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Originally Posted by klothos
i *heart* DSL.

check it out:


to... whoever is keeping track of these things... please update the link at the beginning of the thread.
How beautiful!! What a wonderful birth story
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Just thinking about early boys v. late girls... both my dd and my ds were born the day after their due date! And I was SO SURE my son would be born closer to the 38th week!

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wow, mamagaia, i'm around 32 weeks and have a uti too!! yea, it's a club!

dh just left town for a 2 week road trip this a.m. i think it will be nice for him to have that time alone with the open road to contemplate life and baby coming and such...though we, too, have projects that i reeeaally hope to have done by the birth. but like the pp said, whatever gets done, gets done. although i'll miss him and his sweetness and tom-foolery, i'm looking forward to the time alone. it's my last chance to hermit, or pretend to hermit, since i don't feel like i'm alone anymore! the babe has some pretty funny timing with her/his gymnastics.

kate, sounds like your system is gearing up, just a little stress to make sure everything gets in order. i'm sure it will settle back down real soon.

jenniebug, i guess you're a week ahead of me? i'll have to look at the 1st page and see who all is end of march. i didn't realize there were 3 of us, maybe there's more?

mama2lennon, how's the waiting going? do you feel like you have everything you need and in order?

oh, funny story (and sorry if it's tmi): i was laying in bed and without contracting any muscles like usually comes before a fart, a fart slipped out, and the baby jumped like she was startled. i was cracking up and saying 'sorry, baby' at the same time.
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Thanks for the laugh Sprinkle!

Klothos-added your story to the first page. Thank you for sharing. Such a beautiful birth. Love the pictures too!

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Hello everyone!!

Congrats to all the mammas who are now preg or had a baby since I left. !!Typing one handed at library right now... holding our baby GIRL yahoo! in the other. She was born at home after a 5-ish hour labor into daddy's hands. With a big splash! She's a caul baby The older boys adore her, even Liam, Donovan is especially helpful. She was our smallest we think at birth but she must be nearly 20 lbs by now and has all those cute rolls everywhere. She has a ton of dark hair, its even longer now. Nursing great.

Hmm what else....still with Dh, I think we are on the mend. I kicked BIL out ther other day., though he still has to get his crapola. My FIL passed away last Wednesday morning of liver failure. Dh and D and L are in NY now. I am feeling very sad about his death as we got along well. He did drive down and visit us in Oct, so he did get to see his new grandaughter before going forever.

Oh and we were reported to CPS before Christmas -eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!!! It is closed now though, but man for a few days I was a wreck. Appearantly someone claimed dh hit K w/ the xmas tree. no...K knocks tree over, it broke, dh and i yell at the tree as it falls on us again and again. 4 days later we have new tree, and the next day we get the social worker visit.

well ok i hate to dump my whole life story on the UC thread LOL so back to your regularly scheduled thread. I am really doing well tho verrrrrrrrrrry busy!! I hit the ground running in the morning and don't stop till bedtime. I have been meaning to write snailmail to ppls, u know who you all are heehee i promise soon. and we ashould have a phone again in a few weeks. hope to see you all soon and really get to "talk". Evergreen tell everyone at ncmamas I said hello. Ok bb sleeping and K is antsy. Oh her name btw is Rhiannon Morgaine. And oh yeah, UC rocks!!! love to all!!

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Good to hear from you, jessemomme. I was wondering what happened.
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a quick hello

Hi, my name is Jaime and i've been reading through all these posts for at least a couple of months now, i'm not much of a typer so i haven't added my voice yet but thought it was about time. You are all wonderful! i have read all of your amazing birth stories and am inspired. I have two beautiful children, Kale is 5 yrs old and Simone is 2, almost 3. I am about 34 weeks pregnant and although i'm itchy and huge, i'm looking forward to this birthing at home with just me and my man. Simone was born peacefully at home into her Daddy's waiting hands. It's so great that there is so much info regarding UC on the internet (especially through threads like this one) You are all such great support to one another (and to me) My friends have accepted this of me but we still don't talk about it much, even though they are all pretty open minded. it's nice to check in here and know that my choices are good ones and that i am normal. Good wishes to you all in your pregnancies and birthing and i am looking forward to being more of an active participent in these threads. i've noticed many other mamas expecting around the same time as me (around middle of march) it's good to have kindred spirits to encourage each other. Anyways, so much for a quick hello!
Much love.....jaime
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welcome out of lurkdome jaime! i'm "due" at the end of march, but have been feeling like birth may come a bit early. we'll see. i think the full moon is march 23rd.
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Hi all! Still no baby But the signs increase everyday. I'm very impatient and bored with the whole thing. Dh is out of town tonight so maybe with my luck tonight will be it.

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Stacey I'm sending you positive labor vibes!
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Sprinkle--Im due 3/23 but expecting an April babe since each of my babes have gestated just a bjit longer than the previous (and also gotten smaller in the process lol)
Full moon for Feb is the 23 and for March its the 25
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It's a girl!

Hi everybody! My baby came today. Despite my being so sure it was a boy, she's a girl! Everything was perfect. UC is amazing. I'm sorry I don't post much. Thank you so much everyone for posting in this forum and keeping this thread going. I'm so grateful for it.

Her name is Irina Zoey. She's beautiful. I'll write and link to a birth story sometime very soon.

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Dandelion~ Congrats!!! Welcome little Irina!
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Congrats Dandylion! Beautiful name, can't wait to read your story!
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Congrats!! Beautiful name

It's so funny how I have NO feeling either way whether this baby is a boy or a girl.I've always been wrong in the past .anyway,so I guess it doesn't matter much

I just realized my "due date" is on Easter. I just didn't connect that March 27 was Easter I guess but I have a feeling ,s/he will come sooner.I'd love a Spring Equinox baby on the 20th but the Full Moon would be nice too! I guess we'll see what S/he has in mind
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Congrats Stephanie! I love the name you chose. and I can't wait to hear your birth story enjoy your little one and happy babymoon!
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Here is the new uc thread for February

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