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Christian Momma needing support!

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I have lots of New Years resolutions. But number #1 on my list is getting right with God. I was raised in the church, so I believe I have good fondation. I really need to grow my relationship with God. Here are my problems/concerns

1. I attend a wonderful BIG church, but no consistantly. I've been there for 2 years and never joined.
2.I can't find my bible. That makes 2 lost in 1 year. Bibles are expensive, and I can't understand them well if they aren't NIV. I definately can't afford another one. I found a bible I bought my husband, but it has water damage and 1/2 of it fell out.
3. I started reading Power of a Praying Woman in hopes to motivate me and help my prayer life.
4. I am trying to acknowledge my sins, and call on God when I am weak. Callling on Him when I am angry is especially hard, but I really am trying. DS has ADHD, so my days are very fustrating sometimes.

So I am trying to pray, and attend church more, and read and call out to Him constantly. WHY, WHY is it that things always seem more difficult as soon as I try to grow in God? Yesterday I started Power of a Praying Woman, and had one of the worst days with my kids! Everything was going wrong yesterday! I know Satan is trying to mislead me, and I have to be strong.
Any words of encouragement and prayers would be greatly appriciated!

Thanks for listening, rambling over...........
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He tests us to see if we will be faithful and continue what we are doing, or stop b/c it's hard!
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Just a quick note to let you know I'm there with ya Spicey!

don't give up!
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Originally Posted by JesiLynne
He tests us to see if we will be faithful and continue what we are doing, or stop b/c it's hard!
Oh so true great words of encouragement Mama

And I'm in a similar situation myself Spicey Momma hang in there
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Contact the Gideons - their whole purpose is to give out bibles. I think they're listed in the white or yellow pages.

FWIW, the New Revised Standard Version is also pretty readable.

Regarding the rest of your journey - it might be time to give your pastor a call! Especially at a big church, I'd bet money there's a mom's group, a women's bible study, and other programming that would be helpful to you. Even if you're not ready to join a bible study, a meeting with your pastor to discuss your feelings and problems might be really really helpful.

You don't have to do this alone - fellowship is such an important part of the Christian life. Good luck, mama!
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SpiceyMamma give me your address and I will mail you a bible in the Contemporary English Version...I use my NIV. You gotta have a bible and this one has never been read or used by me so I hope you'll accept. I think that maybe you should just begin with prayer. Forget the big church (not forever) and put down Power of a Praying Woman and just be alone with Christ. No extra tools necessary...fellowship is priceless and God calls us to but having an intimate relationship with God is where your worries begin to relinquish and you can lay all that other "stuff" down. I will definetly pray for you and I hope you can just begin to everyday find time to be alone with Jesus. In the end...its really just about you and Him. Blessings : email me if you can get me your address nichobs@aol.com "Take the time and trouble to keep yourself spiritually fit." 1 Tim.4:7
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Along with all these other mammas I want to encourage you to hang in there and keep seeking God. Satan doesn't want anyone to desire after God, so I think he really steps up the attacks when he sees you trying to live a godly life. Keep praying, keep seeking, keep reading. I have found it helpful to pray all day long, which you might already be doing, especially when I know things are about to get challenging with the kids. I agree that finding a bible study or a moms group at church would help, also. Then you can have some extra prayer support along with other moms to fellowship with.

Hang in there!
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Hi Natasha-

I am sorry you are going through such a tough time. I hope it will help you to remember that Jesus has been there, He knows what you are going through and is with you all the way. He understands what it feels like to be frustrated and feel Satan interfering in your life.

I also understand about the NIV version of the Bible, it is the only one I can use well also. I have a NIV Bible I want to send you. It is nothing fancy. It is from a Youth Gathering I went to many years ago and I am not using it (DH is a pastor we have plently of Bibles). In the front there are a few "bible study" pages from the gathering, but other than that it is just straight NIV with some notes and maps in the back, and just the standard NIV notes in the text (no cross-references or additional notes). Please PM me with your address and I will send it out tomorrow.

In the mean time, here is the link to the Bible I use on-line. I know it is no where near close to using an actual Bible, but hopefully it can help get you through the next few days. http://www.ibs.org/niv/

Also, I am wondering if you are really happy at your church. Since you do not go often and you are not a member after 2 years, maybe you need to pray about whether this is the church God wants you at. Maybe at this time in your walk, you need the support and community a smaller church provides. For me there is no better feeling than going to church feeling loved by the people there and loving them back.

Hugs and prayers, mama! :
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Will keep you in my prayers.
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Thanks ladies for all of your support. I didn't mean to keep quiet on this thread. I just haven't been posting much lately. Its a good thing really, because I spend too much time online and too little time caring for my family and cleaning my home! That all is changing! My house is getting in better order each day, my kids are, well, still driving me nuts! LOL! But I have more fun with them. This week has been tuff because AF came EARLY! Basically last month was a 21 day cycle. I really hate being hormonal because I feel like I have lost control over my feelings and emotions. I snap at everyone that I care about. I think the hormones are slowing down though, thank goodness!

I have taken a day off from my bible study and excersise here or there. I don't like too, but I am exhausted! Waking up at 5:30 is really running me down!

Thanks again ladies!
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