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I just wanted to pop in to say that anyone who would like to be added to the bead list, I haven't sent mine out yet , so please PM me your address and I will add you!
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Morning All.....

Hope you all got at least a little sleep! I have a weird 2-3 hour sleep schedule now which always happens in late pregnancy & gets me geared up for a nursing schedule...:LOL WISHING I HAD SOMEONE TO NURSE!!

My mom is driving with me to the MW today~~my MWs live pretty far away & driving is SO uncomfy, it's nice to have a driver. 3 days til my due date & the baby feels like he or she os gonna fall out although lately I feel like I am going to be late & that heightens all the anxiety. Ugh.

RE swelling, the only thing swollen on me is my REAR END! : It keeps getting bigger & bigger......

SO have a good day! Take care of yourselves & I will see you here later.
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Yep, me too - I have plenty of beads here, if anyone (jessi, kathy?) want to pm me your address, I'll send them out.. of course, dh says he put them on the dresser, and I can't find them!! But at least the envelopes are ready, and I just need to lace them in.

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Thanks Malama... got the addresses and will be getting beads out ASAP! Sorry to be a bit slow guys.

Lisa, thanks but I should be on your original list!

Silly question, but how is everyone doing this? Just putting a bead in an envelope, or something else? I'm assuming we all provide our own "necklace" to put them on.
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I just sent the beads themselves- I didn't want a necklace (all the ones I've been given already are too random), but will make something hanging- mobile style..... gonna start it tomorrow (today, I mean!)

k (and I have toooons of beads too for anyone else who is interested)
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Hello again!

Wow, there was a lot of activity on here last night!

I've mostly been posting on babycenter throughout this pregnancy and WOW do I wish I'd found this earlier. There are a few "voices of reason" on babycenter that pipe up occasionally on all the "Why won't my doctor induce me until 38 weeks?" and "Why am I only 2 cm at 38 weeks? What's wrong with me?" threads, but they usually get battered down pretty quickly The thing that really makes me sad are all the elective c-sections and the women who hate their doctors but won't dream of switching.

My MW doesn't do internals until at least 40 weeks, and I'm so glad. I don't want to be stressed about whether I'm "progressing" or not.

So what's the deal with the beads? Don't want to horn in on this as a newbie, I'm just curious
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Kathy, yep, your envelope is here... I just didn't look at the list before I replied!

Leigh, we are doing a bead exchange, I'm sure if you want to participate, we'd be happy to trade with you too - I'm making a nursing necklace with mine, but the intent was to give mamas a concrete object during labor to focus on that was full of love and blessings from other mamas like them.

Got to go, fedex is here with dh's new toy, I've got to hide it from him! And then I'm off to lunch.

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wow! My computer was down for two days and look at all I missed! Babies galore too! I guess we are such a bunch of "chatty cathys" here because nobody IRL seems to remember or *get* the life of a super preggo. Super preggos unite!

I have been sleeping poorly but the heartburn is MUCH MUCH better. My sleep is sucking because I wake up restless and uncomfortable every hour or so and I know I am not getting enough REM sleep. I always get really tired by mid-morning, but that is the time of day when I am typically getting ready to leave for the day and getting the kids cleaned and dressed and all that stuff...so no rest for the poor preggo mama.

Today (tuesday) is the worst day of the week for me. DH leaves at 6:30 am and doesn't come home until 8:30 or so pm. I don't work on tuesdays, so the kids and I usually don't go anywhere..which is nice but makes for a really really long day. I called DH this morning and said..."I guess the only way I can get you to come home is to have the baby today". He just laughed at me.

I still have tons I would *like* to do...but nothing that is critical before baby's arrival. I would like to find some herbs to brew a sitz bath and to make frozen compresses post-natally...but they didn't really have anything at the local natural goods store. Any suggestions where I should look on-line? I can't remember where I got them last time.

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Ooh, I second the question of where to get sitz bath and compress herbs online. Essential oils, too - anyone know where to get a sampler/starter kit of these? All this naturalist stuff is new to me.

(edited to make sense. it looks like we all have more typos and confused words than a few months ago. Hmmm, wonder why that could be.)
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Malama, the toothache sounds awful. I'm sorry to hear about that.

Slygrrl, thanks for the tip about walking. I was wondering whether lack of exercise was a contributor. Prenatal yoga has not met for these last two weeks due to the holidays.

How many of you all are knitters? I'm learning from books. It is odd that of all the crafty people in my family, no one knits. My grandmother did, but she died last spring. I inherited her sewing box, and last weekend I opened it to put my knitting stuff there and found several items that I couldn't identify before - stitch holders and stitch markers and yarn needles and patterns and the paper that wraps around the yarn.
Too bad we're all far away, because I'd love to have someone tell me whether I'm holding the yarn correctly and how to get the end out of the middle of a ball of yarn.
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Oooh Jess, I'm a knitter! I love it, and only wish I'd make more time for it instead of veg'ing out at night.

I HIGHLY recommend "Kids Knitting" for teaching yourself to knit. It's aimed at kids, but the instructions are awesome and the projects are actually really nice!

Also, "Stich n Bitch" is great. I'm still so eager to make one of the felted bags out of there!

There is also a great set of quicktime videos at http://www.stitchguide.com/

This helped me a lot when I was learning the basics.
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Phew, you ladies have been busy

All the labs came back fine. Just weird body chemistry. MY mw just wanted to be safe, for which I am glad. Now, I just have to wait to for the GBS test. I went back and forth and back again on testing. If you asked me any day you would get a different answer. We shall see...

Vaginal swelling...I did some sitz bathes with comfrey and calendula recently. I had some tissue swelling and one varicose vein. I am pretty sure the swelling/irritation was due to garlic, but my mw was a bit concerned. The bathes worked like a charm!!

I have my beads and I can get more if needed. I just need to pop them in the mail. It has been raining torrentially here for the past few days. I know the mailbox isn't far away, but it seems like I have to forge a river to get there.

My sister is here visiting and I am sending early vibes to my baby to come a bit early. She has to leave a few days before my EDD, because she is also pregnant and due in March. I am working on visualizing her at my birth. She was at my first, and I feel really comfortable with her. Also, it would help with the question of who will watch ds. My mom will not be present as she thinks we are crazy for having the baby at home :

I have been picking up supplies here and there, and I finally feel as if I am in the homeward stretch. I sanded a dresser for dh to paint, and then we should be set. My sister and I will probably have a cook-a-thon next week to make post-natal meals...

Sorry so windy. I am in a much better place this week. Last week I just felt like all my work was going down the drain and I would have to have the baby at the hospital (and find an OB I liked at 36 weeks!)

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Originally Posted by slygrrl
Oooh Jess, I'm a knitter! I love it, and only wish I'd make more time for it instead of veg'ing out at night.

I HIGHLY recommend "Kids Knitting" for teaching yourself to knit. It's aimed at kids, but the instructions are awesome and the projects are actually really nice!
I have this book too. It is a good reference for me on some basics. I took a class a few years ago at the local community college. I tried knitting my BIL a scarf for Xmas, but it didn't work. My family drew names and then drew a limit. The limit was $10. well, my two skeins only made about a 2.5 foot scarf : I had to change gears and give potholders :LOL

I also have started a pair of longies, but they are far from long. I just get too tired in the eveing and too busy during the day...

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I somehow managed to miss this bead thingy... do we send a bead to everyone?

I'm going to try a witch hazel sitz bath for whatever the swelling is, but I have to wait till dd is asleep, she'd be too interested in it, and she'd probably want to do one herself!
I wish I knew more about what herbs are good around childbirth. Add me to the list of the curious!

"Ooh, I second the question of where to get sitz bath and compress herbs online. Essential oils, too - anyone know where to get a sampler/starter kit of these? All this naturalist stuff is new to me"
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So I went back to work. I said I wasn't but I was having a hard time resting and not nesting at home, and dd is bored so I took her to daycare. I'm so moody and I'm driving dh crazy. I constantly feel like I need a good cry. andI'm getting nervous about the birth. My frist was relatively easy and nowI'm just nervous what to expect. I'm also only having vaginal swelling and I am worried it will make labor more difficult. I'll talk to my mw about it tomorrow.

I just wish I could figure out how to enjoy all of this instead of feeling down and depressed and worried.

Ugh I should started a new thread.
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OK. here's the deal with the beads. Last week (a busy one) we decided to exchange beads as a blessing to each other. You can do what you want with them- necklace for birth/ labor, something for a birth altar, nursing necklace- whatever. But it's a nice way to try and physically connect with those who have been supportive! I for one am looking forward to getting the beads (whenever!).

Sounds like many of the people who participated are still into adding more people. SO..... if you want in on it, then send me a PM by tomorrow night and I'll add you to the list of participants and make it longer. SO far there are 9 people on the list, though mamamaya and killick had their babies so i"m not sure if we can expect them to get it going!

After tomorrow eve I'll send a new list to everyone with added addresses.
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Vaginal swelling/ labial varicosities

This is the 2nd pregnancy I've had these.... icky. I also have a friend who had them really bad in her 4th pregnancy. We both concur that pushing out your baby in water helps immensely with the veins. She had had all of her babies on land, and felt the water REALLY helped support her yoni and also made her less fearful about pushing through the swelling. I don't know if that's a possibility for some of you- but it sure sure takes a lot of the pressure off of that area. I would think that side lying (while pushing) would also lessen the pressure there. I know that squat- ugh- would distend my veins to an uncomfortable level.
Just a friendly tip!
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I just called the dentist and he's got 2 big emergency patients today and can't see me til tomorrow...... maybe it'll go away by then and I can just deal with this after the baby comes. I looked at the offending tooth and it's one that's full of mercury- not what I want to have work on while pregnant (or bf for that matter). THIS SUCKS
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Thanks Malama for the advice. My mw was reccommending side lying to slow me down so I won't tear (last time the baby came out in less than 3 pushes, but I did tear a bit).

I'm sorry about your tooth. I hope the pain goes away so you don't have to do anything for it for a while.
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Hi all....I am perhaps quite lame, or compuer addicted, I posted before I went to bed and checked first thing when I woke up.....

But dang, alot happened on this list in between!

On the vaginal varicosities and swelling- it happens because you have more blood flow to the pelvis and stuff just get engorged. With more blood flow going on during sex, it usually makes it much worse. Good news is I have seen some horriblly engorged mamas give birth, and they are always a bit frightened, but they report no extra pain and are just relieved becaus eit goes away shortly after birth. Also, the new midwfe who is filling in for me turned me onto the bioflavinoid Rutin for varicosities. Most internal vein formulas aren't ok in pregnancy because they vasoconstrict, which you wouldn't want to do in pregnancy with the whole placenta thing going on. But Rutin is fine and we've found the side effect is it reduces appearence of stretch marks really well! Take 500-1000mg a day in pill form, it strengthens veins and skin...ALos, do you know blueberries, blackberries, and purple grapes are good for veins. There is an old herbalist thing calle dthe doctrine of signatures that says a plant will "tell you" in it's appearence what it's use is. I think it's cool that blue encapsulated things are good for veins, aferall the blueberry skin loooks veiny in a way. I think rutin is derived from the white stuff that keep sections of oranges seperate- again, it is a tough skin, gives you tough skin and veins. Nature is so clever...I always also thought it was funny that red raspberry leaf was specific for toning the uterus, as the red raspberry, red and hollow, kinda looks like a uterus. Just musings on the old herbalist lore....

If you want a source for prepared herbs, which are good for herbalist starters, go to www.birthwithlove.com. You can get get tinctures for birth from Wishgarden like wombstringe for hemmorhage, and they make a great prepared sitz bath, too. Get at least two bags of sitz bath herbs if you are serious about using them....and just use them in your tub after wards, you don't need a fancy "sitz bath" contraption. To use you boil the herbs in a big pot, making 1/3 to half the "butt tea" at once. Put it in a piture, and label it so noone drinks it....You can soak your peripads in these and freeze them to make "twatsicles" as Lisa Goldstein calls them, ha, ha. Anyway, take some of the concentrated tea and add to a bath. First just fill tub to your hips and soak a bit to enjoy the benefits of the herbs. Then fill all the way and luxuriate inthe tub, and bring baby in if you want. I have many people do this and it doesn't present a problem with the cord, despite all the hullabaloo that says don't get the baby wet till the cord falls off. It is so sweet to have a babe in the bath- just hold their head, ears under face olny poking up, and let their body float in warm water, they will unfold and start moving in the familiar environment of warm water....Its a nice postpartum ritual for the first week, and warm water will often calm a fussy baby if you do this with confidence...

The birthwithlove web site is kind of poorly organized and hard to get around in someplaces, but also has single tinctures, dry herbs I think, and essential oils. I have a friend that has a small essential oil company here that makes blends for birth, she was a commune midwfe for about 100 births in the 60's and is such a great earth mama. You could get stuff from her 941-929-0999 if you wanted to wait to get stuff shipped from Florida. If you look at local natural healer magazines you could also come up with someone locally who could do this for you I am sure. If you want a good starter book on using herbs with babies and kids two favorite refernces are "Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" and "Natural Healing for Babies and Children" The first is by a long list of folks, an encycolpedia of comlaints and then what your ped could do, nutritional approaches, massage, accupressure, homeopathy, herbs, and when it's serious and you really need a doc. Great reference. The other is like having an herbalist midwife at your finger tips for all new baby and nursing complaints- it's by Aviva Jill Romm. Ilove all her books.

I buy all my bulk herbs from mountain rose herbal on the web. They have cocoa/shea butter in bul, and a nice belly oil called rose moon I like. They have a few room sprays, I forget which I like best, and all the single oils/herbs you could need if yuo want to make your own stuff. They also have diffusers and supplies like that. Simple oils for labor are lavender, jasmine, clary sage, and lemon or orange. Lavender with one other thing- clary sage or orange/lemon are nice and simple. Citrus if you want to stimulate, clary sage for labor. And though very expensive, pure rose oil is THE BEST for birth.

Anyone ordering natural healing supplies- get homeopathic arnica montana 30c for after birth. You take little pellets every 15 minutes after birth for an hour, or whenever you remeber for the first few hours, and then everytime you think "ow my bottom's sore" for the first few days. Reduces swelling and bruising, make a big differecne for your bottom. That is the one must have after birth in my opinion. Get instructions on how to use homeos if you never have, they have rules- don't store (or ship) with stron smelling products, don't touch pellets always tap into cap then mouth, don't eat or drink right before using....

Oh, and I have been expanding my lending library to include books I wanted, and in Elizabeth Pantley's "The no-cry sleep solution" she talks about how a nursing mom never gets into the deepest level REM sleep. I have been noticing I sleep a few hours here and there, rarely a whole night at a time. (Sometimes a whole morning at a time!) Maybe this does start late pregnancy.

Congats on the 37 week mark Kathy. I get there later in the week, Friday. My mom went over two weeks with all her babies, so I may not have this baby till mid february---I'll hav eto switch boards when you are all basking in your nursing glory and I am just getting sciatica or soemthing. So if you go over, I think you'll be in my company at least. But of course since I am prepared to go late, nature will throw me a curve ball and make me go early- cause I haven't got my stuff together and that would really throw me off....

I am also up for including anyone, the self identified "newbie", P&A, whoever in the bead thing, I expect to be pregnant a long while and have time for this stuff..

Glad to hear you are ripening up Karen...I am waiting a few weeks to do a belly cast and belly photos....I want to fill out more first.

And glad to here that the labs were good for whoever had the preeclampsia work up. Hang in there, glad to hear it's going normally!

Take it easy all....Heidi
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