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It's SO nice!

It's about a mouse and a mole that want to decorate a christmas tree. They go out and pic the perfect tree, but the Mole says they would have to go back there to "get it".

They do things all day preparing for decorating their tree. They make PineCone ornaments, popcorn strings, and a cookie star for the top.

After doing other things, they go to the tree. Mouse thinks they are going to chop it down and bring it home to decorate, but Mole had the idea of decorating the tree OUTSIDE and putting on things the birds would be able to eat...

It's a VERY sweet book, that I recommend for all with toddler aged children to read... I think next year, I might even DO it! It would be a nice family thing and a good way to teach gentleness to Owen and Caleb, however small of a gesture!