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BeanBean will wake up atan obscene hour if he has a nap most days. Sometimes he sleeps anyway, though. It really puts me in a bind.

He's super needy this week. It's driving me crazy. If he doesn't get what he wants right away, he screams in my ear. He still doesn't really understand that if he screams while BooBah is trying to sleep, it will take me longer to get to him. How long until he actually understands that concept?! I'm totally going to lose it.

I had a talk with Mike last night about how we deal with BeanBean, and how his father deals with BeanBean. We really need to work on this, as a family, because I get frustrated and raise my voice and that doesn't help and Mike gets frustrated (after *much* less time dealing with him) and raises his voice.. FIL is always assuming the worst of BeanBean and that pisses me off something fierce; "he's going to dent the stove!" "he's going to break the window!" "he's going to ____!" BeanBean has never done any of these things. I got snippy with him towards the end. When he said that BeanBean was going to break the window, I told him "He's not strong enough to break that window, and if he is you need to write to the company and get your money back because it's defective." : As if a two year old could break a reinforced sliding door! I just want to kick him sometimes, I can't stand the way he talks to BeanBean. It's like now that he can talk he expects him to behave like a 20 year old, and he feels that since Mike and I won't "train" him he should step in.

Anyway, I'm working on not raising my voice, but I am so frustrated trying to meet the needs of both kids sometimes. I really feel that BooBah should have the priority, but then I think BeanBean didn't ask for a sibling... I don't know. I try to divide my time equally between them, but I don't think there is an equitable solution. And both of them want *me*; noone else will do, even if there were someone else around, which there isn't. I feel horrible.
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oh rynna,
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it must be so hard to find a ballanced harmonious way to be there for both kids 100% when they are both so young.. sometimes i wish so much that i had another baby, but then i realise that elwynn is still so little and still so needy..i dont think that he would cope well with another little being needing me sooo much.. it is a lesson that i need to learn because sometimes my hormones talk over anything else that i know in my mind and heart..

rynna you are such a good momma.. be gentle with yourself.
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Rynna, it can be difficult, I know. there is so much more stress with two babies so close together. I think trying to tandem nurse and cLw is a LOT more of a challenge than just nursing one. You are awesome to give your babies that gift.
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Many Rynna.

Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
I think trying to tandem nurse and cLw is a LOT more of a challenge than just nursing one. You are awesome to give your babies that gift.
I agree, although I'm not tandeming yet. I plan to, and hope to CLW as well. I have been thinking about this a lot, because I see from you mamas that tandeming can be a challenge. I really hope I am up to it. I know all the benefits, and honestly can't see weaning Zoom, I just don't think I could do that, she seems to be weaning herself (slowly) but I also wonder if that will change when our new little love is here. Anyhow, I'm rambling, but what I wanted to say is that I'm worried about how I will hold up to the task of tandeming.

oh, my babe's crying....poor little one is still not feeling 100%
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Rynna. It is so hard to take care of two little ones. I'm sure that soon you will find a balance and it will get better. You're a great mama.

For me, their routine is not the same so that I can give one on one time with them. I think this helps because DD1 knows that once her sister goes for a nap, she gets all my attention. DD2 right now doesn't know the dif. I think that when dd2 will have only one nap, I will get their routine to be the same. And then I'll be able to do lots more with them and when they both nap. That's my plan.
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I am starting to drag. Not only am I dealing with David's reflux but he has added teething to the mix. Makes for a long night. The Pediatrician suggested that we try Prevacid since he has hit a plateau with the Zantac. We are going to see a Pediatric GI as well.

Christopher is teething as well. He has one molar in and 3 to go. They sure are taking their sweet time. Thank God for Hyland's teething tablets!
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Originally Posted by hjohnson
I am starting to drag. Not only am I dealing with David's reflux but he has added teething to the mix. Makes for a long night. The Pediatrician suggested that we try Prevacid since he has hit a plateau with the Zantac. We are going to see a Pediatric GI as well.
prevacid is a different class of drug than zantac; the GI is more likely to prescribe pepcid for him. my boobah takes pepcid because she's alleregic to zantac.
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I think Zantac smells like mouthwash. I wouldn't want to swallow the stuff.
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Here's my pics. there is a new one of Haeven drinking beer haha, just kidding. And I added some of my very own "sexy beast"http://www.picturetrail.com/mamajaza
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Heather, I had been wondering how you are doing, I'm glad you posted I'm sorry that your little guy has reflux though. Zoom is getting her molars in too, one has barely come through so she has three more too.

Jasanna - love your pics! I love the pic of your "sexy beast" btw
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I am doing pretty good. I just sound like I have a frog in my throat. Christopher keeps laughing every time I talk. We are taking it easy today.

Jasanna I love the pictures as well! The baby quilts are gorgeous! I am a sucker for a good quilt. I have plans to buy a double wedding ring quilt from the Amish someday but I am going to have to spend a $1,000 to do so.

Christopher is amazing me these days. He is starting to speak in full sentences. He is also the little problem solver which means I had to baby proof some more just to fend him off. Today he opened the pantry, pushed a chair over, and climbed up onto the chair so he could reach the candy. There are somedays where I feel like I can't leave him alone for a second. I am going to put one of those door knob thingys on the pantry door. I also put one on our bedroom door so David can nap in peace. Christopher thinks that David shouldn't nap and he loves to wake him up. UGH!

I am starting to research the different Montessori schools here in Charlotte for Christopher. He is such a self-learner and I think he would thrive in that environment. He has a hissy fit if I try and show him how to do something.
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how is everyone this morning?

the sun is shining here and elwynn and i are going to go for a long walk somewhere..

we had a huge feast last night at my place.. i made veggie pot pie and jasanna made rhubarb strawberry pie and cesar salad.. grama made the pastry! it was sooooo yummy! i love making fancy meals. the pie had cut out doves on it

there are a few new pics on our page too.. one with all 3 babies taken just a few minutes ago.

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Now that is a meal fit for a king!
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it was mostly queens here.. elwynn is more like a prince! :LOL

but you are right!
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Fit for a royal family.
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I take no responsibility for the pie, actually. I just bought the strawberries.:

Casina~ you are right about neutral territory for the babies. We went for a walk the other day and at the park they got along very nicely, other than fighting over the stroller for a moment.

I want to get some of those newer pics you took, fern. They look so cute. Haeven looks like such a big sister.

eta: How ya like my new senior member title?
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sure jazz.

im so pissed off.. frustrated..annoyed..irritated...(did i miss any?)

you know how i said i was thinking od moving in with my sister...well..she is in nursing school so she decided that i should probably get elwynn vaccinated since he may be introduced to all of these diseases and flu's and stuff... well im against vaccination. my whole family knows it. ive fought with them about it before. i am not stupid, or closed minded or ignorant about vaccination..but my answer is still no..

well i ran into my auntie today..who i mostly love...and she said "i hear that youve decided to get elwynn vaccinated! im so happy" and i was like WTF?!%$&^%$ i never said that!!.. and she is known for twisting peoples words..anyways..we ended up have a 15 min. argument about me getting elwynn vaccinated..again (because we have talked baout it before, nurmerous times) and she has all of these arguments about how when she was young her friends all died from pollio and her loved has post polio and how if i dont get him vaccinated he is going to die a horrible death. i just finally walked abway. i dont ever feel like seeing her again..

why cant people mind their own buisness? i am a mother. it is my job to be the best momma i can be to my son. and i firmly believe that injecting diseases and poison into my son's body isn't okay..if he decides when he is older that he wants to get shot full of chemicals..all i can do is help him make a wise dicission.. but now i am the one making this decission.. am i wrong for feeling this way? she said that i only have "one side of the story" but i feel like people who are for vaccinations only have one side too..

i just want to scream. i feel like i should trust my intuition and instincts..but maybe i am wrong..
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Fern~ You are doing the right thing by not vaxing, I believe. Elwynn is such a sensitive little soul, imagine if all of a sudden he had all those foreign antibodies *etc.* injected into his body. He would probably have some sort of reaction, I imagine. Believe in what you feel is right, and don't let anyone sway you. I guess you're probably doing research now, which is good. You can throw a whole pile of the real truths about vaxing at your family. Hopefully they are open-minded enough to consider the validity.

what I meant about the pie was that I didn't make any part of it... I was on the computer.:LOL
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but you DID make the salad and it was great!
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