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Baby Will is Here

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Hi Mama's,

William Kenneth was born at 3:14am on 1-1-05. Labor lasted 9 hours and my water broke spontaneously at 4pm the day before. Stats are 7lbs 3 oz, 19.5 inches long. Nursing is going pretty well. No tearing or stitches required.

nicole and Will (31 hours old)
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Yeah, congrats glad all went well. Would love to hear the long version and see pictures when all settles down....Heidi
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YEAH NICOLE!!! : I hope you are feeling well and enjoying the babymoon! I'd love to hear the story and see pics too...when you have a moment with two free hands! Take care and keep checking in to see who else is born! Happy birthday to baby Will! hugs, andy
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Hurray!!!! What a way to usher in the new year!!! Congrats! Can't wait to hear the details. Congrats, and take care of yourself and that sweet little baby
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A New Year's Baby!

Congratulations Nicole and welcome baby Will!!!!!!
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What a great way to start the New Year!!

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Congratulations, Nicole. Happy New Year Baby! Sounds like your labor went pretty smoothly. Can't wait to hear more later. So glad to hear that nursing is going so well.

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Ooo CONGRATS! I've heard new year's babies have good luck throughout life.
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You rest up mama & we will wait for details & pics......
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Welcome to the world, Will. Congrats on your awesome new boy!!!!!!
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Congrats Nicole and Will! It's so exciting and wonderful that you are here little one!
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congratulations nicole!

my babe kicked when he heard the news.....
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congrats from one New Year's Baby mama to another! :

Two years ago my water broke on dec 31 too and we had a new year's baby.

Enjoy this special time!
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For all the wonderful wishes. Turns out the nursing marathon in the hospital overnight (Jan 1st to 2nd) was bringing in my milk, which has come in full force. As my DH likes to joke (quote from some Wierd Al movie) "Will gets to drink from the firehose! He is so different from DD. She did the nursing marathon thing the first night home. Last night, we went to bed at 8:30, expecting to be up again and again all night. I woke up about 11:30 and we had to wake the babe to nurse, then again around 2:00. Primarily becuase I knew that he needed to eat and my breasts were starting to hurt! Then he finally woke us up around 5:30, so all-in-all, not a bad first night. He is a squeaker, though when he sleeps, unless he is cuddled up with me. We didn't co-sleep with DD, primarily because we all slept better in seperate rooms, she is a flailer and kicker and hitter in her sleep, but with him, it is working. He is sleeping alot during the day too, but if the nights continue like this, I have no problem with that. I will have the birth story up soon, although, since it was so short, there is not a whole lot to tell!

Hope to hear about more babies coming!

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Congrats on your little bundle, what a great way to start the year
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Welcome, Will!! Congrats, Killick - I am so happy for you!
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