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Me too! Me too!

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Hi everybody! I'm Melissa, due with #2 on Sept. 13, based on my positive OPK on 12/20, which was followed by implantation spotting on 12/26. I know WAY too much about my body, LOL! I actually came here the day I was spotting and spent HOURS doing research on short luteal phase, because I knew I'd only Oed a few days before. I guess the joke was on me!

I'm not feeling queasy yet, last time that didn't start until around 7 weeks, but I'm already dreading it. The low blood sugars have already started though--I forgot how quickly that happens to me when I'm pg. Our DD Bella is 28 months, I don't know how I'll manage to keep up with her through this. Yikes, I'm going to need so much advice :-)

I'm so psyched to find due date clubs here, because with our AP leanings, I don't think I'd survive a mainstream board. Looking forward to getting to know everyone, and a H&H 9 months to all of us!

Melissa (with Bella, 28 months)
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I'm not even going to *bother* with mainstream boards this time. :LOL
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