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burping problems.........please help!!

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I know this sounds weird, but......
My 6.5 y/o dd is burping and belching constantly!! When she first started this, it seemed like just another way to annoy those around her. We thought she was doing it for fun, she seems to get a kick out of the weird noises she can make. But, I have since come to the conclusion that she really can't help it, as it even happens in her sleep, and it has become a problem. Besides being annoying, and some people being completely disgusted by it, she has told me that it bothers her and that she wishes it would stop. Is there some medical explanation for this? Is there something to do to stop it?? :

Anyone have anything to offer here????
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have you looked into acid reflux issues? talk to your family doc, or go to an ear/nose/throat doc or gastroenterologist. some may think you're silly to worry, but if it is reflux, it could be doing some damage (ulcers in the esophagus, etc) over time.

have you charted what she has been eating and correlated it with the burping? might be a particular food or type of food that's causing it.

good luck!
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Good point, Momcat. It definitely happens more after eating, and sometimes it's long after eating that it occurs. : And I've been afraid to take her to the doctor for it, because it sounds silly I guess, but also because I usually get a "you're overreacting" reaction when I bring up something like this. Acid reflux makes sense though. Thanks for the input...
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I don't think you have to worry about a doctor dismissing your claims if you mention she's burping in her sleep. I've heard that some children have problems with their diaphrams when they're little, and it seems like that could be another possible explanation. It probably isn't anything serious, but if it makes her uncomfortable, it's definitely worth looking into.
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Burping can actually be considered a "tic" or involuntary action. My son Matthew has Tourette Syndrome and one of his first "tics" that we noticed (we thought he was just a very quirky kid with the other issues) and learned later this is a very common tic. This does not mean that your daughter has TS, but transient tics are common in childhood--like hair twisting, coughing, or throat clearing. Tics may crop up during high stress time pretty badly--like the start of a new school year.

My son is now 8, and was diagnosed with TS in first grade at age 6.

Don't worry about asking your doctor--that's what they are there for, and believe me they have probably heard everything at this point!

Lisa in Calfornia
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Thank you all so much for the input! It is really helpful to go into the doctor already armed with a few real possibilities! I had already considered that the diaphram could be a cause of the problem, my son hiccupped all the time (I know this is common, but he did it a lot!) for quite a few months and I was told it was because his diaphram wasn't fully developed...I hadn't considered that it could be a nervous tic, but that too makes sense....And funny that just as I was reading that, my son let out a big burp... :
Thanks again for the help figuring it out!
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