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I started squirting EBM into DS's eye about a week ago because it was all yucky and whatever was going on went away! Yay! I just wanted to share. I got the idea from all you mamas, can't remember who exactly, but thanks!

HeatherB - Where in California are you moving to?
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Sheryl, good to see you! That's so neat how Nessa told you to keep singing! I love it when Iain 'tells' me things. I also feel like I need some new songs with my first DS. :LOL I made up a little song a couple of years ago that I can now sing without thinking about it, though, and it helps him sleep...so we won't rock the boat too much now!

Mel, we'll be in the Santa Cruz area. DH's office is in Scotts Valley (he's been working from home for that office for years now), and he wants to be on that side of the mountains to minimize drive time. It's still not a sure thing, but I'm planning driving routes... Where in CA are you?
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Happy New Year ladies! Thank you to those who gave me traveling advise. Miles did absolutely WONDERFUL during the whole long trip to D.C. The only glitch was finding places to sit down to nurse/get out of the chilling wind. He was awesome on the plane both to and from, and in museums, he just looked at all the stuff with us in the sling or carrier.

I had a question for those of you who use a paci. What brand do you use? I am just curious to know what others use. For some reason DH is obsessed with them and thinks some are really ugly and he goes on about it! He is so funny sometimes. Miles takes Avent, and will now take MaM.

About sleeping, I think it is really funny that so many babies nurse to sleep, Miles being my first, I didn't realize that was normal. He almost NEVER nurses to sleep. After nursing, he HAS to be burped, throw up a few times, then play, get changed, and so on until he gets tired and rubs at his eyes. I am thankful that he goes to sleep after nursing at night, though. Thank goodness for the side-lying position, why didn't I try it earlier?

For those with the doctors using bad charts, I'd say try to shop around some more if you can! That is just weird that we think doctors are so smart.
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HeatherB - I live in Northern Califonia - Bay Area. DH works in San Francisco and commutes 1-2 hours (depending on traffic) each way. Santa Cruz is beautiful.

sept04mama - We are still trying to figure out which pacifier ds likes best. I bought all different brands. His pacifier of choice right now is NUK.
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Just wanted to pop in with a quick hello. Last month was so hectic I just didn't have time to post and read.

Kallisti nurses to sleep most of the time, though sometimes she'll fall asleep with me just laying next to her. I can't believe how big she's getting! She says two words, hi and okay. She says okay when she needs her diaper changer. :LOL She discovered her hands last wednesday and has a favorite toy, a little stuffed kitty I picked up on a whim for her stocking.

Eep, fussy barfing baby!
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Just got back from NY, so this will be short. We had a good trip, not much snow for poor Jack though. He got to make one snowman, but it melted and he keeps saying, "poor fella, melted away."

Pacis - Lucy will only take the Gerber NUKs (I hate Gerber!!! Are there any others shaped the same?) I find it ridiculous, because Jack would only ever use Gerber bottles - silly babies, foiling my boycott plans...

More later. Happy New Year mamas.
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Originally Posted by HeatherB
Mel, we'll be in the Santa Cruz area. DH's office is in Scotts Valley (he's been working from home for that office for years now), and he wants to be on that side of the mountains to minimize drive time. It's still not a sure thing, but I'm planning driving routes... Where in CA are you?
I know that area pretty well. My family used to vacation at Mt Herman for a week every summer. I miss the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.
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Kaia takes a playtex binky.

She has now mastered the roll from back to front. She first did it on the 2nd and now its her favorite thing to do.

Lazuli~ Thats so cool that Kallisti can say hi and okay.
Kaia says n'ga (a word she made up) when she wants to suck on something or wants momma. She started vocalizing it at about 3 weeks. We thought for sure it was nothing, until it was repeated till she got what she was asking for.
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OK, finally caught up on this thread. The end of the last one will just have to wait...

Poor McKenna is in her car seat tonight, barfing up a bottle of soy formula I fed her a couple hours ago. That wasn't the first soy bottle we've given her, but she sure didn't throw it all up before now. She has really been freaking out at night for the past couple of weeks. If I don't get letdown immediately, she goes on a nursing strike and screams her little head off. It's like a new 7-11 p.m. ritual. Great.

Now she's ready to fill her emptied tummy... I'll try to post again later.
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Well, she's puked and puked and now she has dry heaves... Poor little thing. She's too tired or weak to nurse. Her outfit and 3 burp rags (oh and the car seat) are soaked. Now I have her changed and on a blanket on the Boppy. I'm off to surf the 'net about when to get concerned about dehydration... Lucky for us her 4 month visit was tomorrow afternoon anyway!
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Poor McKenna! Poor Savannah! I'm so sorry she's so sick! Is there any chance it's a tummy bug, or are you thinking it's a reaction to the soy? I sure hope she's feeling better and back to nursing soon! How scary to have such a little one throwing up.

I'm in the process of trying to strip our diapers... We're on the third hot wash (this time with boiling water added), and I still haven't seen bubbles... ooh, better check now... okay, still no suds. I sure hope this actually helps. : If it doesn't, I'm not sure what I'll do next... more detergent, maybe? I'll have to try to actually measure and make sure I know how much I'm using. Must approach this scientifically.

And we're still waiting on word about moving. Our landlords say they'll let us know something in a day or two. DH's boss says he'll go ahead and start working on getting approval, but suddenly he says expenses are being tightened, so we're not supposed to plan on anything yet. Oh, and he doesn't know if he can get us a washer and dryer out there. Not a personal one, anyway. Hopefully I can get any washing problems sorted out here and start fresh there - that is, if we go. At this particular moment, I don't know if I want to or not. I guess that means I'll be happy with whatever happens.

Oh, Iain takes Avent pacifiers. I have the plain ones, no decoration, just color. I don't care for all the pictures, besides that I'd be obsessed with keeping it right side up. :LOL I pretty much don't like the look of pacifiers, period, but these ones are okay, I guess. Anyone got recommendations for better looking ones? :LOL

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some word on where my life (and me!) is going...
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Msrog -- that sounds so heartbreaking! I hope McKenna feels better very soon.

So after LaRue was born, one of the things I did was to check her palms. I have a little belief in palm reading, I just wanted to make sure all her lines were long. So when I looked at her palms I only saw 2 deep lines instead of the normal three. Of course I start to worry, like what if the one that is missing is her life line. So about a week ago I checked on the internet about palm reading and saw that she has a very long life line, but the line that is missing is her heart line. Then I start worrying that I'm sweet little daughter is going to turn into some heartless adult, which doesn't really work out to well with our family since we care deeply for others, we are vegetarians because of ethical reasons, we protest the war because of our respect for human life, we attachment parent because of respect for children, etc. Also, my husband and older daughter are both Cancers and like most Cancers they are both emotional.

Anyway, tonight a friend came over and I mentioned how she doesn't have her heart line and she says that she heard about people who only have two main lines in her anthropology class and that there is some anthropological significance, but she forgot what it was.

I looked it up on the computer and it turns out that what she has is called a simian line, which means that both her head line and heart line are joined, this is pretty rare I guess. It got it's name because monkeys have that line, but it's an evolutionary trait that has been disappearing from humans. I told my partner about that and he said that was funny since LaRue was born in the year of the monkey, so appropriate. So I guess the monkey tattoo he is getting in honor of LaRue will have even more meaning with her monkey hands. My partner also got a beautiful dragon tattoo in honor of Chloë who was born the year of the dragon.
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HeatherB, we'll be visiting at least as long as it takes us to get a van. :P The kids and I have already been here more than a month, so I'm ready to get home. We've put a deposit on a van (from a private seller), he now has to get it safetied and emissions tested, and we have to scrape together the rest of the money.

Cythia, my first was very long and lean and a slow gainer. My regular ped would mention it, but wasn't concerned. Her maternity leave sub was worried about it, and I started feeding him avacado (he was more than a year, at that point) and generally stressing about it. When my ped came back, she said she wasn't worried. He had a phase where he would throw up every night, I think it was the cow's milk he was drinking (I had an allergy I outgrew by 18 months), and that may have contributed. But he was always very active when we were at the dr's, obviously not starving or unhealthy, so my ped wasn't worried.

Jen, Miriam has always been somewhat stuffy. She's very loud when she breathes. Visiting my parents -- who have wood heat -- and IL's -- who have an old drafty house -- have made it worse. If she's having a hard time, I squirt breast milk into her nose (which frustrates her, as I can only do it when I'm having a let down or have been nursing for a while, so she tries to nurse, but is getting a noseful of milk instead). This softens everything up, and either she breathes it far enought out that I can grab it with a tissue, or as she's nursing she breathes it in and swallows it. This has always worked for my stuffy kids. And I hope you avoid the mastitis. I had it a couple of weeks ago. I always seem to get it when visiting relatives, I think because I don't feel comfortable just nursing the toddler anywhere, and I have too much milk then. Word of warning -- I was nursing constantly to try and ease up on that plug, but I didn't drink much. I think that made me feel worse than anything else. Then when I did try to drink anything, it made me nauseous. In my very limited experience (I've had it twice in 5 years of nursing), though, the flu-feeling hasn't lasted much more than 24 hours. I still had a lump after that, but it didn't hurt much and gradually went away over the next few days.

I think Miriam is teething. She likes to bite my fingers, and tries to stuff her whole fist in her mouth. Also, she's become a little drool machine. She still spits up/throws up a lot, but it doesn't phase her unless it comes through her nose, and even then sometimes she's still smiling.
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Shannon-Arowen gets really scared when spit up comes out her nose.

She's found her toes. She likes to hold onto them. There was a day, before Christmas sometime, when she rolled over from back to front twice, but she hasn't done it since.

I've been trying to do better with my home. That talk about flylady got me motivated to get back there. I had been doing some of her stuff a while back, and it's kind of nice to get decluttering and making an effort at getting the house in order. It's so nice to walk into a clean kitchen. I didn't know what that was like. Wow! The kids were not doing a very good job at the dishwashing,after supper kitchen cleaning. I took over during the New Year's weekend, and it stayed clean the whole time. Doing the dishes after each meal sure makes a difference. Well, with 7 people eating during the day, and 8 at night, you'd think so wouldn't you!!! Anyway, thanks for bringing the whole topic up. I needed it.
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hey everyone-

Makynzi uses an advent paci. it was the only one she would take in the beginning. I think it is because they are the only ones who make the small nipples specifically for 0-3 mos. She will take the mam paci now that she has gotten bigger. I hate the paci's that have rings. I think they are really ugly. but whatever works. I found that out quickly when she wouldnt take the mam paci in the beginning.

Makynzi has stayed stuffy from the very beginning. It has lessened though since we quit using our wood heat. When Madyson was in the hospital with the pneumonia her pediatrician warned us that the wood heat is the absolute worst for children who may have allergy and or asthma problems. She told us if we continued to use it Madyson would very likely end up back in the hospital. They are very concerned that she has some sort of underlying asthma that caused the pneumonia to progress so quickly and become so bad. And since DH has asthma all through his family it is very likely.

Savannah-I hope McKenna feels better soon. Please keep us updated.
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heatherb - are your diapers skunky? I missed your first post about them I think. I have really hard water and mine had gotten just FOUL!!!! Then I found out that Calgon makes a water softener product (in the laundry section, not bath!!!) and a couple of washes with that made all the difference. It is kind of expensive, at $6 a bottle, but I have found that after after the initial couple of times, I only need to use it maybe once every week or so.

FeministFatale - I look at my kids palms sometimes too. I usually try to figure out how much their right has changed from their left.

We are buying a new washer tonight. Hooray!!! Isn't it goofy when the lamest things get you excited? My current one is so crummy and small, I can't wait to get this one. Of course I'm buying it on my mom's home depot card, but at least it is 12 months no finance.

I talked DH into not going to work last night, I missed him from being gone. So we had a nice family night and sleep.
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I just found out my local MDC friend lost her baby. They were having their fifth home birth and baby was breech... after two hospitals and 3 days on a ventilator, had to decide yesterday the baby wouldn't make it.

This thread has some info, and a link to a pay pal account to donate money. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...=1#post2480259 She had just emailed me last month that her husband lost his job just before Christmas. Thank God they have a loving, supportive network of church and friends and family... But every bit helps...
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Kallisti takes an avent pacifier when she wants to take one. I went with that one because of the cap it has. With all the cat hair floating around in our house, plus a kitten who thinks all the baby stuff is for her as well, it just seemed like the best one. Kallisti likes to grab hold of the paci and then tries to stick it in her eye or up her nose, everywhere but in her mouth. Silly girl.

Savannah - hope McKenna's feeling better today, sounds like she had a rough time yesterday.

Fussy baby, must scurry away now.
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sarah I don't think it's funny to be excited about a new washer. I sometimes will sit in front of ours (we have a front-loader) and wash the laundry slosh around. I love our washer, if we ever move, it's coming along.

Mastitis seems to have decided to not make an appearance. Halleluia.

Tristan has cried himself hoarse with this cold. After going to bed at 10, we were up last night at 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7. He's just now had his first real meal and gone down for a nap; at all of the nursings except the 1 and 3 ones he just kind of drank a little and crashed. Jo's still not feeling well either, but I managed to get rid of whatever was bothering me with a couple of tylenol yesterday.

T will not suck a paci, but he will chew on it.

Savannah, sorry to hear about your friend's loss and I hope McKenna is feeling better.

I have to clean downstairs, friends coming over this afternoon.

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This is my 1st time NAK! It's hard! I'm sorry to hear about sick babes, hang in there mamas!

Jen- it's good to hear you escaped the dreaded M, as DH and I call it- it seems to visit here at least once a month.

So what diapers/detergent are you guys using that are starting to stink? I haven't noticed anything yet- we use prefolds and Tide Free.

lynchmon- interesting about using EBM for the nose- I think I'll try it if he'll let me.

Another question, all my friends IRL said that they only had to use breast pads for the first 4-6 weeks. I want to know if I'm the only one still using them?! I tried to go without once (on a plane, I know that was dumb) and ended up with a HUGE wet spot on my green shirt. So funny looking! So for those still using- what kind do you use & how often do you change?

Gotta go try that nose thing!
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