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Sept 04 mamas! Happy New Year! Jan thread

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Welcome to all Sept 04 Due Date clubbers and all mamas with Sept 04 babies!

Lynsey... would you care to do the roll call honors?
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Happy New Year, Mamas!!!

By the way, flylady fans, I really like this site, too: www.starorganizer.com You get a short daily email that lists 3 simple tasks and 3 challenging tasks. It's pretty cool!
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Happy New Years! Desmina woke up in time to bring in the New Year. And didn't go back to sleep until after 1 or 2.
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happy new year!!!

what a partier desmina is! :LOL
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Happy New Year! DS was up for midnight too, DH accidentally yelled too loud and DS promptly freaked out and had a meltdown, in which I responded by yelling at DH. We had a good start to the new year! That aside, our night was fun. I cooked dinner for us and another couple and we stayed at home to celebrate. It can get crazy out there!
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Falling asleep! Your opinions wanted

Yes, happy new year!

Question for discussion, all opinions desired: what do you do to help your little one to sleep? I am not blessed with one like Steph's Oscar who can just doze off by himself. This last week at my sister's, Tristan started having major difficulties falling asleep when he got tired, and he was frequently overstimulated (e.g. on the train, by new sights and sounds and FOUR CATS! at my sister's). We needed to carry him, sling him and I frequently nursed him down. I'm just looking for some kind of solution to get him to fall asleep on his own. When he is lain down by himself, he only cries. I am not one for crying it out even though I know that it is the tiredness talking.

Jo is pacing with him right now. It helps; he is starting to come down. He will not take a pacifier; he has an incredible tongue-thrust and it pops right back out (funnily enough, he enjoys gnawing on it, even though he won't suck on it). He doesn't really have a favorite toy, he prefers to cuddle with his burp rags.

Please let me know what works for you, I am curious and open to all suggestions!

tia! all of us in the C-Y household
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Jen~ The only way we can get Desi to sleep is to nurse her to sleep. I know that we should try other methods, but she gets so upset and it becomes counterproudctive to try. We're going to try to get her daddy to sling her to sleep though so that she can sleep for him too.
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Happy New Year everyone

Kaia stayed up late last night too,but she fell asleep before midnight.
Didn't do much round here,drank a smidge and played video games.
We live right behind a chinese resturant and they had the fireworks going!

Jen~ Kaia gets really upset sometimes when she's tired(usually in the evenings). Thankfully she takes a paci. Though if she is too upset she won't take it. We cuddle her and walk her, I sit in my chair and jiggle or rock her.
When I put her to bed I lay down with her and hold her hand. We lay on our sides facing each other. She either nurses to sleep or sucks her paci. There are occassions when she just wants me to lay next to her and hold her hand.
Once she is alseep I get up and go about my business, if I don't fall asleep myself.
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Jen -- I don't know if you need to really be concerned with getting Tristan to fall asleep on his own. I know there is a lot of fear tactics going on with the whole "if you don't get him to fall asleep on his own now, he never will." My older daughter always fell asleep by nursing, then at 2 years old, when she was ready, she started to be able to fall asleep with me cuddling her. Now we just have to lay in bed with her to fall asleep and one day she will graduate to falling asleep on her own without us in the room. As a baby she fell asleep without nursing or rocking just once. LaRue has fallen asleep on her own a few times and each time it really surprises me. We normally put her to sleep by her going in the sling, I will rock her, she will fall asleep, then I transfer her to the bed, she wakes a little so I nurse her and then slowly manipulate the boob out of her mouth.

This is true for all my other mama friends too, all being nursed or rocked to sleep, and now all of the kids are able to fall asleep without either, just a warm body laying next to them.

Chrissy -- the movies were okay, nothing extraordinary. The documentary about "Gator" was pretty interesting. Anchorman had it's funny moments.

I cried during Fahrenheit 911 too, my partner was the one bawling though.
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Quiet night around here too. Makynzi normally nurses to sleep. If she does fall asleep on her own it is in the car. Sometimes she will fall asleep while being held but that's about it. She does take a paci and it usually keeps her from waking back up as soon as we put her down. Well guess I should go to bed. Im not sleepy for some reason. One of those nights I guess.
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Well, we may be moving to California - in the next 4-8 weeks!! DH told his boss we were thinking June or July (when our lease is up), and his boss said that was a lot later than he thought - he was figuring February (if only he'd told us that before January!! ). So, we have to figure out if our landlords will let us out of our lease and start looking at details - like what all expenses will be covered by the company, where we'll live, etc. Oh, and he thinks we'll be there for 6 months. We'll probably be able to come back here and buy a house - yay!

So, Samantha, if you have any tips for quickly closing up a house, let me know! :LOL Thankfully we don't have to take it all with us, but I expect we'll be moving it all out of this house and into storage until we get our own place when we come back. Now I just have to figure out what all we'll actually *need* for six months! :LOL

Hope everyone has had a Happy New Year day! Will post more later, after I've had some sleep... :LOL
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Heather, how exciting!!

Jen, I'm gonna echo what all the other mamas have said. Most babies won't just fall asleep on their own. Noah sure didn't and neither does Lilah. It's kind of a cruel surprise, huh? There are the rare coincidences, like Steph's Oscar it sounds like, who are okay with that but most babes who fall asleep on their own only do so after having been trained via CIO that nobody's going to come help me so I might as well just do it on my own. Sorry for the major run on sentence.

Jodie, Lilah likes me to hold her hand too. So sweet!

Taking my big boy to get some apple juice and Starbucks!
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Jen, Kate won't go to sleep on her own either. At night, she nurses to sleep. I do worry about her only being able to nurse to sleep, but for naps it's different. For naps, it's more if a nursing/bouncing/rocking/swaying combo. :LOL Sometimes it takes me 30 minutes to get her down for a nap and then she'll sleep for about 45 min. to an hour. Then she's up about an hour before she gets tired again. I feel like a lot of my day is spent doing the above mentioned combo dance, but I just can't let her CIO.

She has started fussing when I go in the bedroom to start to lull her down for a nap, even though I can tell she's tired. I think she's fighting sleep b/c she'd rather play, tired or not. Anyone dealing with this? Any suggestions?

Also, Kate used to take an expressed bottle from dh as part of her bedtime routine. All of a sudden, she's stopped taking more than a couple of ounces...but she'll breastfeed. Any ideas on what started that? Also, and ideas on how to change it, simply because dh really loved that as their time?
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ack! i just found this thread! yes, i will update and add the list to the post in just a bit. all the children are wild right now!
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DS doesn't fall asleep on his own at night. He usually falls asleep while I'm feeding him. I sort of plan it that way. If for some reason he wakes up, we're screwed (pardon my french). DH has to walk him around at that point. During the day, it's a little different. If it's timed right, which is not very often, he'll fall asleep while I'm feeding him. Usually, I can tell when he's tired and will put him in the swing with his pacifier (if he'll take it) and I'll just sit there with him until he falls asleep. It changes so much from day to day. By the time I think I've got him figured out he switches the program on me!

I wanted to add that I have new found respect for mamas with lots of children. We had a few people over on the 30th and most of them had children. Ages 11, 9, 5, 4, 2 & my almost 4 month old. OH MY GOD! It was complete pandamonium! They were running around like a pack of crazed hyenas. I say hyenas, because they were screaming like wild animals! My dog didn't help the situation either! It was hilarious and scary all at once. You mamas with mulitple children rock! I don't know how you do it.
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ok, I guess that the article that I read yesterday simply reflected the German tendency toward structure and order! He has been better since we came home, I think he's happy to be in his own house and his own bed. This morning he was starting to fuss around 8, and I got up with the promise to fix him some food, and as soon as I got up, he splayed his arms and went back to sleep til 9. We both left the room and he woke up and started cooing to himself - no crying. Perhaps he needs his own sleeping space? I am selfish and want him to sleep next to me but maybe he gets too hot.

btw Chrissy - you asked a long time ago, thanks for asking - his eye seems fine. The next day it was totally clear. He had a really gooey 'eye booger' (as one of my nurses at his birth called it) that had a long fuzz in it, we wondered if that was maybe it. He still rubs his eyes all the time, he's a lot like his grandpa in that way. The air in the train was very dry, so that may have irritated it.

T is sneezy and drooly today. At least Jo feels better, although her sinuses are stuffed. I have been eating CRAP all morning and need to knock it off!

xo, j
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NAKing so excuse the typos.

Jen- Sleeping babies. Aidan is mainly a nurse to sleep kind of guy. :LOL He's fallen asleep on his own a few times in the swing and a few times in my arms. Usually when I least expect it. :LOL Like when I'm I talking with someone and just lightly bouncing and swaying him almost absently... next thing I know he's out cold. And of course I don't know what exactly was the thing that put him out. He still needs to be swaddled to stay asleep otherwise his arms startle and he wakes up again. David hasn't had very good luck at getting Aidan to sleep. He is determined to do the patting and thumping techniques that worked for Tori and still does for Jack. Unfortunately Aidan seems to hate it. So we end up with meltdown Baby and ticked off Daddy. And they he gets even more frustrated when I get him to calm down quickly by re-swaddling (David just does pay attention to that enough!) hold him close with his ear near my face and I'll do the "sh-sh-sh" sound with lots of swaying. He will go to sleep sometimes for David when he's laying along David's arm but not so much anymore (mainly when he was a newborn). Aidan has dozed back to sleep on his own a few times but I consider those rare anomallies. :LOL I know of a few people that have been blessed with a baby that they can just lay down and will go to sleep on their own without crying. Again I think of those as anomalies not the norm at all.

Tori would mainly only nurse (or take a bottle) to sleep. When I became pregnant with Jack, nursing in the evening started becoming painful. She was about 16 months old. I gradually had to eliminate that nursing session because it was so painful (I'd be in tears) I started just nursing her for a short time and sitting and rocking with her eventually not nursing at all. If she was still awake I would sometimes lay her down in her crib. She would fuss for as long as it took me to walk from her crib to the door. Then she'd go quietly to sleep within a few minutes. She would only nurse to sleep for a nap, her room was too "bright" and interesting to go to sleep on her own. She was 2.5 before she stopped really nursing to sleep for naps and we were able to get her to lay down and go to sleep "on her own".

Jack also nursed to sleep most of the time, he refused to take a bottle. David was able to get him to go to sleep a few times by sitting and "patting/thumping" on Jack's back with him covered with a blanket. Jack would relax and go to sleep. He still goes to sleep that way pretty quickly. In the last few months we've been able to lay him down in his crib awake and he'll go right to sleep on his own. Even for a nap sometimes now!

Both Tori & Jack we had to cover their faces with a light blanket or go into a dark room. Had to make it "boring" or they wouldn't want to go to sleep.

A lot of things that helped with getting them to sleep were "routines". Certain special things make bedtime easier. Tori has a favorite yellow Classic Pooh blanket "Yellow blanket", her Tiger stuffed cat from BuildaBear, sometimes her Pigwet (a Gund Piglet that Tiger replaced in her 'love') and "Hot Cat" which is a Haba hot water bottle with a cat overlay. Hot Cat is a saving grace. Many times when she hasn't wanted to go to sleep we've given her Hot Cat and she'll be passed out within 5 minutes. Something so soothing about a warm snuggly. Jack has his red fleece blanket and his Radio Flyer Lovey from Little Lounging Lizards and now his Bright Eyes (JoysWaldorfDolls) blue doll that he got for Christmas. We've only used Jack's Haba "Hot Bear" a few times. We'll probably be using it more this winter.

Aidan only has his Miracle Blanket really for bedtime right now. He hasn't shown an attachment to any particular 'lovey'. We have a Haba "Hot Sheep" for him too. I haven't really used it, I should probably start using it so that there is a warm spot in his bassinet.

My kids really didn't start going to sleep on their own until at least 15+ months old. I wouldn't worry about too much Jen.

HeatherB- Congratulations!! About moving. Make lots of lists of what you need to do. What needs to be packed and when. Get lots of boxes. Pack up all the little knick-knack stuff first. Since you will be putting a lot in storage, make an inventory sheet. Label boxes with number that match your inventory. 8 months from now when you get eveything back out of storage you aren't going remember where everything is and what it is packed with. Try to avoid lableing things "misc." trust me on this one. Lable your boxes on at least 2 sides. Nothing worse that having the lable turned to the back when you are trying to figure out which box you need out of a stack of 20 boxes. You might consider putting some of the stuff into storage immediately, get it out of the way and out of the space you'll need for the stuff that you'll be packing. That extra month or 2 in storage cost is worth it with the peace of mind it will give you. Nothing worse than getting frustrated by not having a place to put the stuff you are packing. Good luck and try to not get overwhelmed. Consider having a cleaning company do your check out clean up. One less worry for you.

Okay got to go, sleeping baby. And I need to fix lunch.
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Ok now Makynzi is doing it too. For the past 2 nights all she wants to do is nurse all night long. She nursed so much last night that i woke up to a wet bed. She peed so much her diaper leaked and we were all soaked. This is coming from the baby who nurses to sleep and when she wakes up. 1 occaisonal feeding in the middle of the night is max. And now of course she is sound asleep and has been all afternoon. Babies! I dont think I will ever figure them out.
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Does cradle cap itch? Jackson has had what I thought to be cradle cap for the last few weeks. I really didn't give it much thought, but now he's reaching his little arm all the way to the top of his head and literally scratching his head.

I agree with what everyone else is saying about babies falling asleep.

Oh, fussy baby, gotta run!

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another Sept mom!

Hello all...

I'm new to using boards, so I'm not sure I'm doing this right. But I have a beautiful little Sept 04 baby...she's coming out of colic (thank the Lord)

Can someone tell me what DH & DD & DS mean? I know that's probably an idiot question, but I can't figure it out.
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