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good names?

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My dh and I picked out a couple of names that we both agree on. What do you all think? If it's a boy he will be Hatcher Cade McNeil Hamilton and a girl will be Vivi Pearl MacAoidh Hamilton. ( when I found out I was preggo I had a dream that it was a girl and she told me her name would be Vivi. Later I thought it was twins due to all the movement and I had another dream that it was just 1 baby, a girl and that what I was feeling was the clam inside me. Yeah I know it sounds werid but thats where Pearl came from. Any ways the other site I frequent has no nice comments just wondering if I'm crazy or they are all stupid :LOL - Laura
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i love vivi. i knew a girl named viviana and i always loved her name. i think they both sound great i really really like cade!
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I don't think there's anything wrong with those names. They are original but not weird by any stretch.
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My maiden name is McNeil!!!!!!
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I like Vivi. Hatcher is different, but not totally off the wall. Kind of makes me think of him hatching though.
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