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Linda!!! Beautiful pictures Thank you for sharing.

Would copying from the page's source code work?
What is that? And how? I am not that computer savvy Anyway, I think I can keep up with doing the first post for a while, so it should be no problem doing it next time.
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I would love some input from you guys for my class. Unfortunately all of my notes are either long hand (written while traveling during the holidays) or on my power point presentation. I will give you the basic overview:

I. Philosophical Comparision of Birth Models

Medical/Technological Model
Natural Assisted Model
Innate/Intuitive Model

This will include both basic history (esp of medical intervention) and examples of various aspects of pregnancy and labor under each model and the ramifications of choices made/dictated

II.Pre-Natal Care

Using the philosophical values previously presented, we will discuss the basic prenatal options. (I will list the ones I have researched so far...I would love addition input.) I am basically weighing how "knowing" the outcomes of each of these tests would change management of pregnancy as well as the validity and risks of each test.

Basics (weight, BP, diet, heart-tones, palpation, fundal height)
Group B strep
Rh factor

I still need to do:
Pre-eclampsia (BP testing again mostly...right?)
Non-stress stress test
Glucose testing
Gentetic Testing

I will also discuss emotional and spiritual preparation for birth as well as focus on building the mind-body connection and confidence/acceptance of intuition.

III. Choosing a birth team

I will revisit philosophy heavily here while explaining the mammalian birth response/requirements. I will discuss the ramification of others "assistance" and intentions. I hope to empower women who will still choose some level of assistance to retain their personal power and authority throughout pregnancy and birth

OB/Hospital Setting
Midwife (Med-wife, CNM, lay Mid-wife etc)
Family members

IV.Creating a Birth Plan

this list is waaaay too long to list here...but we will look at the pro/cons of most of the basic choices and what other things they may lead to

V. In depth explaination of how chiropractic care effects the uterus, muscles, ligament, nerve system and bony structures during preganancy and birth. We will discuss specific techniques for common "complaints" of pregnancy and what they mean is happening structurally. We will discuss how to correct these various issues, what to look for during back labor, pre-mature labor, stalled labor etc.

I have this SUPER SUPER cool discussion of exactly how the baby progresses ideally thru the pelvis during the many stages of birth that I'm sure you guys would LOVE! It shows how the baby and the body are perfectly designed to trigger each new positional change just exactly when and how it is supposed to in order to ideally expell a baby. It is easy to see when looking at this step by step process how routine and seemingly innocuous interventions can stall or interfere with this delicate dance. Soooo cool.

And that's pretty much it.

I'd love some feedback on what you think might be missing or just cool resources you have found that might give me addition info.

Maybe later I will post the primary comparisons and examples I have been making in the initial philosophy discussion because I'm sure you guys can think of some more good, thought provoking ideas.

The purpose of the class is to prepare chiropractors (both for their own sake/births) to better educate and support families in their practice for "natural" pregnancy. I want to spread the revolution however I can and these students are really open to these ideas, but have not yet been exposed as a whole. I have also invited some patients who are interested as well. I posted the lecture in the local newspaper but the announcement hasn't run yet. I know I will have at least 25 to 30 students.

Okay...back to my power point buddy.

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thanks for the welcome!
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Okay...I'm too excited to hear from you guys:

Philosophy Outline:


Medical Model: pregnancy as illness, potential for danger stressed
Assisted Natural: naturalness of pregnancy more accepted but still focuses on complication and risk
Innate/Intuitive: pregnancy as innate state of the body


Med: Medical personnel hold all the power and responsibility
Assisted: mother somewhat empowered but still guided by those who "know better"
Innate: mother completely empowered and responsible (which creates ability to react appropriately to complications if they arise)


Med: All decisions guided by "risk management" protocol
Assisted: mothers needs weighed against risk management
Innate: Risk management occurs instinctively as needed by educated/empowered mother, decisions made without bias of risk


Med: Pain has no purpose, to be avoided at all cost
Assisted: pain "managed" thru natural means mostly
Innate: "pain" redefined and not necessarily anticipated, pain, when experienced embraced and accepted as important part of body's feedback loop


Med: Mind-Body connection ignored or denied
Assisted: mind-body connection considered but easily discarded
Innate: Mind-Body connection embraced and developed as critical part of the process

Those are my major comparisons so far...what have you got? Share please!


(sorry if lots of typo but kids are shrieking for food and I can't re-check now!)
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Originally Posted by Chiromom
Oh yeah.. I forgot to ask...

I know this was discussed in a previous thread but I haven't the time or the computer power to search. What are the recommendations for the after pains. I would prefer not to take a medication (even OTC) but they were hellacious last time for days and I am kinda scared. Any great herbals or homeos?


I would suggest motherwort and crampbark
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I'm excited to see there's a new thread!

Not sure if I've already said it, but I am so excited for you Brandi!

Plum, Welcome!

I've finished writting Elliott's "birth story." so I will try to get it up and post a link soon.
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pregnancy test proved negative. Thanks for sending vibes though.
Weird- no AF this month.

to the new ladies on board!
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:: wave ::

please remove the link to my birth story; it's not there anymore. (i'll get it back up when i can.)
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HI mama's. I woke up this morning thinking again about an unassisted birth. I am not sure though ...dd's birth was pretty intense, although, I know more now than I did then. I am so happy to see that there are so many of you here for support. I LOVE MDC!! Well, its early and my thoughts are foggy, so I will post more later.

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nak sick baby but want to say that I love your outline Chiromom, and as I'm reading along I'm thinking, man, we need a BOOK that covers that stuff.
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Just popping in here, hope you don't mind, but omg, Brandi - I was so thrilled to see you here! How wonderful! My heartfelt congratulations !!!
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Chiromom -- GREAT outline!! Each innate model description gave me wonderful chills (I never get as many chills as I do reading this thread ).
I agree with Linda that a book about all this would be absolutely wonderful.
Your outline puts an exclamation point on my decision to cut out my mw, too -- so thank you SO MUCH for that!

Amyjeans -- so sorry! You must be so disappointed. Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you...

Laurata -- looking forward to your birth story!

Darkstar -- hope to see you popping in more often. When I first thought of uc, it a very abstract thought and I never really thought I'd go through with it. But then it started to work it's way under my skin and into my heart. Maybe your dd's intense birth is part of what is directing you to a different experience?

Hevea! How neat to see you over here!
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thanks Kate
Darkstar- once you get UC in your head, it's hard to shake it
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OT: Brandi -- and anyone else, for future reference -- the source code for the page can be found by going to View (in Internet Explorer) and then to Source. That'll show you the html for the page. It just occured to me though that the problem with that is that you can't post in html, Mothering makes you use vB code, so you can't just do a direct copy and paste. But if you have a word processing program that will let you find and replace elements of text, you could probably replace the html tags with vB tags quicker than putting in all the links again from scratch.
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BV~ Your pics were great! thanks for sharing

Amyjeans~ I'm just wondering why it is that you want to get pregnant right away again? I have two babies very close in age (though not as close as some, 19 months) and let me tell you, from an AP perpective, it's a LOT of energy trying to meet both of their needs all the time. Not to mention the mountains of cloth diapers... etc. (obviously, I didn't plan to have my babies so close in age) And when I was pregnant (though it might not be like that for everyone), I had almost no milk for my baby..... that would really suck for a *really* young baby. DD was just 10 months when I got preggo, and I ended up giving her goat milk cause I couldn't give her the amount of milk she wanted. She would nurse forever and for some people the nipples get very sensitive, but it wasn't like that for me.
My older baby is still a baby, KWIM? Even though she is 2 now. Sorry if this is unwanted advice, but I just wanted you to know what my experience was and to let you know that your milk supply will most likely drop significantly if you get pregnant, if you didn't know that.:
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Hi Mamajaza
Well, there are many reasons why we want our kids so close.
For one thing- my husband and I want a large family, we're not getting any younger.
We want our children close together. From my experience, my older brother is 4 yrs older than me, and we couldn't be more far apart. But my oldest 2 sisters are 15 mo and are very close now. Its all relative though (lol) My husband and his sister are 14 mo apart and are very close. Her kids (5) are all about 1-2 yrs apart and they are so very close to eachother.
Some reasons that I want to get pregnant soon are purely selfish.
I absolutely love being pregnant and after having Sydney UC, I am itching to go through it again. My family of course thinks I am a glutton for punishment (if only they knew...all managed, medicated births with them)
I also absolutely hate having my period. I am a total grumpy bear when I have it. I have a history of extreme lower back pain during this time also.
As far as milk supply is concerned. I am pumping about 16-20 oz a day for my toddler and my baby is eating like a horse as well. 3 months old and 15 lbs!
Its funny that with my first born, when she would nurse, I would let down maybe once or twice a day. With my second, I let down 2-3 times during one nursing session and when pumping. Maybe its the birth experience that changed my milk flow. My milk came in within 12 hours after Sydney was born, with Sara it took 3 days.
I do know what its like to be pregnant and nursing. Sadly, its not something I am comfortable talking about as that pregnancy ended prematurely. I don't atribute the m/c as a result nursing.
I do know that there can be a possibility my milk may change or deminish and that is something I am prepared for.
Unfortunately I only have my own experience as no one else in my family breastfed their kids- so genetically, I can't rely on their experiences to estimate whay might or might not happen to me. It's a shame I have no history of natural childbirth or natural parenting to refer to. It seems its up to me to determine what will happen, if anything does.
The present deterrent to having another child is the size of our home. But we will accomodate as needed, should I become pregnant.
Thanks for asking though. It is good food for thought.
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Originally Posted by Chiromom
V. In depth explaination of how chiropractic care effects the uterus, muscles, ligament, nerve system and bony structures during preganancy and birth. We will discuss specific techniques for common "complaints" of pregnancy and what they mean is happening structurally. We will discuss how to correct these various issues, what to look for during back labor, pre-mature labor, stalled labor etc.
Quickly, I'm trying to catch up We've had a lot going on in our lives the last couple of days. Basically, my 6w old is having inguinal surgery on Monday, so I'm a little out of it. I have a thread over on TAO about pain relief for him, and I just spoke to my homeopath and am feeling better.

But back to Mar's post.

I never went to the chiropractor until my DS1 was a year old. In fact we are now coming up to our 2 yr anniversary of getting care. Anywho, my 1st pregnancy, I was so freakin' uncomfortable. I attribute this to my diet and my subluxations. I was heavy and had so many "common" pregnancy complaints. My son was born w/a nuchal hand, vaginally, in a hospital after a grueling 60hr labor which followed lots of prodromal stuff. I gained 35lbs.

With this pregnancy, I was already going to my chiro every month and my diet was phenomonal. I "crunchied up" over the last 2 yrs and was in top form. I was 25lbs under my pre-preg weight w/DS1. I had m/s like everyone and had some minor preg complaints, but felt freakin' fabulous. I mean, truly fabulous. I never felt pregnant. Really. I was chasing an almost 3 yr old around and sleeping less, but felt incredible. In fact, come to think of it, I'm still feeling really good. Nice and gentle and quick (5hrs) UC at home. I gained 40lbs.

For what it is worth, I will never go through pregnancy again w/o regular chiropractor adjustments. I truly mean that.

And my chiro who is pretty "alternative" could not get his mind around UC. Their 3 babies were born at home w/a really hands on mw (by reputation), and after Owen was born I told him we UC-ed and he was shocked and asked why and recommended his mw for the next time :LOL I said absolutely not. I said after birthing my son w/o any interference there is no way I would let anyone else into my home during my children's births. He just scratched his head and was confused. But, he is a great guy and I him.

okay, back to reading
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Kate, I've wanted to respond to you for so long and haven't had the hands. We'll see how it goes now

It is so bizarre to see you on this journey, b/c it really feels like your experience mirrors my own journey w/my mw.

he's waking up, so I'll have to cut it incredibly short, I wanted to write a book.

But anyway, I'm so happy for you that you guys broke ties. I hear it in your "voice" how much more relaxed you are

Much congratulations!!
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Thanks Linda for the info!

I am just hanging out. 6.5w and feeling wonderfully terrible. Morning sickness has definately set in, vomiting and all. All I can handle this morning is preztels and oranges and water.

I am planning on a UP this time around. I struggled with this last pregnancy, due to my professional relationship with my midwife. I feel I have resolved all of that. I may use her at some point for documentation to get insurance activated and help with a birth certificate if we move to the next town before babe is born. They are terrible for trying to get things like that! Dh would really like to have an u/s but I told him as long as everything feels ok, I don't want one. Just going to go with my instincts again (duh!) and if I feel like I need outside help I will get it. Thankfully I have a good non-invasive source for that help.
Right now it seems like time can't pass by quickly enough!
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