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~Nov/Dec 02' babes Chat for January~

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Well, I guess we'll keep on going on MDC for awhile. If anyone wants to start a MSN or Yahoo group, let us know.

If there is anyone else "out there" who reads this thread, but doesn't think they can join, please do! The more the merrier!

Right now my little munchkin is asking to watch (Charlottes Web)"movees, pig..." ... I let her watch a couple of videos over x-mas, and now she's hooked.

How's everyone else doing?
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we are off to a good start of the new year here. our daycare is open today after being closed since AUGUST : our lives have been crazy with dd racing home from work to be home by 3:30 (he is a teacher) and me going to a cafe or somewhere with wireless internet to work 4-10 every night. it has been exhausting! i have loved the time with ga but i have been so tired. i am so lucky that i have such a flexible job.

we have been preparing ga all weekend and we did take her to visit a lot during the time off. i spoke to isabell this morning (dh drops her off) and she said ga was so happy to see her. I hope things can calm down now and we can get back to a more normal routine. and that i can actually see dh awake once in a while

ga has been freaking me out lately she speaks with the vocabulary of a 4 year old. yesterday I was talking about her going back to isabel's tomorrow and she said 'no mommy i want go to isabel's house right now!'

happy new year everyone

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Hey all. I'd love to start a group. Although I do like the layout of msn groups, they can be a pain in the butt. They are always having problems.

So, just let me know if that is ok and I'll start a group.

We are ok here. Waiting to get some money so I can buy some freakin food! ack, I'm so hungry. Ds has enough food but I don't. Oh well. I need to lose lots of weight but I really don't like the starvation diet. hahah.
I won't be able to get groceries until the end of the week. sigh.

About language skills, etc...Anton says LOTS of words but when he puts them together in a sentence, it sounds garbled most of the time. I can make sense of what he is saying most of the time but others can't. It's odd because he's good in other areas. He can count to 20, can pick out numbers, knows his alphabet and phonics....but just doesn't speak clearly in sentences. Odd.
I may ask doc about it and see if we need some 'help' with his speech.
Other than that, all is good. Poor, but good. hahahah.

And I'll admit something to the public- I am officially looking for a husband! I'm tired of being a single mom. And I really want my son to have a sibling. I'm going to be 38 this month so the clock is almost broken. hahah.

Ciao for now,
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Well, my baby doesn't talk in sentances at all yet. She doesn't know any numbers (I think), she does know some colors but no shapes. Oh well. That's just the way she is. I'm not interested in coaching her. She'll learn on her own when she wants to. She tries to talk to me all the time though, but it's mostly gobblety-gook with some words thrown in there. Her favorites are baby, and Samaya. She will also say to me sometimes..."Mommy?" like she's going to ask me a question, but she doesn't know what to say. Should she know all the numbers, letters of the alphabet by now? Should I be worried?
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lizc~ have you tried online dating like Lavalife?
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GA counts to 10 and sometimes to 15 but it's not really counting she just says the numbers in order it is more like a song. she can count (ie touching something and saying a number) to about 5 sometimes 6. she knows the abc ong but the only letter she knows is 'G Georgia' all colors are green and she doesn't know any shapes I agree mamajazz about the coaching. what GA knows mostly comes from reading books to her.

Liz- I notice you are in MA I am in charlestown where are you?

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my housemate gave me this book called enstein never used flashcards (or something like that) and it talks about all this hype that exists to "make" smart children, and really how destructive it is for children. Joseph Chilton Pearce in The Magical Child even goes as far to say that teaching children too much linear knowledge, such as reading, too early can be damaging.
Too much, too soon has been shown to increase rates of anxiety and depression, and an aversion to learning.
just thought i'd throw that out there.

i think that if a dc teaches themself these things, that is differently. but trying to train them early takes the fun out of being a toddler. just my opinion, of course. :LOL

saying that, dd can count a bit. she likes to try and say numbers up to 10, and i try not to correct her when she says them "wrong."
she has recently been saying colors out of the blue (no pun intended). it is like she has heard us say them enough that she figured it out on her own, no coaching necessary.
she is saying mostly 2 word sentences, sometimes 3. when she is using kathrynn speak, those sentences can extend to 10-20 words w/ a few english thrown in. :LOL
lately has has begun to figure out how to say all of my housemates names. she says di-di for david, ayan for allan, momo for domo (short for domonique), yisa for lisa (yeah, she calls me by myh first name sometimes. ). the rest she can not say yet. but now taht she can say most of their names, she likes to boss them around. "Ayan, EAT!!!" "Aya, FOOD!!!" very cute stuff.

casina- i'm so sorry that you've been down in the dumps lately. i hope you can find some time for yourself one of these days. s

i told my housemates that for my b'day (jan 8) i want to go out to eat w/ dh w/o dd and have them watch her. this is a big step for me, and her. she seems to be at the age where she really enjoys playing w/ everyone, and i don't necessarily have to be there all the time. saying that, dh and i have never had anyone else watch her w/o us being in the house or down the street at the post office, so it will be a big step for us. we don't have any money to go out to eat right now, so we wouldn't be doing this for another month probably. plenty of time to prepare, right?

it's raining raining raining here... BLAH!!!!

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Can I join??? I'm Sandrine. I have two beautiful girls age 2 and 9mths. Yeap 15mths apart. We are busy but we love it. They are so cute together.

DD1 was born on the 2nd of Dec. She is so funny. She is right now in the stage of imitating us. Dd2 is trying hard to crawl. So when dd2 is on her tummy and I'm trying to encourage her to come to me, dd1 comes in front of me and say "come on" with her hands out. Just like me. :LOL

Dd1 know how to count to 3 in french and to 2 in english. I'm guessing to much english t.v. lol We are raising her in french and hoping that she will be able to talk real well in french and not like some others who mix french and english in our town. or even me for that matter. She says yellow. That's all the color she knows. lol

She knows lots of words and is starting to use 2-3 words sentence but she also uses lots of DD1-language. It's funny because she will point at you and then tell you something in her language. When she is done, she shake her head yes. Like we are suppose to understand her. :LOL

Well, I'm off to read the last thread.
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Interesting discussion, because dh and I were discussing this last night (learning vs. teaching etc.) Zoom can count to three, and knows some of the other numbers. She sometimes can name colors correctly and other times they are all green :LOL she doesn't know her abcs or phonics or anything like that. My FIL and MIL are both speech paths with a LOT of experience in the school systems and working with children diagnosed as LD etc. My mil is very relaxed about dd but FIL is constantly trying to teach her when he is here. He brought her the Leap Frog Fridge Phonics yesterday and was talking about how we need to get her reading pretty soon!!! Since we only see him a few times a year we just nodded, but inside I was cringing....... I'm still not sure how I feel about the Fridge Phonics, although since she only has one other battery toy it will probably stick around a little while (until it makes me crazy!) (mil and fil are divorced by the way)

MamaJ, I don't think you should be worried at all, though I'm no expert!

Anyhow, Welcome to the group Sandrine!

Casina for you

as for joining a private group vs. staying put, could we do both? I think for some of us who have been with this thread a while, it might be nice to have a private place to discuss things.... there are definetley times I would like to discuss something or would like to go into detail about something btu I just don't feel comfortable doing so in a public forum, kwim? On the other hand it is nice to have this thread, and with all the hits it gets im sure others enjoy our conversations :LOL

thanks for starting the new thread mamajaza

Oh and Mona, I know how you feel! We have a very hard time leaving dd too and have only done so a few times recently. She seems to be feeling more comfortable on her own for a little while. We left her with my mom for three hours two weeks ago to catch a movie and she had a blast. It didn't even phase her when we left OR when we came back :LOL i was so ready to see her and hug her but she was busy playing with her aunt (my nine year old sis) and so I had to contain myself :LOL Time before that she ended up crying about an hour after we left and my mom called us because she was just really upset so we came back. No biggy, we were just around the corner eating breakfast tacos :LOL Anyhow, it would be very nice if we had someone who could watch dd in our home, sometimes I miss having house mates.
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hey mommas,

elwynn is starting to count.. he can sometimes count to 10 but really knows what one and two are best. sometimes when he is playing alone he startts going "six..seven..eight.nine..twelve.." he often gets most of them right and though I think he is brillaint im sure he is just average. he is very interested in colors and he does know his shapes well.. he asks me a LOT of questions these days. "why" and "soon?" when he wants to see someone he misses.. "daddy soon?" grama soon?" or "this one?" when he wants to know what color it is. he often asks questions about things that i know he knows, i guess it is just him needing reasurrance of what he knows but it sure gets irritating after a while (in a sweet way)

jazz thanks for starting the new thread

s to you mommas who aren't feeling so hot (no pun intended)

casina, maybe you are low in b vitamins i know when i am i get depressed..especially b12. there are also other good vitamins for boosting your moods naturally but i cant remember. i havnt been depressed since elwynn was born. i get in grumpy moods and hide sometimes but he is such a light in the darkness..

he's a sick kid right now but still pretty happy. yesterday he had a weird cough after he woke up where he couldnt cath his breath but it hasnt happened again. it was scarry..but he was also crying and distressed so maybe it was just all too much for him. he isnt eating much since he's been feeling yucky, but it worries me because he is so small for his age. i just dreadd him loosing any weight..its hard enuff for him to maintain 21 LBS let alone gain these days. i know i shouldnt worry..he is taller by inces but he is so thin.. the skin on his beely is loose from about 2 days of not feeling well..

i re-potted a bunch of plants and changed furnature around this morning. made potato and broccoli soup and im about to make baking powder biscuits..

talk to you all soon..

oh and elwynn has been calling me "fern momma" lately!
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Oh my. I should have said that I'm not 'coaching' ds or anything. He just LOVES to learn this stuff with the materials we have at home. He has Fridge Phonics and I'm pretty sure that's how he got to love the alphabet so much. LOL. Numbers and shapes he learned by two books we have. The books are:
Numbers for Ten Tired Teddies
Shapes for Ten Tired Teddies.
I'm not exactly sure on the name of those books but i'm sure you can do a search.
Yes, he knows his colors and shapes but to him, it's fun. Not work. He's the one that kept asking ME what they are. He loves coloring and I think that makes a big difference too. He likes to know the name of the color he is using.
I taught at a Montessori school and so i know the importance of letting children learn at their own pace.
I also did some training at a Waldorf school and I would love to REALLY learn the Waldorf method.

Dating- I signed up on True.com but am feeling uncomfortable about having my info online. I may delete my membership. heh heh.

Amy (i think)- I live in Natick.

I need to eat.
Ciao for now,
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some new pics are up on "love is revolutionary" enjoy!

fern and elwynn
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well my dd is also begining to learn her numbers and alphabet. with the numbers, it's up to 5 sometimes and then other times she just skips every other number...she is a weird one. she is just getting her alphabet though, she too has a fridge phonics (got it for her b day...dec 11th). no shapes yet and some colours, with her, they're all blue...or red. she does love "reading" though. for new years eve we were at a party at a friends house, this woman has a 3 yr old girl. Ming and the little girl were playing in her room, i hear her "quarelling" so i go in there and Ming is going on and on about how there were no books to read! she kept saying "no book! i read!" when she saw me she almost cried she was so mad, she said "mommy, no book. i read mommy i read" i was like ....awww.
as for the private group, do you have to be a paying customer of msn to join a group? if so, how about we do it on yahoo?
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Christopher counts to himself I believe. The other day he came up to me holding two sippy cups filled with water and he said, "Momma two waters." I never hear him count so I guess he understands the concept though. He loves to sing the alphabet song with his fridge phonics. Lately though, his wooden trains have been keeping him entertained. DH and I are planning a trip to the NC Train Museum soon so Christopher can see some real choo-choos.

I am hoping to have a little more peace in the house soon. David was diagnosed with reflux today and they have put him on Zantac. I hope he gets some relief soon. It is heartbreaking to be holding your baby and he is crying and unconsolable after spitting up. Poor Christopher keeps asking me if David is OK when he is crying.
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does anyone know how to take pictures from the computer and burn them to CD? i dont know what program to use and its driving me nuts. this computer is sketchy at best and i have so many pic's on it and i want to save them to disc before the computer dies for good.. any suggestions would be great!
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
Should she know all the numbers, letters of the alphabet by now? Should I be worried?
At two, as long as she has (I believe) 10 words which can be understood by people around her about 80% of the time, and by you 95% of the time, she's probably fine. If you have other reasons to be concerned, you can have her evaluated, but she sounds ok to me.

I won't even go into where BeanBean is developmentally, having learned my lesson when I mentioned that Miss BooBah can crawl on her b-day thread. Suffice it to say, I'm not concerned about his development.

I think BooBah is growing! She's nursing a ton! :LOL Hopefully, she'll puke less as time goes on. She's on pepcid, and it's really helped her appetite.
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mamafern~ glad your back! Loved seeing my beautiful nephew as always.

Sandrine~ Hi! are you from Quebec? My DP is from Beloiel (sp?) near montreal. He doesn't speak french to the babies much, but I sure would like it if he did. Nice to see a frenchy here Welcome to the tribe.
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Samaya has been crawling for about a week now! (a brag)
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Originally Posted by MamaFern
does anyone know how to take pictures from the computer and burn them to CD? i dont know what program to use and its driving me nuts. this computer is sketchy at best and i have so many pic's on it and i want to save them to disc before the computer dies for good.. any suggestions would be great!
i use Nero. it's very simple, pretty much self explanitory. we got it when we got our burner.

i burned pictures for MIL for xmas. she had them all on her computer, so what I did was upload them all to shutterfly, then when I got home I saved them from the net, sorting as I went, into a single folder (with many sub-folders). then i opened Nero, dragged the single folder (which I left on the desktop) into the file area, and burned. very simple, and the burntime was very short (less than a minute). the only thing which floored me was that with all those pictures (about 1800), it only took up a tenth of the space on the cd! :LOL
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I am sure you have already tried this but just in case ... GA was diagnosed with reflux as well and it turned out to be an allergy to milk proteins. I had to cut out everything with casien, whey and a ton of other chemical sounding indgredients from my diet completely. When I did she was much better. We tried this b/c both my brother and I have migraines from Zantac and I didn't want to give it to her.

I introduced dairy back into my diet when she was 10 months with no problem but she still cannot have it. They say she will probably outgrow it. We test every few months but it still bothers her system. Now it is 'mommy my bebby huts' instead of spitting up.

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