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Fathers' Greatest Achievements

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Welcome... This is a thread for all fathers.

When you are the only one watching your children, lets list the greatest achievements accomplished by man.

Mine? When I divorced my ex-wife, I took all the classes and underwent all the preparations of being a single father. Due to my actions, and her unwillingness to do any preperations, I was awarded full custody, full phisical placement, and recieved child support. Later, I found support in the bible and was able to find a devouted wife who was willing to come into a ready made family. We are now expecting our 3rd child (including dd from my 1st marriage) and couldn't be happier.

Honestly, my greatest achievement was leaving a dead relationship which allowed me to live again.

Please feel free to post whatever accomplishments you have made over the years and prove to the world that men can be proud of their parrenting skills, just as women can!
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I would like to make a correction to my first post...

This is a post meant to show respect to all men out there who do a great job parrenting. There is no "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" sign anywhere (I realize these have failed on other threads). Please, women, feel free to tell us about the wonderful things your husband/boyfriend/Significant Other has done for you. But please, keep it clean. Thanks
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I read somewhere once that one of the most important things that a dad can do, especially when he has daughters, is to treat the mother of his children with reverence, love, and respect.

My partner has always done this. Which is sooo important because of what it teaches our daughter about how she should expect to be treated, and what sort of relationships between adults are appropriate.

He is also unfailingly gentle and respectful of her.

quite a man.
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Thank you to all of you who have viewed this thread. I know that there has to be more husbands who have shined in their day. So please, feel free and post I'm sure others would love to here of the achievements and acts of the husbands or single fathers out there.
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I'm so proud of my dh for being so supportive to me both financially and emotionally. He's stood behind my decision to homebirth and attatchment parenting, even though at the beginning of my pregnancy he thought otherwise.

I fell in love with my dh even more watching him become a father, in fact, I'm tearing right now just thinking and typing about it. He was so loving and supportive during labor. Anything that needed to be done, he was on top of it. Now... I love watching him care for our ds and see the love in his eyes everytime he's with ds.

I love and appreciate my man.
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The only words I can ever say that even somewhat resembles how I feel about the man of my dreams is that he is the BEST father tha I have EVER known. My girls and I are so VERY VERY lucky and thankful to have him in our lives.

Thank you for this thread.
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There are so many moments, but one recent one is almost hauntingly poignant. A few nights ago, dd woke up whimpering. Dh jumped out of bed and went in, and I hear via the monitor this amazingly gentle soft voice, "what's the matter honey?" When she replies, "water," he just as sweetly answers, "okay, I'll get you water." When he returned I hear them talking so softly and sweetly. There really aren't words to capture what it was about this...it was the tone, the texture, just the gentleness of him.
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My wife and I did not plan on getting pregnant. We did not have family support at first. I'm so proud of my wife and I to turn what was scary at first into the best thing that has happened to us.

I now can't imagine life without our two year old.
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My fathering feats for which I'm most proud:

Working a 3rd job part-time during her pregnancy to save up enough to pay the homebirth midwife.

Catching Jude as April birthed him in our bedroom.

When Jude was less than 24 hours old: Signing out of the emergency room AMA when they wanted to mistreat his transient tachypnea as meningitis (including 5-7 day stay, spinal tap, IV antibiotics, chest xray, etc.).

During the next 2 days: Standing my position in the face of the county police, EMT's and DFCS. What a zoo! Thankfully our excellent pediatrician stood firm with me , or we might have had a lost cause.

Being a servant and a support to April for 2-3 weeks so that she and Jude could concentrate on becoming a couple of breast-feeding experts.

Shopping and cooking organic suppers 6 days a week for the last 8 months.

Thanks - this has been a good reminder to myself to keep doing what I know is the most important stuff I do all week!
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this one is very weird..I know...

but my kudos go out to my stbx....even though as a dynamic we don't work well as a married couple...he has grown as a father in the past 6 months or so ..he went from a work all the time take for granted that the wife and kid are just there to a real honest to goodness Daddy... we have become coparents..he is just as involved with ds now as I am..for the most part.. he makes him meals, gives him baths plays and read with him.. these are thing he would have never done before..who knows maybe this new found fatherhood thing will change his status from stbx to dh again...he looks awfully cute reading with a toddler on his lap.. I guess what it boils down to is he didn't know how to be a daddy and didn't care to learn until he was faced with the possibility of not being one anymore then he woke up and has taught himself how to be a superdaddy.. I am proud of him and thankful he didn't take the lowroad and just walk away...and even though he will never read this..I say it to him plenty and I just wanted to out it out there...
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