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Afraid my 13mo might wean

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I've had breast reduction surgery and only produce a few ounces a day, so my nursling mainly nurses when he's tired or for comfort.

I also work FT.

He's pretty much abolished his evening nap, so he doesn't usually want to nurse in the evenings.

He doesn't sleep well at night, but he frequently wants a bottle and not to nurse. I usually nurse him anyway (he will nurse, it just won't put him back to sleep until he gets a bottle, I don't know why), but I'm afraid that when he's no longer teething and sleeps better, he won't nurse at night at all.

Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips for preserving the nursing relationship? I work too far from home for me to nurse over lunch. I'm thinking I might encourage him to nurse in the mornings before I go to work, maybe.

Anyone have any advice or ideas, or just support they can give me? I'm not ready for him to wean yet. I don't give him much in the way of nutrition, but it's still a wonderful bonding time.

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This is an age where a very active toddler might completely switch the boob for the bottle. I would highly recommend removing the bottle. I can see leaving him a bottle for when you're working but when he's at home, with you I'd say no bottles. Don't let him see them. Especially since you say you have a low supply, he could really use all the breastmilk you can give him. He might cry for the bottle because it's so convenient (he can run around while suckling it and the milk pours out with no work) but if you're offering him the breast it's not mean at all to withhold the bottle. He knows how to use your breasts.

Good luck mama.
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ITA with MamaAllNatural. I would also encourage you to offer to nurse in the mornings as you said. Good luck
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