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This story really bugs me...

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This story is like one of those picture games: "How many things can you find wrong?"

Let me preface it by saying that I truly hate ATVs; I've read too many cases of young children being killed by using them inappropriately.

1. A 7-year-old's heart was recently broken when his new birthday present--a $1900 ATV--was stolen just before Christmas.

2. His father, a truck driver, drove many extra miles so the family could afford the gift.

3. The vehicle was stolen while the boy and his sisters were participating with the Shop With a Cop program at Wal-Mart, organized for underprivileged kids, the ones who might not get much else for Christmas.

4. The first-grader is a hemophiliac. According to his mother, his ability to participate in outdoor sports is limited (understandable) and the ATV was his chance for freedom. Now, what exactly happens when a hemophiliac crashes his ATV?

Help me understand this. It's bugged me since I first read about it. None of it make sense.

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I'm with you Missy, kind of an odd story.
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Good heavens. That doesn't make sense to me, either. How underprivileged can they be if they can squeeze out $1900 for anything frivolous? How can they even qualify for that Wal-Mart program if they can do that? I know that probably sounds judgemental, but I've never seen $1900 all at once, and I'm thinking about all the debt I could pay off with that. *sigh* And we're definately not underprivileged.

And what the is a hemophiliac 7 year old doing with an ATV?! Maybe it's not law in all states, but the manufacturers are recommending all riders be at least 16 and have taken a training course. I hear it in the commercials all the time.

I suppose there's irony to having it stolen while they're out with a cop, but it doesn't surprise me. I mean, the cop was obviously at Wal-Mart with them, not at their home. So if no one else was home... perfect time for a theft.
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My biggest issue with the story is, why the heck were they in this Walmart program if they could afford an ATV? $1900 could buy a lot of Christmas presents.
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That is a buggy story. ATV for 7 yr old hemophiliac!? Only outdoor sport he can safely participate in?! 1900.00 gift, yet get sub for santa? yucky.
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I am not sure what kind of ATV it was. but my DH owns a quad though and I must respectfully disagree and say it is pretty safe imho. we have friends who's kids ride all the time and are taught responsibly how to ride. and 7yo is definitly not uncommon around here (you don't need a license btw to drive one, just can't drive it on the street) we live in the middle of nowhere though and there are lots of places you can't even get to in the desert/mountains other than on a quad.

eta-I just wanted to clarify that I am talking about kids riding responsibly w/ parental supervision and also a child's off rode vehicle being safe not a child riding an adult sized one. (the small ones don't go as fast)
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My brother in law died on his, he tried to go up an incline that was too steep, hit a large stone and it flipped, broke his neck, instant death. He was 19.
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how sickening ... blahhhhhhhhhh
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We had a pair of local boys killed on those things a few years back. That's not for our family.
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A friend of mine died on a quad. He was riding over a very small pile of dirt & it rolled over backwards & crushed him. He was wearing his helmet, had adult supervision, was maintaining a very slow speed & was being responsible. We were in 8th grade.

Since then I will not ride any ATV nor are my children allowed to & I doubt I will ever let them! Their lives mean more to me than a stupid ATV joy ride.

Back to the OP. It all sounds rather loopy to me!
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FIL was reading a story in the local paper a few days ago. The father of a young boy -- 6 or 7, I don't remember, but it was young -- has been given a suspended sentence for letting the boy ride an ATV. He veered off the trail and hit a tree, and was killed.
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WTH? First off i don't think that someone who could afford a $1900 ATV should be in an underpriveledged program of any sort. JMO. The whole story sounds kinda weird to me.
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MY FIL had his ATV roll onto him going up an incline and he almost died. It crushed his liver and spleen. He was in the hospital for a long long time.

I hate the things. I won't ever ride on one, and I wont allow my kid too. The 3 wheel ones are even worse!
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Those things are horrible. Period. It doesn't matter how responsible or careful you are being, they are too large to handle.

Unfortunately, I can contribute to the stories posted (which simply make me proud to have made a decision to keep my kids off of them):

My neighbor's 10 year old was riding an ATV with his friend (each boy on one) when the other boy wrecked into neighbor boy and broke his femur.

My neighbor's son has 3 pins and a rod in his thigh. Thank goodness he lived though huh?!
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I could not afford a $1900 present for my kids, and we are not underpriviledged by any means. I don't like ATV, but it seems to me that even a minor fall off of one would be dangerous for this boy. Plus how can you in good conscience take free gifts when you could obviously buy many if you did buy the ATV???? Very odd
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Originally Posted by SoccerMom
I could not afford a $1900 present for my kids,
This story does sound strange. I don't like ATVs either, my uncle dumped one with me onboard when I was younger- we were very lucky, there were no injuries, not even a scratch. It's not worth it to me.

However, $1900 is a *ton* of money for an underpriviledged family to come up with. We can't even afford that for a CAR to allow my DH to keep his job. I received assistance this Christmas and I felt horribly guilty b/c I was *sure* that there was someone out there who needed the aid more than my family.

I'm sorry that the little boy had is heart broken though. Perhaps it was his medical condition that qualified his family for the aid?
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I could not afford a $1900 present for my kids, and we are not underpriviledged by any means.

Also, what were they thinking giving a hemopheliac an ATV for "freedom"? He couldn't have been that trapped by his disability, if driving one of the most dangerous "toys" available for kids didn't seem like a problem. I can think of a hundred activities off the top of my head that would allow him to have "freedom", without the cost of $1900, and the possibility of being killed.

Growing up in the country, these things were abundant. I personally knew two kids that were killed on them, and knew of many other in our area. We had several deaths a year. One of the boys who died was one of my sister's best friends. He was only 8 or 9 at the time. It was one of the saddest funerals I've been to. The 9 year old friend who was riding with him ran across two fields with a broken leg to try and get help. He was one of the pall-bearers at the funeral.

There's no way in hell I'd ever let my child on one of these, even if I could afford one. :P
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This story was in at least four local papers and each time the focus was on this poor, poor child and this great injustice. I'm really tempted to write an editorial (not just a letter to the editor) on the weirdness of it all. But, I'm not trying to hurt the child involved. It's not his fault. He's just surrounded by .

It annoys me no end that his family took advantage of a program that probably could have helped another family instead. It annoys me that the father apparently took very long hours away from his family to earn money for this toy (if you have a sick child, wouldn't you try to spend as much time as possible with him?). It annoys me that they spent that huge amount of money on a very, very dangerous toy. At the very least, if they felt the need to spend it on family, why not take a vacation together?? It annoys me that another family was so sympathetic to the loss that they gave him another brand new ATV

None of it makes any sense to me.

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any seven year old has not a sane reason to be on an ATV to begin with. Period.
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The boy who once lived across the street from my parents died when his quad got tangled up in an old, broken down barbed wire fence; it sliced his neck and he bled to death.

My SIL broke her back on one when she was riding in Oklahoma (apparently there is a place called Little Sahara where people like my family go to ride these things).

My grandfather was killed on his. He was checking fence lines on our ranch, hit a downed post, and it flipped up on him and pinned him. He probably died slowly. There was evidence that he struggled to get it off him for a while. Tough to do with several crushed ribs and a collapsed lung. We didn't find him until about 12 hours after it happened.

I hate those things. I'm glad it was stolen from that kid. In his condition especially, it probably saved his life.

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