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When do you start showing?

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If you've been pregnant before, when did you start showing?

With ds #1 I started showing toward the end of my 7th month. Literally overnight! We were going to PA to visit a friend, I told her on the phone the day before we left to see her that I wasn't showing (I was still wearing my normal clothes) and the next morning I woke up, stood up, dh took one look at me and said, "WOAH! Where did THAT come from?" :LOL All of a sudden I looked 9 months pg!

With ds #2 I started showing at around 2 months.

With dd (child #3) I conceived in September and looked 9 months pregnant by December. A friend of mine stopped by on Christmas and she was 8 months pregnant and my belly was bigger than hers!!!

I'm now pg with #4 and expecting to look nine months pregnant in about 3 weeks. I give up! :LOL (Yes, I've already taken out my maternity clothes so I'll be prepared!!!)
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I gained some weight before I got pregnant this time so most of my pants were already tight. I only have a few I can wear. The maternity ones are so big that they fall off though so I will have to wait on those for a while.
Oh and this is baby #2
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Similar situation here. I started showing at about 5 months with my first. It wasn't noticable until 7 months, though. This time I am only about 8 weeks along and I am showing...aaaah! Most of my pants are too tight already, sigh. Like amarasmom said, I also gained some weight before becomming pregnant, so I can't blame it all on the baby.
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I was in full time maternity clothes by 20 weeks with my first...
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OMG, maternity clothes! I completely forgot I'm going to need them sooner this time. I guess I'd better start digging them out. I'm also starting this PG about 8 lbs heavier than the last, but I'm in much worse shape--last time I was working FT in the office and was walking almost 2 miles a day in my commute. I was in smallish maternity tops by 16-17 weeks, but that was mostly to hide the rubber band holding my regular pants together, LOL.

Ugh, I am going to blow up like a balloon this time, I just know it. Bella and I are going to start a light prenatal yoga tape tomorrow (she loves yoga, it's so funny), and then some walking in the afternoons I think.
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With my first pregnancy I didn't really show until about 12 weeks or so. Since I had Connor I've always had a little pooch that wasn't there before, even when I lost all the baby weight and then some and got really skinny (I had to do no soy/ no dairy for a year after C was born) but still had the pooch. Now I'm up about 8 pds from my pre-pregnancy weight and I look like I'm pg already. I guess my abdominal muscles got stretched out and never went back to where they were.
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how much you're showing when you're dressed depends so much on what you wear!
I am 19 weeks. When I wear some sweaters, it doesn't look like I have a belly at all. With others (the ones that are hugging my body tight - my preffered style of clothing), you can see it, but most people say that if one didn't know, they'd just think that you've gained some weight on your mid-section.
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With my first I showed at 7 months, with my 2nd I started showing at 12 weeks....with this one I look 5 months pregnant already :LOL
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I looked pg before getting pg as well :LOL So when my preggo belly pops out, watch out! I'm hoping I have at least two months until I'm absolutely huge!
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i dont think i started showing until 5 or 6 months. and i didnt gain any weight until about then - i am wondering what will happen this time....
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I woke up this morning and feel like I already popped out some. I mean I was already fat but now its really pronounced.
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With my first, I had horrible horrible morning sickness. I could not stand my bra to be tight around my ribcage, I could not stand the waist on my pants. I started to wear maternity pants at about 10 weeks because of this. I probably didn't really need to until 12 weeks though.

With my second - I had lost quite a bit of weight before getting pregnant again, so I figured I wouldn't need maternity clothes so soon. HA! My dd was only just 8 months old when I got pregnant again and I found myself back in maternity clothes at just 7 weeks. My stomach just resumed the familiar position I guess. lol

With this one, who knows. My body is so much different this time. I used to not carry weight in my tummy, mostly just in my legs. 1.5 years ago my appendix ruptured (I almost didn't make it because the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. My appendix wasn't on the right side, was in the middle.)Even since then, I have looked about 4 months pregnant. sigh - - I kept waiting for the swelling to go down after surgery but it never did. I also had a really hard time losing weight after the surgery and recovery, seems my metabolism slowed down to nothing, so I am starting pregnancy at a higher weight than I ever have this time. I bet I will be in maternity at about 9-10 weeks.
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I gained a lot of weight my 1st pgnancy, and I think I showed about 4 months; I definitely got maternity pants by then.

I just found out today that I am pg again, so don't expect to notice anything for awhile. Ds is only 10 months, though, so maybe my uterus will "assume the position" quickly too! Also, I am about 10 lbs heavier than when I started last time, too.
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