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to be fair they LOOKED much older than one month.

babies (little and big for their age) are always safer in slings, i think
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Bored.. bored.. bored. Going to the mall, it's ugly and rainy here. The mall is one of my least favorite places to go, yet it seems so very appealing today.

Called into work, the principal I talked with told me "That baby is no fool, it's cold out here!" Weather guys are calling for another ice storm this week, so it should be fun.

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Hi Mama's! It is so great to read your check in's each week. I can't believe how many babes we will have born here this month! It's totally incredible. I am feeling pretty well, just a little anxious about the babe's position...
I had some strong BH's earlier in the week and the baby moved. I am not sure what position it is in now, after 6 weeks of LOA (for the OFP/baby spinning people!). I am scared that it is in some wierd breech position and I just can't tell. I have been on my hands and knees, doing pelvic tilts, etc. to get the baby to move, but it really seems to be "stuck" in this odd position. I have a midwife appt tomorrow, so maybe she can help. Reading about all of the babies that are here reminds me that however he/she arrives, it will be wonderful. And that really helps me to let go some of my fears of not having a "perfect natural birth".
Stacey, I hope that you do feel some relief soon. I am amazed that you continue to be so strong everyday. Remember that about yourself .
Leigh, Welcome! Have fun here at MDC!
Take care ladies!
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Hey Lisa - you go right ahead and send that nasty storm MY way--- keep my darn mother in NYC. Please??? Baby shower is this weekend coming (gulp). Well, is anyone else eating soy cheese pizza with banana? I think my stomach has completely flipped out. I keep thinking the strangest food combinations will taste good. Actually the pizza thing wasn't too bad. I didn't heat the banana, just the pizza. Anyway, I had such a terrible sleep last night (dh came to bed at about 1am, dd came in at 3, dh had to get up for work at 5, dd at 6:40 for school, and I peed twice in there) - I slept from 8:30am until 12 noon! I feel quite refreshed! I'm going to clean today; laundry, vacuum, dust and one bathroom. Then library with dd and maybe some more cooking. I made two shepard's pies for the freezer (and one for dinner) yesterday and still have some food left to cook for today and tomorrow. Am I nesting?! The baby's room is FINALLY really done - except for the crib that's still in pieces. I moved stuff around and finally decided to put the changing table (the actual real deal, not every other surface in the house that will be used as a changing table!) downstairs near the kitchen and LR. We're going to have 2 diaper pails (which I have also finally organized, having to replace both of them with a new dog food container and garbage pail respectively), one upstairs and one downstairs. Dh has agreed to this, and he's the one who has to schlep them to the basement to unload them, so...I'm happy! Once the crib is up, the birth supplies will go in to it, just for easy access storage, and THEN I will take a couple of pics for you. I really do love the room. Ok, better get my butt vacuuming, or it may not happen. And please think SNOW IN ALBANY SNOW IN ALBANY LOTS OF SNOW IN ALBANY for me... tnx!
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Andy you crack me up! So, I'm thinking you don't want your mom to visit?!?! lol!

We're stormy here too. There's snow on the mountains- yes, we do have snow in Hawaii- there are 2 mountains on the Big Island that are 13K+ feet and they get snow! Usually we go and play when there's a big storm, but I'm not up for it, and I heard there are hurricane force winds up there.

I'm sleeping much better these days as I decided to move out of our bed and into our guest bed which is a king waterbed. It's hard to get in and out, but feels much better on my hips and stuff. And dh isn't interested in sleeping there because the cats have been using it, so it's ALL mine. Woo hoo. He'd been staying up late and playing computer games in bed (i.e. click, click, click, click) and keeping me up after my myriad trips to the bathroom, so i'm pleased with this arrangement. After baby comes I'll come back to our bed.

I cleaned and vacuumed out my car today and dh said "are you planning to birth in there?" ha. the thing was disgusting and he's making fun of me-- seems to be his favorite pastime these days.

mamajessica, I hear you on the baby position. Mine has been ROA or ROT forever. It hasn't been on the left ever- not the whole pregnancy. It kinda worries me, but then what can I do- I've been doing all the "right" positions and it's still there. So that's what's gonna be.

I had a dream the other night that the baby was a girl. This is after my older son (who had begged for a sister) was telling people that he really doesn't want the baby to be a girl. At a party the day before, a 10 year old, who he has grown up with had a girlfriend there with her and they were being typically girl mean to him- really hurt his feelings. He's not feeling all that positive about the female sex right now. Poor thing.

OK. procrastinating. Better get on my next nesty task.
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Wow, this thread (and its predecessors) have been busy while I was away on vacation. I think I'm finally caught up. Congrats to Mamamaya and Violet!

Malama, my DH has the same video-game clicking habit. Why do all mice have to make that clicking sound? why don't they make them silent? and keyboards too! Think how much more peaceful offices would be without the clickety-clack.

Andy, I'm looking forward to those nursery pictures.

All of the posts have made me feel better about my minor complaints. A week or two ago, on the day of our 10-hour car trip, the swelling finally started. It's been gradually worse each day since. Now my fingers are fat and my feet are fat and my lips are even a little puffy. Boo hoo! My fingers hurt.

BUT no heartburn, and I can eat anything I want, and my hips and pelvis have hurt less since I figured out to sleep with a fat pillow between my legs all the way up to the crotch instead of just between my knees and ankles. It holds the legs farther apart, where the hips want to be lately, and the pain is less.

We have a new king-sized bed - and the mattress store sold us a waterproof cover for it (ostensibly for the 6-week satisfaction guarantee, but a great idea for the birth). You might want to try Mattress Giant (was it Andy looking for one?) for a cover that doesn't stink. It's quite thin and doesn't crinkle. It wasn't cheap.

I've taken up knitting, and in less than two weeks have knitted a hat and a third of a baby blanket. The hat didn't turn out too well. The learn-to-knit book (from Little Turtle Knits) said "don't worry about guage; you can always find a head to fit the hat." If any of you know a kid with a really wide, flat head, then I have a hat for you.

This past Saturday was supposed to be my 36-week on-location (my house) visit with the midwife, but she was sick. She hasn't called yet, so I don't know what to do for this swelling other than drink a ton of water.

Almost term here, and almost ready to go. How exciting that it is our due month! The birth announcements are coming, and soon, the birth stories - goodie!
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i think swelling CAN be a sign of preeclampsia, but most of us get a little swollen (my legs are not my feet and my fingers have shrunk the last two pregnancies).

what I do to make myself feel better on the weeks that my midwife is not visiting is to make sure i don't have any bad headaches and to get my blood pressure tested a couple of times at the machines at target or walgreens, etc. it makes me feel better to know whether it's a sign of something more serious.

mostly, though, i think YOU know yourself and your baby best. Fetal movement is a very important indicator and your INSTINCT is too.

best wishes.
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Jessi - how's your salt? Sometimes swelling can be because you don't have enough salt in you...

Andy, you can have the storm all you want. I like snow, but this looks to be one ugly ice storm instead.

Ok so xmas break officially ended last night, and my maternity leave started today, and it's SUCH a mental difference. I'm bored! And I miss work. I made a lunch date with my little brother for some arabic food tomorrow, and it's near school, my plan is to sneak in and pick something up while my kids are at lunch, and say hi to my coteacher and aide.

Did some mega-returning at the mall, told Dh I earned him $140 back. Found a sweater I was looking for as well.. have been on the eternal hunt for a newborn sweater that wasn't girly.

And for tonight's excitement, we're going to tear out the carpet in the dining room. Woohoo!!!!

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Popularity poll

Ok, I think this babe is finally head down (at least most of the movement is up at the top of my belly, and it feels like two legs, one on either side). If that's the case, and thekid is sensitive/adverse to touch from outside (aversion problems already), is it wise to let the midwife get her hands on there and feel around at tomorrow's visit? Could this stimulate baby to turn again? I can't honestly tell whether there is a left/right thing happening, if I had to guess, I'd guess it's back is to my back, facing out front. Not a good position, but with a few weeks left and some prodding, the babe might still turn to present normally. If not, I've done the posterior thing already. Delivered dd sunnyside up and although difficult, it was possible without too much intervention. SO what's your opinion?

a) do not let midwife get in there
b) let mw feel around gently
c) let her do whatever she feels she needs to do.

My appointment is early, 8am tomorrow morning, so get the votes in early for me! Thanks!!! Andy

Ps - ice? I'd take FIRE storms at this point! I'm truly dreading the parental visit . She is emotionally brutal, and at this stage, me crying at radio commercials, it's really not going to be easy...I'm planning on napping a lot (lol!)
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PS - my opinion on swelling is that if it gets gradually worse all day/night until your feet are up, and reduces again during the night so that by the AM you are sort of normalish, it's pretty normal. There is WAY more fluid in your body now than 6 months, or even 3 months ago - let's not even bring pre-pregnancy into the picture. You are right to drink inordinate amounts of water, herbal tea, etc. It'll keep your body from holding the water in. Some swelling is to be expected, and it's not the same for all ladies. Be your own best judge, and listen to your care-givers. They are supposed to CARE! My own rings came off about 2 wks ago, but I haven't gained more than about 20 - 25 lbs, have no other symptoms and normal bp (also done at Target)...so I'm not worried.
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Mamabeca~~~I would let the MW feel around gently.......at least give you an idea about where the baby is. At least then you know your efforts have helped which will inspire you to keep going! I go tomorrow too......thought I might have missed this one due to BIRTH!:LOL
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andy, I seriously doubt your baby will turn breech again at this point. Generally when you get in the high 30's of weeks, they don't have the space to make such a big turn (though don't quote me on that ).

Maybe you can express your concerns to your mw when you see her-- tell her you feel like the baby is esp sensitive to touch and that you're a little concerned about her feeling it. I'm sure she can be gentle. It's hard as a mw to NOT feel the baby. We spend a lot of time feeling and communicating with them. I like to feel connected with those babies- and the way to do so from the outside is to feel around. But, you know your baby best, and are the only one who knows what's best for him/her. I know that I'd probably want to confirm that it's head down though.
Does that help at all???

Jessica, re: the swelling. Some swelling is normal. A 10 hour car drive is A LOT for a super pregnant woman. Salting your food to taste is good- also are you getting enough protein? It makes a big difference. It's hard to tell what's going on via email- it's always good to check in with your mw if your concerned about something.
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Andy, if you get this by morning, I'm in the gently poke around group. The nudge my midwife gives to my belly is far less than I put it through, so I think you'll be ok!

Sending snowy icy keep mother away vibes at you!

Can't sleep.. not sure why, just can't. But hey, we don't have any more dining room carpet!!!

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Hi, I am being an insomniac and posting at way-to-late-o'clock. I am not sure what to say, glad to see yo back jessitron, I wondered where you went since you were a frequest poster, and didn't get in on the bead thing....I mailed mine out and felt like I sould send you one. If you want t oge tin on it PM me and I'll send you a blessing. I think you are the same age as me and having your first, due same time, and live near alot of my family so you seem familiar, I guess. By the way, I agree with malama, swelling sounds normal after long drive. I also see that after a big tamari/soy sauce night like chinesse food or pizza. Almost all cases of "could it be preeclampsia swelling" that resolve by the next week are pizza or chinesse food related in my practice. Drink lots as you said you are, get your feet up, and drink dandelion tea. One or two cups a day...will give you ankles again.

Lisa, hope the storm stays clear.
Mamabeca (?) -snow, snow, or call and cancel! Unwelcome house guests (even wlecome ones) keep labor at bay....you don't need stress...
Malama-whats the quilt look like?
ANd for who ever wants a mattress cover, if you have time to mail order---

Good news on my front, I am Group B strep negative. Yeah! I do test and do IV's at home in my practice and would have done that for me. Glad it's a non-issue....

Otherwise, I still have a dresser being finished, a broken washing machine and broken dishwasher holding up my nesting. I will be glad whe nthe house can get in order, for now will focus on getting offic epaperwork and taxs done so I don't have to stress about it when I have a baby in my arms.

Welcome to all the new, the quiet, and the lurkers. Don't be shy! I have really enjoyed having a place to share, it's the only record of the pregnancy I have made. As we get closer to baby time and chattier you all seem more real as a fuller picture of who you are develops. It's been fun. SO much better than my first attempt at an e-mail group this pregnancy- they couldn't stop talking about taco bell, how man first trimester ultrasounds they were having, their rude doctors they intended to do nothing about, and other completely inane and ignorant things. I appreciate this group of educated and informed women. And glad to have women outside of my community to chat with, since I am midwife to all the homebirthers I know!

I hope we all still have time to e-mail when we are breastfeeding and consumed in new baby world...

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Thank you to all who said so - gentle prod was OVERWHELMING - so gentle prod it is. I have to get dd on the bus, so go have a great day and THANK YOU! Mw's visits, lunch out, etc., whatever you've got going, ENJOY!!! Andy
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Thanks everyone for the comments on my swelling! I'm not very worried about pre-eclampsia since I have noticed no other symptoms and I feel like everything is fine. I'll try to eat some more salt today, and send the hubby for some dandelion tea this evening. It does feel a little better this morning. If i don't hear from my midwife first, I'll call her this afternoon.

Andy, i vote for asking the midwife to be gentle, too.

Heidi, thanks for noticing my absence. s I am sad to have missed the bead thing. Vacation was worth it though! It's good to be fed and fussed over by my family.
That washer and dishwasher would drive me crazy, too. But not as much as having no floor in the dining room and kitchen! Lisa, ack, how can you stand it?

Oh, and Heidi, I second the "hurray for the women on this board because they have their heads on straight" comments. Over at BabyCenter now, they're complaining because their doctors don't induce at 38 weeks. The birth stories are LOTS better here, too.
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Jessi - ooh you don't know the half of it. Dh has been taking pictures, I should have him put some online so you can see. Actually, the removal of carpet is good - there are semi-finished pine floors under there, and the carpet was pretty nasty. On the flip side, my cabinets have been gone for months, all of the pots, pans, and food are in shelving units in the den, along with all the small appliances and microwave. The stove, fridge and sink still work, but the kitchen floor was 4 layers of linoleum and plywood over painted wood floor, so we'll have to really do something in there, probably tile at this point, and it's ugly ugly ugly in there now. BUT slightly nicer than having a 7x10 cell for a kitchen. Lesson learned: NEVER live in the space you are trying to remodel.

And lol on the babycenter people. They never cease to amaze me. I've done my share of whining there, but inducing at 38 weeks?!?! hehehehe

Heidi - golly gosh if I lived near you.. I fired my OB 1/2 way through this pg, and while stuck in traffic on the 45 min. drive home, called dh and told him that I didn't care what the medical establishment said, what he or our families thought, our babe was being born at home because the hospital types could shove it! Of course then I went to the home birth support group in the area (cool folks!) but I live in one of those places where only direct entry midwives go to homes, and being a medical person myself, I wasn't ready for that with babe #1. Maybe with #2... so I found a wonderful CNM who works in a teeny tiny community hospital, and does prenatal care for all of the home birthers too, even though she's not supposed to. Very happy to have found her, very much disliked the OB, so glad to actually have control in the decision process over my body and my babe.

Oooh beads... I addressed all the envelopes and wrote out the cards, and now I can't find the bag from the bead store!! Hopefully this afternoon I'll get them in the mail. I think dh ran off with the bag, as we also had candle wicks and glue sticks in there, toys he needed for his mess in the basement.

Andy, who is planning the shower? Maybe they could call your mom and report how very very very sick you are... ok that's rotten, but if you really get that stressed with her around, something must be done!

Happy day to everyone,
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Another swelling question:
The only place I have swelling is in my labia. I thought it was varicose veins, my mw suggested yeast, which I tested neg for. But now I want to know what it is, and how to treat it, because I am afraid it will make birth more uncomfortable, and it is hampering my sex life (and I want to have a sensual birth). Any ideas what it could be? How could i tell if it is varicose veins? I think it's worse in the evening than in the am...

The practice surges are slowing down... I was betting on this coming saturday as the big day, but I'm not so sure now. Got most of the supplies yesterday, still not sure about the disposable absorbent pads. I'm almost 38 weeks, so there's still plenty of time left.
I got a vinyl shower curtain for the bed, but then I started thinking about it when I got home, reading the EC book, about not using pvc for the off-gassing, for bed-wetting. I'm thinking about getting something else.
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Hi All,
It's 4 am and I'm up with a toothache! The tooth has been feeling sensitive to cold and I figured I needed to have it checked out, but thought it could wait til post-baby. Now I feel like I need to go in in the am- it hurts and is giving me a headache I won't get xrays, so hopefully what they have is not TOO old. Damn.

On a happier note, it's so nice to wake up (even at this lame hour) and read so many posts. Honestly, you all are the only people I can relate to right now. IRL I know a few moms who are due this month, but they either live really far (our community is very spread out), or I just don't really like them that much. It's a nice place to be.

Jessitron-- I was thinking the same as Heidi- was wondering where you were. If you wanna get in on the bead thing, let me know. We all knew that we were starting late ANYWAYS and that babies would be here before beads were sent out/ arrived, so I can certainly send you the list of people who were in on it and I'd also be happy to send one to you

Whoever asked about my quilt- can't remember. It's got a yellow background with a bunch of stars all over it- the stars radiate out in color from orange to pink to red to purple to blue and green. I'm soooo happy with how it's turning out! I'm machine quilting it and it's going sooooo fast- faster than i could imagine, so if I get a couple of free days, i'm sure I can practically finish it!!! I'm gonna post some new pregnancy pics in a few days and will include one of that. Was gonna try and make a baby quilt too, but since baby will sleep with us, then this quilt will be for it too!

I have been so contracty in the last few days and starting to feel really ready. My mw friend feels like my uterus is more taut (less water) since she felt me on wed. My BH have been painful too- normal fora 3rd pregnancy, but it also doesn't feel like it'll be long (famous last words, eh??!). I got stuff yesterday for a belly cast and hopefully will do that today and I also want to go to the river and take some nice pics. Last night I made my dh take some photos of me in the dark, just in case! I'm a crazed woman these days!

P&A- not sure what to tell you about the vaginal swelling... I can say for sure that I have varicose veins in my labia. THey definitely hurt more in the eve (after being upright a lot) and sex makes the pain worse- throbbing like. I can feel them when I'm in the bath- they feel distended and firm and one is curly (like the veins you see popping out of some people's legs). Things that help me are lying down every afternoon for as long as possible, not sitting or standing in one position for too long, sitz baths after sex, witch hazel compresses, and was gonna try a belly belt but never got one. There are also some herbal therapies that could help. I know I'm generally bad about taking herbs but nettles is touted as a good helper and nettles are good for all sorts of things pregnancy related.
If you tested neg for yeast, then it's not likely that- any other vag infections they tested for??
oh yeah, and re: shower curtains. They STINK! if you do use one, make sure you (or dh, really) opens it now and puts it somewhere to off gas. THey are fine for the birth, IMO- for a short usage, but they are annoying for the long term. Better to find a good quality mattress pad- and there are wool and non-toxic ones out there.

Sorry, I feel like i'm writing a tome. It's just so quiet here and there's no one to talk to

andy- let us know how your appt went!
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Wow, lots of chatting going on early this morning! It's so fun to come and find everyone already "here"

About swelling ~ I've had the odd bit in this pregnancy, mostly where my feet get tingly to walk on later in the evening, but nothing too bad that lasts into the next day. For me, I find that walking REALLY helps. You might find initially that you are still swollen a bit when you get back, but if you can put your feet up when you get home it doesn't seem to stay and I find swelling is reduced considerably in following days. If I take 2 days off from my walking, I can all but guarantee that I'll have some swelling towards evening on the 2nd day.

I've been watching for info on the bead exchange, but haven't gotten any yet. I did send my info, but I'm wondering if some of you are already addressing envelopes if it somehow got missed? Malama, help!

We're 37 weeks tomorrow!!! I'm feeling really good and glad to be at "term" so that we're in the clear for home birth. There were a few moments in the last week or so that I've sent "stay put, baby!" vibes down into my tummy when the pressure has felt strong or twinges of pains. Now, as irony teaches us, we'll see me go to 42 weeks! :LOL
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