment off from the kids (I stood outside the front door and held it shut because, naturally, my son can not only open but unlock the front door). I did feel better afterwards, briefly, but then the screaming started again. *sigh* BeanBean has really been trying so hard; he wants to help, and he wants mamma to feel better but when he gets scared or upset by it he asks to nurse, and for crying out loud I feel like I'm going to spend the next five years on my ass waiting for him to finish.

Greaseball-- those are some beautiful diapers & longies & soaker pants. They really make me want to find my double points and finish BooBah's longies, which will be super cute, if I do say so myself.

Julie-- I think those slings look very nice. Definately worth trying.

Sippy cups-- BooBah was given a sippy with water in it Sunday night. She picked it up with both hands and sucked down water like she'd been doing it for months. She absolutely loved the thing. BeanBean wasn't as fond of his; he liked the bright colors (and insisted on having it, because BooBah had one) but he wanted the water to come out faster than it did.[pooptalk] She's also eaten apples and bananas, and her poop smells really freaking awful, much more than BeanBean's did at this age; I think it's because unlike her brother she actually digests her food. BeanBean's early eating bm's smelled like breastmilk bm and whatever he'd eaten, which, even when pureed, came out almost unchanged from when it went in. BooBah seems to be digesting her food, which gives me a bit of hope that she won't go through a two year old "I need to nurse constantly" phase. [/poop]

BooBah crawls like crazy and has learned to crawl off the bed. She doesn't turn around and do it butt first like BeanBean did, she puts her hands on the floor and then moves them forward slowly while pushing forward until her legs are on the edge; then she puts her feet down one at a time. She's started cruising this week. It's really strange to see such a tiny person standing up, let me tell you! Anyway, she gets where she wants to go (wherever she spots something interesting to put into her mouth) and she gets there in a hurry. She turns better than BeanBean did, too. Maybe I'll get some pictures of her pulling up & cruising this weekend, though the IL's house is more difficult to cruise in than ours (the stuff is spread out a lot more, and there seems to be less of it).

I've got a bit of a stomach virus, what we used to call "Itsavirus #3: Green Barfing Disease or Green Barfing Nasties." It certainly doesn't help my mood. Today, for five shining minutes, both children were asleep. Sadly, I couldn't think about sex at all during that time; I was just waking up and feeling pretty awful. Yes, I said waking up: I got to take a nap today! Mike came home a bit early so that I could go to the bank (I've been trying to do this since the 3rd, I kid you not) and then I came back and talked to Mike briefly about the all-consuming crappiness of my day, and he said I could take a nap if I wanted to. He even put the child-resistant doorknob thingy on the outside of the bedroom door for me. I stuck a boob in BooBah's mouth and promptly passed out, not even stopping to take off my jeans (I hate sleeping in jeans, blech). BeanBean only cried outside the door briefly; then Mike took him and distracted him. He watched a Sailor Moon dvd (he loves anime! I must be doing *something* right) and then he camped out next to Mike by the computer and fell asleep with a bottle of pediasure. I slept for nearly three hours. I'm still tired, but that's because my appetite has been completely killed by the itsavirus and my blood sugar is a bit wonky.

I'm gonna finish peeking in at all my regular threads here, check my email, blog a bit and then go to sleep. Assuming, of course, that BeanBean doesn't wake up in half an hour and demand nursies again.
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Can't sleep. Both kids have long been in bed, but every time I go in there, I just toss and turn. I am tired. There must be something wrong with me.

The slings are made by a friend-I just found out about them today (obviously not a close friend) and I was curious what others thought about them so I thought I'd post on MDC and ask. I think they are overpriced, personally. I know I could find or make an unadjustable pouch sling for a lot less than $62-69. But they are pretty and the pocket idea is really cool. I asked about it and it is up by the shoulder-something they should tell you in their FAQ since that seems to be a questionable point with a lot of ppl on MDC.

Rynna- cute pics, btw. Are you still on the wellbutrin and it isn't working so well or did you go off it b/c of the nursing issues?

Alright, I am going to try...again...to go to bed. Man, I don't want to get up tomorrow. Or today. Later. Whatever.

Liz-hopefully my sleepies have gone to your house...
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Uh, I hate the can't sleeps. Hope you are sleeping peacefully right now Julie. Oh, and I'm so not good at coming up with names/titles. Good luck figuring that one out. Seems like a lot of pressure.

Rynna, I can't believe BooBah is cruising. That just blows my mind. Flora still has no teeth, isn't remotely interested in solids, and doesn't move one bit from where you plunk her.

Liz, I don't mind you venting about family one bit. And Julie, I know what you mean about feeling like your family doesn't like your kid. Over the holidays Isabel was less than attractive at times and it just bugged me that her postive characteristics were overshadowed by her 3-ness. Family doesn't always get to see your children under the best circumstances (at least with mine some form of eating the wrong foods or being overstimulated are involved).

My wonderful news for the day is that Isabel spent the night with grandma and won't be home until this afternoon. Grandma will of course play with her non-stop and just generally make her feel super special. And after I dropped her off I managed to clean the kitchen, get my crock pot loaded with beans for dinner, clean the downstairs litter boxes, and vacuum two whole rooms! I slept for a short period and plan to spend the morning finishing my project for work (positive thinking here) and hopefully vacumming the other three rooms downstairs. I've not vacummed in two weeks and I have two cats and a dog. Yuck. Good thing Flora isn't crawling!

Anyway, today is going to be a day for getting stuff done! A good start to the weekend.

(Notice all that positive forcasting?!)
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Julie, my dh was right there with you last night! He kept coming to bed and then getting back up. He usually falls asleep seconds after his head hits the pillow!

Goodness, Rynna! I just can't believe that BooBah is cruising already. Ds can't pull up at all yet. That must be amazing to see. I hope today goes better for you than yesterday did.

Just something weird...
There's a new Barbie movie out and her name is Princess Anneliese in it. Her love interest in the moive is named Julian. Ummm. My dd is Annelies and my ds is Julian. How weird is that? I swore I'd never get dd Barbie anything unless she asked, but I got her the DVD and the Princess Anneliese Barbie! How could I not, right?
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Rynna ~ During some of my more challenging weeks I've been using a slightly stronger, less legal, herb to help me keep it together. : I don't feel great about it with breastfeeding...but it has helped me to step back, relax and get some perspective, which is a very good thing.

Just something weird...
There's a new Barbie movie out and her name is Princess Anneliese in it. Her love interest in the moive is named Julian. Ummm. My dd is Annelies and my ds is Julian. How weird is that? I swore I'd never get dd Barbie anything unless she asked, but I got her the DVD and the Princess Anneliese Barbie! How could I not, right?
That is VERY weird and cool. And oh yeah...if there is ever a Lilia Barbie...I would totally get it for her!

seedling ~ How nice for you...and Isabel...and Grandma...sounds like an all-around nice time!

Sandi ~ Sorry Lily is sick. I know it is SO hard when they are sick.

Julie ~ Hope you got some sleep!!!

Must go get ready for LLL!
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Lily slept last night for the most part. I got 3 hours of sleep and then she woke up and was all out of sorts so I gave her some medicine then we wandered the house for two hours and then we slpet for another 3 hours. So 6 in total so much better then the last couple of nights when i was lucky to get 3 hours total. I could still use about 5 more hours. Before kids I needed at least 9 hours to function now I'm lucky if I get 6. They say you need less sleep as you get older.

I'm pulling my oldest out of school early today to take her to our mommy & me winter party. She's only going to miss about 45 minutes of school but I still feel bad doing it but I'd feel worse if we went w/out her.

Julie- I still need a senior name too. I just have no idea what. I'm not very creative w/ these types of things. I probably won't have one at 2000.
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Mmmmmmmmmmm.... herbage. Haven't had that in quite a while! Maybe I'll ask my dad for some (he gets it for free!) I think we've just got to use the same sense with it that we do with alcohol & breastfeeding. Thats why I don't keep it around... : I'd do it everyday. How does smoking a clove make you feel?

Caitlin likes Barbie already Theres this lottery ad on TV where the people are Barbies, and she **giggles** at it! I'm sure she'll have a Barbie, too.

Caitlins dermatologist appointment is today. I'm dreading it... it's close enough that I'd walk if the weather was nice. It's probably going to be sunny today, but theres still snow everywhere & I'm sure driving the double stroller over crunchy snow & ice would be difficult at best (it's barely maneuverable in good conditions!) So that means I'm driving. I hate driving!! If I rescheduled, we wouldn't get to see the dermatologist for another 6 weeks though, so I have to go. I'm anticipating that I'l be disappointed with what they have to say...

We had a decent night of sleep lat night! Caitlin kept waking up everytime I put her down until 10:30, but then she slept through until 1 :30 or so, nursed back to sleep by 2, and then wasn't up again until 4!! I nursed her until 4:45, and she woke right away when I put her down. I got Kevin up & managed to get her to sleep before he needed to start getting ready for school. Roland woke up at 4, too and by some mirabcle I got him to stay in bed, and then he slept unti 6:30!!! That is incredible for this house. I got up with Roland & Caitlin slept until 7:30 (I NAK'ed her & now she's playing on the floor with her brother) Normally she'd have stayed awake between those 2 night feeds.
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I don't know how you mamas with more than one child can do it. One child takes everything I have and then some, some days.

R's sleeping like crud again. My spine hurts from sleeping all twisted up on my side.

Shoot, this was another micronap. Gotta go.
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Originally Posted by Doodlebugsmom
There's a new Barbie movie out and her name is Princess Anneliese in it. Her love interest in the moive is named Julian. Ummm. My dd is Annelies and my ds is Julian. How weird is that? I swore I'd never get dd Barbie anything unless she asked, but I got her the DVD and the Princess Anneliese Barbie! How could I not, right?
One of the MOC has a daughter named Anneliese and she was thinking of buying her the dolll; her problem with it was that the doll is blonde haired and blue eyed and her daughter most assuredly isn't. :LOL I'm amazed; I've never met anyone named Anneliese before (I don't think) and two of the people in my "regular" threads have daughters with that name. Cool.
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Originally Posted by Balancin1
I don't know how you mamas with more than one child can do it. One child takes everything I have and then some, some days.

R's sleeping like crud again. My spine hurts from sleeping all twisted up on my side.

Shoot, this was another micronap. Gotta go.
Thanks! In some ways, having an older kid makes having a baby easier. Roland is totally fascinating to Caitlin... she loves watching him play. She can be in her excersaucer for an hour, completely happy and entertained by her big brother, while I'm around but not interacting a whole lot. He loves to help, so most of the time when I need a 3rd hand, I've got one. He provides excellent comedic releif, and he reminds me to eat (when he gets hungry) The times I find really challenging is when they're both upset/crying at the same time... I never know who to go to first!

Oh, on frustration coping methods (some of you were talking about screaming into pillows) What I've done a few times is this: Get an old mug out of the cupboard, open the side door & chuck it as hard as I can. We've got a breezeway, so when I open the door theres the wall of the garage 8 ft infront of me. Smash! Okay, so now you all know I'm crazy... :
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Originally Posted by HomebirthHarriett
Mmmmmmmmmmm.... herbage. Haven't had that in quite a while! Maybe I'll ask my dad for some (he gets it for free!) I think we've just got to use the same sense with it that we do with alcohol & breastfeeding. Thats why I don't keep it around... : I'd do it everyday. How does smoking a clove make you feel?
Oh, I'd actually feel better about the less-legal herb than I do about the cloves; from all I've been able to determine, it's safer. : But I don't really have a source at all. :LOL I suppose I could try to dig one up, but that'd be an awful lot of effort for something that wasn't a sure thing. I can't drink alcohol *at all* because of BooBah's kidneys and liver being so... fickle. It's sad, because when BeanBean was this age I could have a beer and calm down and I'd feel better about the whole thing, but for now I'm stuck with cloves. They're a lot like cigarettes, only they taste better and I've never met anyone who's addicted to them. People who smoke cloves tend not to be "real" smokers; for example, a real smoker can keep their cigarette lit in any weather situation in which they can keep their feet planted firmly on the ground (I've seen it!) but people who smoke cloves (myself included) have no idea how to do this. Clove smokers that I have known rarely finish entire packs alone; they will share with anyone who passes by and asks "who's smoking a clove?" :LOL

I haven't met a clove smoker here, but that's probably because I don't spend enough time hanging out near the college. I tend to smoke cloves right outside the front door, like yesterday, or right outside the car (whether or not the kids are inside it). I will pull off into a parking lot, get out, take my door opener (boy have I ever learned that lesson!) and smoke a clove. I'd probably do the same with the Voldemort of herbs ("you-know-what"), because while I don't think there's anything really wrong with it, I think that my kids at the very least deserve the chance to make their own informed decision about it, without having it thrust on their little tiny selves.

I'm not as miserable at the moment. I've decided to try to fight less today. BeanBean wants to nurse; I won't nurse him until he lets me wash his (poopy) buns. He doesn't want to get in the shower, that's fine, but I'm not going to nurse until he does. He smells especially awful this morning.
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During some of my more challenging weeks I've been using a slightly stronger, less legal, herb to help me keep it together.
Erin, you aren't alone there, I can assure you that! If you ever need any support or reassurance, come here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...9&page=1&pp=20
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Notice that the info on breastfeeding and weed is never footnoted in the pg books. Very, very little research on this exists and I know women who smoked daily with no ill effects whatsoever; no noticeable effects on the children and no change in milk supply, which is the only thing LLL lists as a danger. Different people have different experiences with it. Incidentally, the movie Grass (a documentary), narrated by Woody Harrelson, is excellent- just watched it recently.

I got no sleep at all. He was up every hour after no nap yesterday except briefly in the car. So I am pretty wiped out. Also depressed about all I have to do and waiting to hear about the bozos who haven't paid dh on time. The joys of freelancing.

Baby is experiencing first throes of stranger anxiety. And my inlaws arrive tonight, should be interesting. Yesterday my friend's live in help picked him up- I knew he wouldn't like it, he was so exhausted- and he screamed and screamed and when he came back he screamed and screamed that gasp-gasp- scream sound for quite some time. And he did it later with my friend, who sees him and holds him all the time. So I think that must be why he couldn't sleep. He got really hysterical when I left him on the bed for a few minutes last night while I brushed my teeth, etc. Even though he could see and hear me and I kept coming over. I think he ended up too worked up too sleep well.

I love the one-finger extended touching of this age and the more expressive sounds.
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Cloves... Black Djoran? Those were my favorites. They really are awful for you, but I loved how spicy and yummy they were. I was a smoke-once-a-month-girl in college, either cloves or Bidis. (yummy little flavored ciggarettes from India, someone told me their made from all the trash left on the floor of cig factories there - nice, huh?) I haven't smoke either in several years. I think there has to be a distinction made between a smoker who smokes a similar number of cigarettes every day to a person who smokes once or twice a month - and clove smokers usually fall into the second category, I agree. (Except I did know one guy who smoke a pack of cloves a day because he "wanted to be the one person who could piss of the smokers!")

I forgot, Sippy-cups. Killy's been drinking water out of one since he started solids at about 5m1w. He rarely drinks even half an ounce, but he loves chewing on the spout! He does know how to raise it up and hold it at an angle so he can get the water out. So far, his favorite foods are: bananas, beans (black, pinto, baked - any kind!), broccoli, and cantelope. He LOVES super-ripe cantelope, but its hard to find that this time of year. What are some other favorites out there? Killy's still just eating 4-5 times a week, about 1-3 tbsp each meal.
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