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Jennie -- I also wanted to add that your new plans sound wonderful. Very peaceful and beautiful. Good for you!
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Well no baby yet. For some reason I really thought today would be it. Don't think I've got anything left to do or resolve. Guess he's just not ready yet. Lot's of pressure today and even some early bowel cleaning out and slight nausea but then the day went on and I felt normal again (or as close to normal as I feel at 8+ months pregnant ) I do feel the need to stay close to home which is VERY unusual for me so maybe that's something. In most cases I'm the first to remend people that the baby is way easier to care for while inutero but I don't agree this time. With 3 other kiddos and lots going on I wish he'd get here so I could plan things and stop wondering when he'll get here.

On another note has anybody tried Arnica pellets for help with afterpains? They were mentioned as very helpful by a mom on another group I'm on. They were pretty bad last time so I bought some yesterday. I'll try anything to help.

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kate, glad things are coming together! very exciting. i agree with enjoying your only first pregnancy. good question about the cord. i'm going to a birth blessing on sunday...i'll be thinking of you and will send some of the loving mama energy your way!

linda, yes we'll miss you around here!! thanks for the input on the intensity of birthing. i figure the more i hear about it and become atleast mentally familiar with the possibility the more i'll be patient and trusting of the process. in a way it sounds like what you were saying about the difficulty with supporting someone over the phone is that noone can birth the baby but the mama. she (i) has to find the trust, courage, and ability internally no matter how much she trusts someone with her (or on the phone with her). oh, and i meant to tell you (though it may be awhile before you read this), it meant alot to me what you said in that thread about pushing/urge to bear down just a little. you expanded my novice inexperienced view a bit from what was a pretty black and white view when you said that the body will push without thinking or considering it as an option and that the urge to bear down a little is just that. i may've resisted bearing down a little, rather than trusting it for what it is. i hope to be able to generalize this perspective of trusting birth as it comes to me in all it's glory instead of how i've heard it could be. thanks for that.

how're you doing mama2lennon?

stacey, a little birthing dust for you (or super growth dust, so the baby will be done growing sooner!)
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Originally Posted by Hayliesmom
On another note has anybody tried Arnica pellets for help with afterpains? They were mentioned as very helpful by a mom on another group I'm on. They were pretty bad last time so I bought some yesterday. I'll try anything to help.

yes, they really helped me not in just the afterpains, but the all over the body ache after you give birth. I highly recommend getting a massage too afterwards. My dp gave me the longest massage a couple of days after the baby was born, and all my aches dissapeared soon after. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....
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Thanks Kate
How are you feeling? I cant believe how close you are, heck I cant believe how close *I* am!! The last 10 weeks are supposed to drag but nothing baout this pregnancy has been slow, its gone by so quikly.

I have more exciting news I nkow totally OT to birthing but I can't help it. DH and I got a minivan tonight. Normally I dont wheel and deal or try to hardball but tonight we did. We already had a preapproved loan for 7500 (the minivan I wanted was about 6800) and with that we were also going to trade in my Honda. I researched this van and the company we were buying from. I knew I was getting a darn good deal just on the van price since blue book was 8200. We walked in and offered them 8000 out the door they get the honda we get the van. Theycounter offered with 8700. DH said i can give you 8300. Oh man the dealer was upset but he said "you prepared to make a deposit on that?" And Nate said I plan to pay it all in full ROFL I know the dealer was expecting us to finance thru them and then they were going to hit us with a 14 or 16% interest rate to make up for there loss. They had No idea we were paying them in full and seriously planned to walk out the door. So we got the van for book value and they paid off my Honda. You can't get better than that now!

Oh and to sweeten the deal I talked DH into getting our Rory a Britax marathon carseat in the pretty floral print. I guess he conceded b/c I did such a fab job of researching the van I wanted :-) Now all I need to do is go purchase the babytrend latchloc seat for this new bundle and we are all set!
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Congrats on the new car Jennie! And I love my Britax carseats! The cow print is my favorite. I was so happy they started making it again so I could get one for this little guy

Still here waiting not so patiently. I know I'm not due for like 3 weeks but I if I have to wait that long I think I might go crazy. Ok, whining over

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Thanks Stacey!! I like tht cow print too. I may get that one for the new baby after s/he grows out of the infant seat.

3 weeks beats my 8 weeks LOL but I am not ready yet so I dont mind waiting at all. Are you crafty? You could do something to occup your time while you are waiting. The last few weeks always seem to be the longest and hardest.
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Thank you for asking how I'm doing Sprinkle Pocket ~ the personal life is in shambles and when I think it's getting better, it just isn't. I saw my counsellor on Monday and it really helped. She showed me how strong I am, that I am doing the right thing by sticking up for myself and speaking my Truth. I have been reading The Whole Woman by Germain Greer and it has made it easier and more difficult to not just sit by and be a passive womun, accepting whatever bs someone wants to throw on me. At the same time, I have been using lots of loving affirmations with the baby. I speak to Faenin and say that it's safe to come out, that I am ready, that I am very excited to see and touch, that the baby is healthy and strong and ready to live outside my womb. At the same time, I wouldn't doubt that the baby is waiting for "dad" to leave at the end of this month.
My "due date" was yesterday, the full moon, the same one ds was born on and I thought the moon would be powerful enough to bring forth the baby. It feels weird to be saying "I'm due today/yesterday" when we go out. My body looks and feels very ready and I am getting impatient to rub soft, slippery, delicious baby skin!
I have let go of my "dreams" with the "dad", mostly, and I feel much more able to have this baby. I can't change someone who, at the last minute, is afraid of the responsibility of parenthood, is too immature and wants to pretend to be living the life of a young swingin' single. In the end, he loses out on the miracle and blessing that only a child can bring. I am not alone and that feels good.

Yesterday two wimmin, one from China and the other from Bangladesh, both told me that in their cultures a baby born early will be a boy and one who is born late will be a girl ... only time can tell ...

This is my prayer for the baby to be born in the next few days. I am strong and calm. One of my favorite songs to sing is I am enough for myself, I don't need anything else.
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you go!! and remember your post is here if you forget all the rad strong centered stuff you just wrote!

you know, when i was kind of trying to tune in to when my babe will come so my best friend can come right after the birth (5 hr drive for her, plus arranging childcare for her 3), i was thinking about the full and new moons on either side of my 'due date'. then the babe piped up and told me,"i'll come when the time is *proper*. no sooner no later." they really know what's up, don't they...having a better view of the world from where they are, i guess.

wow, if your babe's dad is leaving at the end of the month, that may be it. just a few days. i bet it's going to be an even bigger load off you than you could realize, since you're kind of in the position of having to be strong for your here kiddo and soontobe here kiddo, not to mention your own sanity.

wishing you continued centeredness and the space to not be so centered sometimes too, if you want that.
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Yes, Mama2Lennon -- what a great post. You sound strong and wonderful. Your sweet babe will be here before you know it. And I just love, love, love the name you've chosen. Absolutely beautiful!

Sprinkle -- my babe and I have had similar "conversations" whenever I ask for a clue of when he'll be here! They are very wise, aren't they?

Stacey -- you and I must be "due" around the same time (Feb 19th or so?). I've always felt that my babe will be here sooner, too. Wishing you patience and perserverance.

Jennie -- on your minivan and carseat deal! That must feel great!
I'm feeling just wonderful -- thanks so much for asking. I've been having some bouts of middle-of-the-night nausea and loose bm's (tmi, sorry!) for a couple of weeks now, so I figure that's my body gearing up. I've also been very HUNGRY! I'm very peaceful and content and just in love with everything.
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Mama2Lennon--you are such a strong womyn, truly inspirational :-) I wish you all the best with your upcoming birth!

I love conversations with this babe. Deciding on a name has been an interesting game with us and at one point I think she was really playng with me when she responded so forcefully to Hermione lol I think she was just ready for me to be done with the name game and when the time was right she would show me her name. We have it now but DH is still wanting to have a boys name. None feel right tho and I know its b/c this bug is not a boy!

Kate--Sounds like you are most definetly gearing p for your birth. I cant believe you are so so close!! Are ou in need of anything? Do you have any freezer meals prepared so you don't need to cook after the birth? How about a labor aid recipe to keep you hydrated during labor? i am getting all excited waitin for you to birth and read your story.

I think I am finally ready, aside from purchasing the babes new carseat I have everything and then some. I am at so much peace with being ready and knowing now how this babe will enter earthside. My vision stays strong with me and keeps me warm inside. i can't believe now that I ever even entertained the htought of having anyone here for the labor and delivery.
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Howdy everyone. Just thought I'd check in. I haven't been here in awhile it seems LOL

I'm 32 weeks now and whoa...
Everything had been going perfectly and then WHAM...this week,has been awful. My own heartrate is higher than usual (I suspect my normally perfect blood-pressure is not so perfect but haven't gotten to check it yet). I have a UTI. The heartburn has been ATROCIOUS and I can't sleep.

I'm miserable :

Oh...and I lost 3 pounds this week and my dh is absolutely flipping out.

I suspect I'll be hanging out here more frequently now.I think I'm going to need the moral support!
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The Waiting Place ...

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Rawshell~(((((hugs))))) Hang in there, momma. I wish I lived closer to give you some more moral support!
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Welcome back, Rebecca. I'm so sorry you're not doing well right now! I hope things start to turn around for you very soon.

M2L -- thinking of you and hoping you're holding your babe in your arms very soon. You and Stacey, both. Any news, Stacey?

I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and I don't feel ready. I keep thinking "not yet, not yet, not yet." Probably because I have a couple of projects I want completed (as if baby cares!). I do hope I start to calm down and feel more ready soon.
Jennie -- I've started gathering freezer meals and I'm thinking I'll use Recharge as my labor drink. Thanks so much for asking about me!! Hope you're doing well and are peaceful with your current plans.

SprinklePocket -- how are you doing??
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Still no baby

Busy weekend coming up. Swim meet on Saturday and gymnastics meet on Sunday. Not sure wether I want the baby to come so I can just send dh or if I want him to wait. Hmmm. Dh has to go to Chicago on Tuesday morning and will return on Wednesday. Its for a job promotion interview so he'll go even if the baby is coming or newly here. I'm ok with that and think that maybe Tuesday night will be it. Tonight would probably not be the best since my youngest is turning 4 tomorrow. I think he'd like to have his own day. Still feeling lots of pressure though so who knows? Last night I attended a school board meeting and started having back contractions. I had my friend take me straight home instead of stopping to get something to eat. I just felt the need to be home which is very unusual for me. All these signs and still no baby.

Kate, yes we are due a day apart, mine is the 18th. 37 weeks today. Wow!

M2L, interesting what those women told you. My boys were born early, my dd on her due date.

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M2L--that is so interesting. My boys were born on their duedates but my girl was 9 days postdates!
MJ & M2L hope your waiting game will end soon and you are holding your beautiful bundles earthside

Kate--Thats wonderful you are getting so prepared. I know how you feel with the geting projects done. I think I am finally relaxing and realizing if I get done then great, if i dont NO BIG DEAL! lol And I think the biggest change for that came when I decided I neded to have my UC. Now th eonly thing driving me buggy is my nesting bug :LOL Poor dh has to deal with me trying to decorate the entire house, I have gone mad I tell ya. I have NEVER been one to decorate but now its making me batty if I dont decorate.

I am almost 33 weeks now, it seems so strange to be so far along already, to be so close to the upcoming birth, knowing it could happen in as little as 4 weeks. But I am ready, I think
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My nesting bug is taking the form of cleaning...with comet and bleachy smelling chemicals. I just can't get enough of the smell of clean laundry etc. Dh comes home each night wondering what I'm going to clean next. Last night was the dishwasher
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you ought to try Method cleaners ~ a beautiful herbally smell, without evil bleachy chemicals. their Ylang ylang shower spray is the BEST.

it's so wonderful to see so many mamas still believing in their own birthing power.

btw ~ i'll try to get Lyssi's birth story up on klothos.net (i don't own klothos.com anymore!) sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. i'll let everyone know when it's up again.
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i *heart* DSL.

check it out:


to... whoever is keeping track of these things... please update the link at the beginning of the thread.
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