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How old is/are your nursling(s) who are being CLWed? - Page 3

Poll Results: How old is your nursling(s)

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 7% (32)
    0-6 months
  • 12% (50)
    7-12 months
  • 19% (80)
    13-18 months
  • 11% (46)
    19-24 months
  • 20% (87)
    2 years old
  • 15% (66)
    3 years old
  • 7% (32)
    4 years old
  • 3% (13)
    5 years old
  • 0% (4)
    6 years old
  • 0% (3)
    7 years old
  • 0% (2)
    8 years old or older
415 Total Votes  
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dd is 3 and going strong..

I voted and then had to post to second charmarty,

Originally Posted by charmarty
Huh? The extended nursing forum is gone? Where have I been????
I guess I'm not much of a regular
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Ds is 4 and nurses to sleep and (immediately :LOL) upon waking. He wil also nures if he gets hurt or is upset...depends.

Dd is 9 and was an avid nurser for many years. She cut back slowly during my pregnancy to nursing before sleep and when she woke, a few times during the day...she now nurses occassionally, mostly nuzzles and talks about nursing. Insists that she be 'child led weaned', not mother led weaned!
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DD is 16mo today! At the beginning I would have been suprised to make it 16 weeks but we are still nursing strong.

DD nurses very frequently, often more than once an hour and every two hours at night. I think we might be at it for a while yet.

I love nursing her and really feel that CLW is best for her.
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DD is 21+ months old.

DS is 8 weeks old.

I plan to let both of them take the lead when it comes to weaning. DD is making no signs that she's ready to stop any time soon!
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My boys are nearly 14 months and are still going strong (not much during the day - too busy, but lots at night). I only encountered the idea of CLW when I was preg. and went to my first LLL meeting. I hadn't given it much (any!) thought before then..., except maybe to think that it was a bit weird. But before you shout I have completely changed my mind, through the influence and example of the wonderful women at that and future meetings. It isn't (I don't think) very common to bf beyond 6 months here in England, so one thing I struggle with these days are nosey people who want to know when I am going to stop nursing. : GRRR.
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DD is 32 mos and I am thrilled to death to see this forum. I was starting to feel strange even at LLL meetings. I have by far the oldest nursling there, believe it or not although its a small group.
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Ds is 20 months and still going very strong. He nurses as much now as he ever has! I wouldn't be at all surprised if I get my chance to tandem nurse this time around- and we're not even TTC again yet! :LOL

At this age, my dd was done as she nursed her last time between 20 and 21 months old. Also CLW, but I was pregnant again and working p/t so I think that influenced her weaning. Then again she was never as dependent on nursing for comfort as ds is. Either way, I never denied her when I was with her and never initiated weaning!
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DS is 3 and still going strong... about 3x a day, sometimes in the night, and sometimes if he is hurt or after a meltdown. I'm glad this forum is here for support.
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My current nursling is 19 mos. She is nursing still about 4 times a day/night during the week, and 6-8 times on weekends or days off. She is recently talking so much and I am really enjoying our breastfeeding conversations! Since my LL leader's 3 year old ds recently weaned, I have the oldest nursling in our very little group too!
I did not exactly CLW my older kids, and have varying degrees of - regret? - or something similar about their weanings. My oldest ds I encouraged to wean at just 15 mos. I was only 18 then, and getting a lot of unwanted commentary about his nursing, which somehow at the time seemed more important than it does now. My older dd weaned at 20-21 mos. I was pregnant with ds, and had terrible sore nipples and that fingers on chalkboard feeling every time she nursed. I quit offering, she quit asking, and she weaned quite easily. I felt terrible for a long time about pushing her out of babyhood. My other kids are much further apart, and I always felt she was forced to grow up faster than she should have.
I was determined to nurse younger ds to a ripe old age. He woke up one day at just 16 mos and refused to nurse. I tried every technique I could think of, but his striking went on and on, and eventually I gave up. He was clearly unhappy, I was miserable, but he would not nurse under any circumstances. I'll probably always feel sad about his weaning, which seemed so unnatural.
I hope little dd and I can come to a better final conclusion.
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Ds1 will be 4 in a couple of months, ds2 is 16 months, and baby #3 is due in April. Ds1 is only nursing at bedtime for a minute or less most nights, which is surpirsing. Only a few months ago he was still saying he would nurse until he was 10. Now as long as I reassure him that he can nurse for as long as he want to he is content to only nurse a little. Ds2 was never a big nurser, he would only nurse for hunger (never comfort) and would go long periods between. I was kind of worried that he would wean during this pg. No need to worry though, he has picked up nursing lately and probably nurses as often as he did as a newborn. Triandem nursing should be interesting, thankfully there are a few of you experienced mamas if I have problems juggling the 3 of them :LOL
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Congrats to everyone and a to those who made it to 6, 7, 8 (and older?). I always thought it would be wonderful if DS could nurse long enough that he had clear memories of nursing. He's 33 mo now and I am happy to let him lead the way.
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im nout sure what i was thinking but i polled that my son is 13-18 months! he turned two on the 26th of december..anyways, so much for my morning mush breain..it must be all of the nursing he's been doing while he is sick.
keep on nursing mommas!
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DS is 2 years, 2 months and we are expecting another babe end of this month / early next month so we will be tandem-ing for awhile!
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What is the matter with me? When I see moms with kiddos born in 2002, I think of them as babies still... and heck- now it's 2005 and some of them are turning 3 years old! Time sure flies!
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My nursling is 32 months and is still nursing strong...
Expecting #2 next week so tandem nursing is definately in my future!!!
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My two are 5(3/99) and 2(5/02). DD goes all day and night, me sitting is enough of a reason for her to nurse :LOL DS is just about done...asks every few nights or so, last night he asked I asked him let me finish what I was doing and I'd be right in....he fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed!
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My guy will be 2.5 later this month. For the last year now he has only nursed for his nap and bedtime and sometimes now will only nurse for 5 minutes then talk himself to sleep vs. nursing to sleep. I hope he doesn't wean till at least his 3rd birthday.
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13.5 mo
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Two 15 month olds here.
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i voted 13 months 'cause k is 12.5 months and i thought, oh, well, why not? hope that doesn't skew your poll.
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