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Wanna read something that'll make ya mad?

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I have a cousin who is a med resident, just for the sake of making an informed descision about circ (this is when I first started reseaching the topic) I asked for her take on circ. Now, many months later here is her blog response...

hum I guess I'm not allowed to do a direct quote of her response....basically she said that: 1) newborn nervous systems are immature and that anestesia during circ was used to humor Moms more than to save babies pain 2) circing makes it easier to catherize male patients "old geezers" in old age or during med emergencies 3) and that proper uncirc penis care involves daily retraction and cleansing of the foreskin

All together it was much more horrible than that. I hugged my daughter all night long because I was so shocked and horrified by the possibility that someday she might get sick and encounter this sort of MED-Rapist. I wish I could share the link because I feel that such wrong information needs to be corrected but I feel like that would be too much of an invasion of her privacy especially since her blog seeems to be hidden from google.

I'm not really sure how to proceed, I've responded to her directly and more or less politely with my viewpoint but I fear the she has sunk too far into that culture of Dr. arrogance to be receptive to such input. My dh thinks that she is just so stressed and overwhelmed by the whole med resdent experience that she really doesn't have time to be "human" or assimilate what she's been taught. I can understand that but I can't get over the image of her torturing those poor baby boys and telling their mother's that it is for their own good.
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Well - that just confirms my belief that there are a lot of idiot doctors out there.

That is freaking scary. There is so much misinformation in that piece, one wouldn't even know where to begin to rebut it...

How can a medical resident be so completely and utterly uninformed?

Did you say anything to her about her blog entry?!
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Confirms my opinion that doctors perform some medical procedures because it's "easier" for them. Holy cats, doesn't this intern realise she is in a unique situation where she sees pathology and worst case scenarios daily. Real life isn't like that!
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: Wow! Just...wow! :
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what a smug, arrogant... idiot (cm would get on my case if i said what came to mind.) i can't wait till frank comes & grinds her to hash.

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I'm pretty horrified myself, scary how much ignorance there is in our hospitals. She was the kindest most caring person when we were kids, I'm so saddened to see how she's become so calloused.

For the sake of family peace I didn't say much other than that the AAP does not reccomend routine circ (assuming that she's not aware of this) and told her that my DR told me that the FS should never be retracted for cleaning.
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She can't even spell PROSTATE but she's cutting up babies, or advocating cutting babies??

Send her back to 3rd grade and save those innocent babies from pain.
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If its such a big problem for the hospital staffers, why don't we hear all of Europe crying about the problems?
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how is it possible that a person can get through medical school and still be so ignorant????
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!

How awful that she is so uninformed!!!!!

I just don't know what to say . . . . ..
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It's funny, reading that response, I kept thinking that the person who wrote it wasn't really a dr. She was so all over the place, so full of misinformation and the usual, 30 year old propaganda, and just so... I don't know, weird. It wasn't a response to one question, it was a weird, smug, holier-than-thou, rant about men who age. She sounds like a complete ass, sorry if that's offensive. I can't believe someone so clueless, and unable to follow a single thought, can be in med school. I'm sorry for her future patients.
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ITA Andie. I had a hard time reading it, not just emotionally or because of my anger but because she kept going off on tangents. She reminds me of a teacher I had in high school. He would start talking about something and EVERYDAY a few people in class would start asking him questions and he would go completely off topic for at least half the class.

Ok, now I have to get this off my chest because my DH just doesn't understand no circ and I don't really have anyone to vent to and this blog entry just made me sit here with my mouth in my lap from pure shock.

First off, with these 'old timers' I highly doubt with all their medical conditions causing them to be in hospitals and homes and needing cathitors the worst thing that is 'wrong' with them is that the are uncirc.

Then she starts talking about how they preformed a circ incorrectly on an adult male... now an adult males penis is a lot bigger than a childs. What would have happened if they had 'cut off too much' on a child... his penis would non existant! And she LAUGHS about screwing up the circ. How F*#&$#ed up is that?? And you want to do this to my child?

And this woman is going to find some pour babies uncirc penis and just rip the forskin. I can see it now. The mother screaming in horror as she dives for her pour son. I really hope and pray that she was refering to an older child as far as cleaning goes....

Now, about the scarring. I am sorry but my son DOES HAVE A SCAR from his circ! I have to look at that scar every time I chance his diaper. Don't tell me they don't scar! My DH ALSO has a scar from his which was also preformed as an infant. Hey at least my son will be like his daddy RIGHT?!

And anastetic.... "just incase we're wrong and the kid can actually feel it". *sigh* I won't even go further...

"If someone is against it because of religious or vanity or granola-crunching reasons, that is their prerogative" So deciding to not circ is.... what? A power trip? We personally gain something from it? Is she kidding????

I almost cried a couple of times see the kind of person who mutilated my son. It really is sad that this is how our health professionals think and learn and teach. I am sorry to the OP if I my insulting your cousin hurts you, it definitly isn't aimed and you and I am sure your cousin is a good person who is just brainwashed by the medical community.
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Next question - maybe she could answer for this too in her block.

What is so different in American penises that they cannot stay natural? Why all these problems do not exist in rest of the world? How on earth over 80% of world's men manage to live their lives intact?

On another circ debate board a soon-to-be-doctor was telling the level of foreskin education in medical school. Well, there is no education. Until USA medical schools update their text books to the same level with rest of the western world , there is very little hope for intact boys in USA.
And concidering the amount of easy money doctors get for the cutting...why would they want to stop it?
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You know what I think?

You can add comments to live-journal enteries, can't you? I think we should all contribute to a rebuttal, with links to studies and the statements of medical organizations, and rebut that stupid thing. Seriously. She is WAY wrong about so many things it's rediculous. And if you as a relative don't feel comfortable doing the posting, just PM one of us and I'm sure someone will be more than glad to do it.

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Yes, Jen - I think rebutting it would be a good thing. And so easy to do.

Someone send Frank over there!
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I don't normally frequent this board because I have a dd, but I am wholeheartedly anti-circ and this topic caught my eye.

My worst fear is to get a doc like that one. ICK.

And you know what? My husband works with dev. disabled adults, many of whom are elderly and he has to do caths ALOT and he said in his experience they aren't as traumatic and painful as that "nutter" (her word) describes. I had a cath while awake, and while it wasn't the most fun ever it also wasn't even one of the top 10,000 most uncomfortable things I've experienced. (A stubbed toe is 100x worse than that was.)

So, on top of being misinformed she's apparently also unskilled.

Ick, sorry to speak badly of your cousin (are you close??) but what an arrogant, misinformed jerk.
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What a freakin idiot! Heck, I had a cath. after surgery, and I asked for it because I couldn't pee! I was fully awake, and it was no big deal. Not the most fun thing in the world, but certainly not the most painful. She seems so concerned about catheters, but being circed is not going to save you from getting one. She has the stupid reasoning that everyone should circ to save men the possibility of being circed in the future....oh, and for her personal comfort- so that she doesn't have to be embarassed while doing exams. :Puke

She just seems so "high school"....very immature.
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I agree with most of the posters: the tone was smug, misinformed, and immature.

Can I just say that my own opinion of circ'ing was reinforced during my midwifery training. I was doing a nursing placement on the postpartum floor of a large metro hospital. There was a baby about to be circ'd. I wanted to watch as I had only read and seen a video about circ'ing. I refused to let my son be circ'd despite a rather large argument with dp. So anyways, I watched this baby get his circ and I literally almost fainted. I had to sit down, do the head-between-my-legs-thing. I abstractly found this odd as I have witnessed innumerable c-sections, repaired perineums many times, put in ivs and catheters and other pretty visceral things. But the ONE thing that made me queasy was the circ. Just from my gut I knew it was all WRONG. A poor little defenseless baby have perfectly good healthy tissue cut away for no other reason than someone else's aesthetics (maybe religious also -- whatever). So that really cemented by belief.

Funnily the ped came to me afterwards and asked if I was ok. I mumbled something about being glad I just had to handle blood, vomit and feces in my profession, and not circ'ing! I don't think he understood....

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I stopped reading when she/he said "prostrate". If a dr. can't even say/spell prostate, then there is no hope...
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I am just speechless! The ignorance and arrogance is just appalling. There is so much wrong on so many levels that I just don’t know where to begin.

Recently, I read that something like 92,000 people die of medical mistakes and incompetence in American hospitals every year. 92,000 people who should be alive! After reading this tirade, I have little doubt that statistic is true. I hope to God that I never have the misfortune to have to resort to being cared for by someone this ignorant and arrogant who is masquerading as a medical professional and holds my life in her hands.

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