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Hi I'm mama to a sweet 2 year old. Can I join the thread?
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hi everyone-

we FINALLY updated GA's site tonight. tons of photos from the last few months.... enjoy


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Well, I put haeven to bed tonight with no diaper and a shower curtain, wool padding, and a soaking blanket under her, with her potty right there. Hopefully when she wakes up she will use the potty rather than pee in the bed, but if she does, I guess it will be ok with all the reinforcments I've put under her. I hope her rash will be better tomorrow.

We are going to go on a long car trip in a couple of days.... I am thinking this through very carefully. How am I to transport two babies for a 7 hour car trip without having them scream themselves to sleep every couple of hours. I'm thinking I will wake up really early, and the night before, my DP will keep haeven up for as long as possible, and so I can stop once they start getting too rily during the drive, and once they are boobed out etc, go back in the car and drive and hope they fall asleep. I'm going alone, if you're wondering why I think I need to do all this stuff. I might try to see if there is someone looking for a ride on the local co-op board. Then they could drive, and I could be with the babes. And the roads aren't very good right now either, but I'm not overly paranoid.

Sandrine, it's funny how you call your DD Jas, as that is my name too

bemommy~..... is your babe a boy or girl? What are you dealing with right now in the parenting spectrum?
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Jaz- my dd had a bit of a rash like that a month ago and it was actually wind burn. i didn't have enough lotion stuff on her bum, and with the cold weather it got chaffed somehow. it was weird.
anyway, i know she goes diaperless a lot- but does she wear pants to protect her bum? that was helped my dd.
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could you borrow a portable dvd player or a laptop that plays them? we have a freind with a player that we borrow for long trips and it really makes a difference for those hard moments

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I'm in awe that so many of the newly 2's are potty trained. My ds is so not ready. I've tried, yes, but he is simply not interested. He watches me and his father go pee but he refuses to sit on his potty or on the toilet. I'm not going to push it but I sure do wish he could go without dipes during the day at least. LOL. It would save me tons of money on washing dipes every day! heh heh.

Also, a friend of mine keeps telling me that ds should be speaking more clearly and with more spontaneous sentences. Now, from what I read in books, ds is on schedule so I'm not sure. He may be at the bottom of the norm but I'm not convinced I need to intervene yet.
He says mostly 3 to 5 word sentences but it isn't always clear.
What do you all think?

Roo 12/22/02
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Amy, I tried to check out your link but it says that it's down for routine service or something so I will check back later.

LizC, I think your son sounds just fine! dd has just started speaking in sentences this week. dh and I understand her just fine, but our friends sometimes need a translation still She's not interested in the potty much either.

Mamajaza, good luck on your road trip. Hope it goes okay!
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Hi! Everyone,

Lizc~ jas doesn't talk much either. She is maybe at the bottom of the norm but is doing great.

Mamajaza~ DD and you have great names. Well, I'm a bit biased. lol lol

We travel about 2-3times to Ottawa a yr. It's about 800km or 500miles or about 8hrs drive. Actualy it takes us 10hrs with the kids. It's long but that's where our family lives. So, traveling is nothing new for us. We have started to travel at night, so that the kids won't be too bored. They both do great in the car. I bring books, toys, and lots and lots of snacks. We also takes lots of breaks, about every 2hrs we get out and walk for a bit. Now that jas walks too, we let her walk around. The last time we went, we drove during the day. Jas took 2 little naps instead of her one nap. And Chlo did great too.

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Yep, : Hopefully we will be able to get there without any trauma. It's just that there is no one that I can stop in at if I need to, and I have no $ for a hotel. I might end up driving at night, but the roads up here are pretty snowy and icy these days.

mona~ I try putting clothes on haeven every single day (more than once), but she prefers to be in her birthday suit It's so cold here, I wish she would wear clothes.

P.S. Did you hear that Brad Pitt is single again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
bemommy~..... is your babe a boy or girl? What are you dealing with right now in the parenting spectrum?
Girl. . Liberty Ada. What am I dealing with. Libby has been teething on and off since about October. 2 of her 2 year molars are fully in. She's still working on the top two. I keep telling myself that everything will be back to "normal" once those teeth are in. She's always been a big night-time nurser but it's been pretty crazy lately. I'd love to just get some sleep

She's funny, she's active. She's a joy and a handful. I sometimes wonder where all this patience of mine has magically come from.

I've been having a lot of fun reading the thread.
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BeanBean talks a lot, and very well; he's the exception, though. From conversations with therapists, I've learned that at minimum a two year old should have something like a dozen words which can be easily understood by family, and 6-8 which other people understand most of the time. Your babes all sound like they're doing just fine to me.

It's really interesting to me to learn what people think of as normal development. I had very strange ideas for a long time, but since I got pregnant wih BeanBean, I've done a lot more research. It's been quite the eye-opener for me.
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elwynn learned how to make snow angels yesterday.!

i miss the sunshine! its so cold here..
we are going home today.. i need to clean up for the folks coming to visit!
other than that i still feel like hibernating.

elwynn is getting really into being stubborn. he is yelling "NO" a lot and its getting on my nerves. part of me thinks its just normal 2 behavior but another part of me thinks its from him seeing his parents fighting..i dunno.. hopefully he will get over it soon..he had to have a fewq time outs yesterday because he just wasnt listening and kept doing things he wasnt supposed to do. its hard in a house that isnt toddler proofed.

do you mommas use time outs? what gentle discipline methods do you use?
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So I bought a pair of jeans for my huge behind a few weeks ago, right? I put them on this morning, and by the time I'd walked to the living room they'd fallen off my behind! : My fat lady underwear fell off, too. I have no idea what's going on; I thought the scale at WIC was off, but apparently it wasn't. I've lost nearly ten pounds in the past two weeks, and I have no idea why.

BeanBean has an infected hangnail. He's two years old, so getting him to hold still to soak it is probably out of the question. If we had a bathtub, I'd stick him in it but I don't so I can't. I tried to get it out, but it's on his big toe and I couldn't get close; besides, he screamed the whole time. When I stopped he said "I need to go to daddy now!" and ran away from me. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't develop a fever or streaking around the site, because either of those will necessitate an emergency room visit (his first ever!) and I'm totally not up for the ER with two kids.
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Yay Rynna! (hopefully it isn't something serious and it's just your metabolism kicking into high gear) I've lost almost 50lbs since July--feeling good, although I have at least another 20 I'd like to lose. Although I'd love to get pg again soon so I would take that in a heartbeat.

I had my first period since the pregnancy loss. I'm so happy that my body is working properly so soon after. I know it's been a month, but still...with the PCOS you just never know. Plus the 2 surgeries and the methotrexate (chemotherapy drug used in ectopic treatment)...you just never know!

We had a chicken pox party this afternoon. I was a little worried about choosing to do it (although up until I received the phone call that our friends had CP, I'd always said I'd expose him in a heartbeat--then I started getting kind of weird about it, but I did take him) for some reason--I know I want him to get them over with, but for some reason I feel like I would feel really guilty if he's miserable. But it'd be worse as he gets older, so I'm trying to help him.

Been busy around here--only been homeschooling for 2 months but I feel like a complete loser at it and wish I hadn't pulled him out. Not that it's going bad--I just don't feel like I'm enjoying it like I thought I would. I know a lot of it stems from trying to juggle a toddler and an online biz and a life of my own (like time to myself at naptime is a really good time to homeschool but then I lose *my* time). That and the homeschool group I wanted to join didn't pan out (they are "full" and have a waiting list already for next year) so I'm feeling like Jacob's getting shortchanged in a way. He likes being home but I asked him and he misses school. *sigh*
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do you mommas use time outs? what gentle discipline methods do you use?[/QUOTE

only have a sec, but we don't do time outs. i think that our dc are too young for this, although i don't think i'd apply it to my kids at any age.

here is what i do, usually in order:
1- communicate. share what is going on, why she can't do that behavior, how it affects thing. dd is pretty non verbal but has good comprehansion

2- re-direct- do something dif/ change activities/ locations

3- physically remove her/object to another location. i guess this is the only kind of discipline we do, and it doesn't happen except if someone/thing is getting hurt- like dd pulling on the cat's tail repeatedly, w/ the cat getting ready to pummel dd.

i'm sure i'm leaving things out, but i gotta run...
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WOO HOO Rynna! How old is your BooBah these days? Maybe that has something to do with it? For me I didn't start losing weight after Mariah was born until after she was a year old.

Rachel, so glad you posted, i've been thinking about you

Fern, we are going through some difficult behaviors too. We've been having all out tantrums here for the first time. Screaming, crying, the works. Over little tiny things like changing a diaper. I know partly she is struggling with control issues, and she is definetley growing in big ways. We really make an effort to let her have as much control over her life as possible, but there are some things I *have* to intervene in. Or what about when we need to go out? It took me an hour yesterday to get her diaper changed and a decent amount of clothes on her so we could go to the post office. AN HOUR! every time I would ask her, are you ready to get dressed? she would dissolve into tears and screaming and trying to kick and hit me. It is frustrating! I also recognize that part of the problem is I seem to have about half the patience since I've been pregnant. And I am taking things too personally.

I have no clue how to do time outs with a two year old so we haven't done that. Mostly what I have resorted to is pickign her up and putting her in her bedroom (most of our house has hard wood floors / tile) and letting her scream her heart out while I wait in the living room. If I stay in the room with her she gets more worked up and it takes longer for her to calm down. I feel badly about leaving her alone in such an emotional state but that's what seems to work and I am just a few feet away anyway, she just can't see me. When she comes out I always hug and kiss her and ask is she feels better.

But what about for little things - she seems to be defying us on purpose a lot lately, and while we have stayed calm and gentle in our responses I can't help but wonder if what we are doing is working. For example, she knows and has known for ages not to play with our records. Yesterday right in front of me she took a record out of the sleeve and threw it on the (hardwood) floor. I picked it up and explained that records are fragile and we have to be soft with them. Then I asked her to put it back in the sleeve. She started screaming NO NO NO while backing up and bending the sleeve every which way, she has never done anything like this before! : I snatched (bad mama I know) the record sleeve from her, said again we need to be soft with our things put the record back in and we left the room. What should I have done instead? I have a very difficult time with our things being treated badly because we dont have much to begin with. The records are accessible to her only because we have never had a problem with that before. Ever! So yes I know one option would be to put the records away somewhere, but please I need advice on how to handle other similar situations too.

phew. i feel better just having talked about all this....

and where are you hiding casina? hope you are well...
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thanks for your input Lisa, we cross posted
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awwww...thanks Carrie!
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carrie~ I find when H acts like what you were describing with Mariah, that she needs some more attention. Sometimes, (I've been told) babies will find any way to get your attention, weather it's posative or negative. I TKWYM about having half the patience you did before you were pregnant. It's sometimes insane, the amount of attention babies need. I'm with haeven ALL THE TIME, and still, she needs more attention sometimes. I guess maybe for me it has to do with the fact that I can't hold her all the time, like I used to. And maybe that's the case with you, getting all big and preggo.
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elwynn's grama got back from mexico last night, so today has been a visiting day. im drinking some strange liquor from mexico that's bottle is shaped like a godddess, big belly, breasts and bottom.. its quite funny! it tastes like nothing ive ever had before.maybe a bit like eggnog... i rarely drink but i got my moon time today so i figure that i should celebrate being a woman with some goddess juice?! :LOL

its snowing again.. just when i thought that it was going to
be nice enuff to walk to town and cash the cheques that have been burning a hole in my pocket...

jasanna is on her way to visit.. im baby proofing the house. i barely remember what elwynn was like a 7 months.. crawling..learning to stand up on things..putting everything in his mouth... ive put pillows around the fire place and cleaned up all of the smaller toys..i doubt that she could choke on any of them, but im being extra cautious... its going to wild and fun having 3 kids in the house..all mobile and up to no good!
i cant wait to see them all together again. ill be posting pictures of our kiddo's together for sure!

i hope that you are all doing well on this cold january eve..
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