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Phony Organics?

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Buying organics is a must for me and my family. Therefore, we have all developed a pretty good sense of taste for things that have junk in them, preservatives (I realize that's not an organic issue) or have been sprayed with anything. Sometimes when I buy strawberries or grapes that are labeled organic, I swear I can taste spray on them. I was wondering if it is perhaps a little field dust that I didn't completely clean off the fruit, or is it possible that I've bought a phony organic? I don't trust very many food manufacturers; I'm a very jaded consumer because I know way too much about all the crap that is added to foods that are then specifically marketed to children. It's unconscionable! Any thoughts on this?
PS My ds asked me to buy him goldfish crackers the other day; I said, "no, they have msg." He said, "But they taste so good in my mouth for five minutes!" I told him he will thank me when he's a healthy old man. He was unconvinced, but good natured about it.
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I thought there were federal rules governing organic now? Yes, I would say it's possible, but doubtful....some conventional growers claim organic produce gets contaminated on the way to market? Sounds doubtful. I would still wash organic produce though...and some vegetables grown in certain soils take on a distinct taste...maybe that's it?
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Clarity: I'm inclined to think it's soil that wasn't cleaned off the fruits. I used to live in a part of California nicknamed the "Salad Bowl of the World" and the crop dusters flew around, DUMPING pesticides like you wouldn't believe. That's one of the many reasons we wholeheartedly embrace organics-only. Thanks for your response.
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can't remember where, but i read an article a few months back that talked about how after doing random testing they found "junk" on many organic items.

the percentage for organic items was pretty low, but still, it was there.

some of the reasons they said was that some organic things don't go through proper testing (i.e. people put them out there knowingly ), and that in some cases, the soil might have been contaminated from previous use.

The conclusion was that even though some organic food does have “junk” in it, it’s still way better than “regular” stuff.

where do you buy from? any way to ask the grower/producer questions?

good for you to make organics a must! we're still working on that. dd is the only one right now getting organics only.
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