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Sarita, sorry to hear about your neice.

xxx, Jasmine
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Rynna~ I just looked at your pics. It's good to see a dad babywearing And looks like you had some snow! that must have been nice.
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
Rynna~ I just looked at your pics. It's good to see a dad babywearing And looks like you had some snow! that must have been nice.
Thanks! Mike was irritated that I took those pictures because he hadn't shaved and he felt scruffy; i just think they're cute because he's wearing BooBah.
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I'm used to facial hairwww.picturetrail.com/mamajaza
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So sorry to hear about your niece, Sarita...

Carrie, you asked when my anniversary is- April 22 (Earth Day).

We're kind of waiting to find out if Julianna will be going home or not. If she does we will definitely have another baby. If she stays we might not have any more naturally- we might do foster care or adoption or whatever comes along. Not sure yet, just kind of waiting and hoping... I am feeling like if I wait too much longer I will not want to have another baby of my own, since the kids are getting older and I'm getting more freedom lately!!! And if I can have a foster baby to cuddle and hold and love, and hand it over to Daddy with the bottle so I can leave the house that would be nice! I never had that freedom with Zachary, even though the bonding and feelings of love were *incredible* because he is a piece of me and nursing is so much more intimate (for me) than bottle feeding... I don't know... If I have my own I might have to deal with the preterm labor again and all that crap, and if I get a foster baby I might have to deal with letting it go home, so who knows... There's pors and cons to each side. Whatever will be will be...

Potty training has gone completely out the window around here. Zachary had been using the potty fairly well since he was 8 months old. Before he could communicate I'd just catch him in time and put him on and he'd go, then after he could communicate he'd ask to go to the potty. But now that he's 2 he's Mr. Independent-I-Make-My-Own-Decisions-Man and he has NO interest in using the potty. It seems like he LIKES to poop his pants now, and he hates me to change them. I have to CHASE him down. I know that's not really the case, I know he's just trying to be in control of his own life and all that, but it's just so GROSS. I already have to deal with Julianna not having any interest in the potty- she still has no concept of it- so to have Zachary regress like this and be using his diapers as a toilet when he knows the difference... UGH! But I know all I can do is encourage him to use the potty, and clean up his nasty bottom when he decides not to. I am so frustrated.

I'm going to Reno/Tahoe at the end of February with my parents, and I'll be away from Zachary for two nights. I've never been away from him for even one night, so this is a stretch. Recently I have stayed out all night with my mom at the casino, but we usually make it back by 2 or 3am and DH has done fine, so I think he'll be fine while I'm in Tahoe. At this point I know Zachary CAN go all night without the boob, he just doesn't want to. When he was younger I think he really did need that comfort tool to help him sleep, but now that he can communicate with us DH can just tell him that "Mama's not here right now, so you have to cuddle with Daddy and go to sleep". He's done fine with it so far when I'm gone, so we'll try it for two nights instead of one. It's my first overnight trip away from Zachary, so I am excited! I know I'll miss him, but at least now that he's older I won't feel guilty for leaving him, because I know he and Daddy can handle it.

I looked at Jasanna and Rynna's pictures and they're all very nice!
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: :

Happy Birthday Kerc
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Well, Tyson had his first pee in the potty last night and did another one this morning. These were times when I was changing him and he got the idea to go sit on the potty. He's sat on it before but never actually peed. I think he just now has control over the sphincter, you know, making it come out when he wants to... ANyway, I'm excited. I know it will be months until we are pottying full time, but at least he is starting!
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YAY tyson! its sooo exciting when they learn to do these simple things.. especially for momma because its one less diaper to change and wash.

elwynn's been pooping on the potty since last week without fail. he is treally great about it. last night he needed to poop and we are at my moms, so no little potty ( we got one for him today) but he doesnt like going on the big toilet so i gave him a little bucket and he went in there.. it was funny and cute.
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just saying hey. i was asleep on the couch all day.
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: : : :boy:
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so rose, i guess you'd be saying you're doing a lot of nursing these days? :LOL

dd must be going through another developmental leap. her sleep schedule is all frilled up. much too busy to settle down to nap for long if at all, and waking a lot at night.
she's into cooking these days- making lots of peas for everyone. and the never ending books and puzzles as usual.'

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My DD hasn't been having naps for about 3 months. It's good, cause then she will go to sleep earlier and we can have some alone time. Her bedtime is 8:00 now, where it used to be 10:00.
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wow! she doesn't nap and still makes it 'till 8!! my dd didn't nap the other day i had to keep her up 'till 6:30! :LOL

she still naps daily, except for a few quirks here and there. but does go to bed later then before- bw 7:30 and 9, depending on the nap.
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Gosh, no naps...ds still naps for about 2 hrs. each day and I look forward to the time alone.

Ds has begun to use the word "I", for example, I want some eggs, I can do this etc. I find it fascinating because along with the use of this very egocentric pronoun there seems to be a discernable shift in his subtle energy body, like a leap has been made, like another level of incarnating has occurred that is definitively human. It's really very interesting, this self-referencing and somewhat bittersweet. There was a certain clumsy purity in his use of his own name, "eggs for Mukti" that has disappeared with this latest refining. My ears have not quite gotten used to taking shape around the sound of my baby's voice saying "I". The tone has changed too which makes me think the breath-state has changed which indicates further inner and invisible unfoldment. Isn't the human being an amazement?
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elwynn is a napper too..he will sleep 2 hours most days. i love this few hours to clean up, or cook or just vegg out.

im staying at my moms for a few days.. its nice. she took elwynn this morning and i stayed home, slept in, had a hot tub and went for a walk with her dog willow.. im almost ready for another hot tub.. its luxury....being out in the cold, damp air and in a tub full of hot hot water.. but i shouldn't bragg.. im sorry@! you should all come on over!

mostly we are just hanging out..elwynn loves being around my foster sisters.. they are older, but they adore him. he is really being great about using the potty.. so far on our whole trip in vancouver he has only used 2 diapers.

rose, elwynn is nursing a lot too right now.. he seems pretty happy otherwise, so im not sure why, maybe it is just another growth spurt ( goddess knows he needs one!)

sarita, any news on your wee niece? how are you doing?

carrie, how are you momma?
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razi has been fighting so hard against any sleep. the other night he nursed for 2 hours before falling asleep. he would not take a nap if it was up to him.

razi has a friend who is one week older than him and he has been completely potty trained w/ no accidents for a month!!! i'm so jealous!!

there is still no word about what problems hailey(my neice) may have. they are still waiting for test results i guess. to make everything worse though, her mother (my brothers girlfriend) got arrested and is in jail. i don't think we will ever know the real reason why this lady keeps getting arrested but it's all kinda crazy. hailey and my brother are coming to visit my dad so i'm going to go visit. i really want to hold her and let her feel how much i love her, yk? i think i'm still a little in shock about it. anyway sorry about the tmi about my fairly messed up family...

i was wondering if anyone knows what happened to my sweet little baby. he's been replaced by some sort of screaming, throwing, spitting, no no noing type of monster. i'm finding a sense of humor is the only thing getting me thru!! well i'm off the torture my child with an aweful horrid diaper...
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razi and i were in the paper today!!
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What a cute picture!

I've started a new thread for February. It's been February for four whole days! :LOL
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