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I loved it. Compared to movies I've seen, it's so true to the book. I was disappointed at LothLorien--I thought it would be more golden, and it was all blue. Also, there was a feeling of intensity in that sequence that you don't get from the book. It was very violent. And some of us are really into that "sappy Irish music"!
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my MIL is watching the boys tonight, so we're finally going!
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My Neighbor Totoro

We're going to pick up that film ("My Neighbor Totoro")! Sounds very interesting. I'm very curious to see how Miyazaki structures the story.

Now of course, I'll have to see LOTR a third time because I missed the Ent! What scene was it?

Dov :cool:
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Forgot to ask you, Yammer, how'd you find that film, "My Neighbor Totoro"?

Always interested in peoples' processes.

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My son and I absolutely loved LotR. I am rereading the trilogy right now after 20 years. Brings back memories of what a big part of my life it was in high school.

I was a little disappointed that some of the characters were not quite as well.... noble in the movie, more reluctant, self-centered, less confident.....but I think it was all pulled together quite well in the end. Loved the music too, even if it was a little "Titanic-ish" Talk about movies that followed the Titanic formula, has anyone seen Pearl Harbor? That followed the formula right down to the pop-single sung by very popular female vocalist lamenting lost love. Just that one was mostly under water and the other mostly in the sky.
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I liked the movie but also thought they added too much violence. The whole lake monster scene and the fistfight between gandalf and saruman.
And you always miss the relationships the most- Sama hero worship of frodo, merry and pippen being such good friends they haddiscovered the ring years ago just by watching and arent going to let him leave alone, how legolas and glimi are now the best of friends.
The only importatnt thing I thought they forgot is that saruman is now saruman the many colored, so gandalf can come back as the white.
So maybe i'm just too picky I would go see it again if I had the chance!
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Finally got to see it again this weekend! SO and I saw it the weekend it opened but were wrong on the show time and thus had to sit in the very front row. Now the theater has moved it into the "regular" theater as opposed to the digital surround sound one, which lessens the intensity of it a little, but still amazing, amazing!

We saw the Spidey trailer again, can't wait! Still haven't seen the Attack of the Clones (except on the website) or Queen of the Damned, but hope to - big Vampire Lestat and Star Wars geek

Dov, you'd asked about Peter Jackson, you might want to check out a web site that was created by fans. It might require a little digging about in there to find this, it was part of a very long review, but I read a short history about how Peter Jackson came into the picture the day the film opened in the U.S. The short version is that the owner of the rights had not been able to bring it to the screen, Peter and his partner had been trying to write a screenplay for a while and kept saying, it needs to be like LOTR, so they finally decided to see who owned the rights, they (PJ/partner and owner of rights) agreed to try to bring the idea to a studio, and the brilliant exec at New Line had the sense to say, if it's three books, why not three movies? Hurrah! Oh sorry, the website is www.theonering.net which will hopefully come up in this post as a link...

peace, jen
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uumm.... Peter Jackson DID read the books...he has read them many times....

Most of the people who didn't like the movie didn't read the books....after all Tolkein never intended the books to be "intellectual" or an allegory for anything he was just trying to write a good tale.

But with the loss of Tom Bombadil They had to take out the barrow wights well the barrow wights area is where the hobbits (except frodo) get their swords and it is the enchantment on Merry's sword that breaks the spell holding the Witch Kings form together so Eowyn can deal the killing blow....

which fulfilles Glorfindels prophecy that the witch king will perish at the hands of no man.


The part with Liv Tyler is my main problem...they made it pretty cheesy...bleh....

sorry for my rant....Tolkein is the only thing I actually know a lot about....LOL

Lothlorien is only Golden certain times of year....the Fellowship enters Lothlorian during the winter when a lot of the leaves have fallen...

as far as the Tolkein family goes....Christopher Tolkein (his son) is pretty annoyed about the movies and isn't speaking to his own son who had supported the films...nor is he speaking to his grandson who is 11 years old.

and the Totoro movie is pretty cute...my friend has in in Japanese but I don't speak Japanese so I followed as well as I could...
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LOL, abimommy. That whole Arwen thing bothers me too...at least the cartoon version had Legolas on the horse that carries Frodo across the river, and he crossed it ALONE as he does in the book (that's right isn't it?). I forgot about Glorfindels prophecy, thanks for reminding me, as I just read the part about the destruction of the King of the Nazgul.

We're going to see the movie again this weekend......I'll look for those ents.
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you are right ...he *DOES* cross it alone....I was so overwhelmed by them having Arwen syaing "If you want him....COME AND CLAIM HIM" that I had forgotten....that part by the way really made me laugh...in the books Arwen is just kind of there....
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Totoro and LOTR

Yammer/Dov: A friend bought us Totoro for our little girl, knowing how we eschewed Disney as her worldview. It is wonderful, as is Kiki's Delivery Service, and for all the reasons Eberyt cites. it just feels like my childhood more than the conflict-laden crap that kids are fed today.
Yogamama and others: I was scared of the violence, but way more scared when they were trying to escape from the Balrog and had to climb up high and lonely swaying bridges in Moria. Being really familiar with the story, I knew when the icky parts were coming, and I'm not sure I want to see more of the Uruk-Hai.
But like all "true" stories, violence leads to real pain and loss. That's why watching war movies is so painful. I've never made it through Schindler's List, for example...
Definitely not for kids tho'. The wringwraiths are the stuff of nightmare.
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Yammer you are of course correct...it *IS* a very nice translation...I guess it is that Arwen is never represented as a fighter type even in the appendixes...

anyone who saw the cartoon could hardly complain about Peter Jackson's version....

The ringwraiths *WERE* really scary I was pretty worried about the hobbits making it a few times and I am a pretty big Tolkein fan....*L
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I agree that the scenes involving Arwen were kind of cheesy. I'm very curious to see how the second movie deals with Eowyn. In the books, she's a much more interesting character than Arwen. And she's supposed to fall in love with Aragorn. (Who wouldn't? Viggo Mortensen is a hottie!)
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daylilly, that is funny! I actually saw a tv ad for a television screening of A Perfect Murder, a movie a few years old, that Viggo is in, playing a broody hunky kind of not so well crafted character, and that commercial made me realize that I don't really want to see him in anything until the next movie is released! I haven't ever been all that amazed by his work until LOTR, he is just perfect in that role, now I just want to only see him as noble Aragorn until all three movies are out

A random but nifty note, where I lived in VT, there is a funky little bookstore called Rivendell (in Montpelier)...

I mentioned in an earlier post much excitement about seeing the trailer for Queen of the Damned. I saw it Saturday. Being a serious fan of the original Vampire books by Anne Rice, I was quite horrified with the trailer and won't see the movie. Ugh.

But I do plan to see LOTR at least once more before it leaves the theater!
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