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Jan. Mamas Jan. 2-Jan. 8

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Asheville Mama (Sonya): 1/01 with #2, homebirth
Nakagain (Pamela): 1/01 with #3, planning Homebirth
Killick (Nicole): Born 1/01, Will, 7lbs 3 oz, 19.5 in
Lisa2976 (Lisa): 1/03 with #1, planning water/hospital birth
Jee'smom (Keri): 1/04 with #2 (BOY)
Delfina: 1/05 with #2 (BOY), planning VBAC
ccasanova (Cynthia): 1/05 with #4
Zannster (Suzanne): 1/07 with #1 (BOY)
sme (Sheila): 1/07 with #1
embens (Leenie): 1/08 with #4
stacy31(Stacy): 1/8 with #4, homebirth
jhoward: 1/9 with #3
Kimberlytm (Kimberly): 1/09 with #2 (BOY), birthcenter
chickiepickie (Theann): 1/10 with #2
Kirei: 1/10 with #1 (GIRL), hospital waterbirth
mamajessica (Jessica): 1/11
Artemisia (Judith):1/14
Froggie:1/14 with #2 (GIRL), home waterbirth
Mamamaya: Born 12/29, Violet 6lbs 7 oz
Bunches (Mary): Born 12/26, Torin 6 lbs 4 oz 20 in
Chocomoto:1/16 with #3
PamandAbigail: 1/18 with #2
PIOmama: 1/18 with #5
Peace4you (Jen): 1/19 with #1
Nathansmom (norah): BORN 12/20, Zach 6 lbs 8 oz 18 in, Noah 5 lbs 14 oz 17.5 in
Majick1 (Celeste): 1/20 with #3, homebirth
Marysmama (Gen): 1/21 with #2, natural hospital birth
sweetpeasmom (Laura):Born 10/11, Megan 1 lb 11 ozs, 13 in
AmyB: 1/22 with #2, homebirth
Babytime: 1/22 with #2 (GIRL)
Mamabeca (Andy) due 1/22 w/#2 , m/w asstd homebirth.
Zonapellucida (Heidi): 1/23 with #7 (BOY), planned UC
Jwhiskeycat: 1/24 with #1
Flyjawn: 1/25 with #1 (GIRL)
Fromscatteredtribe: 1/26 with #4 (BOY),homebirth
Slygrrl (Kathy): 1/26 with #2, homebirth
sadkitty: 1/27 thru 2/1 with #2, waterbirth at birth center
Proudmom: 1/27 with #2 (GIRL), homebirth
LittleBrownDog (Leigh):1/27 with a girl
Parkersmama (Kristin): 1/27 with #2, hospital VBAC
Human Being (Heidi): 1/28 with #1, homebirth
NadiaSJ (Nadia): 1/28 with #3
Azreial: 1/29 with #2 (GIRL)
HelloKitty (Kitty): 1/30 with #4
icxcnika: late Jan with #2 natural hospital birth
tofumama: late Jan with #3
Jessitron (Jessica): late Jan with #1, homebirth
Zanelee (Jennifer): late Jan with #2
Malama: late Jan with #3
Milk4two (Adria): late Jan with twins
Chiromom (Mar): late Jan with child #3, planning UC
Parthenia: late Jan/early Feb with #2 (still one of us!)
rubysmomjess(Jess): Jan with #2, homebirth

HokieGirl: ? with ? (GIRL)
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Wow! How wonderful...the babies are coming! I imagine, we'll have a birth announcment every day or so now.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Delfina - I hope your induction is going well. Sending positive, natural, birthing vibes your way.

So far, I'm doing pretty well. Sleeping is better now than it was 3 weeks ago and I'm feeling so much more relaxed. I really think it has to do with getting over the 34 weeks milestone. That's when I delivered my dd. Now that I'm 37+ weeks, it's like my body has relaxed and I am at peace.

Good Luck to everyone giving birth this week. I have a feeling that some of us are in labor or giving birth right this very moment. What a magical and miraculous thought!

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It seems the cascade has, indeed, begun! Well, I'll be sitting here preggo for a few more weeks, at least. I can just tell... We had a peaceful and gentle new year and I hope you did too! Good luck P&A, Delfina, and anyone else out there with signs of impending birthing! YAHOO!!!
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Ok mamas, bring on the starting labor vibes! My midwife is back in town, and I'm ready to go! Gosh, the relaxation that came over me when I woke up this morning was amazing.

Poor dh thinks that because I'm due tomorrow, he won't be going in to work. What he doesn't know!! :LOL

I actually feel good enough to go to work myself, but there is already a sub teacher lined up and so much for me to do around here instead. After being a sloth all week I'm ready to do some work! If we can get ourselves organized enough, we might pull up the carpet in the dining room to go out in the trash tomorrow night. If we do that... ooooh how nice, I might actually be able to plan out the kitchen and order the cabinets, and they might actually get put in before summer!

Happy New Year to everyone, and gentle birth vibes to those that are ready!

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well I'm NOT in labor , though I didn't expect I would be.

In the middle of the night last night I was thinking that I've gotten to that place where I'm not all that thrilled with pregnancy anymore. My pelvis is just killing me too much. Yesterday I basted my quilt- i.e. was on the floor, bent over, putting it all together for maybe an hour. The little pain I had before then is now magnified (though I'm not really up and around today to really know how bad it is today). I'm tired of that.

But I honestly think i have another week at least. We'll see though!!!

I hope we hear from Delfina soon- been thinking about her- sure she has her babe by now.

Much Aloha to ALL
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Oh Karen - I do want you to finish your quilt, but not cause you so much discomfort! Try the bed next time, just laying it out and then leaning over the bed instead of down on the floor. I hope you are resting well... I'm feeling the same way. I have really enjoyed this pregnancy so much, it's the last time for me (oh yeah, I'm sure!), and the kicks and prods have been really so special and magical... but too, I'm loving the thought of baby. I do know, though, that once s/he comes, I will miss the quiet time while dd is playing on her own and I can zone into the computer or cook or rest. Sigh. Is there no winning!? Well - it's time to go get some cooking stuff at the s-market and get something on the road here. Take care and be gentle!!! Andy
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well I'm not trying to finish my quilt... but I did want to have it basted- and no, needs to be on the floor so i can tape the backing taut.... I will have some time to start quilting it, but i'm not worried about not finishing it- I'll be thrilled if the baby comes before then!

BUT, my dh had the audacity this am to say I can control when the baby comes!!! I keep saying I have a couple of things I want to do before it comes and he thinks that'll keep it from coming..... keeps saying there are more things i can do to encourage it--- ARGH!! now of course he's got the kids on it with him!

This is for sure my last pregnancy. Heck, before I got pregnant I was sure I wasn't going to have anymore. BUT, he's getting snipped in a few months. IF, and it's a big if, we have more kids, they will be adopted. I am DONE with pregnancy.
That's not to say I'm not enjoying all of the pokes and prods.... they are so special and I KNOW that babies are a lot easier to care for inside. But today I looked at some old photos of my boys when they were younger and i felt so wistful- I know I'm ready. C'mon BABY!
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40 weeks tommorow

And I know i'm gonna be depressed!
Why you ask, b/c I have had tons of Bracton-Hicks and no signs of labor and it's tearing my emotions apart.
I love both of my kids dearly but I WANT A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ds is a big boy for the most part, he wants to be independant.
He weaned himself at 12 months exactly!
I am so missing bfding!
Sorry to be a bummer!
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Hey Jessi,
complain away!!! we're the only ones who can relate to your feelings! Your baby will come for sure!

I am dying to hold a baby too! I held a 3 month old the other day- she was so smiley and fun....I can't wait. It's been years since I've had my own....
lots of B/H are good- getting you ready.

You'll be holding your baby soon!
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Jesi, go ahead and complain, I'm 40 weeks tomorrow too, and nothing is going on here!

Ok 2nd and more time mommies, here's a question for you - the evil stabbing baby has scissors in there pains in my cervix have quieted waaaay down in the last few days, and instead, in the late afternoon and sometimes before bed, I instead have that opening/squishy feeling you get as a warning the day before your period starts. Of course there is NOTHING there, no plug, no show, no discharge, but if I were to visualize life as my cervix, I'd say it's the closest thing to feeling the amniotic sac squishing out. It doesn't seem to match up with babe movement, it doesn't hurt, it feels like a water balloon just being squeezed. I'm perplexed!

Seeing midwife on Weds. maybe I'll ask her to check. Or maybe not. Baby and I have struck a deal, as long as s/he agrees to be swift and gentle, s/he can stay in for 12 more days. Poor DH is pouting because he's been off work for 2 weeks and wants to stay home another 2, but I'm sending him back tomorrow. I actually feel pretty good myself, I could probably go to work tomorrow, but I'm not! I'm staying right here, I'm going to see if I can't make a mess in the remodel of the kitchen.

Hang tight mamas, the babes are coming! One after another, they'll all be here before we know it.

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Jessi - I know you are ON your due date tomorrow - but remember that 70% of babies are born AFTER their due date. So no need to sweat it out. I actually timed my b/h's yesterday and they were 20 apart on the nose for over an hour. They are strong, I can feel the contraction right up into my throat (tight, and a little bitter tasting), but I don't have any signs of labor yet. Since I'm not due until the 22nd and I really wouldn't mind having the baby anytime after my parents are out of the country (26th Jan.) I'm gunna hang in there...but BOY would it be great to have a baby in my sling! I miss nursing, too. We nursed for 2 yrs, which ended an unbelievable 4 yrs ago... amazing how quickly it has flown. I do look forward to it, too. Hang in there mamas - think good vibes about flowers blooming, water cascading, and be good to yourselves. And Karen - tell dh that you have about as much control over having this baby as he does over not farting for the next 72 hrs. See how long HE lasts! HA!
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True, all but 1-5 of my mom's were on thier due date, and all the rest were late.
My sister by almost a month!
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I'm new to the boards- Not sure what took me so long to get over here! I subscribed to Mothering a few months ago. I'm due 1/27 with a girl (our first child). Looking forward to hearing all of your birth stories, they are all so inspiring! Good luck everyone!

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Originally Posted by mamabeca
And Karen - tell dh that you have about as much control over having this baby as he does over not farting for the next 72 hrs. See how long HE lasts! HA!

Thanks for that!

Lisa- wish I knew what that squishy feeling you're referring to is- I don't think I've experienced that pre-period. But change in feeling is always a good sign, IMO. But like Andy said, many many babies are born AFTER their due dates- which are ESTIMATIONS. So hang in there and enjoy your pregnancy! (and you're lucky you're feeling GOOD!)

Welcome Leigh!
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i think i have that same squishy feeling especially after i pee and i stand up and stretch. i think it is just extra fluids that are a lovely part of the end of pregnancy. part of it for me i think might be that i don't do enough kegels and i am a little squishy with less muscle tone in my vagina. i'm not going to go crazy, but i figure i should try to focus on that. i keep waiting for the musuc plug too, but mine doesn't usually come until the labor is going strong. i thought i was leaking amniotic fluid one week and had my midwife come over with the litmus paper to test the fluids. i just sort of stuck the strip of paper in the opening of my vagina and got a negative on the fluid.

i am getting a little anxious even though i am only in my 37th week. ds3 was born at 38.5 weeks, and each child has been ten days earlier than the one before (41.5 weeks, 40 weeks, 38.5 weeks) so why not this one on wednesday? i also have a conflicting desire to have my final baby (dh had a vasectomy in october) be over 10 pounds. my others were 9lbs12.5oz, 8lbs6.5oz and 9lbs8oz . i might need to wait until forty weeks to get this baby up to that weight, and i have only gained 8 pounds this pregnancy...measuring a few centimeters big but he might not make that 10 pound mark.

dh is STILL working at least 70 hours a week (day job and night-weekend job) so i am alone a lot. i think i want to have that baby so someone will come around and clean up my kids' mess for me and i can lay down. sad...huh? i'm usually out and about day two pp anyway, so dh doesn't need to take much time off, just a day or two from the day job and a few nights maybe.....my youngest (2) is very very clingy...i think he KNOWS it will be soon...poor little nursling!

i look forward to hearing birth stories soon. i know it seems like forever, but no one holds the door or gets a shopping cart for a lady with a baby in a sling like they do for a pregnant woman.
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Thanks for the replies... I'm not actually feeling any extra fluid, discharge, moisture, anything... I wish I had a better way to explain what it is like - I have the sensation of there being discharge, but higher up, but there never is, not a drop. I've also had no sign of anything else, no BH, no cramps in the last week, nothing. It's kind of odd, as my other pg board the girls are screaming about how bad their BHs are, how awful they feel, and I'm just the opposite. Can't complain about feeling good though!

For the first time since we got married, DH just went to bed before me... which is odd too, except I know he has to go to work at 6:30 and I've been sleeping in the last few weeks.

Take care, I'll be back tomorrow, I'm sure! Going to finish a tv show (ack! the tv!) and snack and then off to bed.

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scattered tribe- I LOVE that you want a big baby! The midwife i work with loves big babies. She had 4 of her own, and the biggest was 12 lbs. wow! The largest I had the priveledge of attending was 11lbs4oz for a first time mama. There have been a bunch in the 10+ lb range and they come out looking so Undelicate. Woo hoo!

I know mine won't be that big. My ds#1 was 7.15 at 42 weeks and the next was 6.7 at 38 weeks. This baby feels bigger than the last- and I bet it's 8 lbs or so. I'm a small woman though. And frankly, it'll just be nice to have it out, so at this point I don't care!
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lisa, I NEVER had BH contractions that I noticed with my first three pregnancies and my sister recently had her first and never felt them either (she figured out once the labor started that she probably had mild ones throughout). anyway don't fret. my labors were not long and like i said i dod not feel any BH at all.

malama-- my big babies have one disadvantage--ever had anyone take your one month old and do that toss up in the air kind of thing, where they are looking up and put the baby over their head? kind of scary! i have to remind our friends that our baby is really young because he looks like a six month old from the beginning. i love the fat little rolls, though, yum yum!!!
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Hi mamas
I have been enjoying reading......not posting much though since I don't have much good to report( Even I am bored by my mental illness at this point....). My anxiety/panic still consumes me most days & nights. I continue to take my remedies which keep me functioning at a low level but not so well that I can do much but lay around.

My kids spend most of their time with my mom as the pressure of taking care of them seems to raise the anxiety level greatly. Please understand that this is NOT the kind of person I am. This is so hard for me. I keep thinking I can just "knock it off" but my MW's assure me it is hormonal & PTSD from Henry's birth which will all feel better after this babe arrives. I have new appreciation & sympathy for those that suffer with this on a daily basis. The other night I felt quite certain that it would be better if I did not want to wake up in the morning rather than live thru another day of my brain flying 300 MPH. I even met with a woman that does healing breath work to see if she could work thru some of this with me but after all was said & done I felt no change.

My due date is in 5 days so I continue with prayer so that I can keep it together until then & after if I must. I have an appointment Tues. I am not going to get an internal because I just want to wait until the baby is ready in hopes that labor & birth will go more smoothly.

Thanks for all the good thoughts.......I am always happy to read your posts & of course the baby announcements! HOW EXCITING!!. You are all such brave & positive women. I was one of you once....I am hoping this birth will restore me to that!

Wishing you all a lovely peaceful night of sleep!!!
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Oh, I LOOOOOVE fat juicy babies. Mine don't come out all big, but they get fat fast. I can't wait.
I hope my milk is as fatty as with the other two and this one is a big roly poly too!

And that sounds scary- throwing around a one month old- ack!!!
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