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Low iron and anemia...

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Do any of you out there suffer from low iron and/or anemia? If so, would you mind sharing with me your experiences with it? I have had problems for as long as I can remember with low iron but now twice in two years I have become anemic. When I went in for some blood work last week related to my flu, it showed anemia. I am going back the week after next when I am truly well for another check as the doctor said it can be lower when the body is fighting an infection - and then we will discuss iron sumplements (which as tired as I am now are well needed). I will also bring in a stool sample to check for blood as I don't want to worry that that could be a cause -
it is better to just know. The other thing the doctor said is that I am a menstruating vegetarian woman and that can be a cause.

Thanks in advance!
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I suffer from anemia on and off and I do find an iron supplement to be helpful. Just be sure to increase your fiber as constipation can be a problem.

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I have anemia due to pregnancy and just started taking Floradix a week ago. It's a miracle! I got it at the health food store (after recommendations from here) and can't believe how much better I feel. I've taken triple doses of iron supplements in past pregnancy and it never made a difference. I HIGHLY recommend this stuff! I would go with the pill form as I've heard that the liquid doesn't taste great!

Good luck!
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Do you know what the cause of your anemia is?


Thanks for the tip about the floradix pill - the funny thing is that just yesterday a friend here told me about it as well. About four months ago I had my levels checked and needed supplementation so got the liquid stuff. When I cam e back from the doctor this week I checked the bottle and saw that I had only taken about 1/3 of it. I just couldn't keep up with drinking it 2 times a day. Perhaps that contripbuted to my levels getting so low...
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I had just taken a swig of my evening Floradix and thought I'd come here to ask if anyone knows a bulk/cheap source for it? (May I share your thread Carmen?) It does go bad fast so I want only the small bottles, but I would love to buy a bunch at once for cheaper. I love the taste, by the way, especially the first day it's open. And ds takes the little cup and gets the last drips when I'm done. So far I just pick it up at Whole Foods which sells it for $18 I think.
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I looked online to try and find a bulk source and couldn't so please share if you do! Thanks!

I had just read on some other threads that people didn't like the taste. I haven't tasted it myself! I'm glad to hear it's not all that bad!
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My anemia started during one of my pregnancies and my levels never really got back to normal. I also have lupus, although I've never been told that it is directly related.

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I've also struggled with anemia for most of my life. I'm not a vegetarian, but I don't eat much meat. The main reason that I get anemic is because I have very heavy periods caused by a hormonal imbalance and I suffer from malabsorption, so I don't get much of the iron from my food or iron pills. I also have arthrities which I understand contributes to problems with malabsorption and anemia.

There are two kinds of anemia, B12 deficiency anemia and iron deficiency anemia. I suffer from both, so for me a liquid B-complex plus iron supplement is what works best. I use Shaklee. Also, if you get so anemic you feel sick, a B12 shot from your doctor works miracles in a matter of hours.

I'm currently attempting to balance my hormones with supplements and diet so that my perionds won't be so severe. And when I'm really anemic, I eat more foods with iron.

Hope my experiance gives some insight.
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I've always had low iron and low B12 because I don't absorb it from food. I don't absorb B12 from suppliments either, so I get an injection every 4 weeks - it makes a gigantic difference in how I feel.

Supplimenting with iron seems to work for me. Make sure to take it with a good source of Vitamin C for best absorption and increase fiber and water to prevent constipation.

I also learned that using caffeine can block iron absorption in the stomach. When I was hypothyriod and had low iron, I depended on several large coffees every day to just meet the basic minimum functioning requirements. Little did I know, I was doing myself more harm!
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Oh, Mystic, I was afraid of that! I love coffee and don't know how to get any housework done at all without it.
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I agree with taking Floradix - it really does work!
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