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Daughter Always inside at Home..

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My daughter likes to stay home. In fact, she likes to stay in the lounge room, and only occasionally goes outside to the swing set or for a stroll around the backyard. About every two days we go for a walk around the neighbourhood. About once a week we get in the car to go somewhere.

My mom lives with us in her own place downstairs, and DD hangs out there as her air conditioner works :LOL. I am in Australia and it is reaaaaaally hot here, which makes it harder to get out at the moment. So, I can go out shopping etc and DD stays with my mom, inside. She doesn't watch TV much at all, maybe 15mins to half hour a day, and doesn't really WATCH it. She is very easily occupied and has a great imagination and is no trouble. She just doesn't want to go out.

Is this bad?

I am starting to think I should make more effort to get her outside or travel around more. I often ask her if she wants to come shopping or go visiting and she says no, wanna stay home. She isn't shy, and is very friendly to new people, so it isn't some kind of phobia. She is just really happy at home. Any experience with this anyone? Sorry it is such a boring topic, in amongst all this other juicy stuff here in TAO, but here it is. :LOL
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how old is she ?

does she get enough excersice indoors ?
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Oh, I forgot. She is 2 years and 8 months. She seems to get enough exercise, in that she'll jump on the beds and run about. She does wheeze and cough with too much exercise though (another thread in toddlers), but the doc didn't find any asthma. Although this is the case, I don't think she prefers to stay in to avoid exercise, IYKWIM. Mom keeps telling me she is ok and happy, but I'm feeling insecure about it at the moment.
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She's so little yet- I don't think it's a problem. My dd has gone through phases of not wanting to go out.
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My son would be happy to never, ever go out of the house. I have to force him to go out to play. He hates the outside, he hates stores. the only place he likes is the library.

He seems fine. Some people are just homebodies.
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Sounds perfectly normal to me

BTW, you have the most beautiful family! I swear, it's like a house full of supermodels, lol.
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Originally Posted by wende
Sounds perfectly normal to me

BTW, you have the most beautiful family! I swear, it's like a house full of supermodels, lol.
I was totally just thinking the exact same thing...Gorgeous!
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My ds is a total homebody too. He really just likes to be home. He's like my dh that way, he's always been like that. Once we're out he hates to come home, but to get him out can be impossible. He runs and jumps a ton around here, plus we roughouse and play ball (in the house, Mrs. Brady would be so annoyed with us :LOL ) all day long.
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I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing but maybe you could try to take her a little bit every day just for some fresh air?!

I know what you mean about the heat making it harder to get out. We're in Texas & during the summer we stay in a lot more because it is just to hot.
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ITA that your family is just gorgeous!!

I also wish my oldest liked to stay in. I HATE going outside, and have to force myself because he is a nature junkie, thankfully his little brother is like me

I agree that a little sunshine is good for them though, so maybe take a walk more often?
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My dd is 2 y 9mos and Lillian will go outside nakid when it is below 0 if you don't catch her in time. Difference..we live in Alaska.

Older dd "I am not going anywhere, our new house is pretty." Different kids..different likes.
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Wow, this is the best response to a thread I've had in ages! whoo hoo.

Thanks for the compliments, by the way and for helping me feel better about my homebody
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When I was a kid I liked being inside as well. Mom kept telling me to go out and play and I really didn't like that. What could I do outside anyway? I didn't like to play with other kids or run around. Trees, flowers and dirt maybe interesting if you play with them once in a while. My mom was rather worried that I wouldn't play with other kids. I just wasn't very social. Throughout my entire childhood I avoided most outdoor sports, games or group works with other kids. Still managed to have many friends and was straight A student in school. I thought I did fine. Your DD will be fine, too.

* When I became a teenager I was going outside all the time with friends. I guess by then there were so many cool things we could do away from parents, going out was finally fun.
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