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Book Club

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Anyone interested in starting a book club?

I would love the chance to read and discuss a book or two with you ladies.

I'm not big on fiction unless it is really captivating, but would be open to any suggestions.

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Journey Through Books

There's an online book club, for anyone interested,
I can send an invite to anyone who leaves their email address.
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I might be interested! Parenting books?
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I'd be interested in discussing Parenting Books, too.
FYI: there's currently a discussion about The Continuum Concept under Real Life With a Toddler...
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Yes! Parenting Books would be great!

I haven't read Continuum Concept in quite some time. I'm open to reading it again and joining in on that discussion over in "Toddler" forum.

Being in india, I am unable to just go browse through a bookstore and pickup the same kind of books you can find in Parenting sections. Although I can get them through the mail. Does anybody have a title they'd like to read now?
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count me in. I'm game. Not just for Parenting books... almost anything but sci-fi.
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Sounds fun but I'd rather stay away from parenting books. Sometimes my brain just needs a little break and to go into a world not focused on my child. ( I hope that didn't sound bad)
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maybe some fiction books in which the mother-child relationship figures prominantly, or books in which there is a birth or the like...ever since I've had my baby I've been hungry for this type of thing...does any one have any suggestions? I've already read The Red Tent...
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Ooooh, can I play? I love discussing books with people.
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someone suggest a book to read
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It sounds like most of you are interested in parenting-related books, but for those of you who are not, could try:

Chocolat by Joanne Harris

Dune by Frank Herbert

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television by Jerry Mander

Transformations by Anne Sexton

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson [if you're willing to read a long one]

The Fifth Sacred Thing or Walking to Mercury by Starhawk
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I'd love to do this, fiction or nonfic. Some suggestions (based on what's stacked by the bed right now): Living Downstream (non-f., by Sandra Steingraber, about cancer-causing environmental hazards in her hometown), Our Babies, Ourselves(also non-f., by Meredith Small, an anthropological study of how babies are raised in a variety of cultures around the world), Daughter of the Queen of Sheba (non-f, a journalist's memoir of her mentally ill mother), Working or Gig (the first by Studs Terkel--I'd read anything he wrote-- and the second a 90's version, both chronicle the reflections of men and women on the work they do, from SAHM's to film makers to gas station attendents), and anything fiction that's not sci-fi (unless it's by Octavia Butler or Marge Piercy, two I've liked in my limited but biased experience). I'm ripe for some new, fabulous fiction, so, I guess that would be my first choice.
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Can I start a poll?

Well, those books look good to me.
How do you all feel about me setting up a poll and we can vote on the titles listed above (and others if you want)? I will also post links to summaries of the books and then we can get started with majority rules?

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Ok, so I went ahead and did it! I made a poll using suggestions from here (and a few others). If you want something else besides those listed just vote for None of the Above and we can try again.

And please don't be mad at me for not waiting for responses but I'm headed out of town and wanted to get it started. I guess you can boycott my executive decision by voting for None of the Above.
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On line too!

This is interesting.

How about:



this site to look at some online chapters

I'd be very happy to chat about this.

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