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Can I join, too?

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Today I tested and got a bfp! My dh was a little befuddled when I handed him a newborn diaper with the test snuggled inside. I can't wait to go through this pregnancy with all of you!
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and Congrats mama!!!

We're due three days apart, I'm guessing it's about the 15th for me.
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Hooray, congrats! Right about my date too! (Though we'll see what date they'll let me go by, since I know when I Oed vs. when my LMP was.)

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Me too! We've been trying for a long time, I'm still kind of surprised that it really happened! My dh made me take 5 tests until we got a nice dark line. I think he might be more excited than I am :LOL
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Thanks for all the good wishes...here's to an easy and healthy 9 months for all of us!
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