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YEAH Tofu!!! Congratulations!!! It sounds like a wonderful birth - plse post more about it when you find the time...which may be about 11 yrs. from now ha! I hope you are all enjoying the baby-moon. Lotsa hugs, andy
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Congrats Tofumama!!

Welcome Max :

Enjoy your babymoon!!!
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I got your nice note today, with an escaped bead WHat's up with the PO??? I sent all the beads and a few yesterday and one letter came back saying it needs more postage..... never got that with any of the others.
Go figure.

Have a great day everyone. My baby is bouncing today
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So many posts to catch up on. I'm going to try and check in more often, since it looks like I am done with work!!! Thank god. I work my first full day in over two weeks yesterday and it just about killed me. I was up until 11pm crying becuase I was in so much pain from sitting all day. I had a mw appointment today and said to take the week off and we'll see from there but she didn't see much point of my going back to work at 38 weeks. Last night was rough, dh told me that I need to get the mw to ok my stopping work becuase of how much pain I was in. And he has been the one encouraging me to stay as long as possible. He's been my cheerleader, I don't think I could have made it this long working with out him. He's been doing so much and since I came home from work yesterday, he's been doing so much more. We ran a bunch of errands today and the only thing I carried into the house was a paper bag with some tea in it. Poor guy made a few trips out in the snow/ice mixture to carry up all the crap. I feel bad I hate being so useless.

On the slings. We got 2 hotslings, 1 for me and 1 for dh, a ringsling for me (taylormade sling) and a ergo for dh. When dh's hotsling came he "tested it out" with our bichon. The dog loved it. He was walking all around the house with her in it, until ds saw and said something about how Emma (the dog) really liked her new carrier. THe dog was promtly removed and the pouch put away : with explainations that it was for the baby not the dog
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Wow! This thread is insane - I couldn't even catch up all the way!

Just chiming in to say congrats to Tofu and embens!!!! Sounds like everything went great - can't wait to hear the details.

We have a
hotsling too. I think we got the antionette fabric. Its so beautiful, but a little too big, hopefully Violet will grow into it. I 've been using one that a mama from LLL handmakes - its really pretty hawaiian fabric, and its padded and uber comfy. I had never used a padded sling before and I'm really liking it.

Malama - I got your bead. Thank you I got yours too, Andy, but there was a little bead escape pod in the envelope. Somewhere in the USA our little bead is having an adventure, lol.

Take care all...
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Congratulations to embens and tofumama!!

I returned the pvc shower curtain. I'm going to use a tarp and some old plastic tablecloths.
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I agree that this site is insane! I think now that we are all getting time off from work, family etc., we are finding a little time for ourselves. It's a lot easier to do this than to natter on the phone or go a-visiting. Had the sprinkle today, it was really okay, since MD didn't come. Not too many people, since the weather is pretty horrible, already like 6" and still falling like rain out there! Poor dh will be blowing snow again tonight (that's the third time today!).

Well, NOONE got my beads so far, which is SO disapointing. :-( I actually thought for one moment that someone at the PO is pushing the little devils right out of the packaging, because I really wrapped them up in the tissue paper before stuffing them into envelopes... arrgh. I am going to go out and get different envelopes and try again on Monday...hang in there ladies...more beads are a-comming! I got the return on TWO enve's for more postage, but not on the rest, which is SO weird. It's like some third world country where you can't actually count on the po working at ALL... and if it does you count yourself lucky! Oh well.

I have a head cold (although the last one was over two months ago, I feel like...AGAIN!?) and I'm going to try sleeping early again because I did manage to get about 9 hrs. last night (broken up, but better than nothing!) and felt better in the AM. Feeling poorly now, though, so probably off pretty soon. Dh and dd did manage to ski today, and enjoyed it tremendously. It's been nice having the house to myself for a few hours, but it was nice to see them safely home, too. Ahhhh.

Probably be back around 2am EST, so enjoy your evening and I'll chat with you more later! Caio, Andy
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Originally Posted by tofumama
Just wanted to update...
Max Richard was born on 1/4/05 after 3 wks of pre-term labor. He was7lbs 6oz. and 21 inches. It was a beautiful, unmedicated birth, and dh delivered him. He's doing well and I am on cloud 9!
Congratulations! Welcome little Max :
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I'm back after a long day in town :
I'm tired but we're supposed to go to friend's house for dinner and hot tub tonight. If not for the meal, I'd stay home, but who wants to cook??? certainly not I!!

andy- glad your shower went ok, sans mom. i've been actually missing my mom, but she's coming in 2 weeks. she said i should make a list of what food I want her to cook when she comes.... right on mom! of course, last i saw her she told me she didn't like cooking here and i said, no cooking, no grandbabies to come visit good she got the "hint"

dh wants to shlep to the beach on the other side of the island tomorrow so he can go diving. I want to be there, but don't know if i want to sit in the car for 1+ hours. I told him i'd probably go and he says, so what if you went into labor there. So i said we'd come home. What did you think???? and he says, well maybe you'd just want to have the baby there..... ugh. Iknow it sounds romantic and all, but not my cuppa tea. He got a punch for that one.
That was one of many inane comments he made today.... can you tell i'm wound a little tight?!?!? maybe it means I'm close (i.e. wishful thinking!)

If we're home, I'll look for you andy at 2 am your time, LOL!
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so sad...today i realized that i never talk to this baby. i make his brothers say hi and dh tell him to come out healthy and strong, but i am either too busy or too tired and once all the boys fall asleep i am using all my energy to stay awake waiting for dh to come home from second job. the poor baby might never come out if he hears all the commotion and craziness and never hears his mama telling him she's anxious to see his face...........

i keep hoping each set of bh will be it, even though i'm not even 38 weeks. i should be more realistic. i just figure there's no reason to get worked up. i'll KNOW eventually if it is labor. Last time though I was at about 6cm, still feeling no pain, and still telling dh to stay in arizona and i'd be fine in chicago with the kids. what if I don't GET it and I end up here without dh again and this time no midwife or help? i should be so lucky to have two painless labors in a row, huh? i think he's still posterior anyway, so back labor is likely....uggh

i need some cookie dough ice cream, and to go tell this baby i love him.
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I realized the same thing awhile ago and then thought that I'm the one up in the middle of the night with the baby while it pokes and prods. It's connected with me ane feels my joys and all..... and that's as good as talking to it....
only recently I've been telling it to come out and how great it'll be.

all you need to do is remind your baby of how much love he'll get from you on the outside.... he'll feel it.
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Once again, the burps have won over the pillows. I just can't seem to get rid of the flux enough to sleep through the night. By 1am it's just ugly and I try and try to sleep, for over an hour sometimes, tonight I gave up after 45 minutes. I figured Oh well! So I'm here. I'm going to make some tea and come back and write more.
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Malama - I hate to mention it, but your dh is getting somewhat of a reputation for less than, um ... sensitive... comments! Lolipop? Birth on the beach? You have control? Ok, I understand a little kidding around now and again, but woah - this man needs to slow down! Well, know that you have complete support and understanding here, anyway! It would be so great if I, too, had a mama that would come and do a little cooking and nurturing...but I just didn't get that mama. I guess I got what I needed? I'm glad that you will really enjoy having your mom there, not missing here like you do now. Two weeks with hschooling, sun, rain, sleeping, cooking, tripping around the island etc etc etc. will go by really fast. and CONGRATULATIONS on your quilt! That's GREAT!

The shower was ok, pretty classic in form - it could have been 1955 instead of 2005. My neighbor was kind enough to throw it together for me, cooked some great food, made a cake and a sherbert punch, and I really appreciate her intentions and attentions. If it isn't what I would have chosen, it is at least something wonderfully meant just for me and this baby. I got a whole parade of things that had NOTHING to do with the list I generated... huh? But some were cute/useful, so it wasn't a total wash. I'll return some of them (the hallmark album, more socks than a baby could possibly wear, even in winter in NY! etc.), and maybe find something more useful. I did get some stuff on my list, which is great (highchair that attaches to the table, ear thermometer, Weleda baby cream, hall gate)! The good news is that only ONE person asked my due date, noone asked about names, and only one conversation occurred (with a bunch of ladies) about the gender. So all in all it was pleasant and rather fruitful.

thanks Chiro for filling us in on your crew! It DOES sound awfully busy, but, too, it sounds like you have a great plan of action that you and your kids all enjoy! It must be both fun and stimulating for them to have regular playmates that they know so well. And yeah, a nice break for mom, too!

Yesterday (friday) dh mentioned that bananas were the thing to eat if you had indigestion (which kind - too high or too low of stomach acid?). I tried it last night and it seemed to work well, so I'm trying again tonight. Although usually by 3am the burpies have settled somewhat anyway...I hope this doesn't mean baby will come out with the burpies big time! Dd was unusually NOT a burpy/pukey kid, she really held down her food well. I guess only time shall tell, eh!?

I haven't had much in the way of b/h of note since the other night. I've noticed them occasionally, but not with the kind of intensity that was happening on Thursday night. I'm still processing that one! I figure all it tells me is that I'm more than likely in the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy...as if I hadn't figured that one out already (at 38 1/2 wks)!? Not too helpful, but it's good to know that things are getting ready down there. I tried to feel my cervix to se if it's thin or open at all, but I couldn't really feel anything - didn't really know what to feel for. No little nobbly things, but maybe it's higher up? I tried...

I must agree with Karen that although we don't always find time to 'talk' to the babies in us, they are hearing our voices all day long, and they know who we are instinctively - they are still so much a part of our minds and bodies for a long time after birth, that they can't help but be aware of their part in our lives. They just don't process it that way. Gratitude isn't something that comes naturally to most toddlers... HA! but seriously, don't sweat the little moments mamas. You think more about these babies than you realize, and I think that counts as much as talking!

Ok, tea is done, banana eaten, eyes are burning, and I may go try out the bed in the baby's room...see how cold it is in there. Dh still hasn't adjusted the heat registers upstairs - ugh. Anyway, hope everyone had a good night, Karen enjoyed a free dinner and maybe some good company, and I'll chat with you tomorrow. Lotsa , andy
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We attended a goat birth tonight

Well we got to our friend's house and learned that their goat was in labor (damn.... thought it was MY turn!). We ate a delicious dinner and then the kid started to come. We all went out and the kid's hooves and part of head were out and still in the caul. Two little pushes later and the whole goat was out. It was sooooo cute and moving. I'm sure I was the only one there with tears in her eyes!!! THe mama goat licked the baby clean for a long time. Very sweet. We left them alone for awhile and then the owner did help the kid find the mama's teats. It was kinda looking lost before that. I left before the placenta was born. They were all getting concerned that it hadn't come yet, but you can't tug on it.... so they're waiting and seeing. I wonder if people herbs will work on a goat...... hmmmm

Andy, sorry to see you up again in the middle of the night-- guess you're getting ready!!! My dh is really great. I've been only writing about the "negative" things he's been saying, but those are a few comments in the midst of many many nice ones. He's been incredibly supportive and though he gets frustrated at my lack of brain function (who wouldn't!), he's just great. Even when I bark at him to do things, he does them because he knows i can't ..... i think it's

I did get in a nice hot tub after the amazing and inspiring goat birth, and now I'm hoping for a wonderful night's rest. I have some new pics to share- have to make them a more reasonable size first- waiting for dh to set soemthing up on my puter.

Oooh, baby seems like it's trying to jump out of my stomach. It can push it out SOOOOO far sometimes. It's amazing to me that my skin can stretch so far and not burst. truly amazing is pregnancy!
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Hey everyone!

Karen, that's so cool about the goat birth. I'd be tearing up right beside you.... especially with all of these darn pregnancy hormones!

Andy, I hope you are sleeeeeeping!! I'm glad that the shower was ok, and that you weren't inundated with repetitive "where's the baby?" comments. I've only had ONE this pregnancy so far, from a clerk at Burger King (guess that serves me right for feeding Baby french fries & Coke.... )

Yesterday I had the most incredible amount of pressure/pain in my pelvis. Honestly, I could barely get up from a seated position. If I was on the floor, it was so difficult to get up! I'm not sure what the heck was going on, but today is thankfully less intense. Oh, and last night was night #2 with some contractions when I was going to sleep! Last night's didn't go on as long (only 2, maybe 3 ctx), but they were MUCH more intense... hmmmm... figure I'm going to have a middle of the night baby??

I bought 2 little things to "wear" to the birth yesterday! I know, silly... I've been there before, and I know that I didn't give a hoot what I was wearing at the time! But for some reason it was important to me right *now*, so I found a cute tank & pair of "boy" shorts, and also a little nightie, depending on what I feel like. I had to laugh at myself as I was getting them, but what can you do?

Ok, little miss is asking for breakfast, so I guess that's it from me right now!
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Oh, and I've received 2 beads so far!! Thanks Heidi & Andy ~ they're gorgeous & I already feel the Mama-vibes
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Good morning ladies! Kathy - sounds like little No.2 is doing the engage don't engage thing typical of second+ babies. They don't necessarily stay engaged, so don't get to feeling like they should. they are on a well trod path, so it's easier for them to figure out where to go when the time comes. I'm glad it feels more comfortable today! Karen - with dd, we turned down the hot tub to acceptable levels and I LOVED LOVED LOVED being in it pregnant. I really miss it this time round, and to be honest, I am NOT a small person, and the bathtub just doesn't cut it. Big bump and knees and boobs sticking out all over the place...ffffffrrrrreeeeezing!

this a.m. I found out that a friend of mine (not a young man, but a good friend nonetheless) died yesterday. Sigh. I suppose it is hope for the future, as well as sadness at his passing that I feel/felt last night. I woke at the usual time, but felt this real need to stay close to my family. I cuddled back into the bed with dh and his aponea breather and the zillion pillows and became tiny and warm (except for the big bump, which remained big). when I found out about Tank this morning, I wasn't at all surprised, although I cried a lot. He's in Zimbabwe, where I used to live, so it's pretty lonely being the only one around for like 10,000 miles that knew him...

Dh and dd put the bedskirt on the bed in the baby's room, so today I will take some pictures. It's looking ok in there... not quite what I was reaching for, but it looks ok. I'm pretty hungry right now, so I'm off to have something to break my fast. Hope everyone else is having a great day today (milder weather all around, I think)! Andy
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Andy, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Death is a tough one. You experience the loss, but also look to the future. It is a hard one.

No cold here. It is a nice day. My sister and niece are still visiting, so ds is having a built in playmate. My mom and Great-grandfather are stopping by to visit as well today.

The house is a bit of a disaster, so I hope the baby waits a bit to come. Then again, it would be nice if my sister was still here to help with everything. I guess we shall see...

Met with mw today. Everything looks good. I met her partner. She is fine. I like my mw and her apprentice better, but it isn't a big deal...

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Our Sunday Night DRess Rehearsal

Well, maybe it's because dd had a nap, and dh and i tried some of the natural induction menthods involving prostaglandin and oxytocin. We got a lot prepared for the baby this weekend, so maybe things were just ready. At 7:15 last night I started having surges, actually duringa hypno script. First they were five minutes, so I kept making spicy tacos while sipping some raspberry tea (it has some raspberyy leaves in it, but they're low on the list). But 8:30 they were 2 minutes apart and I had trouble speaking during them, so we called the mw and my sister. The mw arrived some time after 9, checked me out, etc. I was 2-3 cm but not effaced. I decided to hop in the tub around 11, (i'd tried to do another script, but dd protested, and she knows how to operate the cd player, which happens to be hers, so instead of "deepening' I got "the rocky road to dublin", from her cd of pub music!) while waiting for my sister to come over and take dd for a drive to put her to sleep. Unfortuantely, dd loves my sister, and her arrival did not have the soothing effect we'd hoped for. The tub felt great, but things seemed to slow down, and I was getting sleepy, so we decided it'd be best to go to sleep and wait for things to pick up. We sent the mw home, sis and dd got back with dd wide awake, and I got out of the tub, at about 12.
Well, bedtime with dd is often a struggle, and right now she seems to be transitioning out of having a nap, so her naps end up being late in the day/evening, plus when my sis comes over, she won't go to bed. So, sparing the gruesome details, I had to nurse her twice, and we still didn't get to sleep till about 2 am. When I went to bed, I was having surges porbably every 5 minutes. Sometime while I slept, they completely went away. The mw had told dh that she thought if dd would go to sleep (this was at 10-ish), that I'd go further into labour, but we had such a problem getting her to sleep!
So anyway, no baby yet.
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hugs to you. i'm definitely feeling for you. i had to nurse ds1 while in labor with ds2 and ds2 while in labor with ds3, but it is all a little hazy. i definintely remember having a strong urge to have them peacefully at rest while my body did the work. you know there is a new thread as of yesterday? maybe they'll be more empathy coming from the new space. i wish you the best.
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