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Aaudreysmom: We're having name issues, too. No clue for a girl. Boy is all figured out.

How do oyu treat for GBS? I was positive with both kids and I would really love to not be this time.
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Name issues? Count us in. I wrote ity in my "report" post for this week. We have no favourites and have no clue what we want. Even the names I used to thik I liked dont sound good at all. Actually, no name sound any good at all.
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23 weeks 3 days

Not much to say today. It's been pretty quiet. We have our name picked out but are not revealing it. I was glad we could agree on something. For a while we couldn't agree on a boy's name for anything.

Annakiss- I hope everything works out for you and your birth plans. I know you have a lot of issues on your mind concerning the UC. I am sure you will figure out what is right for you.

I hope you mamas have a great night
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morning everyone,

I awoke to 9 inches of snow in my driveway and on the streets. Definitely winter here now. Dh won't be happy about it though because is passion is ice sailing and now the lakes are covered with snow. My only hope is that a couple of lakes that are really deep have not frozen over yet and that a lake northeast of here didn't get much snow. :

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 36. I feel pretty much the same but have a little nagging message in my head that says I'm on the downhill slide to 40. :LOL

For my b-day, I had an ultrasound and regular OB appt. The u/s was uneventful. Nice to see the baby but not as fun as my dd's. I didn't have hers until 26 wks (I'll be 22 tomorrow with this one) and she was super wiggly during the whole thing - the tech had trouble getting good images. I also got cute pics of her foot, hand and profile. The tech this time just gave me profile shots. And, dh didn't come along this time. BUT, the real reason for doing one is to make sure things are developing properly and everything looks fine. The only trouble is that the bean is breech right now. My OB brushed that off and said it doesn't matter at this point. But, the LAST thing I want is to be forced into a section for breech position so I'll be checking out info on encouraging babies to be head down. One of our grad students had a scheduled section because of a "big" breech baby. I just don't want to go there -- mostly because I want three kids and don't want to have to go the vbac route for #3.

Slightly Crunchy -- I had my u/s at the clinic. The u/s tech took all the measurements and wrote up a report that my OB looked at afterward - she never saw the screen images. OTOH, when I had my 12 wk u/s at the perinatologists to measure the nuchal fold, the doc came in and looked at the screen along with the tech.

We have a boys name picked out but no girls name. (I didn't find out the gender at the u/s yesterday.) We like to use family names but the only name we like from recent generations I refuse to use because it's really popular now and my cousin named her dd the same name (Emma). So, we either need to use a non-family name or go back further in the family tree. I do have one other girls name I like but I won't use that one either because I only like it with the German spelling and pronounciation and I don't like the nicknames that are often used with it. Too many hurdles to overcome there.

No CD here. I had visions of CDing before dd was born. But, dh was lukewarm on the idea and he's home with dd four days per week while I'm at work so I didn't push the issue. DD has pretty much mastered the potty too so we only have to use diapers at night now.

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I was updating the Due Date list, so everyone please check it out to make sure that your info is correct and either post to the sticky or PM me to let me know about changes. Thanks!
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I can't decide on a name either. I'd say "we", but DH is really no help. He doesn't come up with any names, just vetoes or thumbs up the ones I mention. I think it is actually more up to me, though, this time, so I can't complain.

We cd'ed ds and used mostly Mother-Ease. We used prefolds with a velcro cover for the first couple of months until the ME fit. Will do the same this time, except my prefolds have been used for cleaning and various things since then, so I probably need to get a dozen more. I've also been collecting a few small AIO's here and there as we plan to EC and I think that might make it easier when we're out.

I was also positive for GBS last time and want to avoid it. I've thought about not getting tested at all, but after doing all the reading I don't think I'll go that route. I've got to do some more reading on possible natural remedies to get rid of/prevent it. I'll probably take some probiotics a few weeks before getting tested, and maybe some other things, too.
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Hi Ladies. Had my ultrasound today. 0 Fibriods seen. Placenta is anterior, superior. Kinda figured that since kicks are hard to feel on the out side. Baby was lying in a transverse position, and kind of felt that too, as I have bumps on the left & right of my mid line when I lie on my back!
Oh and we find out we are having a GIRL!!! :girlpin I am so EXCITED! I did not want the circ debate with DH!
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Hi Ladies..sorry I've been MIA. I just started a new position at work that keeps me pretty busy. Its good though, the days pass by quicker...but I do miss getting online and wasting time too! lol. I've been doing TONS of research lately....

My research? CDing! I just bought 6 diapers last week to try on Elijah for the evenings and weekends (probably not enough to use through the weekends, but we'll build a stash when we figure out what we like!) I want to CD Azalyah and Elijah both full time by the time May rolls around. Of course I am also wanting ot stay home too...so there will be no figting with my MIL over CDing. I tell you, for someone coming new into the whole industry....it can be pretty overwhelming.

Other than the whole MILhating the name we picked out...we haven't had any issues. Sorry to those who are.

Cristina...welcome to the girl club.....Congrats!!

I think they will set me up for the diabetes test next week at my appt. Last time I was boarderline....hopefully this time all will be okay.

well Elijah is trying to type for me...so I'm going to run....
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Anita I just realized that your ds had the exact same name as my nephew. Elijah James. Funny.

I don't think we are going to CD. I would like to, but am feeling incredibly lazy. We did with ds for 4 or 5 months, then quit when I got pregnant. I have an extremely weak stomach and it's much worse when pregnant. It didn't bother me to CD before I got pregnant, just after.
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Annakiss - I listed out my NB and small stash on the CDing thread. I think 3 dozen PF sounds like plenty. I bought 20 PFs for the new baby but I also have 20 fitteds. I never did like using PFs with DD (I started CDing at 18mo) so really the PFs are more for back-up when I can't get to the laundry. Are ths snappi fitteds for the NB or for DS? Either way let me know how well you like them. After I got comfertable with CDing I let dd go without a cover except at night and for outtings. It was much easier.

When I came to MDC and found out about EC I thought that was the greatest thing I had ever heard of because even though I used sposies at the time I let dd go nude most of the time becasue I simpley hated the idea of her sitting in her own waste. I thought for sure I would EC the next baby but now I am not so sure. I will try it once the baby gets settled into the family but now that I use cloth I'm not so worried about babys discomfort.
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we're not gonna be cloth diapering either. I don't feel very strongly inclined to do so and dh is totally against it. I will also be returning to work after I have the baby and I don't think the baby's caregiver will be thrilled with CD either.
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Schatz--you don't have to worry AT ALL about baby being breech this early. They flip around so many times. I believe it's not until around 34 weeks that you would want to start doing positions to try to turn baby if it is breech.

My son was breech at the 20 week u/s last time. I didn't even know it until I requested my records from last pregnancy to go to a new provider. He was head down for birth, and all the last weeks leading up to it. I think it is pretty common to be breech this early on.

Congrats on having a girl, Cristina! So exciting!

On the circ issue, I didn't really want ds circed, but DH did, so I caved. A few months later, I was so sad about it and regretted it so much. So this time, DH said, "I guess it's safe to assume we won't be circing this time if it's a boy, right?" Uh, yep. I am glad he's become more flexible on the matter.
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Originally Posted by slightly crunchy
Schatz--you don't have to worry AT ALL about baby being breech this early. They flip around so many times. I believe it's not until around 34 weeks that you would want to start doing positions to try to turn baby if it is breech.

On the circ issue, I didn't really want ds circed, but DH did, so I caved. A few months later, I was so sad about it and regretted it so much. So this time, DH said, "I guess it's safe to assume we won't be circing this time if it's a boy, right?" Uh, yep. I am glad he's become more flexible on the matter.
Thanks! I'm trying to remain calm and rational about breech at this point. I know the bean is just little more than a bean at this point and can do a complete tumbling routine in there. I really wish they wouldn't have even told me the baby's position, kwim?

RE: circ. DH and I didn't really talk about it with dd. We didn't know her gender until delivery but I was secrety relieved that we didn't have to think about circ or not. I have a good friend who didn't circ either of her two boys and if it weren't for her (and now mdc), I probably wouldn't even question it. But, sometime after dd was born, dh was listening to the radio late at night and there was a story about circing on. I don't really remember what they were saying but it sort of wigged dh out to even think about it. I gently said the next day that if we ever have a boy, we shouldn't circ him. I know at some point in the next few months I will have to broach the subject again.

Cristina - congrats on the baby girl. I was so glad when dd was a girl as I was secretly afraid I might end up with all boys and I really wanted a little girl.
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Thanks ladies for your congrats on my new daughter! The circ thing was a really big thing in this house! Again relieved that we do not have to worry about it. When I told DH it was a girl, I told him by saying, "We do not have to disucss cutting off any wankies anymore!" I was blunt & brutal infront of his coworkers! One man went OUCH! and left.
Anyway last week, I told him I would give my my homebirth not to circ, that is how much it mattered to me. I had/have regrets about circing my DS. I wish I had never done it. I was forced into it and reminded DH about that when he used the, well he did his brother argument.
Anyway, thanks again ladies & I totally sympathize with those other Mamas that still have to have this debate. 's to you!
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I have always wanted a girl and I sure hope this baby is one.

Theoretically, I am against circumcision. Practically, we are Jewish. This is just gonna tear me apart - my own inner fight between being against circ and the cultural tradition to which dh and I belong and which we honor. There's no right or wrong answer when in this kind of situation, and nobody can tell us what to do, but I am so torn just thinking about it. I have not been wanting to find the baby's sex out, but may be I should, so I will know if I have to break my head and heart over this issue.
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19 weeks?

hello mommies,
This house has all been super excited to find out this baby is a girl not another boy as was previously thought. So we are preparing to reorganize our house so I can paint a room pink.
I have been working a lot lately, so I have been pretty wiped out. As well, the flu has run through our house, it is nice now that everyone is better.
We are going to cd again, I did it when lucas was a newborn but I was always frustrated with how big and wet the diapers always were. Then I picked it up when Lucas was 4 months and it went a lot better (probably because the one size diapers actually fit him then) so this time I am buying preemie prefolds (1doz) infant prefolds (1doz)
I have 6 khw small
6 kissaluvs 0
2 fmbg smalls
and am working on buying a dozen crystals cloth newborns

and the bunch of all in ones that I am making in size small

now that we found out the sex I had my custom wonderfull woolies soaker shorts made in pink and purple with ruffles

I think I have plenty and now that I have it written out I realize I should probably stop buying because I also have all of the mother ease one size that I have for Lucas.

The midwife said the ultrasound showed I had a lower than normal fluid volume, I am not sure what causes this or if there is anything I can do to fix it, anyone else had this problem?

I hope all is well with your husband debstmommy
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Serene- An issue of Mothering 6 + months ago gave natural remedied for GBS +. I will try to find it next time I go upstairs and let you know.

For anyone trying to convince DH not to circ have you tried reading him key articles form Dr. Paul Fleiss? That is what I did with DH and he quickly changed his mind on the entire thing. Later when I showed him an add for an anti-wrinkle cream that was made with "human foreskin" he felt as ill as I did. Also I know you can view circs being done on the internet (not that I could ever stomach it). For me this was too important an issue to not have DHs agreement on.
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I had a baby dream this morning! It was sort of tacked onto the end of another, semi-violent dream, which is weird, and I didn't actually give birth, but witnessed the baby being born, not from my body, but from some part of "me" that was separate, but it wasn't my abdomen or anything, just my perspective was weird. Anyway, the baby came out, feet first. Her color was great, like just regular skin, not red or purple or blue the way babies are, but she was wet. Oh! And she was a girl! She was pretty thick too, sort of chubby, but sort of short looking and her head was big, though it all looked normal and like a baby. She was perfect! My mom was standing beside me after I'd caught her coming out (hence my weird perspective, I guess) and immediately stuck a finger in her mouth to check for a palate, which annoyed me. Then my sister gave her a pacifier which also bothered me and I had to take it out and keep pushing hands away so I could look at my baby and nurse. I had to take off all my clothes really quick, which was a struggle, but I was only wearing shirts, but I was wearing like four t-shirts and they weren't super stretchy and I was having problems. But I got 'em off and I brought her to my breast and in my mind was going through all the things I needed to do - have her on her side, bring her head to my breast, not me to her, feel supported in my arms, make sure her mouth opens wide, etc. She got a decent latch, but all the hands were annoying her and the pacifier confused her, so we were going to need to work on it a bit. But then she latched on for a minute and I looked at her and started thinking about her name. For some reason I decided to add a second middle name to the name we have picked out and it was Catherine, which is my mom's name. So the baby would be Eleanor Catherine Esme, which is rather pretty, actually. This was all outdoors by the airport near my mom's house, btw. lol So, that's my dream and it made me feel really good. Still working on my ideas about birthing though... I think this helped a bit though it didn't offer any clarity, just vision.
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Haven't been on much, but starting to believe it's going to work out. I'm 20 weeks Monday and we had an amnio and ultrasound that were fine. It's a GIRL! We have 1 dd and we're excited about the new one. Doc doing amnio technically brilliant w/ no people skills. : When he did amnio he said one of my uterine arteries was abnormal and put me on aspirin therapy as that could indicate a risk for pre-e. Not too fussed though. With first DD he said I had blood flow problem and she had fluid around her heart. Followup u/s showed everything okay. DD did come early but because my anmiotic fluid started disappearing. They still don't know why. We think doc just likes to find something wrong. Am taking baby aspirin as directed and not worrying too much.

schatz - they really do move around. We went in for u/s at 17 weeks and when he brought up the baby, she was sitting in profile waving at us. He said he couldn't see anything that way and we came back a week later and she had totally shifted position.

annakiss - thank you for taking care of the due date board.

that's all for me
take care
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Well, I am feeling sad today. I probably should be writing in a journal instead of posting. I don't know what is wrong with me. It's mostly about dh's family.
I think they (including dh) forget I have a family too. Sometimes I want to run away. I am so excited about peanut but it seems that they focus that he will be their grandchild and dh's child. It's like I am carrying this baby for them and I am not included. I knew it would be like this. I guess I just thought I could handle it better.

Later: Well, I started this post hours ago and couldn't finish. Dh and I went to his parents house and they went baby shopping again. She said she found 2 portable cribs one for her and one for her mother. I already told mil that I felt like (dh agreed) a baby would be too much for the gil (grandmother) to handle, but she said he wouldn't be and called her already to confirm that she would be watching him .... nevermind how we feel. Err. I am going to stop. I am so sorry to keep on about this. I just don't know where else to vent my frustrations!!! I feel so invisible right now. What can I do without being a you know what?

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I did get a new vacuum. The very 1st brand new one we have ever owned I can't wait to try it out.
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